GBC News: Private Prison Ship "Purgatory" Destroyed

A statement by the controversial Blue Suns private security organization today confirms last weeks rumors that the Purgatory maximum security prison ship has been destroyed following an attack by a human-supremacist terrorist organization. Doubt has been raised by many long-time critics of the Blue Suns, with Amelia Romanoff, author of Purple Stains: Blood Under the Blue Suns suggesting that the ship may have been destroyed in a riot caused by prison overcrowding.

Many governments and other colonial authorities that have made use of the Blue Suns prison services are facing renewed criticism as concerns over inhumane treatment of prisoners are seen as validated by many.

Comments on the incident have already started appearing from multiple other groups, and the fact that not only are human-supremacists being blamed for the attack, but the Blue Suns themselves were founded by humans has not gone unnoticed by famous political activist Savilius Darian, who stated that "Humanity's inability to maintain order within their own species shows the inherent flaws of their political system".