Briefing and departure (Operation Flooded Sphere)

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/vasquez stands in wait at the far wall of the briefing room, wearing her Redrock uniform. She looks a little tired, but hides it best she can as she waits for the Redrock personnel to arrive, going over the transmitted information again on her datapad.

Vasquez stands in wait at the far wall of the briefing room, wearing her Redrock uniform. She looks a little tired, but hides it best she can as she waits for the Redrock personnel to arrive, going over the transmitted information again on her datapad.

Six people are around the table in the Redrock conference room. The three closest to the head of the room are all in hardsuits. A short, hispanic male with a shaved head and a number of facial tattoos is slumped in his chair in a scuffed up faded blue hardsuit looking almost bored as he awaits the arrival of everyone. Beside him is a krogan, barely fitting in the seat provided. Plenty of battle damage adorns the large plate atop his head,

matching the damage displayed on his dark blue helmet that sits on the table in front of him. The third armored figure is a turian. Dark brown in color and devoid of any facial markings, he sits at attention, hands folded neatly atop the table in front of him. His pristine brown armor looks clean enough to eat off of. The three people beyond them are all human, all without hardsuits. At the turian's side is an asian male, his age hard to

pin down at just a glance. His hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail and he has a wispy goatee and moustache. Dressed in a pair of black tactical fatigues, boots and a long black jacket atop a black turtleneck, his favorite color probably isn't yellow. He seems to have opted to stand rather than sit, resting his hand on the hilt of the monomolecular blade hanging from his side. His opposite thigh has a Predator pistol holstered to it.

Beside him is an asian female. Porcelain pale skin and long braided black hair with large bangs, she's dressed similarly to the man at her side. Their resemblance is uncanny. She has two smaller bladed weapons sheathed across her lower back, a pistol at her thigh as well. She's standing beside what can only be her brother, speaking silently with him. The final person at the table is a woman in her mid-20's. Short brown hair with one side

shaved off, she's a peculiar sight compared to the rest of them. Her leather boots nearly reach her knees, the left one continuing up over her knee with a kneepad. Her leather jacket has a shoulder pauldron on the right side with blue, holographic spikes protruding from it. A nose ring and a few eyebrow rings round out her look as she gazes at her omni-tool screen.


Renala enters the room, wearing a simple blue top under her leather jacket, and black pants. She nods a greeting to the people in the room before taking a seat across from the armored turian.

Renala ((across from the armored turian))

Tank arrives rather early, not being familiar with the building - or the company for that matter, yet. She arrives in the briefing room after stowing her gear away and consulting Fergus for directions. She's still wearing her heavy winter coat when she enters the room, her gaze wandering around to each of the unfamiliar faces before she sits down next to Renala. Her gaze lingers on the siblings for a moment.

Oxaris arrives promptly. Surprisingly, she isn't in her armour, but rather in a casual dress coloured a crimson red with golden accents that clings tightly to her. She bows her head politely to the assembled, though a rather harsh gaze is given to the barefaced Turian. She takes a seat next to Renala, across from the others.

Amiliax nods a greeting to the asari as she takes a seat across from him, repeating the process as Oxaris arrives, though he remains quiet.

Xavier's eyes go wide as Tank enters the room and he straightens up a bit in his seat. "Ah shit! I didn't know they made 'em in that size. Grande, eh chica? I like, I like!" he says with a snicker, clapping his hands together and giving a glance at his other teammates. A look of slight disappointment crosses his face as none of his pals pay him any attention aside from the turian, whose response is a look of obvious disappointment.

Oxaris arrives promptly. Surprisingly, she isn't in her armour, but rather in a casual dress coloured a crimson red with golden accents that clings tightly to her. She bows her head politely to the assembled, though a rather harsh gaze is given to the barefaced Turian. She takes a seat next to Renala, across from the others.

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Victoria walked into briefing room wearing long black pants, a white t-shirt and a black jacket. She takes a place standing at the back of the room and waits for the meeting to begin.

Renala looks over at Tank as she joins them at the table, raising her brows for a moment. She simply nods a greeting and returns her gaze to the group across from her.

Tank raises an eyebrow at Xavier as she sits down, folding her hands over each other on the table as she studies him with an appraising look on her face. "You might be smallest man I've seen, pieseczku."

