Operation Flooded Sphere #1

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Once the shuttle is loaded with the indicated equipment- concussive grenades, a few breaching charges, some spare thermal clips and an M-77 missile launcher- the shuttle lifts off. After takeoff, the ride is uneventful. Jin and Aya have kept to themselves for the duration of the trip, hushed whispers between the two of them remaining their only interaction. Jin is currently going through his and his sister's dufflebags, item-by-item to make sure

everything is in order. Aya, still using her brother's shoulder as a pillow while he works, is browsing her omni-tool. The others have been social when interacted with. Xavier has been social non-stop. Although 'social' may be overselling it. He talks 'at' people more than 'to' people. The trip has taken the shuttle over the mountain range to the west of Freedom Falls before cutting southwest of Adrasteia. Once beyond Adrasteia, the shuttle's

readouts would indicate to Victoria that it won't be long before they reach the Dome. Another fifteen minutes or so before the colony will become visible.

Oxaris has been interacting with her fellow Turian on and off during the trip and has been ignoring Xavier for the most part. At the current moment, she is simply laid back in her seat, watching her HUD as it goes through system diagnostics for the third time. Something to keep her occupied for the most part.

Renala has been keeping to herself for most of the trip, checking over her collection of programs as well as the provided mission intel. If talked to or at, she would give a quick response, but not hold a conversation for very long.

The terrain out this far southwest is arid and dry. Once Adrasteia drifted from sight, it was only a short while before the rolling hills gave way to dry, cracked land that eventually climbed into crags of brown, harsh rock. Natural formations dot the land and a single unmaintained dirt road leading directly from Adrasteia slices between rock formations and natural dips and valleys which- even if the Kodiak didn't have its own navigation system-

would serve as a constant landmark that they're heading the right way.

Victoria had been flying the shuttle, seeing that the colony will become visible in 15 minutes indicated that she is doing her job with excellence. "We got fifteen minutes, until the colony is in sight."

Xavier leans forward in his seat as he hears Victoria. "Whoo, shit! Well, ladies!? Ya'll ready to go and kick the shit out of some little slaver bitches?" he asks, rubbings his gauntleted hands together as he looks around the compartment. "Gonna be like Christmas day!" he adds, whatever that means.

Tank glances at Xavier briefly before turning her attention back to Serena. "Where did you learn these skills then? Few schools out here in Terminus..."

Renala disables her omni-tool and starts making last checks on both of her SMGs. She shakes her head to herself at Xavier's overconfidence.

Rayze reaches down, tugging his weapon bag out from under his seat by the straps. "Didn't you work with some little slaver bitches, Ramirez?" he asks pointedly, clearly looking to get a rise out of the man.

Serena casts a cocky smirk in Tank's direction. "You're not going to learn the things I know at school." she assures the woman. She gives a dismissive shrug as she, too, retrieves her dufflebag from beneath her seat. "Here and there." she says before quickly shifting away from her non-answer, "But you're not wrong. Education out here is terrible. And a lack of education breeds ignorance. Maybe that's why the Terminus is such a powder keg."

she muses.

Xavier furrows his brow as his gaze locks on the antagonizing krogan. "Oh, come on, Rayze! You gotta go there, man? Really? I didn't work with no fucking slavers!" he says, getting quite defensive as he casts a glance around at the others. "Okay, okay! Maybe I sold them a little product back in the day, but never people, yeah?" he explains, placing a gauntleted hand over his chest and giving it a pat. "For real! On mi corazon! Besides,

gordo, times have changed, yeah? I ain't like that no more-..." he trails off as his attention is pulled away by Serena. "Hey! We ain't ignorant out here! You can't just-..." he glances to Rayze again, "...She can't just call us ignorant! Tell her!" His frown deepens. "Shit cuts deep, man! Cold."

Victoria continues her flight path towards their destination, mostly ignoring any conversations that come from any of the passengers.

