Wenera's OSD

The OSD was left at the reception's desk by Ilyna T'Rea while most of Redrock Agency's people were on the Rakhana mission. Ilyna has since written in the relevant report that she got it off a taxi driver on behalf of Ehanis.

It is currently in Jason's pssession, and he used it to contact Wenera.


Picture: Sala Piros

The picture is of a sky-blue asari in green armor. There are some spots of yellow on her cheeks. The meta-data makes it clear this picture is outdated by 87 years. It does resemble the blurry security footage Wenera showed Jason, so it's not enough for a match with high confidence. A security VI – or a salarian – might be able to recognize her, but any alarm raised upon sighting her may be false

Contact Info: Wenera Leren

The contact information and associated public key cannot be looked up in any identity authorities. While this would raise eyebrows back in Council Space, it's not all that rare out in the Terminus. It also bears has no metadata, meaning the recipient has to manually fill in the details.