#Miner'sRespite – August 31, 2015

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Damien is located in his room, having barely left it since the incident with Jason.

Leah enters the Respite and wastes no time heading straight for the staircase. She makes her way down the hall towards Damien's room and taps at the interface to buzz him.

Damien takes a few moments to drag himself to the door. He palms the interface and the door slides open. He's dressed in a simple black vest top with his usual trousers. He rubs his eyes tiredly and blinks back the sleep. "Oh, Leah," he says drowsily. "What's up?"

Leah is dressed in a pair of tight black pants, clunky black unlaced boots, and a blue jacket. Her hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail. She gives a sigh as the door opens. "I'm not supposed to tell you that Jason sent me. He said you seemed like you could use a friend right now." she shrugs, "So... What's up?"

Damien groans, running a hand down his face. "He told you, then? Figures...". He turns back into his room and waves her in. The room is surprisingly neat and ordered, with the exception of his desk which has parts of his hardsuit scattered on it. He flops down into his seat, sighing. "Put simply, Leah, I think I've lost my mind. I'm. A. Wreck."

Leah raises an eyebrow. "Told me... what?" she asks before following the man in. She gives a nod as Damien... elaborates? "He just said you were going through some shit. Asked me to check on you and told me not to tell you he told me to check on you, and especially not to tell you that he told me not to tell you that he told me to check on you." Her head nods back and forth as she

navigates the strange yarn. She lets out a deep breath and glances around for a free spot to sit, "So... Losing your mind. Got it." she continues, ".....Why?"

Damien blinks, gesturing her to perch either on the desk or bed, whatever works. "Oh... Right... Nevermind." He coughs awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck. "I... I can't sleep. I haven't slept since we left that planet and I'm on a short fuse. I was about ready to kill the other night. And I... Keep seeing things out the corner of my eyes and it's making me paranoid as hell...".

Damien leans forward in his seat, resting his elbows on his legs. "It's pathetic," he grunts.

Leah backs up against the desk and puts her palms against the edge as she lifts herself up on top of it. She gives the man a sympathetic nod as he recounts his story. "Suppose it doesn't help being cooped up in here all day." she says, glancing around the room, "At least I've got my dad to keep me company when things get rough." She sighs and lifts her shoudlers before allowing them

to droop back down. She wishes she could point out the irony of him having issues with 'seeing things out of the corner of his eyes', but she keeps her lips sealed, lest someone be monitoring her. "I'm sorry you had to experience all of that." she sighs, "Sorry we all had to..."

Damien hangs his head, bobbing it slightly. "Yeah." He peers up. "How're you doing? With all of this?" He asks, inclining his head to her legs.

Leah lifts her left leg up, plopping one of her clunky boots onto the edge of his desk without giving it much thought. She shrugs as she wraps her arms around her leg, "As good as can be expected, I guess." she sighs, "A lot going on in my head, too... Can't imagine anyone could go through what we went through and not be... changed. Right?"

Damien chuckles grimly. "If they didn't, I'd be worried." He looks off to the side, clutching his hands together in his lap. "How's your dad coping with it all? I mean, his little girl lost her legs only to get them back. Must've seen like a miracle to him."

Leah bobs her head up and down before resting her chin against her knee. "He's... He's not the type to be bothered by much. Sort of just goes with the flow." she chuckles a bit, "He was already getting snacks ready for us to watch our programs in my hospital room when I came home. Thought he'd nearly have a heart attack when I walked in."

Damien smiles looking back to her. "Sounds a bit like my dad," he says, laughing through his nose. "I'll admit, I was rather surprised with the efficiency of getting your legs replaced."

Leah lowers her gaze a bit. "I-..." she pauses, trying to make sure she gets her facts in order, "Family." she nods, stumbling a bit with her words, "My cousin. He-... Pulled some strings. He owed me a favor, anyway. I knew the agency couldn't afford something like this with everything else going on, so.... Did what I could..." she spits out.

Damien frowns, looking up at her. "Are you alright?" He asks. His frown deepens as his eyes seem to start searching her face, that twinge of suspicion from the hospital resurfacing.

Leah sighs loudly before perking up and lifting her head to meet the man's gaze. "I'm fine. It was just... a lot. For a while there, I thought I may never walk again..." she trails off before shaking her head, "But this isn't about me... I'm here for you, remember?"

Damien keeps looking at her, eyes narrowing slightly. After a moment, he relaxes, leaning back into his seat. "Alright. Sorry. I do appreciate you being here."

Leah gives a nod. "So... How are we gonna get you out of this room?" she asks with a smirk.

Damien seems to try and sink deeper into his seat. "I'm... Fine here thanks. There really isn't much out there for me." He says while having yet to fully explore Freedom Falls. "Besides... I have work to do... On my, uh, suit...".

Leah glances over at the armor strewn about. "What's wrong with it?" she asks with a nod towards the gear, not entirely ready to give up on dragging him out of the room just quite yet either.

Damien looks at her like she just asked if the world was flat. "It's wrecked. The right arm was more or less destroyed," he waves his cybernetic for emphasis, "The helmet is gone, the chest piece was crushed and dented and the shield generator is almost fried."

Leah gives a shrug. "Can't you just-..." she reaches over and grabs the chestplate, lifting it in front of her. She raps a knuckle against a large dent in it and then grabs each end with her hands and puts on begins to strain loudly as she attempts to bend it into place. It doesn't give. Obviously. She sucks in air through her nose and bares her teeth, attempting once more with all

her might. Nope. She turns a bit red and sets the chestplate back down on the desk. "Think it's broke." she offers as she wipes a strand of hair out of her face."

