#Miner'sRespite – June 21, 2016

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Tara looks rather uncomfortable as Nathan addresses her again, but she nods faintly and lets out a quiet "O-... okay...", her gaze locked on the bar counter.

Leah reaches over, big smile on her face, and pats a hand against Tara's shoulder. "You'll like it. Promise." she assures her with a nod before rotating forward once again and returning to her drink. "Oh!" she says, as if suddenly recalling something, "We're going to have a guest coming by soon, too, Tara." she says, although the statement is as much to Nathan as it is to Tara. She glances over at Nathan.

"Those people who attacked the Respite tried threatening an asari girl into handling it for them." she frowns, "Her name is Lema. Seems like a good kid, but it sounds like her parents are having some financial troubles. Can't afford to get her proper biotic training." she explains, "I-... I remember how it was at her age. Strange. Scary, even. Not sure if I'll be able to do much for her, but if it keeps her

out of trouble, I figure it's worth a shot." She shrugs as she falls silent and looks down into her drink, as if awaiting advice. "...She is an asari, after all. I mean, how much can I do to help, right...?"

Nathan listens quietly to Leah, his eyebrow raising higher at the description. He hums and picks up his drink, though he doesn't drink from it yet. He's contemplating making a comment about their conversation from the other day, but decides against it for the moment. "She may be an asari, but she IS still untrained as you said. Honestly, even a little is better

than nothing at all," he begins. "If it keeps her from being mixed up in shit like yesterday again, then it helps. And it... Sets a precedent, you know? Childhood is when their ideals and their personalities start to materialise. By showing her compassion and kindness, that's already setting her on the right path." He smiles faintly, glancing across to her.

"So, at least in my eyes, you're doing a hell of a lot to help her already, Leah. Training or no." He sips at his drink, turning back to face the counter.

Tara listens in silence to Leah, and grows more attentive at the mention of a guest. The talk of biotics causes a faint frown to form, and her mind seems to drift as she looks back at the bar. She pays little attention when Nathan speaks, staring at the bubbles rising through her soda as she thinks.

Leah grins and gives him a nod, clearly the answer she was hoping to hear. "That's-... yeah!" she nods once again, "Just seems like I've got a lot on my plate right now. I don't want to pile on more than I can handle-..." she glances over at Tara, "...more than we can handle." she corrects, her grin growing into a full on smile as she attempts to include Tara to let her know she's

going to remain a permanent part of Leah's life. She takes a sip of her drink before rotating around, putting her back to the counter as she watches out over the rest of the Respite. "Oh well, we'll figure it out."

Nathan hums a laugh, glancing across to her. "Well, I've got a lot of time on my hands," he says. "You need any help, just give me a ring, yeah? But, uh, not about the biotics. Obviously don't know jack-shit about it." He shrugs with a smile, placing the glass down with a gentle clunk.

Tara glances at Leah, the faintest hint of a smile on her lips. She remains turned towards the bar, but follows her gaze briefly out across the room, the assortment of patrons, while nothing new after the time spent on Omega, something she's still not quite used to.

Leah snickers, casting a glance over at Nathan. "I'll keep that in mind, Nate. It's appreciated." she offers a sincere smile, "Really. For now I think I'm just going to try not to let it get me too stressed out and see how things play out. One day at a time, right? I still have to get dad home, too." she sighs, suddenly missing her father once again at the mere mention of him. A

feeling that's become familiar to her over the past few weeks, "So-... yeah. A lot going on. Don't be surprised if I take you up on that offer."

Nathan offers her a kindly smile, nodding softly. "Where is your dad, may I ask?" He asks delicately, unsure if he's encroaching on the wrong topic.

Tara glances at Leah again at the mention of her father, but doesn't interrupt the conversation.

Leah returns her attention out towards the crowd, immediately getting uncomfortable at the question. "Uhhh, away." she says sharply. "Just-... away." she repeats with a nod. "He'll be back soon, though." she sighs, "Miss him. It will be good to have him back here. Complaining. I miss his complaining." She glances back at Nathan, furrowing her brow, "Is that weird?"

Nathan internally winces and looks away. Yep. Uncomfortable topic. Smoothly done. At her question he looks back to her and nods firmly. "Yes. Very weird." He then smirks to show be isn't being serious. "When someone is in your life for so long, you miss everything about them. Good points and bad. It just shows how much you care, y'know?" He becomes slightly

melancholy at his own statement, though he quickly hides it by looking back to his drink, still keeping a smile albeit a smaller one.

Tara continues to listen in silence, taking a long sip of her cola and then starting to play idly with the glass, swirling the soda inside around.

Leah snickers as the conversation causes her to think about her ornery old father. "Yeah, I guess so..." she agrees with a nod, "Anyway~ Yeah. Looks like I'll be spending most of my forseeable days right here." she says, "So, you know. Feel free to stop by and bug me. I'm guessing they won't be the most thrilling shifts. Unless we get more nights like last night-..." she frowns

slightly, "I hope they won't be the most thrilling shifts."