Amiliax retrieves a Vindicator from his weapon bag and begins locking thermal clips to his armor. He pays little attention to Xavier's bickering as he gives his weapon the once over. "Make sure to carry enough ammo for a full sweep. Returning to the shuttle will take time we don't have." he offers to Oxaris. Turian small talk. "In and out quick."

Oxaris turns her visor towards Xavier and keeps it locked on him for a few moments. The silence and the design does provide a small degree of intimidation, but perhaps not a well traversed individual. She then looks to Amiliax and nods. "Coincidentally, quick strikes are my specialty," she says. "Good choice of weapon, by the way. Though I hope you have an

appropriate backup."

Tank listens to Serena, giving a nod at her final comment, but her attention is pulled to Rayze and Xavier's arguing, a frown crossing her face as she listens.

Rayze seems to have no interest in defending either Xavier or himself from Serena's comment. He's more focused on gearing up, hoisting his Graal spike thrower out of his gear bag.

Serena rolls her eyes at Xavier. "Wasn't meant as an insult." she clarifies briefly, obviously not too worried about explaining herself to the man.

Xavier's frown turns into a scowl as he retrieves his Avenger from below his seat. "Shit still hurts, man... And why you gotta be so damn negative, Rayze? Huh? You was in the same boat as me, man! Cross saw somethin' in us! That's why we're gettin' this opportunity!"

Rayze stores his empty bag back below his seat once his ammo and such have been removed from it, letting out an annoyed groan. "He saw that we were able to provide our own hardsuits, Ramirez. Don't let it go to your head."

Amiliax reaches into his bag, holding up a well-worn but well-maintained Carnifex. "Hasn't let me down yet." he says, a toothy turian smile crossing his features.

Serena removes a single item from her dufflebag- a small, circular object- before zipping the bag closed and setting it atop her lap. "Things are getting better out here, though." she says, casting a glance in Tank's direction. A sincere smile crosses her lips, "And I'm glad to be a part of it. This? What we're doing right here? It may seem like an obvious course of action, but the people out here aren't used to this sort of kindness. I'm

glad to be a part of it. People deserve hope, right?"

Oxaris offers the turian a short chuckle. "Not bad," she muses. She pulls off her Locust from her thigh and decides to examine it one last time before they arrive. The extended stock flips up as the weapon unfolds. She keeps the weapon pointed down and the safety on. No need to accidentally shoot someone now. Although, in Xavier's case...

As the shuttle crests a crop of craggy cliffs, the Dome becomes visible on the horizon. The cliffs give way to a wide open space, lending no natural defenses to the small colony. True to its name, it's mostly- well- a large dome. The tiered structure displays numerous walkways along the outer wall, visible through the transparent siding covering the entire outside of the structure above the first few floors. On each side of the Dome are large

gateways which cut off access to the roads directly entering the Dome. Around the outside of the spherical structure, a single road makes a square around the entire perimeter. Along this road numerous prefabricated structures sit, remnants of a time when the Dome had proper funding. Few people can be seen outside of the Dome. However, if the shuttle were closer, people would be visible along the walkways of the structure itself. An indoor city

all on its own surrounded by a ghost town.

Renala stares at the annoying man for a moment. "Cross would certainly reconsider if he heard you right now," she says. "You're going to be taking far worse than a couple arguably insensitive words there. Bullets, for example."

Tank looks back to Serena, a faint smile crossing her lips before she puts on her helmet. Styled like the rest of her armor, it resembles something far more antique, although the rebreather and visor betray its modern nature. "A noble sentiment." she says through her helmet speakers. "We hear many things about Terminus on Earth. Very few of them good." she continues while making a quick inspection of her HUD to make sure everything is

in order.

Xavier looks towards Renala, "What did I do? Eh? Ya'll just teamin' up against me. Shit is weak." he pouts. "I ain't done nothin'!"

The shuttle's comms flicker to life as Victoria receives a hail from the Dome.

Oxaris holsters her weapon and leans forwards, bowing her head and clasping her talons together. She says a silent prayer to the Spirits.

