Results of Medical Examination, Patient: "Tara"

My medical examination of Tara has concluded, and I have done my best to put together a journal. The lack of knowledge regarding her medical history or heritage is somewhat problematic, but I have done my best with the resources available. Blood tests are underway and I will be trying to get in touch with someone that could perform an advanced DNA analysis to mend some of the gaps in our knowledge.

The patient has given me permission to disclose my findings to you, and given the current situation and your role as caretaker, at least for the time being, I believe this is for the best. What follows is a summary of relevant information:

Electrical burns

The scars that cover the patient's torso and head resulted from electrical burns, approximately 2 years ago. The skin is insensate, but the burns have healed as well as can be expected naturally. There are no health concerns resulting from them, but it should be noted that cosmetic surgery of the scope required to address the scars are far beyond what local care can manage, should the patient express an interest in this.

Misc. Scars

The patient's body is covered in numerous scars resulting from lacerations of varying severity inflicted over a span of several years.


Patient shows signs of mild malnutrition. I am sending dietary guidelines as well as prescribing a daily multivitamin dosage.

Muscle Damage

Improperly healed muscle injuries have lead to permanent damage to muscle tissue. While loss of function is minimal, the injuries cause regular pain for the patient. The patient should avoid hard manual labor if possible.

Broken Leg

Scans have shown signs that the patient's left leg has been broken circa 3 years ago, but it has fortunately been given time to heal properly.

Damaged Larynx

Permanent damage to larynx. Likely a result of manual strangulation. Patient experiences minor pain when swallowing certain food items. Her voice becomes hoarse when speaking loudly and it gives out easily.

Intestinal Parasite

Scans of patient show an intestinal worm common to batarian worlds. Parasites of these type usually enter the body due to ingestion of improperly cooked meat. I have consulted with a former Hegemony physician for a medicinal treatment.

Additional Notes

I do not feel comfortable making any diagnoses regarding the patient's mental health, and the fact it we do not have a psychiatrist on staff, but the patient shows clear signs of PTSD, and possibly other anxiety disorders. I am prescribing anxiolytic medication, and I have included an extranet link to Systems Alliance guidelines for the rehabilitation of freed slaves. Indeed, the Alliance has far better conditions for rehabilitation and the possibility of turning her over to Earth authorities is worth consideration, should the patient consent.

The patient has expressed an alarming ignorance of basic matters of self-care. As such I took it upon myself to provide some basic advice on maintaining a sound diet, personal hygiene and health.

Some medical details have been withheld in the interest of patient privacy.