#Miner'sRespite – September 5, 2015

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Jason enters the Respite, shouldering through the door. Seems he's had a change of clothes delivered to him at the hospital since Va'ynna last saw him. He's dressed in black fatigues, his usual boots, and a long-sleeved white t-shirt that covers his arms up to the wrists.

Zaylus is seated at one of the Respite's booths, though he is alone. There is nothing to indicate he has ordered anything, seeming content to pick away at information on his omni-tool. The turian appears virtually unchanged; wearing the same armor with the same heavy pistol at his waist. A casual observer would label him "tired" over anything else. He doesn't turn to look.

Va'ynna is currently not at the bar this forenoon.

Jason continues straight up to the bar, not even noticing Zaylus as, let's be honest, all turians look alike anyway. He takes a seat on the stool and slowly lifts his right arm up, resting his elbow against the counter. "Uhh... Hi." he says, "Guessing you're the one taking over for Aylena? Is V working today?" he asks.

Zaylus absently fingers his omni-tool for a few moments, uninterested in his surroundings. Then, movement just inside his field of vision grabs his attention. He looks up, expression changing somewhat as he slides to the outside of his seat. After a moment's hesitation, he dismisses the screen and carefully stands, gripping the tabletop. The turian pushes off and makes his way to the

bar, coming up on Jason's left side, but doesn't take a seat. "Jason." He mutters.

Kanaya smiles and walks over to him. "Word travels fast," she says. "She's in the kitchen, making a special order for... she didn't tell." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Jason gives the asari a smile. "Mind letting her know I'm here?" he asks with a tilt of his head. His attention is quickly tugged away as he hears his name from behind. Mindful of his new arms, he slowly brings his left arm up and presses it against the edge of the counter, using it to turn himself around on his stool. As his gaze comes to a rest on Zaylus, he lets out a deep sigh.

"Well. What do we have here?"

Halisi descends the stairs of the Respite, looking around the room. Upon not seeing who she's looking for she takes a seat at the booth nearest to the stairs, fingers drumming restlessly against the table. She's out of her work clothes, wearing another printed t-shirt and simple pants.

Kanaya nods. "You must be that special someone, then," she says with a grin. "I'll tell her." She walks over to the nearest terminal and sends a quick message to the kitchen. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Zaylus too exhales deeply, averting his gaze somewhat. He nods, as if agreeing with the unspoken feelings about this awkward reunion. "Yeah, yeah." He murmurs, running a hand across the back of his neck. "Is... Is there any reason for me to talk?" He questions honestly, sensing the futility of his return.

Leah enters through the front door of the Respite. Dressed in her usual clunky, loosely laced, untied black boots, tight black pants, and an olive green canvas-esque jacket with a white shirt beneath it. She stops just inside the doors and scouts the room until she spots Halisi. With a small wave she approaches the woman's booth. "What's wrong?" she asks, getting right down to business

as she slides into the booth across from Halisi.

Jason gives a shrug, wincing slightly as the motion sends a bolt of pain through his shoulders. "I don't know." he says plainly, furrowing his brow, "Is there? You certainly didn't try to talk before you just up and left without so much as a word to anyone."

Halisi 's gaze wanders out across the Respite, halting briefly at Jason before returning to Leah. "Not here." She gets out of the booth and gestures towards the stairs.

Leah 's look of curiosity grows into one of concern as she slides right back out of her seat. "O...kay." she says warily, taking a step towards the stairs. "Halisi, what is this about? You're starting to worry me..."

Halisi heads up the stairs, keying the code to her room in and stepping inside when she's sure Leah is with her. "It's about Damien..."

Zaylus grimaces as the words hit him. "It's my second greatest regret, I promise you that." He responds, his voice low and his gaze still wandering from Jason's eyeline. "Mistakes were made. I mean, is there any point to appealing here? I don't think you owe me."

Leah follows the woman into her room, folding her arms across her chest at the mention of Damien. "Go on." she says, with-holding any further comment until she hears the woman out, but given the previous encounter and the nature of the meeting, an unsettled feeling has already began to creep its way in.