Serena gives a small shrug of her shoulders. "That's because the galaxy doesn't care to hear about the good. The bad always makes a much more interesting story, right? Which is why it's on us to do this sort of thing because it's right. Not because it's going to get us glory, or fame, or admiration. Just because it's the right thing to do." She stands from her seat, stretching out her legs as the pre-mission nerves begin to kick in.

"Today I just want to make sure these people go home to their families."

Amiliax watches as Oxaris checks and reholsters her SMG, giving a nod. "Not bad yourself." he offers. He turns the Vindicator in his hands, giving it the once over. "Truth be told, with the Enforcers providing me with armor and weaponry, its been a while since I've used this thing. I wonder if it felt neglected..." he considers through a grin.


Oxaris takes a few moments before responding to Amiliax. She sits upright looks across to him, tilting her head to the side. "Hmm, so long as you have kept it maintained, it should serve you well. May I?" She asks as she gestures to the weapon, asking to examine it.

Renala chuckles. "There couldn't possibly be a reason why, could there?" she says with a shrug before looking out through the viewport.

Victoria sees that the shuttle is getting hailed from the Dome "Getting a hail from the Dome." She told the team, hoping there was going to be some silence. She answers the hail and waits to hear their words.

Tank 's expression is hidden behind her helmet, but she lets out a "Hm." before speaking. "On that we agree. I-..." she turns her head towards the cockpit as she hears Victoria's words, and quickly turn silent.

Amiliax glances down at the fellow turian's hands before giving a nod. "By all means." he says, passing the weapon along to her. Much like the Carnifex, the weapon has quite obviously seen a lot of action. Along with a lot of care. Nothing less is to be expected of a turian, after all. "To be honest, it feels good to get the chance to hold her in my hands again. It's funny how you can grow accustomed to certain things, isn't it? My assigned

weapon functions just as well, I'm sure. Nearly identical in every way. But certain things feel off. The weight. The kick. Tricks the mind play, I'm sure." he muses with a soft chuckle.

Oxaris does a once over of the weapon. With an approving nod, she hands it back to him, a soft chuckle in return. "I can relate," she hums. She settles a hand on her SMG, about to respond further before Victoria's voice chimes in. She looks across to the cockpit, now remaining silent.

Serena gives a sigh. "Alright, looks like we're on the clock." she says with a glance to the twins. "I wouldn't answer it. My guess is, given their new guests, they're going to be hesitant about just shooting down an approaching shuttle for fear that it may be one of their people. Best to just let them sweat it out. But we need to get to the security hub quick." she suggests. "Remember, we're not trying to leave any trails. Don't identify

yourself to anyone." She thumbs the center of the circular object in her hand, causing a blue light to emit from it as she clips it onto her leather jacket. A soft humming permeates the air for a moment as her shield generator flickers to life.

Aya climbs to her feet, using Jin's shoulder to pull herself up. On Serena's instructions, she gives a nod and pulls the neck of her black turtleneck up to cover the lower portion of her face. She begins to activate her shield generator as well.

Jin follows suit, standing after Aya and pulling his turtleneck up. "Get us over the security hub." he calls back to Victoria, a blue glow flickering around him as his shield generator kicks to life.

Another hail comes over the shuttle's comms, this one carrying a message. "This is Dome security. You are on course to enter Dome airspace. Please identify yourself."

Xavier begins to bounce towards the edge of his seat, his knee jumping up and down in anticipation as he watches towards the cockpit. His gaze moves to the twins as they prepare themselves. "Here we go. Time to watch the freak flag fly..."

Serena slings her dufflebag over her shoulder. She presses her thumb and middle finger together and begins rubbing them in a small circle. After a brief moment, a bright glow appears just below the surface of her middle finger. Bringing it to the center of her forehead, she begins rubbing her middle finger in a small circle once again, just above the area between her brows. Another small, circular light shines through her skin. She repeats

the process at the bottom of her chin and again at the peak of her left cheekbone, each time another light shines through. Once the process is completed on her right cheekbone, the four small circles of light on her face grow brighter beneath her skin before a holographic image displays between all four points, rapidly changing and shifting, making her face appear distorted and constantly moving. Staring at it for more than a few

moments is actually straining on the eyes, like sitting too close to a monitor.

