#Adrasteia – August 29, 2014

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After some time has passed, the shuttle arrives in Adrasteia. While not an enormous city in comparison to more developed planets, it's still quite a leap up from Freedom Falls. The shuttle slowly descends, landing in the parking lot of a restaurant. The lot seems to be located in the commercial district of Adrasteia, as both sides of the street are lined with stores, restaurants, and other places intended to part shoppers with their hard-earned credits. The shuttle door opens and the pilot glances back at the pair. "I'll be right here." he says, "Don't take too long, I'm keeping the meter running."

Steve clasps a hand on the side of the shuttle and hops out, waving off the pilot's comment dismissively. He takes a glance around as he makes his way over to the sidewalk. "It's right up the street, Ren." he restates.

Among the many civillians going about their business, there's a few armed guards wearing uniformly grey hardsuits. They move up and down the block, occasionally stepping inside an establishment and reappearing moments later before continuing on their route.

Renala nods and lets her omni-tool dissipate. She have spent much of the trip going over the lowest-level readable code of a program, removing and altering bits and pieces here and there. She steps out of it, as well, and falls into step on his eight. "I should check this place out some other day," she says after a glance down the street.

Steve continues down the sidewalk, casting a glance over the guards. "Definitely more variety than Freedom Falls, that's for sure." he says, "Not sure I'd feel too comfortable living in a place that needs armed guards posted outside of stores, though..."

Renala nods. "I thought more as in just visiting the place to shop," she says. "Maybe for the better part of a day if less on-demand tranpost routes allow it."

Steve nods in turn. "Yeah, probably not a bad idea. I'm guessing it's tough to get your hands on the shit you need back in Freedom Falls, huh?" he asks, continuing down the block.

Aside from the armed guards, the place seems mostly upbeat. A small group of people, 3 humans and an asari, pass Steve and Renala, talking loudly and laughing amongst themselves. A few people cast nervous glances in the guards' direction, but most simply ignore them, as if they're a common sight.

I don't know what's needed yet, but I'll probably be tasked with sorting out the issues with network security at the agency.

Renala glances at the people passing them before continuing, "Though, I did make good use of that security hole during the attack."

Steve nods at a large three-story building up ahead, indicating that it's their destination. "Sure, but I'm guessin' that means someone else could've done the same thing, right? Probably better to get those holes patched up and just make sure you've got access to the system. Did they even have any defenses in place?" he asks.

Renala frowns. "And one of their people on the ground was a tech," she says. "It was a matter of time, so I shut it off. That meant we had to fly the shuttle through the bay door, though." She looks over the building he nods to before continuing.

The place had no real defences. I was just lucky the chief was geared up when they arrived.

The large building takes up most of the block it's on. Large glass double doors at the front of the building are flanked by a single turian guard wearing the same uniform grey hardsuit. The sign above the door reads: "Torthus-Cross". The name may be familiar to some. A joint business venture between a human entrepreneur, Samuel Cross, and a turian that resulted in a chain of upscale hotels. Given the history between humans and turians, the joint venture was given more coverage than what would have normally been wasted on an otherwise unremarkable event. Seeing such a place on Aite, however, is certainly strange.

Steve glances over at Renala as he walks. "Why was she geared up, anyway?" he asks, raising an eyebrow, "After the display she gave at the Respite, I wouldn't doubt if she was preparin' to come hunt me down." he adds with a bit of a chuckle.

Renala looks up the building as they approach, raising an eyebrow at one of the names in the hotel's logo being the one Steve mentioned. "Training, I think she said," she says. "Anyway, shall I just tag along wherever you're going or wait in the lobby?"

Steve shakes his head as he approaches the building. "Stay with me." he says, "Like I said, I don't think there's much to worry about, but just in case..." The glass doors slide open as he nears them. The turian guard looks over the pair, but makes no attempt to speak to them or stop them.

Renala gives a nod before stepping inside, briefly looking over the room they enter. She considers putting on her helmet, but decides against it. "Any specific place you're metting him?"

The turian speaks into his comms once the pair pass by, but keeps his voice low as to not be overheard.