Va'ynna emerges from the door to the back with a tray, approaching the bar counter. On the tray, there's a plate with varren kebab with the side dishes he's used to, and condiments and the like to go with it. She sets it down on the counter. "Would you like a drink-..." she then looks at the turian for a few seconds, tilting her head as she thinks she recognize him. "...to go with it?" she finishes her question.

Halisi seems to struggle with what exactly she should say. After a couple of uncomfortable seconds she says: "I'm... worried about him. He came to the hospital last night, rambling... he was talking about you. He said you went on a date?"

Jason snorts loudly and gives a slight shake of his head. "Appealing?" he asks, not entirely sure what the turian is even talking about. "Appealing to... what?" he shakes his head and blinks hard, "Zaylus, what is this about? Why are you even here?" he gestures towards the seat beside him with a sigh and a short nod as he hears Va'ynna's voice, opting to turn to face her instead of

remaining focused on the turian. "Rum and coke?" he asks, looking over the plate of food, "You're amazing, V. Amazing." He slowly lifts his hand and begins the process of guiding it towards the tray with some difficulty. Once close, he allows his hand to rest on the counter and shoots a look back over his shoulder.

Leah scrunches up her nose. "Rambling...? Ummm... Yes?" she says, giving a short shrug and lowering her gaze to the ground momentarily, "Sort of. I guess... Why? What did he tell you?"

Va'ynna blushes, crouching down and opens a drawer (and to hide for a second). She takes a pair of utensils out of it before closing it and standing back up, and putting it on the tray. She stops, and looks a the turian. "You're... Zaylus?" she saks. "It's good to... see you again. Where have you... been?"

Halisi winces slightly as she realizes the way she started didn't sound too great. "He was rambling about you acting strange. Having a secret agenda. I was half expecting him to say he thought you'd been replaced by a clone. Paranoia."

Zaylus looks on quietly, keeping collected despite his instincts. It would take all the tact he could muster, but he would be truthful. He cautiously takes the neighboring stool, looking down at the countertop. "I've been asking myself the same thing." He begins, though his next thought is put on hold. "H-hey, Va'ynna." He nods with a trying smile, unsure how to navigate the increasingly

complex social situation. "Where have I been?" He repeats. "Well, I've... been..." His eyes lock. "Away."

Leah 's mouth opens slightly as she listens to what the woman has to say. "He-..." she begins, taking a step back from Halisi. A sudden pang of fear shoots through her. Did he know? No, there was no way. Why would he think this? Where was it coming from? Everything seemed fine the day before. She swallowed down her fear and gave a shake of her head. "I don't understand. He was fine

last night, Halisi. Everything-..." she pauses, sounding as if some of the wind has been knocked from her sails. "....Everything seemed alright..." she says in a mutter.

Jason slowly maneuvers his hand towards the food and clasps his thumb and index finger around the kebabs. It takes a bit of concentration and it's still quite slow and awkward, but he's markedly better with controlling them than he was the previous night. A reward from a long night of practice. He slowly raises his other hand, raising it in a straight, linear fashion, and extends his

thumb, cocking it towards the turian. "Away." he repeats to Va'ynna with a nod, "Unannounced vacation while the rest of us were shoved into the meat grinder."

Halisi lets out a sad sigh. "He... was talking about having led you on. To try and find out more. I-... I'm sorry." Her gaze is very focused, studying Leah intently.

Va'ynna finds a glass and fills it with ice. She starts mixing the ingredients brought to her by Kanaya and after a moment, she puts the drink on the counter. Va'ynna remains quiet, curiously listening to what they have to say.

Zaylus grits his teeth, giving a confused look to Jason's awkward movements. But after the human finishes speaking, it's not hard to put two and two togther, even for him. "I'm not going to say I shouldn't have said something." He says carefully, visibly tense. "We've clearly been dealing with our own... problems, lately." After a brief moment and a uncertain look toward the asari, he

adds: "I should have been there, I know."

Leah stares at Halisi, looking over the woman with a distant look on her face. "Halisi, what are you talking about? Where is he?" she asks suddenly without awaiting an answer to her first question. Her posture loosens up as she unfolds her arms and tucks one hand into her pocket, allowing the other to dangle at her side. "This doesn't make any sense. Did he say why he felt this

way? I want to talk to him." She pulls her omni-tool from her pocket, "Why would he come to you if he thought something was wrong with me? Why not just... ask me directly?"

