#ClubCobalt – November 7, 2016

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It's not a very long walk from the Respite to Club Cobalt. The outside is empty, aside from an asari who is standing in the relative shelter of the entrance, arms folded across her chest and puffing on a cigarette, a faint aura of magenta smoke surrounding her, although its gradually swept away by the wind. The holographic projectors are partially obstructed by snow, causing the sign to display incorrectly, the asari silhouette

rendered headless and one-legged, and the script being utter nonsense to those that could read it.

Jessica pays little attention to the asari as she moves past her. She continues her silent treatment with Yan Sun in retaliation to the silent treatment Yan Sun is showing her. She wasn't going to lose, she'd out-silent her! As she nears the door, she glances back at Yan Sun and gives a smug look as if to say 'See? I told you this was where I was going!' She then pinches her thumb and index finger together and drags it across her lips

as if zipping a zipper, but then flips her middle finger up at Yan Sun and shoves it in her face before stepping inside.

Yan Sun swats Jessica's hand aside with an annoyed look before following her inside, eager to get out of the cold that she was still adjusting to.

After passing through the coat check, removing jackets and weapons in the process, they enter the club proper. Between the weather and the time of day the crowd is thin. A few patrons scattered about here and there, chatting at some of the tables, and a couple by the bar. Some of the club's dancers are seated at the top level, laughing among themselves as they talk. A quarian technician is tinkering with the holoprojectors on the

dancefloor. A classic asari electropop is sounding from the speakers, the volume far from the deafening beat of the night.

Jessica stops just inside after they pass through the coat check and gives a glance around a bit. It takes a few moments, but eventually her gaze comes to a rest on one of the tables. It's occupied by a single person. A human male in a thick black winter jacket with some sort of fur, white in color, lining the hood. He looks to be in his late 40's and has a thick, black beard to match his unkempt hair. As he spots Jessica, he raises a

hand in greeting, his other hand wrapped around a bottle. "That is him." Jessica says, giving a glance back at Yan Sun, breaking her vow of silence finally. Though she immediately realizes that means she lost and a frown hits her as she glares at Yan Sun, silently blaming her. "You see? He is ugly. Are you still jealous? Mmm?" she continues to taunt. While 'ugly' may not be the best word to describe the man, he certainly is


Yan Sun 's gaze wanders around the club, distracted by curiosity for a moment before having the human man brought to her attention, she glances at Jessica and lets out a quiet, frustrated sigh, shaking her head to herself and offering no response. She's wearing black jeans, and her fitted gray hoodie over a white top.

Jessica rolls her eyes at the continued silent treatment and continues on her way towards the man's table. "You are impossible." she mutters to herself with a scoff. As she approaches the table, she slides into the seat across from the man. "This is my mute stalker." she introduces Yan Sun with a gesture, "She has found out that you and I are fucking and came here to kill you." she explains with great disinterest. "She's more

dangerous than she looks, so do not go easy on her, mmm?"

Kirill offers a friendly smile as Jessica approaches his table, though he looks Yan Sun over with curiosity. "Uhhh, hey Jess. I didn't-..." he manages to get out before Jessica talks over him. His look suddenly turns to total confusion and his gaze moves from Jessica to the mute assassin.

Yan Sun follows Jessica over to Kirill. Upon hearing her words she looks rather miffed, giving her a glance before looking back at the man, briefly lifting a hand in greeting. "I'm Yan Sun.", sounding a little awkward after the unusual introduction. "We're dating... I think." She adds the last part with a pointed glance at the woman beside her, her tone a little hostile.

Kirill nods uncomfortably to Yan Sun before resting his gaze on Jessica once more, his confusion turning to irritation. "I'm Kirill. It's nice to meet you. And we're not f-.... effing." he says, giving a cold hard glare to Jessica. With a sigh he looks back to Yan Sun. "Dating?" he asks with surprise, "How in the heck do you put up with her crap?"

