#RedrockAgency – August 6, 2014

Vasquez is sitting at her desk, which is a bit cleaner than usual. Only a handful of papers are scattered over it, and there's only one datapad. An empty coffee mug sits by the keyboard. She's currently reading on the screen of her computer terminal. Damien would have recieved an extranet message instructing him to come for an interview at this time.

Jason is seated at the receptionist's desk with his legs up on top of it. A half empty glass sits at the edge of the desk. Dressed in his usual blue-and-white hardsuit, he's looking over a datapad with a stupid grin on his face.

Damien strides into the building, donned in his blue-digital camo armour and his Carnifex by his side. His helmet is tucked under his arm and he rubs his chin, very recently shaved. He sees Jason and walks over to the desk.

Damien clears his throat.

Jason bursts into laughter as Damien enters the building, kicking over his glass and causing it to shatter on the ground, spilling its contents every which way. He quickly hops to his feet as he spots Damien and tosses the datapad on the desk. "Fuck..." he groans. "Uhh-... You must be the appli-..." he pauses and raises his eyebrow, "Oh! Hey!" he exclaims as he recalls the man's face, "...Damien, right?" he asks, hoping he remembered the man's name correctly.

Damien nods, a faint smile on his face at Jason's mishap. "Yes. Glad to see you remember me, Jason."

Jason rounds the desk and looks at the mess on the floor. He uses his boot to sweep a few shards of glass under the desk and out-of-sight. He sighs and shrugs slightly as he scratches at the back of his neck. "Told ya she'd get around to it eventually." he says as he steps towards a door behind the receptionist's desk. "Through here, she's waiting for ya." he instructs the man to follow.

Damien nods, following quietly, notably sidestepping the spillage. He steps throught the door, his face now set in stone.

Jason continues through the next room, a briefing room of sorts with a couple rows of desks and a large screen at the front of the room, and through a door on the left. "Look..." he says, glancing over his shoulder at Damien, "She's a tough cookie to crack. My advice? Avoid direct eye-contact, and if she comes at you, cover your groin region." he says with a slight smirk as he starts down the hallway.

Damien nods once, tightening his hold on his helmet. He gives the room the briefest of looks, following Jason through the door. "Maybe I should put on the helmet so she can't tell if I'm looking directly at her or not...".

Jason chuckles to himself and stops just outside Vasquez' office. "Nah, you'll be fine." he says, tapping the green interface, "Good luck." He leans against the wall beside the door and pokes his head in slightly once it slides open, "If you see Jasper, ask him to check out the lobby. Floor needs mopped. Someone spilled something." he says before giving Damien a pat on the shoulder as he returns back down the hall.

Damien blinks and sighs, before stepping into the office. His free hand is clasped behind his back and he stands rigidly, respectively waiting to be adressed.

Vasquez looks up as Damien enters the room. She nods at the chair on his side of the desk. She's wearing her gray Redrock Agency uniform, and her hair is tied back in a ponytail. She has a serious but tired look on her face. "You must be Mr. Monroe."

Damien moves over to the seat, lowering himself into it whilst nodding. "Yes, ma'am," he says, placing the helmet on his lap.

Vasquez looks Damien over and then raises an eyebrow. "Why are you in combat gear?"

Damien shrugs, rapping his fingers on the helmet. "Paranoia, most likely. After the Inn got shot up, I've taken to wearing it most times I go out." He pauses for a moment, before adding, "... ma'am."

Vasquez doesn't do much to aknowledge his response, but moves on. "I'm Chief Linda Vasquez, head of the Redrock Agency. I've read your application. Why do you want to join us?"

Damien keeps his gaze centred as he speaks. "Because, put simply, I've been a mercenary for most of my life. It only makes sense to join the local mercenary group where my... skills can be used efficently."

Vasquez nods slightly, and glances at her datapad. "Yeah... you mentioned being in the Blue Suns. Why did you leave?"

