#Miner'sRespite – July 31, 2015

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Jason slowly makes his way down the stairs of the Respite, dressed the same as he was earlier in the day. The only difference is the pistol in a shoulder-holster. He slips onto a stool and orders his usual drink as he waits for Skythix.

Skythix entered through the front door of the Respite. She had changed from her small vest to a robed outfit that was fit to her figure that included a hood. It was a dark blue with gold trimmings and the heirarchy cabal logo on the shoulder. It was her formal military wear for when she was supposed to be looking nice in front of her superiors. She found the one armed man easily and

walked over to him. "Good Evening." She said from behind him before taking a seat, removing the hood from her head. "This place is becoming a second home already."

Jason glances over at the turian with a lopsided smirk as his cola is set before him. "Thanks for meeting on such short notice." he says before taking a sip from his glass, "Drink?"

Skythix shook her head once. "No. I imagine this is something I want a clear head for. As for meeting on such short notice, I was really only working out when you sent that. Wasn't too hard to just clean myself up and run over here." She claimed it was no big deal but for some reason she took out her dress blues for this like it was some kind of real interview. Now that she was here,

she probably could have come in her underwear and still been fine. She wasn't sure if she should be disappointed or relieved.

Jason gives a stern nod. "Oh yeah, me too. Getting in my daily workout..." he says, gripping his hand tightly around his glass and raising it to his mouth slowly, feigning as if he's struggling to lift the oh-so-heavy glass with a grunt. His smirk quickly returns and he sets the glass back down. "Sounds like you've got the experience. Only black mark on there seems to be the lack of

equipment. No hardsuit?" he asks.

Skythix gave him a bored look with her eyes half closed. "Ha. Ha." She took in a deep breath and shook her head again. "No. I was lucky to be allowed to leave with my sidearm. They wouldn't let me take my old hard suit with me. To be honest it was a piece of crap anyway and as necessary as it was, I have alternate means." She suppressed a groan at her trying to negotiate with the

requisitions officer.

It's not an issue. We'll get you set up with a hardsuit and take a slice of your pay until it's paid off. I'm not in the business of screwing my people over, so we won't take any more from you than the cost. Doing what we do without a hardsuit, unfortunately, isn't an option. Sound fair to you?

Skythix twirled her hand around in the air and rolled her eyes. "Yeah yeah, find ways to pay me less already." She said half seriously. "Of course you'd have to. I wouldn't be able to pay it off if I was dead." She deadpanned.

Jason snickers at the grim joke, probably a sign that he's been doing this for too long. "Well, then that pretty much settles that. I've got a couple more questions for you, but before we get to those, there anything I can clear up for you?" he asks, keeping his eyes on his drink, "I mean... You do know what it is we do, don't you?"

Skythix looked up at the ceiling for a moment. "Red Rock Agency is a fairly new freelance agency that specializes in 'adequate' security for the hard working men and women of Aite." She sounded like she was reciting from memory what she read on the extranet page which was her intention. It was a security company. What was there to know? "Now, what your face says you do and what you

really do can be two different things."

Jason continues staring at his drink and shakes his head. "That pretty much covers it. But I just wanna make sure your head is in the right place here. If you're looking to get rich, there's plenty of money to be made on Omega. Credits are a large part of this business, but there's far more to it than that. I won't pretend I'm perfect, but I do try to do the right thing out here.

I try to do right by my people and by this town, and I expect the same out of my team. I know what comes to most people's mind when they hear the phrase 'PMC'. So, like I said, if you're looking for a quick buck, I'm sure the Suns would kill to have someone with your talents." He glances up from his drink to finally look at the turian, "Literally. They would kill for someone with your

talents. We have to be better than that. You understand?"

Skythix felt a little more compelled to take this seriously. Maybe it was just Wolfe's shifting mood or maybe she was just kicking herself to treat it better. "I understand what you mean but I'm not here to make money. I know there's plenty of ways I can make better money. If I really cared about that, I would have fought more to stay in the military. At least there I would still be

able to garner respect because of my skill and additude." She idly touched the cabal insignia on her shoulder gently. "I'm not out for the illegal trade either. Killing isn't fun, it's necessary. I have no desire to lower myself to their standards." Her voice noticeably to a more solemn tone.