Victoria shuts off the channel between the shuttle and the hail call and she guns it towards the security hub's location.

Tank starts performing a final check on her gun, but is quickly distracted by Serena's masking process, watching until it starts to become uncomfortable, at which point she secures her pistol on her hip and looks to the twins, and then to Serena again. "Good luck." she says to the members of Alpha squad.

Oxaris looks across at Alpha squad, though she briefly glances away due to Serena's masking application. "Stay safe," she tells them. She stands up to stretch herself out. She grasps the handrail, looming over most of the others in the shuttle, with exception to her fellow turian and the krogan.

As the shuttle begins its approach of the security hub, armed figures can be seen exiting the rooftop access door. Light hardsuits and Avengers across the board. Seven of them. They're not aiming at the shuttle and their glances between one another imply confusion. One raises an arm over his head, waving frantically. Hails continue to pour in from the Dome. "This is Dome security. Please identify yourself, or we will have no choice but to open

fire. This is your last warning."

Jin jerks the shuttle door open, his free hand resting on the hilt of his monomolecular blade as he stares out at the sight of their coming battle. "Luck is for those without skill." he says calmly as he hears Tanks words come from behind him.

Serena steps up to the shuttle door and glances back at Tank. "You too." she mouths, her head scanning from Tank to Oxaris before sucking in a deep breath and looking out at the rooftop. "I hate this part..." she mutters.

Renala looks at the effect but quickly looks away, a smile showing up. "We're counting on you," she says to the twins. "Kick their ass." She picks up her own helmet from under her seat and starts putting it on as her being near the door might leave her exposed were they to open fire.

((but quickly looks away*))

Aya allows a small smile to tug at the corner of her lips as the asari addresses her. "Count on it." she says softly, barely audible over the wind outside.

Aya steps up to the edge of the shuttle and wraps her arms around Serena's waist tightly. She gives her brother a look, which he returns in kind. Serena glances over her shoulder at the others, "Let's bring them home!" she says, having to shout to be heard over the wind this close to the edge of the shuttle. Without another word, the three fall from the shuttle's door, only slowing their freefall mere feet from the security hub's rooftop. The

moment they touch the ground, all hell breaks loose. Aya slams a fist into the ground, causing a large bubble to encase the trio just as gunfire explodes, peppering the side of it as it cracks the silence. Jin dissipates into a puff of biotic dust, when he's next seen, he's behind a nearby guard, monomolecular blade unsheathed as blood spatters from the guard's gaping wound, surely dead before his body can even hit the ground. Serena unslings

her dufflebag and drops to her knees. Exaggerated hand movements cause the six blue, holographic spikes to erupt from her shoulder pauldron, stretching and reshaping into six holographic screens stacked all around her. Her fingertips glide across the interfaces and it's easy to see- even from the shuttle- that whatever she's doing requires an immense amount of multitasking. Her eyes look left, darting over a string of text as her hands move

right, dragging across a screen. Aya leaps into the fray just as the biotic bubble dissipates, unsheathing both of her blades as the rooftop becomes a ballet of death. Set it to music and it would almost be beautiful. Serena's hands move left and right, back-and-forth, as if conducting the massacre playing out all around her. Aya and Jin's movements are nearly synchronized. The comms channel remains silent, yet they move in perfect tandem. where

one's movements stop, the other's begins. A practiced precision. It doesn't take long before the rooftop is a mess of spent thermal clips, dead bodies, hacked off limbs and blood. Serena stands from her knees and collects her dufflebag as the blue screens spin around her before retaking their former shape and stabbing back into her pauldron. Her voice cracks to life over comms a moment later. "And we're in. Blew past their firewalls. There's no

way they're mounting any sort of retaliation right now. I've got their defenses offline and their gunships grounded, but if they've got anyone who knows their shit then this isn't going to keep them busy for long. We're gonna need to move in so I can find a hard access point and give them a little something to keep them out of commission until we're a long way from here."