Jessica seems to be getting a kick out of both of their discomfort. She hooks her foot around the leg of the chair to her left and pulls it closer to her, gesturing for Yan Sun to sit down. "Mmm. She loooves my crap. Don't you, kitty cat?" she asks with a glance up to Yan Sun, a smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth.

Yan Sun drops down into the chair, ignoring Jessica as she responds to Kirill. "Well... right now I'm not really sure how." she says with a shrug, shooting Jessica another look before turning her attention back to Kirill. "Yeah. Nice to meet you." she adds, a little apologetically. No reason he should suffer because she's annoyed with Jessica.

Jessica gives a roll of her eyes as she settles back into her seat. "Mmm. So this is the part where the two of you share war stories about jussssst how terrible I am, yes? Can we just skip all of that and get this over with? Did you get it or not, Kirill?"

Kirill looks as though he's about to say something but he bites his tongue and sighs. "Yeah... Yeah..." he nods to himself, releasing his grip on his beer to shove his hand into his pocket. "You were right..." he says, though he doesn't seem too happy about admitting so as he produces a small removable storage drive from his jacket pocket and extends it towards Jessica.

Jessica reaches out for the drive only to have Kirill pull it back out of her reach. She tilts her head to the side and gives him a look to show that she's not amused. "Of course I was right. I am always right." she boasts, giving Yan Sun a sidelong glance. "Isn't that right, kitty cat?" she taunts with a smirk.

Yan Sun furrows her eyebrows, arms crossed over her chest as she looks at the exchange in silence. She once again ignores Jessica, her gaze focused on the storage drive. "What's that?" she asks, glancing between the two and lifting one hand to gesture at the device.

Kirill reaches out finally and lays the device in the palm of Jessica's hand, placing his own hand over Jessica's hand and closing it around the object. He brings his other hand across the table and gives her hand a pat with it. "Blueprints, network and security information. Just about everything that could possibly be drummed up about the Torthus-Cross building. This took a whole lot of favors from a whole lot of people to come by." he

responds to Yan Sun, though his gaze is focused squarely on Jessica.

Jessica briefly casts another sidelong glance in Yan Sun's direction, though doesn't say anything right away.

Yan Sun 's gaze darts back to the drive before going up to Kirill again, eyebrow shooting up in surprise. "It's-... oh." She turns her head to Jessica. "This is what you've been-... why didn't you tell me?"

Jessica's gaze moves to Yan Sun as a frown returns to her face. "Because it is not your problem. Is mine. And I am taking care of it, mmm? Now are you satisfied?" she asks. With a frustrated sigh, she returns her attention to their hands, Kirill's atop her own as she nods to herself. "I get it. Is expensive information. How much is it going to cost?" she asks.

Kirill snorts and gives a shake of his head. "Nothing. You want this so bad, you take it." he says, though he instantly has a change of heart, his expression turning to one of frustration. "No, ya know what? I want you to do me a favor for once, Jess. Before you go running in there and doing something crazy, I want you to stop and think about all of the people that are going to be upset when you don't come back out. You have people who

care about you whether you like it or not."

Jessica snorts loudly. "Oh, you mean the people who couldn't wait to be rid of me over a stupid fucking lie? Mmm? Those people?"

Kirill furrows his brow, blinking a few times in confusion. "Is that how you remember it, Jess? Is it? They were frustrated at you for lying. Yes. Because you're a liar. A habitual liar. You lie to everyone, including yourself. But they also forgave you. Because you're family to them. You ran off because you just can't deal with the thought that, hell, someone just might not hate you despite you giving them every-damn-reason to do

so. So you did your little thing where you push everyone away." he looks to Yan Sun and gives a shake of his head before resting his gaze on Jessica once more. "For the love of-... Just come home Jess. You want to go through with this shit? Fine. There's people who will help you!"

Jessica seems at a loss for words momentarily as the man rambles. She attempts to get a few words in, "I-.... You-.... That wasn't-...!" but she's just trampled over by Kirill. Finally, when he's done, she levels a deep scowl at him. "That place is not my home. And you people are definitely not my family. My family is dead." she says coldly. "If you want credits. I give you credits. But I don't need your fucking advice."