Rayze bellows out a loud krogan laugh as Tank insults his teammate, reaching over to pat Xavier on the shoulder. "Might wanna quit while you're ahead. I'd wager she could tear you in half." he warns the armored man.

Xavier glances back to Tank, a big goofy grin growing on his face. "Ooooh, and she's got that fire, too!" he says, the excitement heavy in his voice, "Damn, girrrrrrrl. You sendin' tingles all across my spine." Once again he gets a disappointed glare from Amiliax.

Not long after Victoria's arrival, Brutus and Cross enter the room, arriving separately and quite a bit after the other six. They're escorted in by Jason who offers Vasquez a nod before taking a position by her side. Brutus is in a plain grey hardsuit with the symbol of the Adrasteia Enforcers emblazoned upon it. He's a muddy grey turian with light brown facial markings up his cheek and across his forehead. Cross, as usual, is dressed in

the finest of suits, shoulder-length hair pulled back into a neat ponytail. They line up to give their greetings to Vasquez. "Good to see you again." Cross offers with a polite smile. Brutus bows his head respectfully, "Chief Vasquez." As Cross looks out over the table, his gaze stops on Renala and a smirk crosses his lips. He acknowledges her with a nod.

Xavier quickly shifts to sit much more properly as Cross enters, folding his hands in front of him and glancing over at the turian- Amiliax- as if looking for pointers. "Nice to see you, Mr. Cross, sir." he says, enunciating every vowel, doing his best to sound proper and professional. For his troubles, he gets a passing glance from Cross.

Oxaris glowers at Xavier, already sensing that this man is a wildcard in the field... And perhaps even a coward. She appraises the two new arrivals, a neutral expression on her face. She remains quiet for the moment.

Serena shuts down her omni-tool as Cross makes his arrival, sitting back in her seat as she waits for the briefing to begin. Having already been through it once before their departure from Adrasteia, she's not exactly the most enthusiastic.

Vasquez lifts her gaze from the datapad as Cross and the others arrive. She gives him a nod while putting the datapad away. "Cross. And... Commander Brutus, I assume." she meets Jason's gaze for a brief moment before her gaze wanders out across the room to the others, making sure that everyone is present. "Alright everyone, listen up!"

Renala rolls her eyes at Xavier, but refrains from speaking her mind. She returns Cross's nod, and waits for the briefing to start.

Oxaris looks towards Vasquez attentively, clasping her talons together on the table.

Tank seems amused by Xavier's comments, a smirk crossing her lips, but her response is cut short as Vasquez calls out, her attention immediately shifting towards the end of the room.

Victoria looks at Cross when he enters the room, remembering him from her brief stay in Adrasteia. She then turns attention to Vasquez.

Brutus answers Vasquez' question with a simple, polite nod, talons clasped behind the small of his back as he remains at Cross' side. Cross' people, despite having been through their own briefing, all sit at attention as Vasquez calls out. Xavier gives Tank a quick wink before averting his gaze to the head of the room. Cross steps aside, not wanting to cramp Vasquez as she addresses her people. "Pay attention, Enforcers!" Brutus chimes in,

addressing his 'soldiers' and letting it be known that they're to listen to Vasquez.

Jason remains on Vasquez' side opposite of Cross and Brutus. Once the attention is no longer on him, he points to his eyes and then to Vicky. The ol' "I've got my eye on you."

Victoria looks back at Jason and gives a the 'What did I do' look before returning her attention to Vasquez.

Vasquez looks around until she's satisfied that everyone is listening, hands now behind her back. "Today we'll be working alongside the Adrasteia Enforcers on a rescue op. We're retrieving a group of eleven captive civilians that were kidnapped from Adrasteia, before they're sold into slavery. The target location is the Dome, southwest of Adrasteia. More specifically, we'll be engaging a gang under the leadership of

Mertius Soratine. They're untrained, underequipped street-thugs. Redrock has faced far worse. If you encounter the leader, take him out, but don't divert from the primary objective. There are several other criminal elements housed at the edge of the Dome which may or may not interfere with the mission. Do not provoke and engage only if necessary. Finally, there is a possibility that the Dome's security force will

take issue with our presence, which brings me to the next topic... " She stops speaking briefly, seeming to read something of the HUD on her eyepiece as she looks to some of the Enforcers around the table. "Corixith, Ramirez and Rayze..." she gestures to each of them as she speaks. "...will make up Alpha squad, and will be responsible for hitting one of the two apartment complexes under the control of Mertius.

