Message to Vasquez: Operation Flooded Sphere

From: Brutarius Derthos

To: Linda Vasquez

Good evening Chief Vasquez. Mr. Cross asked that I fill you in on everything we have available in relation to our joint operation. First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Commander Brutarius Derthos of the Adrasteia Enforcers. I will be present for the briefing to answer any questions you may have in person.

Location Intel: The operation will be taking place in a location southwest of Adrasteia known as 'the Dome'. [Dome Coordinates] Many of Adrasteia's, shall we call them, 'seedier types' decided to take refuge at the Dome when Mr. Cross ran them from Adrasteia. The people of the Dome, as expected, didn't take too kindly to this. A lengthy battle ensued between the entrenched Dome dwellers and their attackers, but they eventually came to an agreement. The Dome dwellers seem to have allowed their attackers to take up housing in a section of old, unused prefabricated buildings along the outer wall of the Dome. As of this message, we're unsure of what the Dome dwellers are getting in return from this agreement. Perhaps it's as simple as their continued safety. The troublemakers have taken to calling this place 'New Haven'.

Mission Objectives: Our primary goal is simply to retrieve the eleven(11) civilians that were kidnapped from Adrasteia. We're confident that we've narrowed their location down to one of two prefabricated 2-story housing units along the southeastern wall of the Dome. Perhaps they may even be in both, separated from one another to be handled easier. We believe both complexes to be inhabited by a gang operating under the orders of a turian by the name of Mertius Soratine. It's unclear how many more of the complexes are under his control, so be ready for reinforcements. We have no real way of knowing the status of non-combatants in the area, so your team is expected to exercise caution when engaging.

Our secondary goal is the elimination of Mertius Soratine, but we're unaware of his current location. If given the opportunity, take it. If not, don't put your people at risk hunting for him. He may not even be present in 'New Haven'.

Opposition Intel: Our direct opposition is Mertius Soratine and his gang. We're unsure of exact numbers, but each of the apartment complexes have ten(10) housing units. That should give you a general idea of what to expect. Their training is next-to-none. Mostly common street thugs. I wouldn't be surprised if many of them fail to even have the simplest of combat ready hardsuits. Should your arrival go according to plan the element of surprise should be on your side as well, giving you an opportunity to strike before they're given time to properly equip themselves and mount a defense.

While not our direct opposition, the Dome dwellers have private security of their own. They're a small force, but they're always ready to react in the event of trouble. While they have no direct connection to Soratine and his crew, it's hard to believe that they're unaware of what's going on in their colony. At the very least they're turning a blind eye. At worst they may be working alongside them. Expect the worst, which could mean Soratine's people being reinforced by the Dome's security force. They have a few gunships which could be troublesome if allowed to take flight. We're unsure of numbers.

Finally, as stated before, the entire outer perimeter (Aside from the security hub) is believed to be in control of those forced out of Adrasteia. During their assault on the Dome, they were united by a common goal: the need to find shelter. Whether or not they're still working together, or even in communication with one another, is entirely unknown. Alliances between gangs can be a fickle thing. Nevertheless, be mindful. You don't want to end up fighting an entire colony.

Adrasteia Personnel: Amiliax Corixith, Xavier Ramirez, and Rayze, henceforth to be referred to as Alpha squad.

Jin Uchida, Aya Uchida, and Serena Torres, henceforth to be referred to as Bravo squad.

The Plan: For this to work, it needs to be a lightning strike. Hit fast, hit hard, and leave before they're given a chance to mount a defense. The largest risk is the Dome's private security. The security hub must be disabled and they must be prevented from getting their gunships in the air if this is to be a success. Luckily for us, people seem to come and go fairly regularly in the region. Whether this is common for the Dome or a result of their recent residents is unknown, but it means a shuttle approaching probably won't set off any red lights right away. Drop Bravo off at the security hub. So long as they're able to secure a foothold, Ms. Torres should find little trouble in disabling their defenses, keeping their gunships grounded and possibly knocking out the power to the apartments. Do not leave the hub until you're absolutely sure the hub is under control. If we fail in securing the hub, the operation doesn't stand a chance and pulling out is your best option.

Once the hub is under our control, move to drop Alpha off at one of the two indicated apartment complexes. Your team will be left with the final complex. We're unaware of where- exactly- they're keeping the civilians, so sweep the building until you find them. Once they have been accounted for, pick up each of the three teams for exfiltration. My recommendation would be via rooftop to avoid any potential reinforcements, but use your best judgement.