Jason gives a nod and his lopsided smirk returns. "Cheers to that..." he says softly, raising his glass in a small show of theatrics. His eyes are drawn to the symbol gracing her shoulder. He studies it for a moment before continuing, "So? What are you here for, then?"

Skythix | "I..." She started but found it hard to keep the same train of thought. She was staring at the bar counter with a strained look on her face. Her mandibles moved once in thought. "Same thing as everyone, right? The only reason people would actually come out to the Terminus; some kind of adventure." She suddenly turned to Jason and pointed a talon at him. "Don't go trying to

get me all emotional." She said with an angry look. "Gonna take a lot more than that."

Jason lowers his gaze to the counter and gives a couple of short nods. "I won't pry. Your reasons are your own. We've got people from all walks of life and backgrounds. Human, asari, turian, batarian. Ex-mercs, ex-soldiers, ex-pirates." He sighs and looks up from the counter, "I suppose what I'm trying to say is... If you ever feel like you need to get some of that weight off your

shoulders, well-..." he glances down at his missing limb with a smirk, "I lost my arm, not my ears, and I've heard it all before. No judgements here."

Skythix felt like she was leaning a little further away from the human. Her green eyes scanned his person, switching most between his eyes like she was searching for something. Why was he being so nice to her? Was it some kind of attempt at a connection between soldiers? It was almost... disarming. She sucked in a quick breath and felt a shiver go up her spine. "Sorry, I'm not an

emotional person but nice try." She said with a scoff. Another mask to put on.

Jason gives a slight shrug and returns his focus to his drink. "Fair enough. Like I said, I'm not gonna pry. Just keep it in mind. We're all in this together when we're out there in the field. Sort of requires us to trust one another, for better or worse." He takes another short swig from his glass. "Suppose it's your turn to get any answers you might need. Anything I can clear up

for you, or are we straight?"

Skythix let out a soft sigh to herself. She didn't have to be hard on him but that was just the default for her. "I understand." It was mandtatory that you trusted those who you were with. If you didn't, you and everyone else was liable to die and writting home to families that someone under you died was not easy. She wasn't one to project her feelings, far from it. It took more than

a prybar to get her to talk about anything personal. "You can count on me one hundred percent when it comes to the field. Leading or not, you can rely on me." She adjusted the hood resting around her cowl before speaking again. "Is there a training facility I can use? Push ups and crunches can only take you so far since. I always worked with ship equipment so I don't have anything to

use personally."

Jason sets down his drink and idly scratches at the back of his head. He scrunches up his nose and tilts his head, first to one side, then the other. "Sorta....? We've got a bit of land just outside of town. Have a two-story buildi-... Had a two story building." he corrects, "Undergoing a bit of reconstruction right now, but once it's finished you'll have a place to train. It won't

be anything flashy, but it should get the job done. If you want, you're free to head out that way and get a bit of target practice in. Beautiful view. No one around to bother you. Set up a few targets and make a day of it."

Skythix gave Jason a hard look. There was just something about the way he said 'had' a two story building that makes her think about so many possibilities. "What, uh, exactly happened to the facility that warrants the reconstruction? And target practice is nice and all but I need special areas to train my biotics."

Jason sort of shrugs the question off. "Had a little issue with a very angry salarian. He's no longer an issue. Unfortunately he has deep pockets and managed to do a number on our headquarters. We were able to work with the local militia and keep the town out of harm's way, though. As for biotic training ground, I don't know the first thing about any of that. But you're certainly not

the only biotic in our ranks, so it might not be a bad idea to set something up. Let me know what you'd need and I'll see what we can do."

Skythix | "You... What?" She sounded perplexed at the fact that some salarian probably blew up their headquarters. Just one? "I guess I know now why you guys are in here." She muttered and looked around the bar. "Any other turian biotics? Would be nice to be able to collaberate." It wouldn't be the same if it was just another turian though. It all depended on how they saw her and most

didn't like her kind.