The foyer of the hotel is decorated in an expensive manner, with ornate tiles covering the floor and intricate designs decorating the high ceiling. A hallway can be seen off to the side in each direction, as well as an elevator beside the check-in desk. It's devoid of people aside from an asari standing behind the long desk. A few terminals sit atop the desk, but she appears to be the only person working at the moment.

She gives the pair a friendly smile as the enter. "Welcome. Room for two?" she asks.

Steve glances around quickly and returns the asari's smile. "Not today, I'm afraid. Here to see Cross, he should be expectin' me." he says.

Renala returns the smile, as well, but keeps quiet as she sort of said she would.

Asari nods once. "Of course, just one moment, sir." she says. She types at the terminal for a moment. Once she stops, she glances at the pair once again, smile still ever present, "Mr. Briggs?" she asks.

Steve nods in turn, but remains quiet.

Asari steps back from the terminal. "He'll be with you soon." she says before returning to her work.

Steve turns to Renala and clasps his gauntlets together. He takes a few idle steps away from the desk. "Not a bad place, eh?" he asks, looking up towards the ceiling.

Renala nods. "Yeah," she chuckles. "Doubt I could afford staying for a year in a place like this."

Steve chuckles, "That makes two of us." he says, "Won't find shit like this in Freedom Falls... Personally, I'd take the Respite over this place any day of the week."

Renala | "Mhm," she hums. "I think it's about time we start looking for something else, though, since we're paying a lot for that tiny room. At least I am."

Steve nods to himself, "My rooms free... But I could do with some room to actually move around. It's claustrophobic in there. Just need to make sure I can get to and from work, ya know?"

A soft ding signals as the elevator doors open and two men step out amidst the middle of a conversation. One appears to be in his mid-40's. He's dressed in an expensive black suit that fits so perfectly, it was undeniably made just for him. His wavy brown hair doesn't quite reach his shoulders. The other man is probably a good 10 years his senior and dressed in a charcoal-grey suit. He's heavyset with salt-and-pepper hair. The younger of the two reaches over and pats the older man on the shoulder. "The shuttle is parked around back." he informs the older man, "I've got a few things to take care of here, but I'll meet you over there." The older man nods and thanks him for his time before walking past Steve and Renala and exiting the building.

Renala stays quiet as the two approach, and she glances at them. She keeps quiet, though, defering to Steve to do the talking.

The younger man smiles brightly at Steve and Renala. "Briggs!" he greets as he approaches the two and extends his hand towards Steve enthusiastically, "Didn't think you were gonna make it. You keep putting me off." he continues, sounding quite light-hearted over the whole ordeal.

Steve reaches out and takes the man's hand, giving it a slight shake. "Uhh, yeah... Sorry about that, Mr. Cross. Just-... Work. You know, things keep coming up. It's a bit of a trip out here. Had to clear my schedule."

Cross nods understandingly, "Not a problem. And what did I tell you about that Mr. Cross crap? Bryan. Just call me Bryan." he insists. He withdraws his hand as he looks over at Renala. "Wasn't aware you'd be bringing a plus-one." He steps towards Renala, offering his hand to her as well, "And you are...?"

Renala extends her gloved hand and takes his. "Renala," she says, witholding her last name. "It's nice to meet you."

Cross gives her hand a shake. "Pleasure's mine." he says with a smirk, "I wasn't aware that Briggs here kept such lovely company, Renala." He turns away from the pair and starts towards the hall on the left, speaking as he does, "So, what brings you to Adrasteia? Something you need, Miss Renala?" His tone is light and friendly, and he walks with an air of confidence.

Steve falls into line behind Cross, giving Renala a glance and a smirk, as if to say 'See? Told you it wouldn't be so bad."

Renala follows after the two, on Steve's four 'o clock. "I just wanted to see the city," she says with a small smile. "It's the capital on this world, after all."

Cross nods to himself, glancing over his shoulder as he continues down the hall. "You're damn right it is. Don't let anyone else tell you differently." he says, "Hell of a city, too. If it weren't for all the rabble-rousers skulking about, it would be damn near paradise."

