Aylena's Court Date

Message to Gren

It's the morning of the 20th when Gren receives the message from Va'ynna. It's a windy morning with snowfall and limited visibility.

Subject: Aylena is leaving
From: Va'ynna Atana
To: Gren


Aylena has just left for the Spaceport. She asked me not to tell anyone, but the last time she left you and Redrock Agency had to rescue her. I didn't catch exactly which one, but I overheard that it was an outdoor landing pad. She left on foot you should be able to catch up to her, but please be quick.

- Va'ynna

News Story 25 hours later

It takes 25 hours before the first sign of her court cases surfaces in the news. It's very localized to Nos Astra, and not important enough to cut through of Collector News on the galactic stage.

The way this reaches people on Aite is if they're keeping track of Janysa Aehan, either manually or with a VI that goes through news feeds.

Breaking News: Aehan-Tech CEO injured in hotel attack just before her court case.

NOS ASTRA -- NAPF forces responded to an unauthorized combat vehicle flying into a high security zone. When they got to the scene, they found it breaking down a hotel room. The only person that was in the hotel room at the time of the attack, Janysa Aehan, has been brought to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Janysa Aehan, CEO of the former Aehan-Tech corporation, was to meet Kanthus-Oritern's leadership in court one hour after the attack. The lawsuit is about an attack allegedly performed by Kanthus-Oritern (-9.2%) employees on Aehan-Tech's offices last year after losing out on a security contract.

The vehicle was a Mantis gunship. It was brought down by NAPF, but the pilot had escaped before they secured the wreckage. They have not commented on whether they know who's behind the attack.

We have reached out to the defendants for comments, but they have not responded to our requests so far.

Updates to news story

The aforementioned article have been updated as new information has come up. Timestamps are in Freedom Falls time. It has not reached any major news outlets outside of Nos Astra yet.

UPDATE [12:11pm]: NAPF has confirmed that the pilot matches the appearance of one of the defendants, Esseria Illeni. NAPF did not disclose any more information.

Oritern and Kanthus has been detained and are held until the case. They did not want to wish to speak to our reporter at the station.

UPDATE [12:25pm]: NAPF has confirmed Aehan is still in surgery, and her condition remains critical.

UPDATE [12:27pm]: The court case has been postponed indefinitely until the condition changes.

Further updates

It takes a few hours for any new information to appear in the press. The aforementioned news article gets another update.

Update [5:54pm]: We have received an update from Janysa Aehan's health insurer, who requested to remain unnamed in this article. Surgery has just completed, and she says it will be at least three days until Janysa herself can be reached.

Her current location is still kept secret to protect Aehan, as well the hospital, from follow-up attacks, according to the insurance agent. With the last defendant still at large, that could be a credible risk.

News after Gren's rescue mission

Like before, anyone that keeps tabs on Janysa Aehan would have been able to find this news article or one providing the same amount of information.

Fysfen Hotel Gunship Attacker Apprehended

NOS ASTRA – The NAPF has issued a press release stating that Esseria Illeni, the gunship attacker that fired upon a hotel room nine days ago, has been jailed pending trial after bounty hunters handed her over yesterday evening. NAPF did not release any information about the bounty hunters or where Illeni was hiding.

A new trial has been scheduled on [January 16th, 2186]. We have not been able to reach Janysa Aehan or her legal counsel yet for comment.