Jason gives a quick shake of his head. "Nah. You'll be one-of-a-kind." he says with a smirk, "Haven't come across too many turian biotics, to be honest."

Skythix | "Yeah, not surprised about that. If you actually met a turian biotic it was because they hit you with a warp and not because they told you." It was rare for her to talk about her biotics but she had to supply it in her application so it was hardly a secret anymore. Maybe it'll mean she'll be respected more here. Less regulations and other crap to get in the way. "Last question;

when can I start?" She flashed her teeth in a evil grin.

Jason returns the grin and rotates slightly on his stool to better face the turian. "As soon as we get some work. My second-in-command is currently on a trip to the Citadel, so we're taking some time to look over our options. The way this works is you'll be getting a weekly salary to keep you afloat. When we get a job, you'll get a bonus as well as hazard pay. We'll look for a local

contract for you in the meantime to keep you busy which will come with a pay increase. So basically, for now you just need to stay ready and get paid to sit on your ass and stay 'on-call'."

Skythix thought about the aspect of getting to do nothing and still get paid for it while waiting to do the dangerous stuff. Actually, the more she thought about it the less appealling it sounded. "I just sit around all day? I don't think I can do that. I... I'd rather just stay occupied and my body can only take so much working out in one day. You sure there's nothing I can get started

on right now?" She started tapping on the bar counter impatiently with a talon.

Unfortunately, all of our local contract positions are filled right now. Don't worry about it, though. We'll find you something quick. And trust me when I say we have plenty of work ahead of us...

Jason sighs and seems to bite his lower lip for a moment after the words leave his mouth.

Skythix tilted her head and leaned it more towards him as if she were examining the way he was biting his lip. "What do you mean? I thought the point of a security company was to protect? You make it sound like you're expecting trouble from something specific." Or you're looking for trouble. Either way it didn't sound good.

Jason takes a few moments to nurse his drink before responding with a nod. "Security is where the steady work lies here in town, yeah. But, like any PMC, we have to take on more than just local protection gigs to keep everything running smoothly. And there's plenty of it lined up. Like I said, we're not a bunch of thugs. We pick and choose our contracts with far more scrutiny than

that. But it is a necessity. And there will be trouble." he says, choosing to state the obvious rather than go into any specifics.

Skythix let out a low growl through her teeth. "I figure as much but I'm agreeing to this because I don't want to be a Blue Suns merc. You can't give me at least a little more information than that? I mean, I'm not saying we have to save adorable animals from trees but killing sprees, drug and people trafficking, and mayhem are what I was trying to stop in the military." Her voice

became more agitated as she talked.

Jason looks Skythix square in the eyes as he speaks. "I promise you that's not who we are. I'm not sure what it is you want to hear, but I can't give you information if I don't know what it is you're asking." he says, a mixture of confusion and frustration over the insinuation that Redrock may be anything like the Blue Suns.

Skythix was staring back at Jason with the same anger that her words held before but she faltered. She looked away from him and down at the bar counter with her eyes almost closed. She felt ashamed for blaming someone to be as evil as the Suns when she barely knew anything about them. All she knew was that they were not her brothers and sisters in arms. "Nevermind, I insinuated too

much." Her voice was soft and her head turned back and forth as if she were searching for something to say to recover herself. "I... I should probably go." She said standing up from her stool. "I'm sure you're plenty busy to do other things." She only glanced at him once, unable to hold his gaze. It was going to be a rough night of self-loathing she could tell.

Steve stomps into the Respite in a pair of boots, jeans, and a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He purposefully crosses the room with a furrowed brow and rounds the bar, giving a half-assed greeting to Jason without bothering to face the man. "Hey boss."

Va'ynna looks up at Steve as she's about to speak, but words fail to come out and she looks back into the terminal, returning to stuffing Aylena's inbox.

