The Pulse - Outstanding Warrants

The Pulse - Outstanding Warrants

Just a reminder for those of you with the training and means, numerous outstanding warrants are still standing in Adrasteia. Mr. Cross himself is offering a reward for the capture, or information leading to the capture, of said individuals. Here's a few of the big payouts waiting to be collected.

Mertius Soratine

Reward: 25,000 credits
Last known whereabouts: Sarantine and his gang are known to be residing outside of the Dome.
[A photo of Mertius standing outside of a building in Adrasteia amongst a group of turians. He's light grey in color with red markings lining his cheekbones.]
[A second photo of Mertius shows him a bit closer up. A deep scar is etched into his chin as well as a few smaller scars along his forehead.]

Amiana Etaria

Reward: 25,000 credits
Last known whereabouts: Unknown. Believed to be in charge of the extremists known as the 'Children of Aite' and responsible for the coordination of numerous attacks on, and around, Adrasteia. Although it is assumed that she is asari, we unfortunately are unable to provide a current photo or description for Etaria.

Bartholomew "Lucky" Douglas

Reward: 20,000 credits
Considered armed and dangerous
Last known whereabouts: Unknown. Believed to have left Adrasteia amongst Mertius Sarantine's people. Possibly staying near the Dome.
[A photo of Lucky. He's wearing a long, brown duster to go with his brimmed hat and bright blue vest. He's entering through the front door to some bar in Adrasteia.]
[A second photo of Lucky which appears to be a mugshot taken on Illium. He's giving the camera the peace sign and smiling proudly.]

Jessica "Bam Bam" Kaya

Reward: 20,000 credits
Last known whereabouts: Unknown, although she is believed to have connections to the Children of Aite.
[An overhead photo of Jessica from a surveillance camera on the streets of Adrasteia. Given her attire and the lack of hair, the photo was likely taken after she suffered her burns. She's dressed in an Adrasteia Enforcer hardsuit and surrounded by rubble, kneeling over the body of a man in a nice suit. To his side is the body of a young boy wearing a beat up brown cap, no older than 8 or 9. Both appear to be dead. Off to Jessica's side is the body of an armored Enforcer.]
[A second photo of Jessica is on display, this one more personal, likely taken by a friend or someone who knew her at some point. The photo was taken pre-burns. She looks happy, despite the fact that she's giving the camera the middle finger.]
Her appearance is believed to have been drastically altered as a result of burns covering a large portion of her body.

Be safe out there and keep in mind, we are not advising those seeking to collect on these bounties to act within foreign territories without the consent of the local authorities. Those who break the laws of foreign territories in the pursuit of any Adrasteia bounties will be voiding whatever reward they may have earned as well as risking further repercussions for their actions. For more information on the bounties on this page as well as numerous others, visit the Adrasteia Enforcers' headquarters.