Extranet Message History: Yan Sun / Dorian Bishop

A message sent after the events at the dam.

Subject:Thank you

Yan Sun


Date:Nov 27, 2185

You probably don't know who I am. I was the person with Jessica at the dam. It took a little digging to find this address but I didn't want to leave this unsaid. I don't know how things would have gone if you hadn't been there. If you hadn't done what you did. I don't think I want to know.

I'm not from here. I'm not a fighter. You probably saved our lives. Jessica is too busy being Jessica to say it, so I will. Thank you. I realize that probably doesn't mean much, and I'm sorry things went the way they did. I understand he was your friend. But it's all I've got, so...

Thank you.

Subject:RE:Thank you

(Unknown Character)


Date:Nov 28, 2185

I didn't do it for appreciation, love. Not from you. Not from Jessie, or anyone else for that matter. Jessie's brother was my mate. Best mate. He was a good man and all he ever wanted was to make sure his family was taken care of. He wanted to get them far away from here. He wanted them to be safe and happy and together. I know that's not possible anymore, but if I could help with at least one of those, I owed it to Martin to try.

As for Lucas? He made his own choices. That isn't on you. I know you didn't get to see the best of him and we didn't always see eye to eye, but he wasn't an evil man. Just desperate. Backed into a corner and doing what he needed to survive. He made a bad choice and I wish things would have been different, but I don't hate him for it. He just wanted to go home. Maybe it's all any of us want.

I might not be around next time someone comes looking for her so if you want to show your appreciation then do me a favor and keep her safe. Keep her out of trouble. Keep her away from Adrasteia. She needs to let go of this pointless vendetta, pick up the pieces of her shitty life and move on, for fuck's sake. Jessie meant everything to Martin and he would want her to be happy. Even if he's not alive to see it.