The hall has numerous doors on each side adorned with room numbers. At the very end of the hall is an un-numbered door with a red panel beside it. An armed guard in the same grey hardsuit as the others stands outside of the door. He seems to be waiting for Cross.

Steve gives a bit of a shrug. "Seems peaceful enough. Haven't seen anyone causin' any trouble during any of my visits."

Yeah, it looks like a nice enough city. It doesn't seem to lack for places to shop, either.

Cross chuckles a bit as he continues towards the guard. "Ahh, don't need to be polite. I'm sure you've heard stories. They aren't wrong, either. This place is a time bomb. It's those rebels, mostly. They just keep stirring up trouble. But this place isn't beyond saving." he says, stopping just beside the guard.

Cross turns towards Renala, smile still on his face. "You won't find anywhere else like it on Aite." he assures her, "Should take a walk around the district. Can find just about anything here."

The guard taps at the panel beside the door wordlessly once Cross arrives. The panel turns green and the door slides open, revealing a staircase that goes both up, and down.

Renala nods. "I'll keep that in mind," she says with a small smile. "Since finding anything specific other than guns and armor isn't easy in the Terminus."

Cross enters the door and begins heading down the stairs. "Something specific you're trying to get your hands on? I'm kind of in the field of-... importing." he says, glancing back at Renala with a grin.

Renala shakes her head. "Nothing at the time, sir," she says. "And it's doubtful I'd need any kind of tech at a quantity worth importing." She will enter the stairs-room after Steve.

Steve enters behind Cross and continues down the stairs but remains quiet as the two talk.

The guard enters after Renala and follows behind the group.

Cross snickers as he reaches the bottom of the staircase. "Sir? I'm willing to bet you've got me beat by a few hundred years. Like I said, Bryan." he says, "If you change your mind, drop me a message. I'm sure Briggs can give you my contact info."

At the bottom of the stairs is a small landing and a single door with a red panel beside it. A few boxes are stacked beneath the staircase.

Steve nods, "Not a problem." he says as he steps off the staircase and follows Cross. He glances back at the guard a few times, appearing a little uneasy.

Renala nods, as well. "I'll consider it," she simply answers. She follows the other two, staying close to Steve.

Cross types at the door's interface, and it slides open. "So, tech?" he asks, continuing with the small-talk as he enters the door, "What is it you do?"

Steve follows Cross into the room. "She's a genius when it comes to that stuff." he compliments.

I mostly do software, but I'm not half bad at embedded systems and networking.

The basement room is large with no decorations. It's somewhat dirty, made completely of concrete. It's in stark contrast to the upstairs. It's mostly unfurnished aside from four tables surrounded by a few chairs. A large number of crates are stacked against the walls lining the room. A few crates sit atop tables in the center of the room as well. On top of one of the tables is a row of Avengers along with a few thermal clips strewn about.

Cross gives an impressed whistle. "Genius?" he asks, glancing at Steve, "Well, hell. We're always looking for new talent. Could use someone with a good head on their shoulders to check out the security in a few of our buildings." he says as he steps over to one of the tables. He reaches down and grabs a dufflebag that's sitting beneath.

sets the bag on top of the table and unzips it, "Been trying to convince Briggs here to get out of that place and come work for me, but he isn't having it." he says in jest, his smile returning.

Steve lets out a deep breath and glares at Cross as he approaches the dufflebag. "Like I told you last time, I don't need a job..." he says, tossing his small tote bag on the table as well.

Renala nods. "A huge place like this doesn't have a network admin?" she says with a raised eyebrow. "Well, I'll consider it if I find myself in need of work." She steps inside the room, but remains near the door.

The guard enters the room after Renala and closes the door. He takes a position beside the door but remains silent.

Cross grabs the sides of the dufflebag and pulls it open to show Steve what's inside. "I know, I know. Redrock." Cross sings, "I could double whatever they're offering you." He glances over at Renala and gives her a nod, "Of course we do. But this is just one link in a very long chain. Plenty of places all over the city that could use someone like you. And we pay well. Very well."

