A Day At The Office With Jessica Part 3

A Day At The Office With Jessica Part 3

Noon. November 22nd

Jattic, having finished filing his reports, decided to stop by the break room for a drink before heading off. As fate would have it, Jessica was just on her way out from the break room. Had Jattic entered a moment later, the two may have crashed into each other.

Both stopped dead in their tracks, narrowing their eyes on one another. But Jattic came far better equipped for a staring contest. He bared his teeth as he browbeat her into the ground.

"You lack respect and honor!" he growled in his native tongue.

"I reserve my respect for those deserving of it. Not insignificant pyjak humpers such as yourself." she spat back in his own language.

The eye narrowing only deepened.

"I have been in the company of varren that were more enjoyable to interact with!" Jattic roared.

"You are certain this varren you speak of was not simply the one who birthed you?" Jessica retorted. A good old fashioned batarian mom burn.

Jattic's eyes narrowed to little more than tiny slits in which light could barely penetrate.

"This is not over." he muttered, slowly circling around Jessica.

"Far from it." she responded, circling the opposite direction until they had switched positions. She slowly backed out of the room, maintaining eye contact the entire way.