Omni-Tool From Quinn

The omni-tool given to Renala by Quinn to crack for one of his clients in exchange for information regarding Henrik.

The omni-tool is very clearly a burner. The security is fairly basic and there's little-to-no identifying pieces of information to be gleamed from it. The contact list offers very little insight into who the owner was in touch with. Each contact is distinguished by a single letter to represent them. The call history is empty and the messaging history is noticeably sparse as well. It's not difficult to discern what information Quinn's client is after.

November 4th

T: I've arrived in Linissa.
R: Any trouble?
T: Nope. Just planning on laying low until I can meet with the seller.
R: Stay safe.
T: Always do.

November 5th

T: Checking in.
R: You good?
T: No trouble to report.

November 6th

T: Checking in.
R: Holding up alright?
T: Bored. Otherwise fine.
R: Sorry. You'll be home in a couple more weeks.
T: I know.

November 7th

T: Checking in.
R: Have you heard from the seller yet?
T: No, but I wasn't expecting to. He won't be in touch until he's ready to meet.
R: How do you know it's not a setup?
T: This is just the way he works. Safety precautions. I explained this already. Tell K there's nothing to worry about.
R: I know. K is just getting paranoid. We've got a lot of attention our way right now and this is the only shuttle we've got. If this deal goes sideways and we lose it, then it's going to be a lot more difficult to move anything unnoticed. He just wants to be sure that we can trust the seller before we risk valuable assets.
T: Nice to know you're so concerned about the shuttle.
R: You know what I mean! We don't want anything to happen to you, either.

November 8th

R: Is everything alright?
R: You haven't checked in today, what's going on?
R: T.

November 9th

R: Hello? K is freaking out. He's putting together a group to come to Linissa and check on you.
T: Shit. Calm down. Tell K I'm fine. Just had a long night at the bar and forgot to check in.
R: You can't do that!
T: Won't happen again. Just tell K to relax.

November 10th

T: Checking in.
R: No drinking.
T: Yes mother.
R: Just relaying for K!

November 11th

T: Checking in. I met with the seller today.
R: How did it go?
T: Went as expected. Gave him half up front and told him he'd get the rest at the exchange.
R: And he gave you a meeting spot for the exchange?
T: Not yet. He said he'd send me the coordinates in the morning.
R: And what if he just decides to keep the credits and the goods?
T: Then I guess we're fucked, aren't we?
R: Not funny.
T: Tell K this is just the way the seller operates. I get it, he doesn't trust the seller. But he can trust me, and I know how this works. The guy is a trusted seller. And, more importantly, the only option we have if we want to go military grade without looking off-planet. At least if we want to keep this nice and quiet.
R: He's just not used to all of this cloak-and-dagger shit. I'll try and calm him down.
T: I know but we don't have much choice. Not unless he wants to spend the next year hitting raiders and gangs for scraps.
R: Yeah...

November 12th

T: Checking in.
R: Did he send the coordinates?
T: [A set of coordinates that point to an area about a mile outside of Linissa]
R: And how do we know we can trust it?
T: This is getting old. Give the team a few weapons and tell them to stay aware. If something seems off, they leave. Simple as that.
R: And we lose our credits.
T: Just the way it is. But I don't see any reason to think he'll double cross us. He has a reputation to worry about.
R: Just sucks that we have to resort to this type of shit anyway...
T: I know. Just try not to worry about it. Make sure the team is prepped and it'll be fine.
R: So when is the exchange going to happen?
T: November 21st. 8PM. Make sure the shuttle gets there early. If we leave the seller waiting and he gets cold feet then he'll probably bolt and we'll have nobody to blame but ourselves.
R: I'll make sure they're on time.
T: Alright. I'm heading out tonight. I'm gonna lay low in FF until the deal is handled. We'll talk when I'm back.
R: Got it. Stay safe and make sure you wipe the omni-tool before you ditch it. (I know, I know. Overkill. But K wants us to be careful)
T: Of course.