T'Iavay, Tankovich, Ortoratus, you'll be Charlie squad, and will be clearing the other building." She gestures at Serena and then furrows her eyebrows as her gaze falls on the siblings. "Torres, Uchida... and... Uchida...? They'll be Bravo squad, and will be responsible for entering the security hub and disabling the defenses, hopefully meaning we won't have to engage the local security. Keep in mind, we don't know

anything about the security force's involvement in this, and we should avoid fighting them if possible. Are there any questions?"

Cross' people remain silent, merely nodding their heads as they're addressed. Xavier gives a quick wave of his hand as his last name is read aloud. Brutus watches the Redrock team, waiting for any questions they may have, should Vasquez be unable to answer them.

Oxaris nods. "Do we have schematics, blueprints of the target building, ma'am?"

Victoria gives a wave to Vasquez "So I am just going to be the pilot for this whole job, boss?" As she did not hear her naming being apart of any teams.

Renala nods, but allows the other questions to be answered before asking her own.

Jason winces as he spots Victoria's hand going up, but breathes a sigh of relief when he hears her question, thankful that she didn't just destroy any hope Cross may have had in them. He gives her a low-key thumbs up from the waistline with a smug grin and a nod.

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Vasquez shakes her head to Ortoratus. "No. We don't have schematics for the building, and we'll need to do a full sweep. But we do know that each complex contains 10 housing units. You will all recieve a mission intel package which includes a map of the Dome, courtesy of the Enforcers, as well as all the mission details in text form, the comms channels you'll be using, the names and IFFs of the Enforcer personnel and any

other mission-relevant data." She turns her attention to Victoria. "Yes, that's correct, Steels. You'll be acting solely as shuttle pilot for this one. You'll also be accompanied by a copy of Fergus that's going to act in a support role if necessary. Since this is a planetary mission, I will be present on comms." As if just realizing something she adds, turning to Renala. "T'Iavay. You will be in command of Charlie

team." Her tone shifts into a rather harsh one as she adds: "Don't disappoint me."

Oxaris nods and remains silent, sat bolt-upright. No more questions.

Brutus steps forward, giving a shake of his head to Ortoratus, but waits for Vasquez to finish speaking. "Unfortunately, we were unable to dig up any info of the sort and getting one of our people inside to recon the buildings held unforseen dangers that we deemed too risky." he says, feeling as if he should explain the lack of intel, "They're quite old prefabricated housing complexes. My recommendation would be, as Chief Vasquez

suggested, to perform a full sweep of the building. Remain cautious and clear room by room. Being prefabs, they're likely to have a similar layout from one unit to the next, so you should be able to grasp the general layout fairly quickly. Time is of the essence, however, so try to keep a constant momentum. Once we have boots down, we're looking at a limited window before the entire colony closes in on us." he says before adding,

"...Potentially." Once finished, he falls right back in line beside Cross.

Renala gives another nod. "I won't, ma'am," she says before waiting on Brutus to finish up. "Do we have intel on their tech? Mechs, locks, security cameras, that sort of thing." Her attention is now towards Cross and Brutus.

Victoria remains silent after her question is answered.

Vasquez looks to her side, giving Brutus a chance to answer immediately this time.

Cross glances to Brutus silently.

Brutus steps forth once more, "The Dome itself has security mechs, but we'll be avoiding it entirely. The security hub has a number as well, but Torres is equipped to handle them. Should things go smoothly, they won't be an issue. Unfortunately for them, it seems most of the colony's power and electronics are routed through the central hub, so we're hoping Torres will be able to handle anything in that regard. I'm afraid-..." he glances

towards Serena briefly, a guilty look on his face, "...well this isn't particularly my field of expertise. Serena?"

