Ilyna: The right thing

The spaceflight from the Citadel was quiet, and the passenger cabin had a third of its capacity covered. A few people were walking around, others were talking. Ilyna were sitting on the left hand side of the cabin, in the middle seat in a couch of three, with only Li beside her.

Once she was sure the little one was sleeping, she leans back in her seat and closed her eyes. But sleep wasn't going to happen. Her mind was too loud for that, asking the same questions over and over.

Did I do the right thng?

Can I take care of her?

Ilyna was no stranger to taking care of children, as she's been there for both her sisters growing up, as well as her turian step brother since he was five. One of her closest friends back in Armali was a neighbor's daughter she were babysitting quite often when she was on leave over a hundred years ago.

But this. This is different. She wasn't stepping in for someone for an evening this time. Now, she was the sole guardian, and she was a mercenary. She need only look at her childhood to know that being a mercenary and a parent was far from ideal. Ilyna remember how much she worried when she learned what her father did it for a living, and she couldn't imagine having to subject a young girl to the same very time she left for work. Her father eventually turned her life around, and Ilyna will have to do the same.

But Redrock wasn't doing too well, and Jason needed the help he could get, especially with the chief missing. She couldn't just stop doing that.

She'll figure it out.

She opens her eyes and glances at Li, who is still asleep. She enables her omni-tool, dims the projection brightness, and gets to reading the Redrock documents Jason sent her.