Halisi reaches for the arm with the omni-tool, trying to gently guide it down. "Leah, please... he-... he was acting crazy. It's-... I think the last mission was too much. I think he broke."

Jason lifts his kebab up and holds it out in front of his face. He rotates it slowly, looking it over. Moreso his hand than the actual kebab. "But you weren't." he says pointedly. "If this is some attempt at apologizing for running off on us, then apology accepted. I absolve you of your sin. You may live the rest of your life guilt-free." he says sarcastically, "Is that what you're

looking for?"

Leah 's eyes begin to glaze over. She blinks a number of times in rapid succession, causing a few tears to escape. "No..." she says softly, "He's fine." She quickly uses her free hand to wipe at her eyes but makes no attempt at resisting Halisi's grip. After a moment she glances down at the doctor's hand, "Why don't you want me to talk to him?"

Zaylus winces, turning from his diatribe. "No." Afer a pause, he even manages a slight grin. "Even if I believed you." Refocusing his attention, he speaks more directly. "I'm here because I fucked up, you know? You think it was my plan to leave a trail of pissed of people behind me until no one in the Galaxy would take me in? And trust me, that might end up being the plan if you tell

me to fuck off right now. I wouldn't even blame you." He pauses, trying keeping his voice down. The turian sighs, collecting his thoughts again. "I don't think you're those people. I don't think you're that guy." He rubs his head with one hand. "You know what I'm trying to say."

Jason gives Zaylus a sidelong glance before leaning forward and taking a bite from his kebab. He chews silently for a few moments before gulping down his food. "What kind of trouble are you in?" he reluctantly asks with a loud sigh, continuing to look over his food.

Halisi lets go of Leah's wrist, her hand moving up the woman's shoulder instead. "He needs rest, and isolation for a while." After a short pause she adds. "I'm worried about his state of mind. That he was... affected... by the artifact you found." she says, a grave expression on her face.

Zaylus doesn't take his head from his hand, running his talons along his fringe absently. "None, now." Bringing up his omni-tool, he takes another glance at the information he was studying. Some of it appears to be data, other pieces his own personal logs. "I made sure of that."

Va'ynna looks at Zaylus. "Do... you want something to drink?" she asks.

Zaylus snaps to look at the asari, almost completely forgetting her in the midst of his own drama. "Some... water. Would be great. Thanks." He responds, offering a smile.

Leah glances down at Halisi's hand, a scowl suddenly taking form on her face. A mix of frustration over the situation, and undeserved anger at the woman before her for painting a target on Damien's back. "I need to see him." she says, her patience growing thin.

Va'ynna returns the smile as she walks over to grab a glass before pouring a glass of water. She returns with it and puts it on the counter, staying quiet to not interrupt their conversation more than she already have.

Halisi winces at Leah's words. "I-... I really don't think that's a good idea. No good would come from it, for either of you."

Jason nods slowly. "Well, that's... something, I suppose." he says, going in for a second helping. A few more moments pass as he chews his food. "So? What is it you need from me? You didn't come all the way back here just to tell me you're not dead."

Zaylus gives the asari a nod as he takes up the glass, drinking generously before turning to respond to Jason. "I thought that much was obvious." He says, clearing his throat and setting the near empty glass on the counter. "Next time you head into the... uh... 'meat grinder', I want to be there."

Leah continues to stare at Halisi's hand. "Where. Is. He?" she asks, now speaking through clenched teeth as her frustration and confusion grows. "What did he say? What fucking 'hidden agenda'? This is insane, Halisi. He was fine yesterday. FINE. How did he lose his marbles in just a few hours?"

Jason goes back in for another bite before letting out a loud chuckle. "So that's it! You just want your job back. Oooh, that's rich." he grunts through a mouth full of delicious, tender varren meat, "Why? Why the hell would I trust you? We needed you out there, Zaylus." he says, rotating on his stool to better face the turian. His hands remain in the same stiff positions, however.

"Whatever trouble you were in? I would've helped you. And when we needed you the most, you just disappeared."