Kirill's entire body language turns tense and he bites down hard, clearly holding back something mean and nasty to toss her way. After a moment, he glances down at their hands and gently removes his from Jessica's, leaving the device in her palm. He nods a few times, gaze resting on the table before he looks to Yan Sun. "...It was nice meeting you, Yan Sun." he says softly, doing his best to keep his composure.

Yan Sun looks stunned as she listens to Kirill's flood of words, hands dropping to her lap. When he finishes she looks to Jessica, studying her in silence with a small frown, her earlier frustration replaced by something more akin to concern, mixed with confusion. As she's addressed her attention is brought back to the man across the table, and she nods faintly, at a loss for words after the exchange between the two of them. She

almost opens her mouth to ask him about the things he mentioned, but thinks better of it.

Kirill stands up from his seat, giving a polite nod of his head. "You be careful, Jess..." he says, despite knowing she doesn't want to hear it.

Jessica rolls her eyes. "Just fucking go already. Fuuuuck." she sighs.

Kirill remains in place for a moment longer before nodding once to himself and turning on his heels to make for the exit.

Jessica remains silent as he departs, simply staring at the table until the man leaves her sight. She then reaches across the table, dragging his abandoned beer towards her with a grunt. "And you?" she asks, glancing to Yan Sun with a glare as she redirects her frustration from one target to the next, "You can't even trust me, mmm? Just because I live my entire life in this shithole, yes? So I must just be-... be some whore that runs

around, fucking whoever, mmm? Trash? Is what you think of me, mmm?" She stares hard at Yan Sun for a moment before taking a long swig from Kirill's beer.

Yan Sun blinks. "Jessica, that wasn't-..." she unsure as she's confronted. "You really think that's what I meant? You're the one that made it into that. I just wanted to know what you were doing! Why you were never around! I wanted to spent time with you! And you had to turn it into some weird-... urgh, just to freak me out!" she says with an accusatory tone, raising her voice a little more than she meant to. "How am I supposed

to know what you think of our... thing." she says, much quieter as she looks down at the table. "Not like you tell me."

Jessica leans back in her seat, snorting loudly once again. "Of course, is my fault, mmm? Everything is always my fault, yes? Blame, blame, blame." she scoffs as she takes another sip from Kirill's beer. She takes a moment to read the label as if she's actually interested in what she's drinking. "What do you want me to say, mmm?" she asks distantly as she continues to stare through the bottle. "I tell you before what I think, no?

Do you need me to tell you every day? Every morning? What is it you want from me, mmm?" she lists off dismissively.

Yan Sun turns her gaze from the table, to look out across the club, away from Jessica in an attempt to hide the glossiness in her eyes. "I just wanted to spend time with you..." she says, her voice a little uneaven despite her attempting to control it.

Jessica sets the bottle down and pushes her chair out from the table as she slides her other hand into her pocket, putting the storage device away. "And now you are spending time with me. Look, kitty cat..." she says as she stands from her seat. She places a hand under Yan Sun's arm and urges her to stand up.

Yan Sun does stand up at Jessica's urging, but she looks far from happy as she turns to face her. There remains a hint of teariness in her eyes even as she looks at Jessica with a frown, waiting for her to do or say something.

Jessica sighs and places a hand on the table on each side of Yan Sun, putting her back up against it. "You know how I am, kitty cat..." she says plainly. "I am not going to apologize for it. I tell you this already, yes? Don't get-...." she shakes her head, lifting her right hand to gesture to Yan Sun, "...This! Mmmm? Clingy!" She places her right hand on Yan Sun's side and it begins to travel upwards. "I... am with you, mmm?"

she says as she leans in and presses a quick kiss against Yan Sun's lips before pulling back. "Is either good enough, or it is not. But that is not my decision to make." she sighs, her good eye scanning across Yan Sun's face. When it meets her eyes, she brings her left hand up to wipe at the corner of Yan Sun's eye with her thumb. "This-..." she continues, bringing her left hand back down to pat at the pocket she stuck the

storage drive in, "...was important. Is not about not wanting to spend time with you, you idiot..."

