Extranet Message History: Jason Wolfe / Renala T'Iavay

From: Jason Wolfe, To: Renala T'Iavay, Subject: Weewooweewoo Critical Alert

Hey, Renala. Not sure if this is gonna reach you before you're already on your way back to Aite, but V had a little talk with me the other day about what you did for her. Cleaning her omni-tool? Well, I spoke to Uvena and, wouldn't ya know it? It turns out V's mom is Armali Intelligence. Might just be a big fat coincidence, but I figure with all of the trouble that seems to be following V, I should reach out and have a little chat with her.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to know how I can get in touch with her. Did you happen to keep a copy of the contact information when you cleaned V's tool? If not, I need you to do a little digging. The name is 'Nari Aehan'. Like I said, she's supposed to be some well-respected bigshot with Armali Intelligence so I can't imagine it'll be too hard to find some public contact information. Figure if you're still in Armali you might be able to ask around and kick up a contact number. Don't worry about it if not, just see what you can drum up on the extranet.

I appreciate it. Hope you've had a chance to enjoy your time off. You missed one hell of a trip and we've got plenty of holes for you to start plugging in this ship when you get back. So don't worry, you certainly won't be bored.


From: Renala T'Iavay, To: Jason Wolfe, Subject: RE: Weewooweewoo Critical Alert

Renala's reply comes in the early hours of morning the following day.

Some good news, some bad news.

I've already underway to the spaceport after dropping off Aey at her mother's place, which means I do not have time to look into this Nari. You sure about this, boss? We've got Cerberus and the Collectors out for our blood, and now you want to pick on Thessian authorities? I'll give it a look when I get the chance, but don't expect much. I'm not an information broker, you know.

The good news is that I did keep the software I removed from Va'ynna's omni-tool. She wasn't in best of minds when she asked me to destroy it, so I figured I'd keep it around in case she changed her mind. Please know that it's not a contact address, it's a complex program with many obfuscated parts. I cannot be sure of what will happen if we deploy it and contact her with it.

I'm counting on there being a lot to do. I have had a handful of alerts sent my way already by the system, but none so far are dangerous enough to take the whole system offline.

Also, for a moment I thought you meant Uvena was Armali Intelligence. I have to admit My heart sank a little bit since she has access to my office. The server room would still have been safe though, unless she had some tricks up her sleeve.

From: Jason Wolfe, To: Renala T'Iavay, Subject: RE:RE: Weewooweewoo Critical Alert

You don't need to remind me of the laundry list of enemies we've racked up, Renala. Believe me, I know. Which is why I want to handle this one with care. Last thing we need is asari intelligence officers on our asses. I just want to talk to her. See what she knows.

Me and Linda are gonna be in Adrasteia for a few days, so you've got time. I'd prefer if we didn't activate some sort of secret spy... thing. I mean, her contact address is somewhere in there, right? Can't you just... take it out? Look, I don't know how any of this shit works, I just need you to figure out how best to get me in contact with Nari without activating a death ray.

Uvena said Nari was well respected. When I hear 'well respected' I think 'well known'. When I hear 'well known' I think 'can't be too hard to find contact information on the extranet'. When I hear 'can't be too hard to find contact information on the extranet' I think 'probably don't need to activate an asari death ray to speak to them'.

So take this week to see what you can dig up through the proper channels. And if we absolutely must activate a secret agent asari death ray then keep it as far from the building's systems as possible. Last thing we need is our security hacked. Again. By a big ass secret agent asari death ray. Fucking death rays.

So that about covers it. In short: Nari contact information? Good. Activating some destructive big ass secret agent monocled-varren-operated asari death ray in our building? Bad. Good luck.