Zaylus leans over the countertop, one hand seeming to be joined to the back of his head. "Yeah, I'm starting to get that." He mutters, probably to himself. "I'm not used to this shit, Jason. I'm serious. I don't know what the rules are." He shakes it away, "I know, I know it's a fuckin excuse. I've been dealing this one dumbass thing for months now, and it might even-." He winces,

attemping to reel it back in. Letting out a low grunt, he refocuses. "Believe me, Jason. I wish I had been here, I really do. I won't make that mistake again."

Jason watches Zaylus out of the corner of his eye as he shreds the varren meat from the stick. Finally, once the turian has finished his piece, he chimes in. "Lucky for you, we need all the help we can get right now." he sighs, "But this is it. You disappear again like that, and there's no coming back." he warns. "And forget about the 'meat grinder'. I'll put you on a security shift

here in town. You manage to show up when you're scheduled and eventually we can talk about moving on to other shit." He scrutinizes his varren kebab for a few moments before adding, "Just-... talk to us, for fuck's sake. You need help, reach out. Say something."

Zaylus nods as a grin begins to appear before dissipating at Jason's final thought. "Yeah, yeah. Sure thing." He says simply, but content in his voice. "Just let me know what's what, I'll be there." He briefly scans something on his omni-tool, though not prompted by a alert or chime. "And... you know. Thank you." Shifting a little in his seat, he glaces toward the door. "If it's alright,

I should be heading out soon."

Jason rolls his eyes. "Don't drown me in appreciation..." he says sarcastically. "I'll have someone get in touch with you once the shifts are settled. Do I need some new contact info? Or can I still reach you the same way?"

Va'ynna takes a step back, still listening to their conversation. This bar is still not very busy, even if there's a few more people around having lunch or late breakfast.

Halisi shakes her head. "I don't know, Leah. I-... I don't think he was fine before. He was just trying to look like it, because he was suspecting you of... something. I know it doesn't make sense. He was panicking... as he was releasing how paranoid he was. He seems to regret what he did... for whatever that's worth..."

Zaylus briefly considers this. "The same is fine. I'll be around town, anyway. " He slides off the stool, standing on the opposite side of it. He looks to the asari. "It was nice to see you again, Va'ynna. I'll probably be around again."

Va'ynna smiles at the turiane. "You... too," she says. "I'll... see you again.... I hope."

Jason glances over his shoulder as Zaylus begins to make his exit. "That makes two of us, V." he says, although it's obvious that his comment is directed more at Zaylus than the asari.

Zaylus grins widely, holding a hand up as he departs. "Count on it." He says, turning to go. "Goodbye, you two." The turian casually crosses the floor, exiting the Respite and heading down into the city center.

Leah furrows her brow and jerks away from Halisi's grip. "Regre-... Wha-..." she shakes her head and trails off. She pulls up her arm and activates her omni-tool. "I need to see him, Halisi." she repeats as she begins poking at the interface, her voice cracking somewhat, "I-... I have to make sense of this. He had no reason to suspect me of anything. He wouldn't do that. He's

not that cruel." she continues, her speech pattern picking up speed as it tends to do when she gets nervous, "He-..."

Jason raises an eyebrow, staring at Va'ynna as Zaylus makes his escape. "My life just gets stranger and stranger." he sighs once he's sure the turian has put some distance between them. "On the plus side-..." his lopsided smirk returns, "These kebabs are fucking delicious." He tears what's left of the meat free from the stick and chomps away at it loudly.

Leah. I'm not making this up. Please. It doesn't matter if he had a reason... he probably invented one. He's not in a sound state of mind. Seeing him now isn't going to help. It'll only make things worse for both of you.

Worse? How could this get worse!? I need to clear things up with him!

Leah frowns at Halisi and returns to poking at her interface.

Va'ynna gives a small smile. "Thank you," she says. "I'm glad... I haven't forgotten how... while the kitchen was closed."

Halisi rubs her forehead with a drawn-out sigh. "Fine. Fine. Alright. Maybe talking things out wouldn't be the worst thing. I'm... just trying to help."