Jason lets out a sigh as the turian turns away. "I understand, Teratus. You need to know who you're getting involved with. But I'm not trying to keep anything from you. You ask me a straight question and I have no problem giving you a straight answer." he says. He glances over at Steve as he makes his arrival, but doesn't bother giving a response to the man.

Steve proceeds behind the bar and gives Va'ynna a quick pat on the shoulder as he passes her by. He contemplates stopping and questioning the asari about her mother, but decides against it and continues through the door to the back hall.

Va'ynna follows Steve until he's through the door. "Do... you have a moment?" she asks.

Skythix looked in surprise at a new person walking in and addressing Jason as 'boss'. It was weird seeing potential colleagues in what basically amounted to an Inn. It didn't help that he also apparently worked here? Or maybe he just knew the owners? "I know." She said, trying to renew the confidence in her voice. "Just a lot to take in today. I'll get back to you if I have more problems."

She raised her hood over her head and turned so she could see Jason with only half of her face showing. "Take care, Wolfe." Her eyes lingered for a moment before she turned and made her way out of the Respite.

Steve sighs loudly as he turns around, making no attempt at masking the fact that Va'ynna is bothering him. "Not really, Va'ynna. What is it?" he groans.

Jason raps his fingertips against the top of the bar with a sigh. "I understand. You too, Teratus." he says, still somewhat caught up over the Blue Suns remark.

Va'ynna fidgets, looking more than a little nervous. "D'Inea... has been gone all day," she says, keeping her voice low, "and she's not responding to messages, or calls."

Steve stares at Va'ynna, his eyes moving back and forth between hers, studying them as he waits for her to elaborate. When she doesn't, he gives a roll of his shoulders, "And...?"

Va'ynna takes a step back. "It's not... like her at all," she says. "Could you please look at... security vids to see... when she went?"

Steve sighs and places his hands on his hips. He glances around the hall and begins nodding his head slowly. "Yeah, fine... Did you check her place? She's probably just sleeping off a hangover or something."

It's... locked, on both sides.

Steve nods a couple more times and glances over at the door. "Alright. Give me a few minutes to see what I can come up with, alright?" he says reluctantly.

Va'ynna nods and walks back out to the bar with a frown, checking her terminal again hopeful for an answer.

Steve mutters something under his breath and makes his way down the hall to the security office and parks it in his seat. He considers completely ignoring Va'ynna's request for a few moments as he starts up the security feed, eager to look into his attackers more, but decides if wants to keep his job, he should probably prioritize it and begins fast forwarding through the early morning

footage for any sign of Aylena.

The footage doesn't show any sign of her, but the camera in the garage was offline from 5:25am to 5:49am local time. Footage after that is crisp without even an artifact.

Steve furrows his brow and studies the footage a few times. He rewinds the garage footage back to 5:25 over and over, studying the gap in time. After a short while, he backs up the garage footage even further, checking over the hours leading up to the time-gap for anything out-of-place.

The door to the apartment open a few minutes earlier, and stays open for about ten seconds before closing again, making the light from the corridor shine into the garage. Whoever did that is not visible to the camera.

Steve suddenly seems more interested in the footage, convinced that maybe Va'ynna is actually on to something and not just being neurotic. He backs all the camera footage up to around the time of the door opening, and switches back and forth between cameras, looking for any sign of who may have entered or left the apartment at that time, hoping they may have passed in front of one of

the cameras at some point.

The garage camera is the only one that can see the door, but its angle won't let him see inside of it. The camera outside was forced to point away from the garage door since 10 minutes before and until around the time the garage camera came online, and it started going back and forth again.

Steve sighs and pulls out his omni-tool. He begins poking at the interface for a bit, attempting to call Renala up. He sets down the omni-tool on the desk and waits for a response.

Jason slugs back the rest of his drink and slides it across the bar. "Everything alright, V? You look like something is troubling you."

Va'ynna frowns and steps away from the terminal, walking over to where Jason is. "No," she says in a lowered voice. "D'Inea has been... gone all day, and doesn't respond to messages or calls."

Has she mentioned anything about having something to do today?