Xavier watches the massacre, which is over in mere seconds, wincing the whole way through. "How the fuck are we supposed to follow that shit up? Huh?" he asks nobody in particular.

Oxaris looks to Xavier, having watched the massacre with a surprised yet approving eye, and tuts. "This is a mission, not a competition. You follow up by doing your job. Now stow that shit," she says, her voice even and clipped.

Renala stares at the one-sided battle with wide eyes. "Fuck," she mutters. "I'm glad they're on our side." She then gets on the comms. "Copy that," the asari replies. "Steels, get moving. We need to make the most of this."

Victoria hovers above the security hub to make sure they have the area cleared, upon hearing T'Iavay's words she begins to punch it towards Alpha's drop site.

Tank 's reaction to the carnage below is hidden behind her helmet, and she remains silent as they move on to the next drop site.

Alpha's drop site is a simple prefabricated apartment complex south of the security hub. There's more than enough room to drop them on the wide-open rooftop, which has a single entry point on the southest corner. Alternatively, the streets are wide open and an entry could be made from the ground level as well, where a single door is on the eastern-southeastern corner and numerous windows line the northern wall.

Charlie's drop site is the next apartment over. Both are identical prefabricated structures.

Rayze climbs to his feet with a loud thud, balancing his Graal over his shoulder. "Speaking of jobs, how 'bout focusin' on yours, Ramirez." he growls.

Xavier waves off Rayze and Oxaris. "Yeah, yeah. I'm on it." he mutters, lining up near the shuttle door for their drop-off. "Eh chica!" he calls back to Tank, "You be safe out there, yeah? I'm gonna bring you back somethin' real nice. Maybe some flowers or some shit!"

Amiliax holsters his Carnifex and stands from his seat, hefting his Vindicator in both hands. "Take care." he says to Oxaris, "Let's get this over with quick and cleanly." He joins the rest of his squad near the door, grabbing onto a handhold as he allows his Vindicator to hang at his side.

Oxaris nods to Amiliax, raising a hand in farewell. "Come back in one piece, soldier," she says. She looks to her squad mates, inclining her head to them. "You guys ready?"

Victoria reaches Alpha's drop site on top of the roof and lowers it to a safe position for Alpha to get out safely. "Alpha this is your stop."

Tank gives a nod Xavier's way. "Mhm... Don't do anything stupid, pieseczku."

Renala nods. "Good luck down there," she says.

Amiliax scoops up his helmet and steps up to the front, quickly leaning into a role of leadership as he secures his helmet. He acknowledges Renala with a nod before addressing his team. "Let's move, Alpha!" he orders, hopping out onto the rooftop. His stance lowers into a shooters stance as he starts towards the door, rifle shouldered.

Rayze seems to take no issue with Amiliax stepping up to the plate. He hefts his Graal in both hands and drops onto the rooftop with a thud. "Come on, Ramirez!"

Xavier gives Tank one last wink before locking his helmet in place. "I'm comin', gordo, you just worry about yourself, yeah?" he says as he follows behind the krogan.

Alpha reaches the rooftop doorway with no resistence and soon disappear through it.

Victoria quickly moves the shuttle over to the rooftop of Charlie's rooftop. She lands on top of Charlie landing zone "Will be picking you guys up from the roof, if things stay good.."

The rooftop is a rooftop. Very roof-like. To the southwest is a access point with a single door, east-facing.

Oxaris draws her Vindicator, pushing the stock into her shoulder and the weapon pointed down. She disembarks and sweeps her weapon around out of habit, dropping to one knee.

The landing zone is free of any hostiles. Just a roof.

Tank unbuckles as they approach, storming out of the shuttle and making a quick sweep with her Carnifex before her omni-tool flares to life, and a moment later a large, golden omni-shield forms. She glances back over her shoulder for Renala and then starts to approach the doorway, pistol raised around the edge of her shield.