Jason moves his hand over the plate and releases his grip on the stick, allowing it to drop to the plate. "And look at that. I'll be performing complicated handshakes in no time."

Leah stares at Halisi as she jabs one last finger at the haptic interface, presumably hitting 'send'. "What does this even have to do with you!?" she says, "Since when did you become such a busybody? Sticking your nose everywhere?"

Halisi blinks, taking a step back in surprise. "W-...what? I wasn't tr-... I'm just trying to help..."

Va'ynna can't help but giggle, but her expression grows more serious after a few seconds of silence. "What about... your job?" she asks, looking a bit concerned.

Leah 's eyes return to the omni-tool as it signals a beep. After a moment, the interface dissipates. "Yeah. You've been doing such a good job of that." she says, placing a hand on her hip, "Thank you so much for all the help you gave me. You're a real savior." She stares at Halisi for a moment, locking eyes with the woman. "Where is his room? I'm walking over there right now."

She pauses for a moment and snorts as she realizes her own choice of words. "Walking over there. No thanks to you..."

The upcoming job? I plan on spending the next few days locked in my room, 'wax on, wax off'ing the fuck out of these things.

Jason gives a nod. "Don't you worry about that. I'll have this under control in no time." He slowly lowers his hand to his glass and wraps his fingers around it. Once his grip is secure, he looks up at Va'ynna proudly and gives a wiggle with his eyebrows. "See that?" he asks before slowly bringing the drink to his lips, "No problem."

Halisi still seems taken aback by her hostility. "I'll-... I can... drive you." she says, her voice turned timid and her gaze fallen away from Leah.

Va'ynna watches him pick up the glass, looking a little uncertain before her smile returns as it looks like he's got it under control. "You're... doing well," she says, looking back up at him. "Don't... forget what you promised me, though." She doesn't elaborate further than that.

Leah 's features soften up as she realizes how her words hit their mark. "I-..." she begins, reaching up and placing her hand on her forehead as her eyes close, "We're all going through a lot, Halisi." she continues with a sigh, "Monroe isn't alone there..." She turns and starts towards the door, not particularly paying attention to whether Halisi is even following her.

Halisi takes a moment to get moving, but follows after Leah in silence.

Jason raises an eyebrow, "Shopping...?" he asks tentatively, worried that in his overly medicated haze he may have committed to more than he can pull off.

Leah stomps down the hall and down the stairs without so much as looking around before marching towards the exit. The only thing on her mind is getting to Damien and somehow turning the situation around. Getting him involved in all of this was the last thing she wanted. How did he know?

Halisi follows Leah out of the Respite, managing only to shoot Jason a hasty glare which is no doubt meant to say 'No drinking!'.

Va'ynna nods. "Yes," she says. "I'll... hold you to that, so... you can't sit in your room all day." She looks up and sees Halisi, offering a small wave.

Jason glances at the crestfallen pair exiting the Respite, but doesn't make much of it. He does, however, raise his drink slightly in a mock toast towards Halisi with a big smirk. "Good. I need to restock on a few things." he says, turning back to Va'ynna, "Any idea what time you're getting off tonight? And I'm not asking what time Victoria will be stopping by." he adds with a goofy

smirk and a wink.

Leah quickens her paste, forcing her way out of the Respite ahead of Halisi. "There is no threat!" she mutters under her breath, her voice cracking heavily as her eyes well up with tears again, "I promise you. Please. Trust me!" She continues off down the block, completely unaware where Halisi's vehicle even is.

Halisi exits out of the Respite, looking around for Leah who has already stormed off down the street. "L-... Leah? The parking lot?" She has to almost shout the last part to make sure Leah can hear her.

Leah tosses her hands up in the air as she spins on her heels, marching back towards Halisi. By now, tears have begun to make their appearance, but she's in far too much of a frenzy to address them.

Va'ynna hums thoughtfully. "I... shouldn't be working right now," she says with a sheepish smile. "I get back to work in around... five hours, and then... I work until very late."

Halisi stops in place on her way to the parking lot when Leah starts to get closer. "Leah...?" The concern is obvious in her face.

Jason leans forward a bit, paying close attention to his new arms as he sets his elbows against the counter. "Sooo... Wanna get out of here as soon as I'm done with my drink?" he asks, tilting his head slightly to the side.

