#FreedomFalls – May 16, 2015

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There is a stir of sudden movement on the couch that might be enough to wake Ilyna up, followed by a scream that most certainly would. Something falls to the floor with a thump. (Tyranniac)

Ilyna is not a very heavy sleeper, and is woken up by the movement. "Wh-," she quickly sits up after hearing the thlump, looking towards it.

Johnny is lying on the floor, bleeding profusely. The kitchen knife stabbed into his chest is just barely visible, illuminated slightly by the streetlight outside. The young boy's face is twitching uncontrollably. (Tyranniac)

Ilyna gasps and stands up. She looks around the room to see if anyone else is there.

Li is sitting right next to the couch, curled up into a ball. Muffled crying can be heard from her. (Tyranniac)

Ilyna rushes over to the corner towards the hallway to turn on the living room light, walking around the girl. "What happened?" she asks before going over to the kichen. She checks three cupboards before finding a first aid kit.

Li just keeps crying, face completely obscured by her arms. Once the lights turn on bloodstains become visible not only on Ilyna's sheets, but on Li's pyjamas. (Tyranniac)

Ilyna enables her omni-tool and places a call to the hospital before taking the first aid kit over to the injured child. "You need to tell me what happened," she says, sounding very worried. She puts the kit down on the floor beside him and opens it. Ilyna takes out a pair of gloves and puts them on while looking over the wound.

Johnny 's wound is hard to inspect due to the amount of blood. The knife is stabbed into his chest. The boy is barely moving anymore. (Tyranniac)

Li is unresponsive. (Tyranniac)

Ilyna takes out a pair of scissors and carefully cuts away clothing around the wound to not move the knife as removing it would do more harm than good. "Answer," she mutters towards her omni-tool which lay on the floor with the speakers enabled.

A voice finally comes through on the speakers: "Hello, you have reached your local medical facility. What can I help you with?" The voice is that of the hospital's VI receptionist. (Tyranniac)

We have an emergency, and need medical transport immediately. We have a stab victim. Knife is still in his chest. I'm transferring the coordinates now.

Ilyna puts down the scissor after she has cut away the clothing surrounding the wound and taps on the omni-tool interface to give them her coordinates. She's talking rather quickly, sounding rather nervous. "First floor." She finds medi-gel in the first aid kit. "And can you direct my call to someone that can help me keep him alive?"

Hospital VI: I'm afraid that's not one of the services we provide. Would you like to book a medical examination?

Ilyna sighs. "Just let me talk to a doctor," she says, sounding about as frustrated as expected. "This can't wait!"

Hospital VI: Of course. Please hold.

The beeps and boops of classical 11th century asari ez-art-techno come from the speakers. (Tyranniac)

Ilyna starts to get nervous as she listens to the music, and starts to prepare the medi-gel. She waits with the application in case she has to remove the knife to apply it. Her relevant military training was way before medi-gel, after all.

Ping peeks out from one of the bedrooms, looking very tired. It's clear he's just woken up. He struggles to get used to the light and commotion. "W-... What's happening?" (Tyranniac)

Halisi 's voice comes on to the speakers at last: "Ilyna? What's happening? The VI said there was an emergency." (Tyranniac)

One of the children woke me up... by falling over me. He has a knife sticking out of his chest, and I need immediate help! Shall I remove the knife before applying medi-gel?

Ilyna is not answering Ping directly, although what she said should suffice as an answer.

Halisi pauses for a bit, and rustling can be heard. "Oh god, I'm on my way. Leave the knife for now. Stop the bleeding." (Tyranniac)

I understand.

Ilyna starts generously applying medi-gel around the wound. She does not hang up on the call.

Li manages a short sentance between sobs: "He was going to hurt you." (Tyranniac)

Ilyna raises an eyebrow. "Oh," she says. "I... I see. I will do all I can for him, though."

Ilyna looks closer at the knife to see if there's a chance it could have gone out the other side.

It does not seem to be the case. (Tyranniac)

Halisi 's voice is back on the speakers: "I'm entering the building now. Just hold on! Does he have a pulse?" (Tyranniac)

Ilyna looks at Ping. "Could you please unlock the front door?" she says. "To let the doctor in." She moves two fingers to the part between the windpipe and muscle in the boy's neck and presses lightly to feel for the pulse.

Ping is still standing shocked in the doorway to the bedroom, but he does move to unlock the door when asked. (Tyranniac)

There is no pulse. (Tyranniac)

Halisi doesn't take long to arrive. She bursts through the door and kneels down next to Johnny, opening up her medical satchel and performing a quick scan with her omni-tool. (Tyranniac)

Ilyna looks up to Halisi when she enters, not sure whether there is no pulse or human physiology is different. "I didn't find a pulse."

Halisi finishes her scan and motions for Ilyna to stand back as she digs around for something in her medical satchel, pulling out an injector of some sort. She double-checks the scan just to be sure before jabbing it into the child's arm. She stares at Johnny for a few seconds. There is no movement. (Tyranniac)

Ilyna doesn't do anything but watch, looking very worried for the child. "Is there anything you can do for him?" she asks in a whisper.

Halisi runs another scan while attaching a button-sized electronical item to the child. After a while she shakes her head, looking down at Johnny with a blank gaze. (Tyranniac)

Ilyna looks down at him sadly. She mouths a few words, but a translator wouldn't pick up on that. She doesn't say anything in response, though.

Halisi closes her eyes briefly before pulling the knife out rather uncermoniously. The gush of blood is brief. She grabs Ilyna's sheets and starts wrapping the body in them without a word. (Tyranniac)

Ilyna helps wrapping him in, also without a word. Her eyes a watering slightly.

Halisi looks up at Ilyna. "What... happened?" (Tyranniac)

Ilyna frowns. "I was woken up by him falling over me and onto the floor," she says. "If I understood her correctly, it... was done to defend me from him." She gestures to Li while speaking. She takes off one of the gloves and wipes the tears from her eyes.

Halisi glances at Li and seems to consider saying something, but instead she lifts the dead child off the floor. "I'll take the body to the morgue. I-..." She sighs and goes quiet. (Tyranniac)

Ilyna nods. "Thank you," she says followed by a deep shaky breath. "I... I'm sorry I couldn't prevent this."

Halisi seems at a loss for words. She starts heading for the door but stops briefly. She reconsiders whatever she was going to say and heads out the door. (Tyranniac)

Ilyna takes off the other glove and walks over to Li.

Li hasn't moved. She's still crying. (Tyranniac)

Ilyna crouches down beside Li and places a hand on her shoulder. "Hey," she whispers. "Are you okay?"

Li doesn't respond. She just stays curled up, sobbing. (Tyranniac)

Ilyna keeps her hand on her shoulder. "It wasn't your fault," she whispers.

Li doesn't react to Ilyna's claim. She stays the same way, crying. Ping watches uneasily, standing near the wall. (Tyranniac)

Ilyna looks towards Ping. "You can go back to sleep," she says. "I'll see about getting a flight off-world in the morning."

Ping glances at Li again before going back to the bedroom in silence. (Tyranniac)

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