OSD given to Gren in the Respite

The disk's meta data shows it as an Expel 10 album, but all but the sixth track won't open. The sixth track is not music however, and instead a feminine-sounding mechanical voice starts speaking.

"If you are in a public place and hearing this out of speakers, cease playback immediately."

Six seconds passes with nothing but weak static and the faint muffled sounds of sky-cars.

"This is important. I fear the secrecy of my position has been compromised and I need your help."

A short pause.

"Return to the Miner's Respite at the included date and time, and have a team and a pilot with a ship ready to go at the port. You will receive another box upon leaving.."

"The payment is eighteen thousand per head, for up to six people, plus expenses. Double that if everything goes well."

"Be descreet, and lie if you have to. You're working for me, and they are working for you."

Some fumbling with the recording device can be heard before she adds a final statement.

"That is, if you're willing to take the contract. You can of course throw the thing away and forget about it."

The audio file ends with a click. The only other readable file contains a timestamp that translates to the mid-morning September 31, 2185, which is two days after the krogan got the OSD.