Serena glances across at Renala. "We'll be hitting the security hub-..." she confirms, gesturing towards Jin and Aya briefly, "...first thing. If the place is as simple as I think it is, that should, essentially, give us control of damn near whatever we need. Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to remain connected remotely for too long. Hopefully long enough to disrupt their defenses and buy us enough time to get inside and find a

hard point to gain control from. There's a good chance they've got some surveillance gear set up. Taking out hard targets- cameras and such- is a good start, but I'm going to be wiping their drives regardless so it's not a priority. Considering they're keeping people locked up, it's not crazy to assume they may have some sort of backup power. I doubt they'd want to take a chance on the power dipping out and their 'precious cargo'

escaping, so be prepared to deal with locked doors if the need arises. It doesn't have to be pretty, blow them open if you have to. Whatever gets the job done quick. These aren't geniuses we're facing-..." she makes a show of cracking her knuckles as a grin widens across her lips, "...I mean, we can't all be, right?" she snickers, "So I wouldn't count on whatever they have set up being too complicated.

Oxaris hums. "I saw breaching charges in the armoury. Perhaps we should distribute those amongst us?" She suggests, looking towards her two squadmates.

Renala chuckles. "I can take care of locked doors for my team," she says before looking at Ortoratus, "but I suggest bringing them just in case they're more technically adept than they let on. Or if we need to make our own doorway."

Oxaris nods sharply, before looking around the table to see if more is to be said.

Brutus nods as Serena finishes. "Excellent." he says in response to Renala. His attention turns sharply to Vasquez, "If there's anything I might clear up, feel free to point it out. It's important we're all on the same page so this goes as smoothly as possible." he says, waiting to see if there's any questions he may be able to answer for her.

Vasquez glances at Oxaris. "You will be given access to the appropriate equipment. Breaching charges, concussive grenades... and an ML-77 which will be stowed in the shuttle just in case the gunships manage to take off. She turns her head towards Brutus and shakes her head. "I don't think there's anything else..." she looks back out across the table. "Unless there are any other questions?"

Cross' people, once again, remain quiet. Although they remain attentive. Or at least feign attention for Cross and Brutus' sake. All of their questions have already been answered before reaching Freedom Falls.

No, ma'am.

Tank shakes her head, remaining silent.

Brutus looks around the table. When nobody else pipes up, his attention returns to Vasquez. "Well, if there's nothing more, I'll begin prepping my Enforcers for departure." he offers, although he remains in place, awaiting the okay from Vasquez.

Vasquez nods in agreement. "Redrock, gear up and report to the hangar."

Oxaris stands up at the dismissal, nodding firmly to Vasquez. She spins on her heel and heads off towards the lockers.

Brutus raises his voice as he addresses the Enforcers. "Enforcers, you heard Chief Vasquez. Grab your gear and get to the hangar."

The Enforcers give an overlapping response of 'Yes sir!'s and one "Let's do it." from Xavier as the all rise from their seats and scoop their bags up off the floor before heading off to the hangar.

Tank stands up from her seat with a nod before walking out of the room and off towards the stairs, heading up to the locker room.

Victoria begins to leave the briefing room and heads up to grab her gear as well, just in case the shuttle gets shot down and she needs her gear.

Renala stands up as well, also headed for the lockers to get into her armor. She shook her head when Brutus asked her earlier.

Heads towards the lockers))

Brutus gives one last nod to Vasquez before following his soldiers out of the room.

Cross pats Brutus on the shoulder as he departs before returning his attention to Vasquez. "I'm going to be returning to Adrasteia-..." he says, tilting his head apologetically, "...Unfortunately there's no end to the long list of issues that require my attention at the moment. Brutus will remain behind in my stead until the team returns. He has my full authority, so don't hesitate to voice any questions, concerns-... whatever you need-

his way. However, I doubt that will be necessary." he continues, giving a glance around the now-empty conference table, "You seem to have a handle on things just fine."

Vasquez nods to Cross, offering a polite smile. "We'll have your people back in no time."

Cross offers a kind smile and a nod. "Of that I have no doubt. Good luck." he says, reaching out to shake her hand. Once finished, he looks towards Jason, "Mr. Wolfe." he says with a nod, reaching a hand out towards him.

Jason remains silent as the two conversate, merely standing beside Vasquez, arms folded across his chest. When Cross addresses him, he reaches out to take his hand, giving it a firm shake.

Cross turns on his heels, pressing the palm of his hand across his jacket as he exits the room.

Jason sucks in a deep breath once the room has cleared. "That went well." he says, tossing an arm over Vasquez' shoulder with a big lopsided grin. "Vicky didn't fuck it up. I'm actually impressed."