Nathan chuckles and downs the last of his drink, placing the glass down on the furthest side of the counter. "I'll pop over when I've got time... Ah, who am I kidding, I'm going to have a tonne of free time," he adds with a dramatic mumble. "Anyway, yeah, I'll pay you a visit." He smiles and nods firmly, his grey eyes creased up in mirth. He looks across to Tara,

nodding to her. "Hey, if you get the job here, keep an eye on her alright? Who knows what kinda trouble she'll get in as security in this place." He snickers quietly.

Leah snorts loudly and rolls her eyes. "Trouble? Me!? Never!" she says with an exaggerated frown.

Tara blinks, glancing briefly to Nathan but offering no response as her attention returns to the nearly-empty glass.

Nathan nods firmly. "Exactly, Tara, exactly." He smirks and slips off his stool, stretching himself out. "Right, I better get back to the Agency. I need to get the last of those guns sorted before the end of today. I swear, no one else paid any attention to those guns before I got there," he says with a smirk. He pulls on his jacket and zips it up, smiling to the

pair. "It's been fun, ladies. Seriously."

Leah scrunches up her nose as she watches Nathan. "What!? You get us alllll the way out here and then just ditch out on us!?" she complains through a playful pout, "What a party pooper! Can you believe that, Tara?"

Tara seems utterly confused as Nathan talks to her again, but doesn't mention it. She does not chime in at Leah's prompting either, but does turn to bow her head respectfully to Nathan, gaze averted.

Nathan splutters indignantly, placing a hand onto his chest. "How dare ye! Accuse me of bring a party pooper?! For shammmme!" He smirks and mimics Tara's gesture. He turns to leave but pauses after two steps. He turns and raises a finger, mouth opening before shutting closed again. He looks to be completely out of his element for some reason. He softly shakes his

head. "Right, so, question for you." He clasps his hands together to stop them fidgeting. "Would you, and Tara of course, like to come have dinner at my place? When you're not busy, course! I mean, you mentioned you like burgers and I said I can make a mean one so I put two and two together and thought, 'Hey, why don't I invite her around and rustle up a

couple of them?' Cause I mean, what tastes better than a homecooked- am I rambling? I feel like I'm rambling?" He asks with a frown, a slight tinge of red to his cheeks.

Leah blinks a couple of times, caught off guard by the request. "I-... Hmm. I like burgers." she repeats with a nod, "Just-... I hardly know you." she adds apologetically. "It's not like-... like a date or anything, right? Don'ttakethisthewrongway!" she spits out. "But-... yeah. Well, of course you didn't mean it like that! You invited both of us!" She winces and palms her

forehead, lowering her gaze. "See, now you're making me look like a weirdo! But you still might be a sociopath! So I've gotta make sure! This could be like one of those-.. those-..." she lowers her voice to as deep as she can manage, speaking through her nose in a creepy manner, "We touched hands one time on accident, so now we're in love and I'm gonna turn your skin into a lampshade

sort of thing!" She sighs loudly, scrunching up her nose, "Not that you strike me as a lampshade-skin sort of person-... I mean, you play the violin." She drums her fingertips against her forehead and glances over at Tara, awaiting her sagely advice, "What do you think, Tara? Wanna go eat burgers at his place some time?"

Tara furrows her eyebrows, briefly studying Nathan before giving a light shrug, gaze on the floor. "I... I don't know..."

Nathan looks at Leah, his face switching from various expressions that fits her choice wording. "Nonononono, not a date, cou- wait, socio-... What?" He asks as she concludes at the violin. He looks to Tara and then back to Leah, now very very flushed. "Yeah, no, shit, you're right. We barely know each other! Sorry, it was stupidly preemptive of me and- I mean, I'm

not a sociopath! Sure, that's what a sociopath would say but- and I'm not like- uh," he keeps fumbling from word to word, her response slightly throwing him. It's certainly different from the yes and no approach. "Look, just- just forget I asked. At least for now. I-I'm going to head out now." He points towards the door, slowly back pedalling at it with an

awkward smile.

Leah brings her hand to her chin, stroking it for a moment for effect as if in deep contemplation as she studies Tara, taking her wise response into account. Her gaze shifts to Nathan before her bright smile returns as she watches him stumble towards the door. "You're not getting out of it that easily! I was promised burgers, I demand burgers!" she shouts after him with dramatic

flair. Suddenly calming down, she gives a slight shrug of her shoulders and plainly says, "Sure." After a short snicker over his awkwardness, she continues, "But I'm quite the burger critic! So you better bring your A-game! I'll send you a message about when I'm free once I have a better grasp on my schedule here."

Nathan breathes out a sigh of relief. Well, he didn't completely screw it up. So that's a win in his book. He straightens up and smiles, flashing the pair a toothy grin. "I knew my charm and guile would win you over," he says, acting as if his awkward blunder never even occurred. "You ain't never tasted burgers as good as mine. I guarantee it!" He calls out as he

reaches the door. It slides open and he pauses, giving the pair a single wave. "Alright. Have a safe walk back. Hope you packed snowshoes~" he teases before disappearing around the corner and out of sight.

Leah blinks a couple of times. "Right. Charm~" she says sarcastically. She returns the wave, chuckling to herself as he leaves, "Take care, Nate." She rotates back around on her stool and takes another sip of her soda. "He seems alright." she muses to Tara with a nod.

Tara seems rather puzzled as Nathan departs, her eyebrows remaining furrowed. "...he's strange..." she states plainly.

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