Information sent during meeting with Uvena.

This datapad has just a few files, and contain no title. There are only two files listed, and 52 entries saying "File Corrupted". It appears to be a message log, though there's no metadata to go around other than the files' timestamps.

File 1

Time: July 11, 2185 02:41 UTC


I know of your quarrel of Rellis Darennon, and I believe we have mutual goeals. I am unable to follow through with it, however, given my current situation. It's up to you what you do with this, but I will provide a reward if you can gather some intelligence. I will arrange for a meeting afterwards, don't worry.

My investigation is not complete, but I have a solid lead that can lead us to the salarian. His brother leads a mercenary group on the island Aroste 47km off the Derraian coastline. Investigators I've employed finds records from crew changes and shipments implying they're a closely tied of a larger group. The same investigator reported they had six mercenaries posted, none of them krogan. They have a handful LOKI mechs patrolling the area, too. This may have changed since their report.

You are under no obligation to act on this, I just thought I could give you a pointer on where to start. I expect you conduct your own investigation into it, because I wouldn't trust a stranger myself.

-- N

File 2

Time: July 11, 2185 02:41 UTC


The information is satisfactory. As agreed, you will receive 90,000 credits within the next three Citadel days. That ends our contract.

File 3

Time: July 8, 2185 21:12 UTC

Confirmed lead on Aroste, a salarian named Jelvan Darennon is running a mercenary group. I'll send the coordinates of base. As last time, there are six mercs on the location, and 10 mechs, primarily LOKI (Hahne-Kedar). No communications I've[unexpected end of file, no readable data after it]

File 4

Coordinates to Aroste. They have the exact same timestamp as the first message, which means it's most likely an attachment to it.