#ClubCobalt – November 9, 2016

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Yan Sun turns back out towards the club, using her feet to swivel herself back and forth on her stool. She lets out a sigh. "If you say so..." she says quietly, and then ceases her movement, leaning forward with arms on her legs ass he looks out across the large room. "How... how long were you with them?" she asks, disregarding Jessica's loosely defined rules. "I me-... he said 'come home'. That people cared. Doesn't sound like

'nobody'..." She lowers her gaze as she trails off, just barely managing to keep from startling as she almost leans a little too far to the side.

Jessica lets out a frustrated sound, making it known that she's not particularly pleased that Yan Sun is unwilling to move on from this topic. "I don't know-..." she begins, giving a shake of her head, "...Six months, maybe? Seven? I wasn't marking days on a fucking calendar" She sighs and looks over to Yan Sun, "Why does this matter so much to you? Mmmm?" She falls silent for a moment before repeating her words to Kirill, "That

place was not my home. Was just a place with an empty bed, kitty cat..."

Yan Sun nods faintly. "Right." she says, not sounding particularly convinced. She sits up straight, or close enough anyway, and spins back towards the bar. "Whatever. Is it-... are we done?" she asks, furrowing her eyebrows at the refilled shot glass in front of her. "Probably enough with... three. Right?"

Jessica turns back around, bringing her gaze to rest on the shotglass. For a brief moment she looks the slightest bit guilty for having soured the mood, yet again, but it quickly dissipates. Her pride once more unable to allow an apology to cross her lips. "If-..." she starts and stops, once again clearing her throught before merely nodding. "Yeah..." she agrees reluctantly, "I-... I have to go to work tonight anyway... Maybe I should

not be too drunk." she says, looking over at Yan Sun. She offers a brief grin, searching the woman's expression to make sure she hasn't pushed too hard.

Yan Sun lets out a sigh remains leaned against the bar counter for a moment, but soon a small smirk is visible even from the side. "Probably a good idea." she says as she slides off the stool, standing up. "Don't want the town being... flooded or anything." she says, furrowing her eyebrows briefly and then nodding towards the exit. "Let's go?" she asks, turning her gaze back to Jessica, her head remaining tilted as she eyes her up

and down, reaching for her hand, still smirking.

Jessica's grin grows slightly more genuine and she climbs off the stool when it seems that she hasn't completely ruined the day. She hums in agreement, but not before rapid-firing both shots. As soon as the second one goes down, the face she makes tells the tale of the regret she feels and she begins bouncing up and down in place and flailing her hands back and forth at the wrists. "Hoooooooooo...." she lets out a deep breath and

blinks a couple times before reaching out to accept Yan Sun's hand. "Gah-... Eh-..." she continues to make disgusted sounds and lick at the roof of her mouth as she fishes her credit chit out with her free hand and tosses it atop the counter.

Yan Sun blinks. "Uhm... are you sur-... okay." Her face twists into another grimace on Jessica's behalf as she watches her reaction. "Uh... you okay?" she asks, squeezing her hand but unable to supress a quiet snicker. It doesn't take long for the bartender to return the chit after the shots are paid for, and Yan Sun starts to move as soon as Jessica has grabbed it, keeping a hold of her hand.

Jessica silently waves off Yan Sun's questions with a flick of her wrist and a bunch of nods after she has returned the chit to her pocket. "Mmmm." she finally manages. "...Fine.... I am fine..." she says, looking to Yan Sun and licking at the air briefly to try and get some of the sting to go away. She releases her grip on Yan Sun's hand as they reach the coat check and begins to slip her winter coat back on. "We should come back

here when it is more alive..." she suggests, giving a brief glance back to the club floor, "On a night when they are not making me sit in that fucking box all night..."

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