Yan Sun is not particularly good at staying upset for very long, and after Jessica kisses her she can't help but grin and, after fidgeting a bit back and forth, she nods. "You could've told me, 頑-頑." she says with a small shrug. "Like you said, it's important."

Jessica shakes her head as she tilts her head to the side. "No... Is something I needed to do on my own." she says plainly, neglecting to mention the part about needing her help just yet. "But, is done now. So now you have me all to yourself." she adds with a grin. "Lucky you, mmm?" she teases.

Yan Sun studies Jessica for a moment, a faint grin remaining. She offers no immediate response, her eye lighting up, segments of blue spinning around in the iris as she navigates an unseen interface, checking to see if her omni-tool detected Kirill's, hoping to send a contact request if it did. She returns her attention to Jessica, eye still glowing as she awaits to see the result of the search. "That so? What are we doing, then?"

Part of her wants to start asking questions right away, but she has missed spending time with her. It can wait for a little while.

Jessica tilts her head to the side, simply looking Yan Sun over for a few moments in silence as she drags the knuckles of her right hand up and down Yan Sun's side. "I do not need to be at the dam for a while..." she says, lifting her gaze to look the club over with a shrug, "....And we are here, yes? Plenty of time to get drunk!" she decides with a gesture towards the bar.

It would take a few moments before the contact request is noticed. But it is accepted. Not long after, a message of simply, 'Hello?' is sent to Yan Sun's omni-tool.

Yan Sun moves a little closer, placing one hand on the table and the other on Jessica's leg as she leans in for another kiss, lingering for a moment before pulling away, grabbing her right hand to pull her up from her half-seated position. "Take it easy, okay? I'm not cleaning up after you again..."

Jessica keeps Yan Sun backed up against the table as she snickers to herself. "Mmm. Suuuure. You know it was not my fault. You are just a bad influence on me I am thinking." she teases. "And I.... am not enough of an influence on you. Yet!" she threatens as she grabs for one of Yan Sun's hands and turns to face the bar, "Let's get some booze inside of you! We will have you dancing on the counter before my shift begins!"

Yan Sun continues to eye Jessica until her hand is grabbed, which causes her to raise an eyebrow. "Little early to get wasted, isn't it...?" she asks with a slightly amused look, even as the palm-interface of her omni-tool manifests in her free hand, and she types a quick message in reply to Kirill, without looking down at the interface. 'Hi. Yan Sun here. Was hoping we could talk later. Sorry about the first impression'

Jessica pulls Yan Sun along towards the bar. "Time is relative, yes? I work all night! Is never too early to get wasted!" she says, giving Yan Sun's hand a tug. "Don't be such a party pooper!"

It doesn't take long for a reply to come through. "Don't mention it. Besides, I should be the one apologizing. Takes a lot for me to lose my temper, but that woman has a knack for bringing out the worst in people. Anyway, I'll only be in town until tomorrow. It's quite a trip for me to get here so if you want to talk, it's probably going to need to be soon."

Yan Sun follows after Jessica as she is pulled along towards the bar, typing up a quick 'Tonight?' before giving her guide a skeptical look. "This place is not exactly high-energy right now..." she says with a look around the club. The dancefloor stands empty, indeed there is no real interest in the relatively bland and muted music coming from the speakers. Mostly just drinking and chatting.

Jessica glances around, giving a hum in agreement. "Mmm. Yet." she says, glancing back at Yan Sun and giving her a wink with her good eye. "We will change that." she says as they arrive at the bar. She sits down on a stool as she releases her grip on Yan Sun's hand and slams both of her palms down on the counter a few times to grab the bartender's attention. "Two shots of something strong!" she requests, "Surprise us!"

Once again, a reply comes in nearly instantly. "I've got nothing going on. Just give me a time and a place. I assume this is about Jess?"

