Jason: Tours of Duty Part 6

Jason: Tours of Duty Part 6

September 2185

...Connection Established...

The sound of a loud crowd filtered into the call as Chris came into view. Of course, it was Friday. The Mildewed Maiden.

"Jason?" Chris asked as he saw his nephew fade in on the video feed, "Is everything alright?"

Jason folded his hands on the table in front of him and gave a nod. "Uh-... yeah. Everything is fine." he said, looking a bit uncomfortable at the possibility of catching his uncle at a bad time, "Looks like you're a bit busy. I can call back la-..."

"No, it's fine." Chris interrupted as he lifted his omni-tool from the bar counter and moved through the pub to a booth where it was a bit quieter. "How are you?"

A small smile crossed Jason's lips. "I'm fine, uncle Chris." he said earnestly. "She's back home. Safe and sound."

"Linda?" Chris responded, letting out a deep breath and keeping his emotions tempered, "That's great news, Jason. I'm glad to hear it."

Jason gave a couple of nods, letting out a deep breath of his own, "Yeah. And-... Well, I'm just calling because I felt you should know." He paused and bit his lower lip for a few moments, his smile growing. "...And because..." he continued with a sheepish shrug, "...you should be expecting a wedding invitation soon. We don't have a date yet, but-... yeah. It'll be coming your way as soon as we do."

Chris allowed a tiny smile to form. "In that case, I'll get my suit pressed." he responded, never one to say more than needed to be said, "I'm happy for you, Jason. For both of you."

A low chuckle escaped Jason. "Me too. I don't wanna take up too much of your time, uncle Chris. Just wanted to fill you in."

"I'll be keeping a look out for that invitation." The call turned to an uncomfortable silence for a moment. The time when one party typically says their goodbyes. Jason opened his mouth to, but Chris interjected. "And Jason? I-... uhhh... I'm proud of you." he nearly spat out. It came out awkward and somewhat forced, but coming from his uncle, Jason knew it had to be genuine. He just wasn't the sort to say something like that.

"Thank you, uncle Chris. Can't wait to see you again soon."

...Connection Terminated...

Chris allowed his smile to widen as the screen shut off. He placed his omni-tool into his pocket and sucked in a deep breath as he glanced around the bar at all of the familiar faces. People he had come to know over the many years he had been going there. "Shawn!" Chris called out to the bartender, shouting to be heard over the crowd and music, "Next rounds are on me!"

One of the regulars swiveled on his stool, cocking an eyebrow at Chris, "On you!? Shiiiit, hell must've frozen over, ya tightwad! What's the occasion?"

Chris gave a shake of his head as he let out a deep sigh. "My boy's getting married!"