The dufflebag is filled with unopened blisterpacks of pills, stacked one sheet on top of the other.

Steve glances into the bag briefly and opens his own tote. He pulls out a datapad and a credit chit and sets them on the table. "Appreciate the offer, but like I said before, I'm fine where I am." he says. He pushes the datapad across the table towards Cross, "It's all there."

Renala remains near the door, waiting for Steve and Cross to finish up. "Same with me, I'm fine where I am," she says. "Thanks for the offer, though."

Cross reaches out and grabs the datapad. "Well, that's a shame." he sighs, but retains his friendly smile. "So, where is it you work?" he asks, looking towards the asari, looking over her hardsuit, "You work with Briggs?"

Steve reaches over and grabs the dufflebag. He reaches inside and pushes a few things aside. Once satisfied that it's probably all there, he zips it up and slings the bag over his shoulder. He moves towards the door and stands beside Renala.

Renala nods. "Yeah," she says. "It gives me a fair bit of free time to work on my projects."

Cross begins to look over the datapad. "That so?" he asks as he skims through the information on the screen. After a moment, he sets the datapad back down on the desk and grabs the credit chit. "So, the militia in town..." he asks as he removes his omni-tool from his jacket's inner-pocket and begins to verify the payment, "Your agency have any connection to them? Any sort of deals? Contracts? What's Redrock's standing with them?"

Steve glances at Renala momentarily, looking somewhat uneasy. "Can't honestly say I know, Mr-... Bryan. I just guard a bar."

I get briefed when I'm needed, but I haven't really kept informed about where our people are spread around.

Cross nods a couple of times. "Of course." he says, setting the credit chit back on the table and replacing his omni-tool in his jacket. "Well, that about covers it, then." he adds with a smile. He moves over to the door and taps on the panel a few times, causing it to slide open once again. "Let me know when you're ready for a resupply." he continues, "And... look into that info for me. Get that, and I'll drop half off the price." He moves through the door and begins climbing the steps.

Steve glances over at Renala, looking almost guilty, before following Cross through the door. "I'll do what I can..." he says.

Renala frowns, but keeps quiet as she fall into step behind him.

The guard follows behind Renala. As the group reaches the top of the stairs, a loud crack can be heard, followed by a volley of gunshots. Glass shatters and a woman's scream sounds out. A second volley of gunshots joins in, overlapping the first as if someone is returning fire.

The sounds seem to be coming from just outside of the building.

Renala stares down the hallway, trying to see the source of the explosion. "The fuck was that?"

All that can be seen down the hall is the asari. She topples over as a few gunshots impact the wall behind the desk. She let's out another scream and slowly pulls herself across the floor. The purple spatter indicates that she's been hit.

Cross crouches down instinctively as the shots ring out. "Dammit!" he shouts. As he sees the asari go down, he races down the hall towards her.

Renala starts running as well, the familiar shimmer of biotics sorrounding her as she prepares for whatever's attacking.

ArmedGuard pulls his Avenger from his back and pushes past Steve. "It's those fucking rebels!" he says. "Sir, stay back here!" he calls out towards Cross as he gives chase, "You can't go out there!"

Steve watches the scene for a moment before snapping into action. He draws his SMG and follows the others down the hall.

Another volley of shots ring out, but none appear to hit inside the hotel. At least, nowhere visible from the hall. The sound of return fire quickly follows.

Renala keeps running, towards the receptionist if she's still visible.

The receptionist stops crawling once she's fully behind the desk. She simply curls up and begins sobbing softly.

She's bleeding heavily from her left shoulder.

Cross rushes out of the hallway and crosses the distance between the hall and the desk. He drops to his knees beside the asari and quickly removes his jacket. Without a moment of hesitation, he begins wrapping the jacket around her shoulder and pressing against the wound with both hands. "Shit... She's hit! I need some medi-gel!"

Renala slows down as she reaches the lobby, hastily putting on her helmet to free both hands. Renala heads over to the desk, as well, in a brisk pace. She picks out a spare canister meant to supply a suit of armor, but can be dispensed manually, and hands it towards him. "Here," she says. "Any idea what those assholes want?"