Damien pauses. "Because I made some bad calls that ensured I couldn't hang around."

Vasquez looks rather sceptical. She puts the datapad down and crosses her hands on her desk. "Anything I should know about? Do I have to worry about the Suns coming looking for you?"

Damien shakes his head. "No, nothing on that scale. Put simply, someone had enough pull to make my life hell back there. But only there. Their sphere of influence can only go so far."

Vasquez seems to think for a moment before answering. "Mhm... we'll see. Are you going to be able to work with our team? Follow orders?"

Yes, ma'am.

Vasquez nods once more. "At least you can answer questions. More than I can say for some applicants. Can you tell me more about your combat experience? Terrain, hostiles..."

I've fought on a variety of terrains, but I've mainly fought in urban environments. In terms of hostiles... other merc groups, an Alliance team once and the occasional up and coming street gang.

Vasquez ' gaze quickly refocuses on Damien after having wandered off slightly. She leans forward slightly, keeping her eyes training on Damien. "Alliance team?" She asks.

Damien nods, keeping a level gaze. "A FUBAR operation for us. A simple smuggling operation for us, but we were ratted out." He falls silent for a moment as he recollects the moments. "It was more of a skirmish. Hell, not even sure if anyone was killed."

But the Alliance got involved and we were sure as hell not going with them.

Vasquez has a slight look of distaste on her. "I'm going to make this very clear. We don't fight the Alliance. Understood?" Her voice has a vaguely menacing tone to it.

Damien tilts his head slightly toward her. "Understood, ma'am."

Vasquez looks at the man in silence for a while before leaning back. "Good. Now... you have more experience than any applicant that has approached us in a long time, so... if you want the job, it's yours. We do some basic security work between missions, but I can't guarantee I'll be able to find something like that for you. Focus will be on actual field missions. Any questions?"

None, ma'am.

Vasquez seems rather surprised by his response. "Uhm... alright. I assume you've read up on payment and medical then. If not, I'm sure Wolfe can give you a rundown. Welcome aboard, Monroe."

Damien nods once. "I do my homework when it comes to merc groups." He rises from his seat, tucking his helmet under his arm. "Thank you, ma'am."

Vasquez nods yet again. "Of course. You'll recieve comms access and extranet site login soon."

Understood. Anything else, ma'am?

Vasquez ponders the question for a moment. "If you see Wolfe, tell him to clean up his own damn mess."

Damien surpresses a smirk and nods once. "I'll be sure to tell him."

Damien nods once to her and sharply turns on the spot, moving towards the door and opening it.

Jason is seated in the briefing room at one of the desks, a fresh glass of definitely-not-alcohol in front of him. On the large briefing screen is a game of asajura. Jason is watching with a confused look on his face. At one point, he jumps to his feet and looks as though he's about to cheer, but slowly sits back down, looking even more puzzled.

Damien steps out and quietly walks up behind Jason. He leans forwards slightly and suddenly speaks up. "Boss says clean your own damn mess."

Jason is slightly startled as Damien sneaks up on him. "The fuck?" he exclaims, "Wait... Boss?" he asks, with a smirk, "That mean we hired you?"

Damien responds with a smirk of his own and nods. "A-yup. I am now apart of Redrock."

Jason extends a gauntleted hand out towards Damien, "Welcome to the team." he says, "Good to have you on-board. She explain how everything works around here?"

Damien shakes the hand with his own gauntleted hand. "Thanks," he says. "I've figured out the basics of what goes on. Figured I'd come to you if I needed to know more."

Jason gives a nod. "Sounds good. Well, you know where the exit is... Sounds like I've got some excuses to make." he sighs.

Damien chuckles and gives him a single wave in farewell. "Have a good night, Jason," he says as he leaves.

Jason starts towards Vasquez' office as a sudden realization hits him. "Th-... That fucker ratted me out!" he mutters to himself.

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