Renala answers the call, and a video feed comes up with her room's wall opposite the desk in the background. "What's up?" she asks. "Didn't you notice I waved at the camera?"

Va'ynna shakes her head. "Not... as I can remember," she says. "She said something about leaving long ago... and I think I told you then, but... I thought she just didn't have to anyway."

Steve isn't looking the video feed. He's focused on the security feed still, rewinding and fast forwarding the footage as he tries to get some sort of idea of what's going on. "Hey Ren. Sorry to bother you again so soon, but we've got another issue. The twitchy one whose mother's ride you jacked stopped me as soon as I came in to start my shift. Apparently Aylena hasn't been around

all day. I checked the camera footage and there's definitely something wrong. Problem is: I can't get into her room. Any chance you can swoop downstairs and lend me a 'key'?" he asks.

Jason frowns. "Doesn't seem like her to just leave without telling anyone. She practically lives here-..." he pauses, raising an eyebrow as a sheepish smirk creeps up, "...Actually, she literally lives here...."

Renala chuckles. "Isn't the agency in it deep enough already?" she says with a raised eyebrow. "I'll see you downstairs." The call ends abruptly.

Va'ynna nods. "That's... why I'm worried," she says. "She always tell me if she's going to be absent."

Steve gives a shake of his head and scoops his omni-tool up once she ends the call before stuffing it back into his pocket. He watched the footage for a few more moments before standing from his seat and starting back towards the bar.

Have you talked to Steve about it? Maybe he knows where she went?

Va'ynna nods. "I... just did," she says. "He just... seemed annoyed about it."

Renala descends the staircase in a brisk pace, and walks purposefully to the bar. She's dressed similarly as when she was making the turian applicant doubt.

Steve steps through the backdoor to the bar, catching the exchange as he does. "Not annoyed. Worried. I'm on it." he informs, staring down Va'ynna-the-tattle-tale, "Just called Renala. She's gonna help me get into Aylena's place. I'll see if I can come up with anything."

Jason glances between Steve and Va'ynna. "Do whatever you have to, Briggs." he says, not really catching the hostility Steve is sending Va'ynna's way, "Just try not to damage anything."

Va'ynna raises her brows when Steve enters and just starts walking further down the bar.

Steve doesn't even acknowledge Jason's statement, he simply waves Renala over and disappears back through the door.

Renala arrives at the bar, and walks towards the back door without stopping to talk to anyone.

Jason gives a nod in Renala's direction. "Try not to damage the door. Or the panel. But do what you have to do." he says as the asari passes by. Once she's through the door, he looks back towards Va'ynna, forcing a smile, "Don't worry about it, V. We'll find her. I'm sure she's fine."

Steve leans against the wall just beside Aylena's door. "Cameras were moved and turned off at around the same time. Definitely not a coincidence. As much as I hate to admit it, I think the little shit out there might be on to something." he sighs. "Maybe we'll find something inside. Worth a shot at least."

Renala chuckles. "You sure you want to do this?" she says, walking up to the door and enabling her omni-tool.

Steve gives a shake of his head. "Want to? No. Would much rather be sifting through the camera footage to check on our two recently deceased friends. But I don't have much of a choice. This is my job, right?" he says, more of a matter-of-fact statement than an actual question.

Va'ynna starts walking to where she was now that Steve is gone. "I... hope so, too," she says, still looking a little nervous.

Renala nods and gets to work on the door. "Stop the alarm if it goes off," she says. "The VCA VI can overreact."

Jason gives a short nod. "When was the last time you spoke to her?" he asks, attributing her nervousness to the general situation.

Steve pulls out his omni-tool with one hand and enables the interface. "Yep. You got it." he says, glancing at the orange glow and waiting to see if the alarm is tripped.

Va'ynna ponders it for a moment. "Yesterday... night, after I was done closing up," she says. "But she wasn't... anything out of the ordinary then."

Jason looks slightly worried, but quickly tries to cover it up. "Well, let's see what Steve and Renala can manage to dig up before worrying." he says. "How about you, V? How have you been?" he asks, attempting to take the asari's mind off of Aylena momentarily.