Yan Sun remains skeptical, but sits down on the stool next to Jessica's regardless. She props her elbows up on the bar counter, watching as Jessica gets the bartender's attention. She types up a quick response to Kirill 'Yeah. I'll get back to you', and then she eyes Jessica from the side for a moment, a small smirk in the corner of her mouth as she tilts her head a bit.

The bartender, an asari maiden in a tight-fitting, dark-blue outfit, nods, hearing the order even as she delivers a drink to another patron. She swivels around, running her fingers across the shelf for a moment before grabbing a bottle of Noveria Rum and one of Blue Thessia, mixing the two in a pair of shot glasses before placing them in front of Jessica and Yan Sun with a lopsided smirk.

Jessica accepts the shot glass that is placed before her and lifts it up slightly. "Now we play a game, mmm? In this game, you must tell me something about you. Something interesting, yes? If is good enough, I let you drink your shot and order you another one. If is not good enough? Then you come up with something better!" she lists the rules to her one-sided game. "The goal is for you to get as drunk as possible as quickly as you

can." she grins, "So I am expecting the juicy secrets. No bullshit!"

Yan Sun spins around on her stool so that she faces Jessica, keeping her right hand on the counter, gripping the shot glass. She raises an eyebrow, a questioning look on her face. "That... doesn't sound like a very good drinking game. Don't I get to ask any questions?"

Jessica scoffs and rolls her eyes. "This game is not about questions. Is about you telling me..... things. Now you are already asking to change the game?" She sighs and looks to her drink for a moment as she considers it. "Fiiiine." she finally agrees, "If what you tell me is interesting enough, you get one question, kitty cat. Mmm? And if your question is dumb, I don't have to answer it. These are the new rules!" she decides.

Yan Sun furrows her eyebrows. "Shouldn't you be telling me stuff too? Doesn't seem fair..." she considers before glancing at her shot. "Uhm... I don't know what's interesting. I-..." she goes quiet, an awkward silence taking over as she more or less immediately fails to think of something to say.

Jessica sighs deeply once again. "Gah! Why is it so difficult with you, mmm!?" she groans. "Is just a drinking game! It doesn't need to be fair. Besides, I am more expensive." she states matter-of-factly, "So you have to buy my information by-... with interesting..... Gah, this is already too complicated." she decides, slugging back her shot. She closes one eye as she deals with the burn in her throat and sets her shot glass down,

sliding it forward and gesturing for a refill. "Fine. I ask questions. If you give a good answer, you get a question. So. Me? Changling or whatever her name was..." she says, purposely mispronouncing the name as if she forgot it. "How many other women have you fucked? Mmmm?" she asks crudely, giving a glance over to Yan Sun with a grin as she prepares for an evening of uncomfortable questioning, already looking forward to

the squirming to come.

Yan Sun seems slightly amused by Jessica's frustration, gaining a small grin, which fades just as quickly. "Changyin-..." she starts to correct, but she immediately falls quiet when she hears the question. She blinks. "W-..." her gaze darts out across the club for a moment before returning to Jessica. She focuses on the table as she answers. "I-... she's the only one." she says, a slightly embarassed look on her face. Her gaze

moves to the shot glass, and she quickly empties its contents as she decides she's earned it. She grimaces - yep, fruity drinks beat shots any day. At least Blue Thessia isn't too bad. She steels herself as she considers her own question.

Jessica frowns, reaching out for Yan Sun's shot glass. She adds it to her own and waits for the bartender to come by and refill them. "That is not the game!" she complains, "I didn't give you permission to drink yet. Wha-... Just one!? Boooring." she groans, sounding disappointed that it wasn't a juicier answer. "Alright, whatever... But I think you are lying... Especially given how quickly you leapt into that elevator with me,

mmm?" she teases. "You lured me in there. Locked me in. Mmhmm. You knew exactly what you were doing. One? I don't think so..." she continues. "Oooh, maybe you are just dancing around it, mmm? No question for you. How many men?" she asks, as if she's figured out Yan Sun's tricky wordplay.