Tank enters the locker room, heading for her locker and starting to remove her clothing, starting with the thick winter coat, which she slips off and hangs into the locker. Its removal does not diminish the impression of her size as much as one might expect, and now her bulk is quite noticable. Under the coat she's wearing a gray tanktop and cargo pants. She starts taking armor pieces out of the locker. Heavy black plating with

a golden trim.

Oxaris is already changing, having switched out her dress for a black under suit. She's assembling her armour, starting with her legs. Her helmet with the screaming skull is sat on a bench, pointed in Tank's direction. Her armour is an emerald green with golden accents.

Renala glances Tank's way when she removes the winter jacket, but keeps to herself while she changes into the armor undersuit. Her omni-tool is enabled, and it seems to be running through a task given the scrolling text.

The Enforcers, with Brutus at their back, head straight towards the hangar to wait for the Redrock mercs to gear up, disappearing through the hangar door at the end of the hall.

Victoria has switched from her casual clothing and has put on her black Terminus Assault armor. The upper torso of her armor had a red lower jaw, the imagery was completed with the helmet which had the top half of the upper jaw and skull. The held her armor with her left hand and had her Phaeston and predator attached to her armor.

Vasquez takes a while to start relaxing after everyone exits the room, but soon lets out a faint sigh and reaches up to touch the hand on her shoulder. "Yeah... hopefully the mission goes as smoothly. I'm not sure about putting T'Iavay in charge of the team..."

Jason gives a sigh of his own at the mention of Renala. "I'm still not sure what to make of her. She's done well in the field. Hasn't let us down yet when it counted. Off the field, though...?" he shakes his head. Not wanting to stress Vasquez out, he quickly changes gears. "I mean-... She's been with us for a while. She's experienced and she's leading an experienced team, even if they

don't have the time put in with Redrock." he continues, attempting to be optimistic to relieve Vasquez of her worries, "They'll be fine."

Tank pulls her tanktop over her head and steps out of her pants before putting on the undersuit of her armor. As soon as this is done she moves on to plating, which takes by far the longest for her as she has to connect the motorized joints to the undersuit and to each other. Slowly but surely a suit of armor reminiscent of medieval plate armor takes form.

Victoria begins to make her way to the shuttle.

Vasquez nods faintly. "Yeah..."

Renala disables her omni-tool once she's done getting suited up, and starts making her way down the hallway.

As the Redrock crew begins to arrive, the tail end of a pep talk from Brutus can be heard. "You're on this operation because we see potential in you." he says, standing beside the shuttle, Xavier, Rayze and Amiliax lined up before him. "I'm expecting big things out of the three of you. Remember, your past is behind you. You now represent the Adrasteia Enforcers. I trust that you won't tarnish that name. Redrock will be counting on us just

as we'll be counting on them. Make sure their trust is not misplaced." Serena and the twins don't seem to be subjected to his talk, off to the side doing their own thing which mostly consists of looking through their bags and making sure everything is in order.

Oxaris is now fully armoured. Her jets open and close as they run through system diagnostics and simulations. Confident they are operating perfectly, she turns sharply and leaves, following Renala.

Tank is the last one to finish, and runs a quick diagonstic of her armor systems before stomping out of the locker room and down the stairs, the thumping of her boots mixing with the faint sound of whirring exoskeletal joints as she moves through the corridor.

Oxaris turns her helmet toward Tank, her visor hiding her expression. "Good thing stealth isn't a factor," she jokes lightheartedly. "Oxaris Ortoratus." She bows slightly towards Tank, placing a talon on her chest. "I look forward to working with you."

Renala makes a stop at the armory before joining the crew at the shuttle, grabbing 2 frag grenades, her weapons and 12 clips.

Xavier, Rayze and Amiliax all nod, nearly in unison to Brutus' pep talk. "We won't let you down, sir." Amiliax assures his commander. "Damn straight we won't!" Xavier chimes in before quickly clearing his throat and tossing in a professional, "...Sir!" Rayze steps aside, shaking his head at Xavier as he waits to board the Redrock shuttle. Brutus returns the trios' nods and returns to the doorway, greeting the approaching Redrock crew as

they pass one another.

Tank bows her head to Oxaris, helmet still stowed underarm. "I am Tank. Pleasure." she says before diverting to the armory, grabbing her Carnifex along with some clips and a pair of grenades. She takes out some breaching charges, considering grabbing them for a moment before shrugging and leaving them behind as she moves on to the hangar.

