A Respite Regular

Since January 11, 2185, an asari has been at the Respite every other day. She's of a blue to sky-blue skin and wears a dark-red leather armor with a Carnifex pistol resting on the innermost seat beside her, usually mostly covered by a jacket. She arrives some point in the late morning and leave an hour before sunset.

While there, the asari seems preoccupied with work on her omni-tool, and has been rejecting to anyone trying to get some talk out of her. She does order a glass of brandy most of the time, and glances up at the bar and the surroundings occasionally from the booth she occupies.

January 11 wasn't her first visit, but it was relatively rare and she only stayed for an hour or two.

Update: This ended on the day following Redrock Agency's return on February 5