The bartender is quick to refill both shot glasses, raising an eyebrow as she overhears part of the conversation and decides to remain within hearing range as she starts mixing a drink for a turian patron further down the bar.

Yan Sun rolls her eyes. "Yeah, yeah... I'm boring. Sorry to disappoint." she says, trying to hide her embarassment as Jessica brings up the elevator, but when she asks another question she grimaces again. "Wha-... zero! Definitely zero!" she answers immediately. "And that's not the game either! It's my turn!" she exclaims with a frown, studying Jessica for a moment before shrugging. "You know what, same question! Uhm... questions!"

she demands.

Jessica certainly doesn't seem to give much care as to who overhears their conversation. As the shot glasses are refilled, she's quick to slide one over to Yan Sun. "There are no turns!" she argues. "I told you the rules. If your answer is good enough, then maybe I will let you ask a question. That answer was not good enough and you are lying!" she insists. With a deep sigh, she narrows her eyes on Yan Sun. "Fine, fine,

whaaaaatever." she says, pulling her own shot glass in front of her and studying it. After a moment of contemplation, she gives a brief shrug. "I don't know. I can't count that high." she says, looking to Yan Sun with a big grin. "Oh. I'm sorrrry. Just one." she changes her answer with a roll of her eyes.

Yan Sun lets out a sigh. "I was telling the truth!" she insists loudly. "One of us has to..." she adds with a grumpy look, and then mutters: "...and your rules are not fair." She grabs her new glass, glancing at the contents briefly before looking back at Jessica. "Seriously, why would I lie about that...?" she asks with a confused, but slightly amused look.

Jessica frowns at the first part of Yan Sun's statement. "Hey, I always tell the truth!" she insists before a smirk crops up as she's unable to keep a straight face. "...Besides when I don't." she shrugs. Considering Yan Sun's question, she leans an elbow against the counter, facing her. "I don't know. People lie for allll different reasons, kitty cat. Maybe you don't want me to think you are some-... some trashy, dirty, nasty

skank, mmm?" she offers before adding in a whisper, "I like trashy, dirty, nasty skanks." She leans back, chuckling through the grin plastered across her face as she considers her next question. "...Okay then... You are telling the truth." she decides, giving an exaggerated roll of her eyes to show she still doesn't believe it, "Then why, oh pure and untainted goddess, would you come after me? Mmm?" she asks, not sounding

particularly touchy about the thought that she's not a prime choice. Or perhaps it's just more theatrics. "You are attractive-..." she looks Yan Sun over as if studying her, tilting her head and shrugging briefly, "...Kind of." She snickers at her own cheap dig before continuing, "So why, out of everyone, would you try fucking the one who looks like an overcooked steak, mmm?"

Yan Sun frowns at Jessica's first comments, and in response to the whisper she mumbles something about "Sorry to disappoint...". Her frown deepends as the next question is asked, her eyes wandering across Jessica's face, inevitably lingering on her scars, and then her bad eye, before going back to the good one. Her gaze falls to the counter, and she pokes her shot glass. "I think you're attractive..." she says quietly, giving a

small shrug as she looks back up at her face. It's clear from her expression that she doesn't really want to joke about this, instead taking it quite seriously. "When I met you on the ship, you were assertive, tough. A little intimidating." She glances off to her side, looking a little embarassed. "Not so strange to find that attractive, is it?" After a moment's pause she looks back at Jessica, searching her face for a

reaction, and then thinks to add: "And maybe when we talked in the elevator, I could see that there was more to you too..." Her tone is quieter with this last part, and she looks more than a little uncomfortable, uncertain what the reaction to her candor might be.