ArmedGuard stops at the end of the hall and presses himself against the wall. "Sir!" he calls out, "You can't stay out there!"

Renala focuses her biotic energy and a small dome form around them in a somewhat unsteady manner, but its shape remains firm once it's fully set up. It does not cover much area around the three, however. It'll let them get out easily, but only in if Renala can react to their attempt. "Now he can."

Another round of shots sound off, impacting Renala's barrier.

The front door is shattered into thousands of fragments of glass that has slid all across the lobby floor. The turian guard is on his back in the doorway, completely still, with large scorch marks across his armor. A small fire can be seen just beyond his body. Across the street, a trio of shooters can be spotted. Two humans, one male and one female, and an asari.Only the asari has a hardsuit, but all three are armed. Two with Avengers, and one with a Predator pistol. The human woman with the pistol tucks it away and removes a large bottle from the bag that hangs from her shoulder. She begins to light the clothe poking out from the bottle's neck. A handful of shots ring out from further down the block.

Steve skids to a stop at the end of the hall and pokes his head out to get a look at the situation. Unfortunately, from his angle he's unable to see out the door. "What the fuck is going on out there!?"

Cross grabs the canister with one hand as purple blood runs through his fingers and hastily begins applying the medi-gel to the asari. "Come on, stay with me. You're gonna be fine!" he says. "What they want!?" he asks, finally responding to Renala's question, "They're a bunch of idealist zealots! What they want is me and all my people dead! They're fucking maniacs!"

Renala keeps the barrier up from the shields, but it doesn't look like she'll be able to hold it if the pressure keeps up. "I see three of them," she reports. "One's got an improvised incendiary grenade."

Steve nods to himself. "Movin' up!" he reports as he exits the hall and moves along the wall unti he can safely move up to the door. He stacks up beside the door and grips his SMG tightly.

ArmedGuard mutters loudly and follows behind Steve. "Keep your head down, sir!"

The armed asari takes a knee and sights in on Renala. She squeezes off another volley of rounds through the door in an attempt at keeping anyone inside suppressed. As she does, the human woman takes a couple of steps towards the building and slings the molotov, trying to get it through the door.

Renala groans as she keeps reinforcing the barrier to conpensate for the damage. "Steve, you got anything to get them to back off?" she says. "We need to fall back. Find another way out."

The woman's aim is slightly off, causing the molotov to hit the doorframe and shatter. Fire bursts out, mostly covering the doorway, but some spills into the building.

Steve jumps back as the molotov explodes and shields his face. "Fuck!" he shouts, backing away from the door, "Falling back sounds like a good idea. Make 'em come to us!" He backs up towards the hall once again, aiming his SMG at the doorway.

ArmedGuard takes Steve's spot at the door, not seeming to care too much about the fire. He leans out and squeezes his trigger, expelling rounds in the asari's direction.

Cross nods a couple times. "Falling back sounds like a plan, but I'm not leaving her." he says. He slides an arm under the back of the asari's knees, and the other beneath her upper back and begins to stand back up.

The armed asari instantly begins to glow once the ArmedGuard makes himself visible in the doorway. She jerks her arm back and pulls him outside biotically, causing the guard to skitter across the pavement. Once he's outside, shots begin to pepper him from all sides. Anyone paying attention would be able to tell that there's at least two more shooters than the three visible.

Renala glances at Cross. "I'll cover you." She lets the barrier go and draws her Locust. With two steps forward (out of the barrier's range), she opens fire on the asari, hoping it would have her fall back. "Run!"

Cross nods at Renala and begins sprinting back to the hallway as soon as she signals, cradling the receptionist in his arms. Purple stains are now covering the white shirt he was wearing beneath his jacket.

The armed asari's shields flicker as Renala's shots hit their mark. She rushes back to huddle behind a nearby car. "All we want is Cross!" she calls out loudly, "Nobody else needs to get hurt!" The two other attacks disperse to the right and disappear out of sight.

ArmedGuard is no longer moving. His body simply lays, limp, outside of the hotel.