Renala gets out of her seat, and drops down. "Let's get inside," she says. "We might get the drop on them." She approaches the door as well.

Oxaris stands and waves the shuttle away, following behind Renala. She stacks up behind Tank as she approaches the doorway.

The door's interface indicates that it's unlocked.

(Comms)[Serena] "We're facing a lot of resistance over here. It's going to be a few minutes until we're in control of the hub. I'll keep you updated!"

(Comms)[Amiliax] "Copy."

Renala stacks up on the other doorframe. "Copy that," she replies over comms. She looks across at the two others, and nods. "Take point, Tankovich."

Tank slows her pace as she walks up to the doorway, shield steady. She plants the shield against the roof and readies herself, at a slight crouch to make sure she's completely covered. "I'm ready."

Oxaris flicks the safety on her weapon. "Ready to go," she says. She nods to Renala, ready to move on her go.

Renala nods. "Ready," she says, leaning out to tap the interface.

The door slides open, revealing a small stairwell that wraps around an elevator.

(Comms)[Amiliax] "We've got resistence. We-.." A burst of gunfire suddenly drowns out his voice. "We're pressing forward, trying not to give them a chance to mount a defense."

Tank slowly proceeds inside, heading up to the the start of the stairwell and halting briefly to say "Clear. Moving down. Cover me." before starting to step down the stairs.

Oxaris swings inside, her trained eyes sweeping around. She follows behind Tank, using her as her cover.

Renala is the last to enter, and takes cover in front of the elevator doors. She leans out towards the stairs down, but she doesn't follow them yet.

The stairwell wraps around the elevator shaft to a landing and another set of stairs down which leads to a long hallway. The upper landing blocks proper sightline of the hallway without starting down the next set of steps, but a door can be seen on the left side of the hallway a few feet from the bottom of the stairs.

(Comms)[Xavier] "Whooo! Come and get some, motherfucker!"

(Comms)[Amiliax] "Calm it with the comms chatter, Ramirez."

Tank stops on the landing before rounding the corner to the other stairs, and speaks over comms while staying at the ready. "T'Iavay, can you disable elevator? Don't want to get flanked."

Renala nods. "I'll give it a shot," she says before bringing up her omni-tool, trying to access the elevator's systems. "Steels, keep an eye on the roof, and notify me if anyone try sneaking up on us."

Oxaris remains behind Tank, weapon aimed ahead of them.

Victoria puts her helmet on and grabs her phaeston, she stands in the open door of the shuttle to properly guard it.

The buildings security is, well, not very secure. Clearly not something they were concerned about. Connecting to the buildings network provides little difficulty for Renala and she's soon given access to the elevator's systems along with the general power of the building. It seems door access is hidden away, but given the secuirty measures thus far, Renala would probably be able to gather that it wouldn't take much from her to gain access to

those, either.

(Comms)[Serena] "We found the control room, but they're working to override the measures I put in place. With any luck, I'll be able to make some magic happen before they can get their hangar open and some of those gunships airborne but stay on alert." The distant sound of gunfire can be heard in the background.

(Comms)[Xavier] "Yeah? Yeah? Suck on this!" A loud explosion is cut off by the end of the comms message, but from their position, Charlie would be able to hear the muffled explosion from the next building over.

(Comms)[Amiliax] "Keep the comms clear!"

(Comms)[Xavier] "Wha-... sorry!"

Renala taps on it to shut the elevator off. "Well, that was easy," she says over comms. "Elevator is offline. Let's keep moving." She shuts off the omni-tool's display and starts walking downstairs.

The sound of a door opening up further down the hallway is audible to Renala, Tank and Oxaris. "You hear that!? That was next door!" a male voice sounds out. The telltale voice of a turian male responds, "I haven't heard anything fro-..." the second voice is cut off by the beeping of an omni-tool. A few silent moments pass before the turian's voice is heard again. "Shit! We're under attack! Arm yourself, I'll contact the others!"