Jessica looks down briefly at the comment that Yan Sun finds her attractive. When Yan Sun looks her way again, she forces herself to re-establish eye contact, lest she look bothered by the subject. As Yan Sun continues to speak, her grin subtly turns into something a bit more sincere. A real smile. She doesn't interrupt, instead waiting until Yan Sun is entirely finished before speaking up. She opens her mouth to speak, but stops

herself to clear her throat. "Boooooring." she decides, her smile fading back into that cocky, condescending grin. "What you meant to say was you like your steak well done. Eh?" she offers with a snicker. "But you get points for trying, kitty cat!" she says, gesturing to the shot glass in front of Yan Sun. "Alright, alright. Your turn. Hit me with something good. I can take it."

Yan Sun seems unfazed by Jessica's reaction. It's more or less what she expected, but the smile didn't go unnoticed. She certain there's more going on behind the irreverent front she puts up. She mirrors the now-gone smile, and for a moment she just studies Jessica in silence. Before it goes on too long she grabs her shot glass and empties it. Another unhappy grimace inevitably follows. Nope. Still not used to it. She clears her

throat and and then furrows her eyebrows as she thinks. Her gaze wanders to the bottles behind the bar, causing the bartender to move further away for the moment to avoid seeming like she's eavesdropping. "Okay..." she says, her attention turning back to Jessica. "So... when you were away, stranded on that desert world... did you miss me?" she asks, opting for a lightweight question, but one that seems likely to annoy the

woman regardless. She has a small smirk as she leans a little to her side, against the bar, swiveling slightly from side to side on her stool.

Jessica snickers at the question, letting out a long sigh as she shakes her head, letting it be known that this was the exact sort of boring question she was expecting out of Yan Sun. "Did I miss you?" she repeats as she sits back and studies Yan Sun. She presses a shoe against the bar and scoots her stool a bit closer to Yan Sun's, causing an annoying screeching sound to briefly make itself heard over the music, but it fades out soon

enough. Jessica gives a chuckle to herself at the sound, glancing about to make sure it didn't disturb anybody. Not that she'd particularly give a shit if it did. "Did I miss you...?" she repeats, reaching out to place a hand on Yan Sun's knee. She runs her hand back and forth as she chews on her bottom lip for a moment, doing her best to look like she has to reaaally consider the question. "I.... missed parts of you..."

she says, sidestepping the question in glorious Jessica fashion while her hand moves allllll the way up Yan Sun's leg then back down to her knee as another mischevious chuckle escapes her. "Does that count...?"

Yan Sun gains a goofy little grin as Jessica places a hand on her leg. The second shot seems to be making itself felt, and she initially doesn't seem to mind the evasive, and inappropriate, answer, a barely audible giggle escaping as the hand runs up her leg. She looks a little embarassed when Jessica reaches her upper thigh, glancing around the bar and then putting on an attempt at a serious frown. "You suck... that's not a real

answer!" she says, her frown ending up more comical than serious. "Whatever. You're hopeless." she sighs. "Okay... laaaay it on me." she says in her best (exaggerated) American accent, adding in a mutter: "You don't deserve a drink for that answer though..."

Jessica leaves her hand right where it is. She holds Yan Sun's gaze as she reaches for her shot with her other hand and cocks an eyebrow. "Mmm. I do. Sometimes." she agrees, sticking her tongue out and giving it a quick wag. She raises her shot briefly to Yan Sun. "Oh? I don't deserve it? Try and stop me." she taunts before taking her shot. Once again she struggles with the burn for a moment before setting the glass down on the

counter and shoving it aside as she licks at the roof of her mouth. She gives Yan Sun's leg a squeeze as she rests her foot on the bar of the other woman's stool and uses it to rock her own stool back and forth slightly as she thinks on her own question. "The answer was bad because the question was bad... So you don't deserve a good question..." she decides, realizing she has an opportunity to get an answer to a question she

couldn't bring herself to ask otherwise. "So-... so same question!" she says, "Did you-...ughhh...." she groans, acting as if it's painful to even get out, "...Did you miss me? Gah, soooo corny." She makes a disgusted face.

