#VVApartment – August 21, 2021

Va'ynna emerges from the bathroom about a quarter of an hour and heads towards the bedroom with a white towel around her body. She steps inside and immediately heads for the clothes drawers.

Victoria sat on the edge of the bed for the past quarter of an hour. Mulling things over in her mind, and kicking herself. Once Va'ynna walks into the room, she turns her head to look at her for a moment. "Hey sweetie, once you're done dressing. Come over here for a moment."

Va'ynna goes through all drawers to collect her clothes and stacks them on top of the drawer. She then puts on her underpants and takes the towel off to wipe away some stubborn water droplets that threaten to get her shirt. The only response to Victoria is a small nod before she continues. A matching black bra; a red long shirt; and a pair of light, dark-gray pants. She is still facing away from Victoria. When she's

done, however, she remains where she is instead of going over.

Victoria waits for Va'ynna to finish dressing before she looks back over at Va'ynna. When she sees that Va'ynna is remaining where she is, she lets out a quiet sigh. "I'm sorry, but I was listening to everything you said." She stops for a moment before continuing. "The reason why I was silent is because I've never been good with emotions, it's why I drank so much before meeting you." She

stops for a moment again, her hands on her knees and her gaze on her feet. "You're the first person I've had a proper relationship with, and I'm trying not to screw it all up like normal." From the tone of her voice, it is easy to hear the sadness in her voice.

Va'ynna frowns thoughtfully as she listens to her, looking down at the dresser. "It's my fault," she says and turns around, though she still averts her eyes. "You... had a different childhood, and it was... selfish of me to expect you to do more than just listen."

Victoria doesn't take her gaze away from the floor, her hands remain unmoving from her knees. "No, it wasn't selfish of you to expect more from me. I..." She pauses instantly, and remains silent for another moment. She taps her foot on the ground. "You really do deserve better than me, but I'm trying to be a better person. The person you deserve."

Va'ynna steps back and goes to sit on the bed's edge next to her, but she's staring at the floor as well. "You should... shouldn't do that for me, but for yourself," she says. "You've already done... too much for my sake, not all... I feel is deserved."

Victoria looks over towards Va'ynna once she sits down on the bed. "I...hmph." She moves a hand over to Va'ynna's knee and gives a slight squeeze. "You are someone I truly treasure, Va'ynna." She looks back at the floor, a slight smirk on her face instead of the plain expression she had on previously.

Va'ynna turns her attention to the hand on her knee, and she places one of hers on top of it. "Were it... not for me, you would be at the helm of your ship again," she says. "I... was in bad shape when you went on your first... voyage, and... I'm sorry that... I'm keeping you down here because of it."

Victoria smiles at Va'ynna's hand being placed on top of hers. "There use to be a time that I thought that flying my ship was all I wanted." She moves her hand in a way that she hold onto Va'ynna's hand. "But, then I met you."

Va'ynna sighs. "You're... just saying that," she says, still looking down at her hand. "I can stay with Uvena, or... at the Miner's Respite while you're away. It's... it's fine."

Victoria shakes her head. "I've been out in space for half of my life, Va'ynna." She looks down at both of their hands. "Spending sometime on a planet instead of a ship or station. It's been good."

Va'ynna gives a doubtful hum, not entirely believing her. "Maybe when the... new girl at work is trained up, I'll... be able to go with you on a supply mission," she says, "but... until then, just... know that I can... I can... I'll be fine with hearing from you each time you're in comm range." She is uncomfortable with the suggestion, but guilt takes precedence over her fear. Va'ynna is not out of the woods yet with

whoever took her a few months ago, she knows that, but Victoria isn't the only one that can walk her to work.

Victoria holds onto Va'ynna's hand tightly. "That would be nice, if that can happen." She senses that Va'ynna is uncomfortable with the current subject. "But, I trust the crew more than enough to do a few trips without me." Vicky then looks at Va'ynna, and gives her a smile. "I can wait until the new girl is trained well enough for you to come with me on a trip."

Va'ynna shifts closer to Victoria, leaning slightly on her. She is content to let the topic rest for now, though not entirely without guilt. "I... am eager to hear how she handled last night," she says. "Human and asari holidays are always busy nights, and it was just... her and Enila out front last night, and Enila doesn't have much experience."

Victoria keeps the smile on her face as Va'ynna leans on her. "Hopefully she handled it well. Might mean we can have that trip sooner, rather than later." She sits in silence for a moment. "Do we have a chance for us to watch a movie today?" Looking for a chance to get Va'ynna's mind off of work.

Va'ynna nods in agreement with the wish, but the second question makes her sit up straight again even if she just leaned on her. "I'm not expected at work until the evening shift," she says and rises to her feet with a soft grunt. "So,... unless you're busy organizing your next shipping run, we can watch a lot of vids."

Victoria quirks an eyebrow at Va'ynna sitting up straight, the eyebrow drops back down and her smile turns into a goofy smile. "You know what, it's still the holidays. I think the crew would agree with their captain and appreciate an extra day off."

Va'ynna smiles. "And your... human clients are probably difficult to reach today," she says as if Victoria needs convincing. She extends a hand to pull Victoria up to her feet. "But first, breakfast," she says. "Not that I'm... hungry after yesterday's meal, but... we should probably eat something anyway."

Victoria grabs Va'ynna's hand to help herself stand up. "Sounds like a plan. A light breakfast might be good after last night's dinner." She gives Va'ynna a quick kiss on the cheek.

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