As Renala warned, the alarm goes of rather quickly with the highest urgency level and showing the camera watching over them, but it's only giving him an obnoxiously loud repeating notification on his omni-tool. The door's interface sputters and change colors wildly, but eventually it gives in and turns green.

Va'ynna smiles slightly. "I've... been fine," she says, "but it's been a... long day here, and I only took one break." She blushes a bit as she says that, but simply looks away.

Steve cringes at the obnoxious noise and pokes at the omni-tool to shut off the alarm. "Well, at least we know it's workin'." he says as he slides the omni-tool back into his shirt pocket, "There was no sign of the alarm being set off during the camera blackout, though." He lifts up his shirt slightly and pulls out the Carnifex that's tucked into the back of his pants and passes it

towards Renala. With his other hand he removes the Tempest tucked into the front. "Just in case..." he says.

Are you gonna be able to handle things here for the night if you have to?

Va'ynna nods. "Yeah, but... I didn't open the kitchen today and won't tomorrow. I will get up earlier tomorrow to prepare breakfast, though."

Renala nods and taps on the interface, letting Steve enter first since she's unarmed.

Well, hopefully you won't need to. But if you do, will you at least have help tomorrow?

The office / living room / kitchen it leads to is very tidy, and has no sign of the asari owner. The terminal atop the desk is shut off, and no datapads or documents are lying on the desk surface. There's a window across from the door, but the blinds are down. The electrical light turned on as soon as the doors do.

Va'ynna nods. "The other... bartender has been working here all day, so... I hope so tomorrow too," she says. "Maybe I can... bother Victoria to help keep watch."

Renala takes the pistol with a nod. "Thanks."

Steve steps into the room with the Tempest raised. He gives a quick, half-hearted sweep of the room before lowering the weapon to his side. He glances around for any sign of forced entry or a struggle. Overturned furniture, anything.

Jason raises an eyebrow. "Keep watch? Is Briggs slacking?"

Renala steps into the room after him, approaching the desk. She keeps her weapon lowered, however.

The room show no sign of forced entry, though it could be a sign of a forced entrant nice enough to clean up after themselves.

Va'ynna frowns. "No, but...," she says in a lowered voice. "I... don't trust him."

Steve sighs and places his hands on his hips as he glances about. "Well, that was a bust." he says, approaching the desk behind Renala, "I'm gonna pop the terminal on. Can you pull up any kind of timestamps to see when she last used it? Might help us pin down some sort of timeframe when she was last here. We can see if it coincides with the camera blackouts."

Jason glances at the door behind Va'ynna and furrows his brow. He leans in closer, placing his elbow on the counter. "Why not...?" he asks.

Renala nods, and gets infront of the terminal. "I can take a look," she says, "but let's not dig too deep. I don't want to know what an almost-matriarch is into, you know." She chuckles.

Va'ynna frowns. "He's... not very nice," she says, "and I... never feel comfortable going to ask him something. I've put that off... all day."

Steve raises an eyebrow as he stands off to the side of Renala. "Well, shit, I'm down for some digging." he jokes, allowing a smile to surface. He reaches out and turns on the terminal, but makes sure to stay out of Renala's way.

Jason scowls a bit. "I'm not his biggest fan either, V. But he seems to get the job done when needed... How about I have a talk with him about calming his shit a bit?"

Va'ynna fidgets. "I... I... don't want to get him in trouble," she murmurs. "He would... maybe get mad at me."

Jason lowers his gaze to the counter for a moment, trying to come up with a solution. After a short pause, he looks up at Va'ynna. "I could tell him customers were complaining...? I don't know, V, but if he's being a dick to you, then that's a problem that needs to be fixed."

The terminal starts up rather quickly and ends up a login screen. There are three notifications popping up beside the login text fields, the first stating that the local security systems server has started a service called 'camerafeedserver@garage1', and the second that a timed instruction to write data to a configuration file with 'outside2' in its name has been fulfilled.