Oxaris grunts. "Move quickly," she says evenly to the team. "We're on the clock people, I'd rather not get stuck here when the gunships start soaring in." She taps Tank on the shoulder, indicating her to move up.

Tank swings around the corner as soon as she hears the comments about getting armed, storming down the stairs, armor whirring and clanking, and then dropping to one knee as soon as she's down with a loud thunk, taking cover behind her shield and hopefully giving the others a line of fire over her. "You get one chance! Surrender now!" she shouts, voice distorted by the helmet speakers.

Oxaris follows behind Tank and stands just to the side of her. Her HUD has already selected a target, the VI assisted program already projecting a propulsion path for her to close the distance. Not enough room to cloak and flank, so that's out of the question.

A human male dressed in simple civilian clothes is standing outside of the doorway to an apartment three doors down conversing with a turian just inside of the doorway. The turian's head peers out around the doorframe, locking onto Charlie squad. The human's head slowly follows. "Fuck! Go!" the turian shouts, his door slamming shut with little regard for the human's safety. The human looks like a deer in headlights for a moment before sprinting

towards the team, looking to make a beeline for his apartment next door.

Tank leans out of the cover of her shield and opens fire, sending a single high-powered shot at the man's center of mass.

Renala draws her Punisher and starts down the staircase from the middle landing to the hallway. "We need to check all the rooms on this floor," she says over comms.

Oxaris holds her fire, following standard RoE. She doesn't say anything as Tank opens fire, her finger hovering over the trigger.

(Comms)[Amiliax] "Rayze, through the apartment! I'll hold the hall. Ramirez, staircase!"

(Comms)[Rayze] "On it!"

(Comms)[Xavier] "You got it, boss!"

The human takes the shot, center of his chest. His legs carry him a couple of steps further before his body crumples to the ground in the middle of the hallway. Suddenly, it's as if the entire complex comes to life. Muffled voices can be heard through the apartment walls. Panic. heavy footsteps.

Tank curses under her breath and steps further into the hallway, past the first door, aiming down the corridor. "Here we go. Clear the first room, I'll cover the corridor."

The first door's interface is red, indicating it's locked. Four more doors line the hall, evenly spaced.

Oxaris nods and stacks up against the first door, waving Renala to join her.

Renala hurries down to the door and attaches the weapon to the side of her armor. "Got it," she says, not over the comms. She holds up her omni-tool towards the door and starts tapping away at it. Scrolling text follows as it starts working on the door's lock.

The door hack takes a few precious moments. Panicked shouting can be heard within the apartments. People on calls, no doubt calling the rest of their crew, as well as people simply shouting to one another through the walls. Loud banging can be heard, as if people are banging against the walls inside of the apartments. The door's interface flickers from red to green a few times before settling on green.

Oxaris nods and slaps the interface, opening it. She swings inside and immediately searches for a target. And, depending on the room size, will also depend on how her VI assisted propulsion path system evaluates the situation.

Renala nods and shuts off the omni-tool. "Take-..." she begins, but her order need not be said as the turian pre-empts her. She draws her weapon and takes cover by the doorframe.

(Comms)[Serena] "We've taken the control room, but they're hitting back hard! I'm going to try and remotely activate the Dome's fire alarms, it might divert some of their attention if they believe the Dome is under attack!"

The door slides open, leading to a very short corridor with a door on each side. Straight ahead from the door, the corridor opens in both directions. A man can be seen on a chair at a small kitchenette area on the righthand side in an undersuit, strapping armor plating to his left leg. As the door opens, his attention snaps towards the doorway and he seems to have no interest in continuing to strap his armor on, settling on boots, chestplate and

the plating on his left leg. "They're in here!" he shouts, gripping the Avenger on the table he's seated at, out-of-sight from Renala and Oxaris' position, and uses his free hand to flip the table in front of him as makeshift cover. He hunkers down, pressing up against it. "I need backup!"

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