Steve pays no mind to the shouting as he retreats back towards the hallway. "C'mon, Ren!" he calls out, "Get out of there!"

Renala reloads the clip, but keeps it aimed at the car while Cross makes his escape. "Yeah, right. Then explain the receptionist," she shouts in response, starting to take a few steps backward towards the hallway.

ArmedAsari steps out from behind the car once Renala is out of sight. She raises her Avenger at the door and begins to approach it after a few moments. "Wrong place. Wrong time." she calls out, "She was collateral damage, we were not firing on her. That isn't what we want! And who are you to point fingers!?" She stops at the door and stacks up. "You people wage war across our planet. You tear families apart. You murder, steal, extort... all in the name of the almighty credit! We won't just stand by while you profit off the misery of others!"

Cross reaches the hall and slows down. "They're fucking anarchists! They ambush our guards who are only trying to keep the peace! They attack businesses run by the very people they're claiming to protect! It's no use arguing with her, Renala. She's out of her mind!"

Steve meets Cross at the hall and stacks up at the wall, keeping an eye on the front door. "Well, darlin'. I don't really give a shit about your problems, cuz ya only got about five more minutes of life left in ya." he threatens.

Renala | "And who the hell are you to point fingers?" she says, moving over to the end of the hall to hold up another barrier to block it once he's through, also keeping Steve safe while he's in cover. "Just keeping her busy talking; get moving," she mutters to Cross.

A loud bang, followed by a screetch comes from the door on the left of them, just down the hall.

Steve snaps his attention to the sound. "Keep an eye on the asari, Ren." he says as he slowly begins stalking further down the hall.

Cross cusses under his breath and takes a knee to set the receptionist down. "All we need to do is hold out. It won't take long for more of our soldiers to arrive." he assures Steve and Renala.

Renala complies, keeping her barrier up. "You're not making a strong case for yourselves," she grumbles.

Another exchange of gunfire can be heard outside of the building.

Steve closes in on the room the sound came from, holding his SMG at the ready.

Cross gives a dark chuckle. "Of course she's not. They don't have a strong case."

ArmedAsari enters the hotel lobby and sweeps her weapon around. She spots the barrier at the hall and begins to swing out towards the desk, hoping to get to it and use it for cover before Renala can fire at her. "You want a strong case? Cross and the people he works for have been raping this planet for years! They don't care who they have to stomp out as long as credits can be made. They don't govern. They rule. They tear away whatever land they can. They conquer. He's a parasite on a planet full of parasites and it sickens me that there's people like you willing to stand beside him! This planet deserves peace! These people deserve peace!"

Cross helps the receptionist prop herself up against the wall. "Peace..." he snickers, "That's rich coming from someone that just opened fire on a public street..."

The door Steve is approaching slides open, and the woman who threw the molotov swings out and levels her Predator on him. She fires a trio of shots at him before she spots Cross and begins to adjust her aim towards him.

Steve 's shields absorb the Predator shots without much issue. He returns fire with a burst of SMG rounds aimed towards the woman's upper chest.

Renala nods. "You don't give a shit about the people here," she says, "I do. He's protecting an unarmed innocent. You're killing innocents anywhere close to being in your way."

The woman catches four rounds in the chest. Due to her lack of armor, they go clean through her, spraying a mist of blood against the wall behind her as she collapses to the floor. The unarmed man that was seen with her outside uses this opportunity to rush from the room and tackle Steve into the opposite wall of the hall while attempting to control his wrist.

ArmedAsari takes cover at the end of the receptionist's desk. "I told you, we never meant to hurt her! It was an accident!" she shouts, "Is-... Is she alright?" she asks, sounding genuinely concerned as she calls out from behind her cover.

Cross hovers over the receptionist, covering her with his own body in an attempt to shield her from the potential gunfire down the hall. "You're gonna be fine, just a little longer, alright?" he assures her, a slight panic in his voice, "The guards will be here any moment. I promise."

Renala snorts. "I'll believe you if it weren't for that your guy was nowhere near her," she says. "Want to keep living? Get the fuck out of here, kid. The city too while you're at it. I'm not planning on staying here a second longer than I have to, either."