Those names should be familiar to both Steve and Renala as they're in the corner of the respective camera's vid feeds. The notification times match up to when the cameras stated working again. There is no other information to be had from the login screen. The third notification is for the messaging application stating there are 18 new messages and 51 missed calls.

Va'ynna nods. "I... suppose you're right," she murmurs. "I... just... don't want him to like me even less."

Steve points at the screen arbitrarily, "Alright... Can you get us logged in?" he asks.

Jason sighs loudly. "Have you brought it up to him?"

Renala hums, and brings up her omni-tool. "I can try," she says. "Physical access is a pain in the ass to protect against, but I don't know our friend all that well." The screen turns black, and goes to a repair console, and renala starts typing on it.

Va'ynna shakes her head a bit. "No, I... I haven't," she says.

Might be worth a shot, right? Maybe he doesn't even realize he's being an asshole.

Steve sets the SMG down on the desk and crosses his arms as he watches Renala at work.

Renala frowns. "Looks like I can't bypass the login without losing the keys to decrypt storage," she says. "I think D'Inea would be pretty mad if we did that."

Va'ynna nods. "I... don't think he's not aware," she says, "but I'll... think about it."

Steve lets out a deep sigh. "I don't even know what that means, Ren. Dumb it down for me."

If we did that, the data stored would be indistinguishible from random junk.

Jason sighs loudly. "You tell me what you want me to do and I'll do my best, V. You want me to talk to him, I'll talk to him. I just don't want him mistreating you."

And we don't have any other options?

Va'ynna looks thoughtful. "What about... exchanging him with... another one in your team?"

Jason looks down for a moment and doesn't seem particularly fond of the idea, but he nods. "I can do that...."

Renala keeps looking over the rest of the storage devices. "We don't. The rest is just the bare minimum to start this thing up, and a password-protected key."

Va'ynna smiles faintly. "But... you'd need a reason other than... me," she says.

Steve groans. "If this all turns out to be one big misunderstanding and she just suddenly turns up tomorrow, she probably wouldn't be too happy if we fucked up her terminal... But if something is wrong, we don't have a lot of leads to go on..."

Jason nods slowly. "We just hired a new recruit. I'll put her on it. I'll tell Steve I'm trying to break her in and make sure everything is gonna work out with her. It's not like he's really in a position to question it, I suppose..."

Renala nods and taps on her omni-tool. "I'll grab a copy of the key," she says. "I can see what I can do, but I make no promises. These things are trusted by people with something to hide, and with good reason."

How long do you think it's gonna take?

Renala frowns, and steps back. "Anything from one day to a thousand years with my hardware," she says. "If she's this concerned about privacy, I'd say the latter is most likely."

Steve reaches up and rubs at his forehead. "Well, see what you can do and get back to me in the morning, alright? If you're unable to come up with anything, then I'll just need to start knocking on doors nearby, see if anyone saw anything..."

cusses under his breath at all the trouble it may take to figure out what's going on.

Renala nods. "I'll get right to it," she says. "You can look in the garage and talk to the employees while I try crack the key."

Va'ynna smiles. "Thank you," she says. "That's a... great idea."

Jason gives Va'ynna a lopsided grin and nods. "No problem, V." he says, "I've got some paperwork to handle for our new recruit, but I'm gonna keep up with Steve about D'Inea. I don't want you to worry about it. We're gonna find her." he promises. "Make sure you get yourself some rest tonight, alright?"

Steve scoops up the SMG and slides it into the back of his pants. "Yeah... Good luck." he says, giving the asari a pat on the shoulder before heading off towards the garage.

Va'ynna nods. "I will," she says. "And thank you... again."

Jason slides a credit chit across the counter and gives Va'ynna a wink before hopping off the barstool and heading off towards his room.

Renala lets the pistol lie on the table, and shuts off the terminal, making it look like nothing's happened. "I'll see you around," she says as she exits the room and returns to her room.

Va'ynna takes the credit chit, and barely stifles a giggle at the wink. She charges it, but would be unable to shout at Jason if there's still soemthing left.

Steve stops in place near the door as he remembers his pistol and turns back for it before leaving.

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