Yan Sun rolls her eyes, watching as Jessica drinks her shot, and then squirms slightly as her leg is squeezed, placing her own hand on top of hers, brushing her thumb over her knuckles. She raises an eyebrow at the question and then immediately gains a big grin, despite Jessica's attempt to play it down. "Aha! I knew you cared!" she exclaims, clearly happy with this. "Yeees, I did. It got lonely, sitting around in the room on my

own..." she confirms. Her grin slowly fades and she adds: "Especially when you were late. I got worried." She gives a light shrug, seemingly having no qualms about admitting this.

Jessica rolls her eyes, seemingly her default reaction. "Care is a strong word..." she groans as her gaze moves to their hands. Even if she would never admit it, it was nice to know she was missed. That there was someone to miss her. At the mention of being late, her free hand moves to the wound at her side, still not completely healed but no longer causing her any issues. "Is twice now." she says, glancing back up to Yan Sun's

eyes. "I leave this shit hole twice! And twice I almost die! I am beginning to think the problem is not with Aite... This whole galaxy is fucked, mmm?" she jokes.

The bartender returns whne she notices that both glasses are empty once more, performing a quick refill and then starting to clean glasses upon finding no other patrons in need of service.

Yan Sun snickers quietly. "Maybe... or maybe you just pick 狗屎 places to go." she suggests. She looks down at their hands, still running her thumb back and forth. "And... I mean, you signed up for a job where you get paid for getting shot at..." she says with a slight chuckle, looking up at her again as she reaches for her shot glass. "So... did that earn me another question?" she asks, grin returning, although more subdued. She

downs her third shot, letting out a cough. Weird, the burn felt stronger that time. "Woop! You know, this is pretty good." she says, withdrawing her hands as she swivels her chair to turn out towards the club for a bit, looking around while bouncing her knees.

Jessica frowns, but gives a soft mutter of, "...Right..." in response to the comment about her job. With a sigh, she shrugs her shoulders, leaning back against her seat. "I gueeeess..." she decides as Yan Sun asks about getting her question, "But make this a good one!" she adds. She snickers to herself at Yan Sun's reaction to the shot and pulls her hand back as the woman swivels away on her stool, but her gaze remains fixed on Yan

Sun for a short while longer before she joins in on watching the mostly-empty club. "So? Let's hear it, kitty cat."

Yan Sun nods a few times as she thinks, looking at the hologram that sputters briefly to life above the dance-floor as the technician tests the projector. She glances over at the table they were seated at earlier and then turns her head to Jessica again. "What was... what was he talking about?" she asks, furrowing her eyebrows as she tries to look focused. She's a small woman, and not a heavy drinker. "Mnh... the guy. Uh... Kirill.

Who was he talking-... you know, the people he was talking about?"

Jessica furrows her brow. "Huh?" she asks, sounding a bit confused. She cocks her head to the side to study Yan Sun through a grin. "You are already alllllmost shitfaced, mmm?" she asks. With a sigh she shakes her head. "What are you talking about, kitty cat? What are you asking me?"

Yan Sun frowns, turning herself halfway back towards Jessica. "What-... no, I'm not! I'm just wondering. The people that care about you. That he mentioned. Who are they?" she asks, blinking. "Don't avoid!" she blurts out.

Jessica rolls her eyes once again as she swivels back and forth slightly on her stool, looking as though she's deciding whether to just ignore the question entirely. She lets out a frustrated sigh before pushing herself to face Yan Sun a bit more. "I tell you about this before, kitty cat!" she insists. She gestures dismissively, "After-.... After Adrasteia... and... and everything." she clarifies. "I joined up with Kirill and his

little merry band of rejects... Call themselves the 'Children of Aite'..." she continues, airquoting as she says the name, "They are-... gah.... I don't know what you would call them. Like I tell you before. I was thinking that maybe they are my best shot at getting to fuckface." she shrugs her shoulders, "I was wrong. So who are they?" she repeats and, for a brief moment, she looks slightly torn before that rough exterior

returns and she turns her attention back out to the empty club floor. "They are nobody, kitty cat. And I certainly did not belong with them..."

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