Victoria has made her way into the shuttle to begin the preparation for launch. She places her helmet on the co-pilot seat for the time being and locks her phaeston in the cockpit with her.

Renala leaves the armory along with Tank. "Where did you that kind of hardware?" she asks, bobbing her head towards the suit. "It must have cost a small fortune."

Oxaris follows into the armoury. She grabs her Vindicator and examines it briefly, sighting down the scope before holstering it. Next is the SMG. She unfolds the stock and presses it into her shoulder, gripping both handles of the weapon. She folds it up and holsters it to her thigh. She activates her omni-blades, glowing a bright aqua. Unique in design, they

deploy either side of her arm, rather than on top of her forearm. Satisfied, she grabs some extra ammo and three breaching charges before walking towards the hangar. She stops and looks towards Brutus, bowing her head respectively. "Sir."

Tank chuckles slightly as she enters the hangar. "Yes. Yes it did. I used to play for the Husarskie Anioły. Hussar Angels? Not sure if you know, being... not human. UCC team on Earth. They pay for armor."

The Enforcers scoop up their bags and board the shuttle as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Jin, Aya and Serena sit in the corner close together, stowing their bags beneath their seats. Xavier, Rayze and Amiliax spread out among the rest of the passenger compartment, bags and helmets beneath their seats.

Xavier slumps into his seat, calling across the compartment to Rayze. "This should be a cakewalk, eh gordo? So long as the freaks do their part?" he asks, casting a glance in the twins' direction.

Rayze grunts disinterestedly. "Just do your part and we'll be fine." he says, the krogan in him making it sound more like an accusation.

Aya gives a soft, condescending chuckle as Xavier refers to her and her brother as freaks, completely unphased by the man's words. "The words of a jealous man." Jin says, a soft-spoken man to be sure. His manner of speaking indicative of someone who chooses their words carefully before they leave his lips, "It is-... understandable. You are only human, after all." Aya raises her legs onto the bench and leans back, using her brother's

shoulder as a headrest. Serena is already on her omni-tool. She makes a small gesture with her hand and one of the holographic spikes on her shoulder pauldron erupts and stretches into a second screen and it's not long before she's absorbed in whatever she's doing.

Renala considers it for a moment. "You're right, I've never heard of it," she asks. "Some sort of competitive sport, I take it?"

Tank nods, walking up to the shuttle. "Yes. Combat sport. Guns. Armor. Punches." she confirms before stepping inside and taking a seat near the cockpit, her armor clanking as she sits down.

Brutus bows his head in turn as his path crosses with Oxaris on his way out of the hangar. "Fight well. I hope for a safe return." he offers.

Victoria opens the hangar door while she continues to get the shuttle operational.

Oxaris passes by Brutus and boards the shuttle, taking a free seat closest to the doors.

Jason gives Vasquez' shoulder one more squeeze before pulling his arm back. "Sounds like they're ready to roll." he says.

Xavier looks off-put by Jin's response. Possibly even a bit creeped out. As Tank enters the shuttle, he seems happy to have the distraction. "Eh chica, why you sittin' all the way over there, huh?" he asks, giving the seat beside him a pat, "I was keepin' it warm for you." he adds with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

Vasquez nods and starts heading down to the hangar, watching the last of the team enter the shuttle after she reaches it.

Renala enters after Tank. "And they let you keep it?" she says. "Sounds like a great deal you had... or still have if that's the case." She takes a seat near the door.

Amiliax greets Oxaris as she takes a seat near him. "I wasn't aware I would be working alongside a fellow turian. I was under the impression that Redrock Agency was a human organization." he says, attempting to make polite small talk. His gaze moves to Renala as she enters. "It appears I was mistaken."

Tank looks across to Xavier on the other side, and taps a gauntleted fist against her chestplate. "I have no problem keeping warm." she says with a small grin.

"Alright, is everybody inside and ready to go?" Vicky asked as she made the final preparations for take off.

Oxaris turns her visor to Amiliax. Despite his barefaced appearance, he is her ally. As such, he deserves to be treated as such. "I haven't been around long. But from my understanding, they employ a healthy mix of races. Humans and asari seem to be the bulk."

