Rumor: Settlement Attacked

Settlement Attacked

On September 21st, 2183 the small settlement of Traveler's Gorge, known to locals as 'Deadman's Gorge', was attacked by an unknown group calling themselves 'The Children of Aite'. The assailants attacked the band of pirates inhabiting the gorge at night, laying down fire from every side. Word from the survivors of Traveler's Gorge say that the attackers numbers were hard to pin down, but many were unarmored. They appeared to only open fire on those weilding weapons, and disappeared as quickly as they arrived when the battle was over.

Rumors say that the group met with the band of pirates on two occasions for some sort of negotiation. On September 19th, after their second meeting, the pirates opened fire on the three men sent by 'The Children of Aite', killing two of them. Whether the September 21st attack is in retaliation or a part of a larger conflict between the two groups is unknown, but merchants can rest a little easier knowing that they won't have to worry about the pirate encampment any longer.

The Children of Aite have since set up in Traveler's Gorge.