Mysterious Datapad

A datapad found by Leah in her home.

I apologize for my delay in contacting you. After the ocular implant connection was severed I had no secure means of communications. I want, also, to apologize for everything you have been through. Terrible things are done sometimes in the name of the greater good, but that makes them no less terrible. I do not approve of it, and will not defend it, but I think you should know that we do not do what we do for selfish gain. The galaxy faces perilous times, and we are humanity’s best hope for survival. I would not have offered this organization my expertise if I did not believe that. I do not expect you would agree or understand, having seen only the worst of us, and I do not blame you.

You would be wise to cease your attempts at searching for information. You are succeeding only in drawing attention to yourself. With the current state of the galaxy, we have far greater concerns than you, but if you continue to probe I cannot guarantee that priorities will not change. I helped you because what was being done to you was unjustifiable, reprehensible. You are safe now, and will remain so if you return to your old life and stay out of our way. Trust no one who presses you for information about us, however tempting your understandable hatred for our organization makes it. Our enemies are worse.

Your injury at their hands is what brought you under our control to begin with.