Steve struggles against the attacker, opting to simply release his SMG and headbutt him. A slight blue shine begins to envelope him as he struggles to get free of his attacker's grip. He releases a loud roar as he expels the biotic energy, planting a second headbutt into the man's jaw.

The gunfire outside begins to subside.

ArmedAsari calls out from her position, "We were in a firefight with the door guard! We would never intentionally harm someone that posed us no threat!" she insists. She steps out from her cover and trains her Avenger on the barrier, but doesn't fire, "If you're leaving, then why do you continue to protect him? Do you realize how much good would come from his death? How many lives would be saved?" she asks, almost pleading with Renala. She slowly lowers her weapon as she casts a glance towards the front door. She takes a few more steps towards the barrier.

Steve's attacker's head snaps back with such force, it most likely snapped his neck. The man's body is sent sailing across the hall and into the wall with enough force to crack it. His body hits the floor with a thud.

Cross continues to shield the receptionist, "Don't listen to her, Renala. We've been fighting off their little ambushes for months now. There's always a body count. And every time, they make excuses. They're a bigger threat to the people of this city than I could ever be."

Renala glares at the asari. "This city sure looked more alive before you showed up," she says. "I'm not gonna say this again, get the fuck out of here. You're making more problems, and that's exactly what you'll be remembered for when reinforcements arrive and kill you."

As if on command, a small squad of guards decked out in the same grey armor file in through the door. "DROP THE WEAPON!" the lead guard demands, "NOW!"

Cross breathes a sigh of relief. "We're gonna get you to the hospital. Guards are here, just a little longer." he reassures the receptionist.

Steve rubs at his forehead and groans in pain. He presses a hand against the wall in an attempt at regaining his balance.

ArmedAsari takes another step towards Renala, showing no attempt at complying with the guards orders. "Congratulations." she says, smiling sadly at Renala, "You saved the life of a man who will continue to take Aite for all it's worth. But that's okay. Today isn't the end. So long as even one of us remains, we'll keep fighting. We're the Children of Aite, and we will take our planet back." she says. She swings around and lifts her weapon, attempting to fire on the guards.

The asari only manages to get a single shot off before she's mowed down by the combined gunfire of the guards. The lead guard quickly begins to jog towards the hall. "Mr. Cross!?" he calls out, "You alright?"

Renala sighs and lets her barrier go, letting the guards get to him. "What an idiot," she mutters, glancing towards the dead asari.

Steve shakes the cobwebs free and starts down the hall towards Renala. "Everyone alright?" he asks, giving a pained grunt.

Cross cradles the receptionist once again and stands up, lifting her in his arms. "I'm fine." he responds as the guard rushes over to him, "We need to get her to the hospital. She lost a lot of blood." He glances between Steve and Renala, "Thank you. Both of you." he says, "You saved my life. You need something, you let me know. And Briggs? Your next refill is on the house."

doesn't waste time waiting around for a response. He quickens his pace towards the exit, hoping to get his wounded employee the help she needs before it's too late.

Renala nods acknowledging to the departing man before looking at Steve, her frown visible through the helmet. "I'm fine. Exhausted, though," she says. "I failed that kid, though. If she only had listened to me..."

Steve mutters to himself and scoops his dropped dufflebag off the ground. "Failed her? She was a nut. She had to know it was suicide rushing in here." he says. He reaches up and rubs his forehead, "Fuck, Ren... I'm sorry. Just our luck that the local loons attempt a coup when we arrive..."

Renala nods. "Yeah, we've got to warn the agency in case those people tries to save our neighbors, too," she says, starting to make her way towards the door. "Let's hope our ride home hasn't taken off yet."

Steve runs his hand down his thigh and realizes he dropped his SMG in the struggle. "Yeah..." he agrees before jogging back to the site of the struggle and reclaiming his weapon. He holsters it and catches back up to Renala, "I'll send out a message and see what's going on with the shuttle. Worst case, we get a local shuttle to take us back." he sighs, "And I'll end up having to pay 'em for an entire round trip..."

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