Damien watches her attempt with an amused expression, covering up a laugh with a cough. "You, heh, done?" He asks. "Or would you like to try again?"

Leah glances down at the chestplate. "I don't want to crack it." she offers as an excuse, "I could, ya know! ... Biotics..."

Damien rolls his eyes, smirking at her. "You don't have the precision control. Don't you remember the wheelchair in my hospital room?" He teases, clearly not going to let her forget that. Like, ever.

Leah stabs a finger at Damien, "Hey! That was different! Wheels are all... rigid. I could've airlifted that whole chair and swooped out of the room like a gunship if I had wanted to! But wheels only go where they're pointed! They're no fun." she frowns and folds her arms across her chest.

Damien laughs, shaking his head at her. "Awww, didums," he says, pouting at her. "Did I hit a sore spot?" He grins in the shit-eating way, clearly enjoying this.

Leah sighs and rolls her eyes. "You brought this on yourself." she offers, almost sympathetically, before a slight shine overtakes her and a devilish grin crosses her face. She pushes her right hand outward towards Monroe, attempting to use her biotics to flip his chair.

Damien 's eyes widen at the tell-tale signs of biotics being used. "Leah wa-". He never got to finish as his chair promptly flips, sending him crashing to the ground in a heap. He moans as he lays sprawled on the floor.


Leah 's eyes go wide in mock surprise. "Oh noooo!" she sings, "I was just trying to give you a quick spin. I guess my precision control needs some work." she adds sarcastically. She restrains herself from laughing, but her shoulders bounce in place a bit. "How about I help you up?" she asks, the glow beginning to surround her once more.

Damien looks at groggily. "You wouldn't," he hisses. "For all I know, you'll send me through the roof...". He twists his body slightly so his hand goes out of sight, the palm interface of his omni-tool springing to life as he primes a very slight shock for Leah. Or, at least his version of slight.

Leah gains a smug look on her face and extends her hand out, palm upward, and she wiggles her fingers a bit, "I wouldn't?" she asks coyly, "Wouldn't what? Help a dear friend off the ground?"

Damien grits his teeth. "You'll regret it," he warns, though there is a very faint sly grin forming on his face.

Leah gives the man a wink and lowers her hand. After a moment, the glow dissipates from around her. "Awww, didums." she repeats with a pout. "Well. Up with you. Have a little dignity." she taunts, waving for him to get back up.

Damien nods, keying down the shock. He pulls himself up from the ground and glares at her with an evil grin. "Eye for an eye," he says with a shrug as he raises the palm interface and releases a small shock at the woman, a bit of an eye opener kind of shock.

Leah hops off the desk as the shock courses through her. Her face contorts into a very unflattering expression as she gives a quick lap in a small circle. "You little fucker!" she groans as her eye twitches for a moment, "That was uncalled for!"

Damien 's shoulders shake as he laughs, leaning back against the wall... Next to the hole he made the other night. He pauses for a moment and ponders, an idea crossing his mind. "You want me out of here right?" He asks suddenly, his palm interface dying.

Leah grabs the pillow off his bed and hurls it at him as he laughs. "Yeah! I do!" she says, a mock expression of anger, "And if you keep it up they'll be taking you out of here on a stretcher!"

Damien ducks under the pillow, unable to wipe the grin from his face. "See if you can follow up on that threat!" He picks the pillow up from the floor and tosses it back onto the bed, raising his eyebrows. "How about a few rounds in a ring? Well, if this place has a sparring ring somewhere...".

Leah begins fixing her hair, pulling a few loose strands back into place. "I... guess." she offers with a shrug, "You know I'm not gonna go easy on you... right?" she asks with a look of real concern on her face, "I'm not sure how I feel about messing up that pretty face of yours."

Damien lets out a single, sharp laugh. "Alright princess," he taunts. "No holding back then." He seems to have perked up slightly at the prospect of sparring. "I'd be offended if you held back."

Leah frowns as Damien calls her 'princess'. "Well then?" she asks, "How about you put that new hand to work and see where we can take this party?"

Damien brings up his omni-tool and quickly runs a search for any gyms or locations with a boxing ring. "That... Sounded bad," he says with a smirk. "Ah, here we go. Here's one not far away."

Leah brings her hand up to her face and shakes her head. "I didn't mean it li-... gross." she sighs. As he relays the information, Leah adjusts her jacket and steps towards the door. "Shall we?"

Damien snickers. Guys never really mature all that much, it seems. He crosses his room and pulls out a duffel bag, already packed though the out layer of it has garnered some dust. "Haven't used my gym gear in a while," he comments as he walks over to the door, palming the interface for it to open. "Ladies first."

Leah rolls her eyes. "Suuuuuch a gentleman." she says sarcastically as she steps through, pressing the back of her right hand against her forehead as if she's swooning, "Well, I don't think you wanna make a trip all the way out to my place for me to grab my things, so I'm just gonna have to go as-is."

Damien humphs and follows her out, locking the door behind him. "You're such a charmer," he comments. "You sure? I can suspend the ass-whopping until you're ready?"

Leah gives a shake of her head as she waits for him to catch up by the stairs. "It's fine. I'm sure they'll have wraps and gloves I can rent or buy there. I'll deal."

Damien follows, hoisting the duffle bag over his back. "If you're sure, then let's not waste any time." He rolls his shoulders, smiling in a cocksure manner.

Leah continues down the steps and out the front of the Respite. "You better make this worth it. I'm missing a pretty big biotiball match to be here." she informs, although it's obvious she's just giving him a hard time.

Damien places a hand over his heart, over dramatising a feigned stumble down the stairs. "You're kindness is unparalleled by your beauty," he says with a wistful sigh.

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