Xavier snickers to himself. "Uh huh, uh huh. No doubt. I get it, right? You're a big tough chica, eh? Don't need no man and all that shit, right? But, look, look. You're gonna like me by the time we're done. I'ma win you over!" he says, pointing directly at Tank. "You see, I already got my claws sunk in you. Workin' their way in. It's magic an' shit, right? Cuz you know what they call me in Adrasteia?" He looks sharply to Rayze and

Amiliax, bringing a finger over his lips, "Shhh! Shhh! Don't tell her!" he instructs before looking back to Tank. "Hm? You know? Go ahead, guess. Go on. Whatchu think they call me?"

Rayze does his best to just tune Xavier out, already annoyed by his constant desire to... speak. He clanks a gauntleted hand against the shuttle wall as he hears Vicky. "The sooner the better." he mutters in response.

Amiliax looks at Xavier with sheer confusion before shaking his head and returning his attention to Oxaris. "Oh. Of course. We're quite the mixed bag ourselves." he explains, "Takes some getting used to when you're used to things being one way and suddenly you're forced to deal with them-..." he glances specifically back in Xavier's direction, "...another way."

Oxaris laughs sincerely, warmly. "I understand fully. Though from the people I've met, none are quite like your... Friend." She glances to Xavier as she says that, a disapproving look under her helm.

Victoria nods and then opens up comms to Vasquez "Hey boss, the teams are ready to go. We all good to go?"

Renala glances towards the talkative human with a frown, but she says nothing. She enables her omni-tool and starts skimming through some text on her omni-tool.

Vasquez walks up to the shuttle, putting a hand on the top of the entrance and leaning in. "Yeah, you're good to go. Be sharp, stick to the plan and get those people back safely. Show our guests what Redrock can do, alright?"

Victoria shuts the shuttle's doors and makes it lift off from the ground "Aye, aye boss. Don't worry, we got this." She then begins to fly the shuttle out of the hangar.

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Renala gives a sharp nod. "Of course," she says, not looking up from her omni-tool. "If the intel's good, we should be in and out before they know what hit them."

Tank looks Xavier over with a skeptical expression. "Of course, little man, of course." she says with a shake of her head before looking to Vasquez. "Yes, ma'am."

Oxaris nods to Vasquez. "Yes, ma'am."

"Aye, aye boss."

Amiliax shakes his head in embarassment. "He's really not that bad..." he says to Oxaris, although it visibly pains him to have to defend Xavier. "...He's just a-... He-... He's dependable when it counts." he finally settles on.

Xavier shakes his head from side-to-side. "Little man? Naw, naw. Close! But naw." He leans in, looking left then right as if to make sure nobody is watching. He lowers his voice to a stage whisper, a secret between just him and Tank despite him having to practically shout it across the shuttle. "Romeo." he says proudly. "You know why?" he asks, his voice returning to a normal level, "Guess why they call me Romeo. No, I'ma tell you. Cuz

Romeo was like, this jacked dude, right? And he was into this really badass bitch, yeah? But she had some crazy long hair, you know? And some dragon or some shit put her up in this tower. So Romeo is just a straight up thug, right? And that motherfucker cliiiimbs up her hair to fight a fucking wizard to win that bitch over. A wizard! Shiiiiit." he whoops softly before shaking his head, "There's also a gingerbread house

and an elcor or some shit, but I don't remember it all. So yeah. I'm like a romantic and shit. So they call me Romeo. Feel me?"

Amiliax brings a taloned hand up to his face, immediately regretting defending the human. "I take it back, he's a moron..."

Oxaris looks to Amiliax, placing a hand to her helm and chuckling. "You tried at least~". She leans back and looks towards Xavier. "But there are some you can't describe... Positively."

Tank furrows her eyebrows, looking at Xavier with a dumbfounded expression. She glances around the shuttle. "Are all colonists like this?"

Vasquez nods again, glancing around one last time at the team before tapping the shuttle and backing off to a safe distance from the thrusters.

Rayze grunts loudly. "He's a special case. And I mean that in every sense of the word. Just ignore him. It's what the rest of us do."

Xavier waves Rayze off dismissively as he begins to harness himself into his seat. "Whatever, man..."

Renala chuckles. "He sure is," she mutters to herself after the krogan speaks.

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