From: Jason Wolfe, To: Ehanis Tioran, Subject: Your job

I'm not gonna give you a lecture, Ehanis. What happened out there isn't the sort of thing you get past overnight. So if you need some time and space to clear your head? I understand. But leaving everyone, especially your sister, in the dark while you do isn't cool. She's got enough going on right now, she doesn't need to be worrying about you.

That's why I'm sending this. Redrock looks after its own. I know you and Linda exchanged words, but I want you to know that once everything has been wrapped up and we've handled our debriefing I'm gonna do what I can to make sure you get the credits you're owed even though you haven't fulfilled your obligation to Redrock. Your job will still be waiting for you when you come back. All I ask in return is that you keep in touch with Ilyna. Let her know you're alright. You know how she gets. We've already had one incident as a result of your behavior. When your sister came looking for clues about where you might have went, that ball of sunshine you call a roommate attacked her. So Ilyna is pretty much one bad day away from sending out the fleets to track you down at this point.

So that's the deal. Keep us up to date. Let us know you're alright. In exchange, I'll keep your sister from hunting you down and dragging you home by your ear, reserve your job, and make sure you get paid. Pretty damn good deal if you ask me. And if you are in some kind of trouble like your sister seems to think, all you have to do is call, Ehanis. You've got people here that have your back.

-Still your boss. Probably. (And a fucking awesome boss at that!) Jason.