Inter-Relay Text Chat Log: elektrikblue 1

Inter-Relay Text Chat

Location: [HIDDEN]

Date: 20/10/2185

To: Spekt8

From: elektrikblue

21:22 elektrikblue: Hey
21:26 Spekt8: Blue?? Where you been?
21:27 elektrikblue: sorry
21:27 elektrikblue: you know I couldn't stay in HK anymore
21:27 Spekt8: I thought you'd stay in touch.
21:27 elektrikblue: Yeah I know. Things have just been... weird
21:28 Spekt8: Yeah...
21:28 elektrikblue: How are things back home?
21:30 Spekt8: A lot of new faces.
21:30 Spekt8: You know she misses you...
21:31 elektrikblue: Spek
21:31 Spekt8: I know
21:31 elektrikblue: I'm not coming back
21:32 Spekt8: I know
21:33 Spekt8: We all miss you.
21:33 elektrikblue: I can't just forget what she did
21:33 elektrikblue: It's not right. You know that
21:33 Spekt8: People make mistakes Blue.
21:34 elektrikblue: You wern't there
21:36 Spekt8: Shouldn't have brought it up. Where are you? You ok?
21:36 elektrikblue: Pretty far out...
21:36 elektrikblue: and yeah, I guess
21:36 Spekt8: What have you been up to?
21:37 elektrikblue: A lot actually
21:37 elektrikblue: I've met so many aliens Spek
21:37 Spekt8: Quarians??
21:38 elektrikblue: ...
21:38 Spekt8: What??
21:38 elektrikblue: They're wearing envirosuits Spek. Pretty sure they don't want to touch you
21:38 elektrikblue: not that anyone does
21:38 Spekt8: I didn't say anything!
21:38 Spekt8: And... ouch?
21:39 elektrikblue: omni-tool incident
21:40 Spekt8: Come on I was just curious!
21:40 elektrikblue: It was Fornax not the medical Codex
21:42 Spekt8: Shut up.
21:42 elektrikblue: (^_^)
21:43 elektrikblue: I went on this expedition for ExoGeni
21:43 elektrikblue: It was pretty crazy
21:43 Spekt8: Wow, working for a megacorp? Is that really you Blue?
21:44 elektrikblue: It was a one time thing. We went to this ice world. Never seen anything like that before
21:44 elektrikblue: It was actually really cool (get it?)
21:45 Spekt8: Nice to know you're having fun without me... >_<
21:45 elektrikblue: Not sure fun is the right word. It got pretty dangerous. We had a security detail and all.
21:46 Spekt8: Just trying to make me feel better.
21:46 elektrikblue: It's true! We were attacked by vorcha
21:47 Spekt8: Wow.
21:47 elektrikblue: Yup. It was a long trip too. Lot of shipboard time
21:47 Spekt8: You could never get me into one of those things.
21:47 elektrikblue: (-_ლ)
21:48 Spekt8: Just a little bit of metal between me and open space? No way!
21:48 Spekt8: You know what vacuum does to a person right??
21:49 elektrikblue: Spek there are hundreds of thousands of spaceships... how often do you hear about a breach?
21:49 elektrikblue: Skycar is more dangerous
21:49 Spekt8: Yeah I don't trust those either. Prefer staying on the ground, thanks.
21:50 elektrikblue: It was a fun trip. The company helped I guess...
21:50 Spekt8: ??
21:50 elektrikblue: I maybe sorta met someone... (⌒_⌒;)
21:50 Spekt8: Seriously??
21:51 elektrikblue: Yeahhh... she was part of security. She's... pretty awesome.
21:51 Spekt8: Quarian??
21:51 elektrikblue: No! (>_<) She's human. From the Terminus. She's tough. But cute. Kinda... swept me off my feet I guess.
21:52 Spekt8: Huh... where have I heard that before...
21:52 elektrikblue: You haven't met her! It's not like that
21:52 Spekt8: Just saying, you have a type!
21:52 elektrikblue: You're not going to tell her, are you?
21:53 Spekt8: Uh... yeah, no. I'd rather keep my head where it is, thanks.
21:56 elektrikblue: yeah...
21:56 elektrikblue: Look, I should go. Talk later
21:56 Spekt8: Yeah sure. Stay in touch this time!
21:57 elektrikblue: I will, promise