Leah puts her hand up. "Don't start." she instructs, walking a right past Halisi before realizing she has no idea where the woman is parked. She stops in place and spins around to face her. "Well..?" she huffs, bringing a hand up to quickly wipe at her cheek.

Halisi nods faintly and heads over to her car without argument - a simple silver skycar with four seats. The roof opens and she climbs into the driver's seat, eyes tracking Leah in sad silence as she waits for the woman to enter the vehicle.

Va'ynna glances at the door behind her. "Yes," she says. "I... will stay here until she's back, though." She pauses for a moment. "I... didn't expect I'd be done this early, so... I'll have... three hours before I'm supposed to meet Victoria for lunch."

Leah climbs into the passenger's seat and stares straight ahead as she folds her arms across her chest. "I'm fine." she says as she feels Halisi's eyes staring a hole through her without turning to face the woman.

Jason begins the slow process of grasping his fork. He drops it a couple of times, frowning deeper each time he does, but when he finally manages to clasp it between his fingers, his big smile returns. "Sure. Gives me a chance to finish eating. After the hospital food, this is high living." he says, shoveling a bite of food into his mouth.

Halisi takes a deep breath and then turns her gaze forward as the roof closes. The scar lifts off from the ground, hovering up until it is just above the height of the surrounding buildings. She then takes off towards the hospital at the slow speed you'd expect when flying in town. "I'm not your enemy. If there's anything I can do..."

Leah 's mood only seems to worsen upon hearing Halisi. Tears begin to flow more freely. "I know!" she exclaims loudly, "I just-..." She sucks in some air and leans back in the seat, bringing her arm up and propping it against the window sil as she rubs at her forehead. "I'm worried about him." she says. Not a lie. Just not the whole truth.

Va'ynna smiles. "I'm not in... a hurry," she says. "I can let you eat in peace, because I... need to ask Kanaya a favor, and... ask when she's back to take over."

Jason gives a few nods, but remains quiet as he chews loudly. He uses his fork to gesture towards the door, indicating he's fine with her walking off. "Mmhmm."

Halisi nods. "I understand... I am too." She says nothing further, and it doesn't take long for them to reach the hospital. She sets down in the parking lot and the roof starts to open.

Leah begins wiping up her face, dropping down the mirror to make sure she's at least somewhat presentable. "I'm sorry." she mutters, "I shouldn't have said those things..."

Va'ynna walks off through the door to the back, meeting Kanaya just inside the hallway. She asks to talk in her office, however, and they both head that way.

Ennik shows up half a minute later, approaching a patron that Va'ynna had failed to notice waving at her on her way out. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Jason gives Ennik a quick nod as he makes his appearance. He has no idea who the fuck he is but, what the hell. Nods for everyone!

Halisi climbs out of her seat, a friendly smile forming as she waits for Leah to exit. "Like you said, we've all been through a lot. Come on..." She nods towards the hospital entrance.

Jason continues nomming away like a pig, only stopping to occasionally get his drank on.

Va'ynna emerges from the doorway about fifteen minutes after heading to her employer's office. She looks around for Jason.

Jason is still in the same spot. He's since had a refill, which he's currently taking a swig of. As he spots Va'ynna, he quickly tilts the glass back, slugging the rest of the glass's contents.

Va'ynna walks around the bar and over to Jason. "Are you... ready to go?" she asks.

Jason sets the glass back down and swivels on the stool. "Absolutely!" he says, hopping to the floor, "So? Where to?"

Va'ynna glances at the exit, a sheepish smile showing up. "I... thought you know where... we should go," she says. "I don't... go out much."

Jason blinks a couple times. "Oh! Right...." he clears his throat and starts towards the door with a nod. "Of course! We'll just go to the-.... Uhh.... market...?" he says, sounding more like a question than a statement.

Va'ynna follows him towards the exit, and nods. "That... is a place to start, I... suppose," she says.

Jason nods in turn as he exits the Respite and starts off down the block... In the wrong direction.

Va'ynna shivers a bit as the outside air hit her. She follows Jason's (wrong) direction without objection.

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