#VVApartment – December 22, 2018

Va'ynna comes home after yet another long day at work, having been walked home by Uvena. She walks over to take off her blue jacket, shivering from the cold it's far too insufficient to protect her from. The long green scarf that she coils up and hangs next to it helps, but not all that much. As usual, the asari looks tired and miserable.

Victoria was in the kitchen, knowing that this was around the time Va'ynna comes back home from work. Fixing herself a glass of water. Wearing her typical winter clothing she wears to bed, a simple t-shirt and track pants. She was able to down half of the glass of water before Va'ynna arrived. Upon hearing the door, she gives Va'ynna notice about her location. "I'm in the kitchen, Vay."

It's 11pm on December 8th. The weather outside is quite still, though the cold is biting.

Va'ynna is wearing a long-sleeved red shirt where a few flour stains and the like have escaped the apron's cover, and simple black pants. Still shivering, she makes her way around to the kitchen. "How... was your day?" she mumbled a question before stopping before the kitchen sink and letting lukewarm water run over her hands.

Victoria gives a shrug. "Same old, same old. Organising the next shipment run, few other little things." She takes a quick look at Va'ynna and the flour stains on her clothing. "I can only guess your day has been long and you are quite tired?"

Va'ynna gives a weak affirmative hum. "Like usual," she says, "and in seven hours it's back to work again." She leaves the sink running; the water still feels warm to her stiff fingers. "Are you... going with the next shipment?" Va'ynna asks, and despite her attempts to hide it, the tone of the questions hints at the answer she wants to hear.

Victoria faces Va'ynna and looks at her. "If you don't want me to go. I will try to find a way not to go." She tries to give a smile, Vicky did love being at the helm of her ship but she loved Va'ynna as well, and it did hurt her seeing Va'ynna's face last time she left. "I wished you were able to get sometime off, then you could come with me."

Va'ynna closes the tap and turns to Victoria. "If... you want to go, I... I understand," she says. "I-I-I'll miss you, but... I... I'll be fine." There's a lack of confidence in her voice, but it's accompanied by guilt. "Aylena is... busy, and soon she will leave. I... I doubt I'll get even a day off before she's back again."

Victoria grabs Va'ynna's hands. "I love being up there, Vay. But I love being with you." She wanted to be honest about that, she did not want to lie to Va'ynna. "I will try to stay with you, if it is possible." She was trying to be honest as possible, she did not know if she could get away with not going with her ship or not.

Va'ynna squeezes her hands and shifts a little closer. "I... I... hate keeping you down here, Victoria," she murmurs. There's a bit of moisture forming under her eyes, the tired asari struggling to keep her emotions in check.

Victoria after hearing the murmur, she pulls Va'ynna closer and goes for a kiss. Upon breaking the kiss, she gives Va'ynna a smile. "We don't need to worry about this now. You should be getting yourself warmed up." She gives Vay a quick hug, trying to comfort the asari.

Va'ynna is quick to latch onto the hug, holding her for longer than what Victoria intended. Though, had it been any longer she might have fallen asleep in her arms. She gives a weak hum of affirmation, but doesn't say anything.

Victoria does not mind the hug lasting longer than what she intended. "We might want to move this along. Can't really have you falling asleep in these clothes." She tries to lead Va'ynna towards the bedroom, seeing if she wanted to move before she tried to take the lead.

Va'ynna sighs and follows her to the bedroom. "Would be nice if you could carry...," she whispers before a yawn cuts her sentence short. "Mhm, you're right." Aside from her hands, Va'ynna is still quite cold to the touch.

Victoria continues leading the way to the bedroom. "I mean, it would be nice if I carried you. But, I am a little sore from all those other times I had to carry a certain asari." She gives Vay a quick smirk. "Think I might only have enough strength left to dress someone or cuddle. One of the two."

Va'ynna looks undecided for a moment. Whether she really is, or faking it is hard to tell. Without voicing her decision, she does walk over to the dresser and opens the drawer. "I... told Uvena about my step-mother today," she says while rummaging through the drawer for a loose enough shirt to wear. "It... felt good to be honest with her," she continues, "but... I don't know if I should have. She... is busy, and

now... she has that to think about. And... and she looked angry every time I saw her at work. Not at me, but... this person she probably doesn't know."

Victoria goes to her side of the dresser, and pulls out a pair of track pants. She wants to see if Va'ynna had to burrow them for the night. "I think telling her now, is better than telling her later, love." She stands next to Va'ynna waiting to see if she wanted a hand or not. "I think in the long run, it is for the best that she knows now." She tries to comfort Va'ynna in her choice.

Va'ynna takes out a shirt and puts it ontop of the dresser before taking off her own. "Yeah, I... think so, but... I don't know," she says. "There's... also who stole her car, that... I have to keep from her." She lets out a small sigh before taking off her bra and putting it on top of her dirty shirt. "It... sounds like they're becoming good friends, and... if I tell her, she... will be angry with her, and... and


Victoria gives Va'ynna a hug from the side, Vicky can tell that Vay hated keeping secrets. "I know you must hate trying to keep that hidden from her. But that one might be for the better, but I can't see the future." She kisses Va'ynna on the cheek. "You just make your choices in life, and continue marching on."

Va'ynna shudders as she feels warm arms and hands on cold skin. "I... don't know," she murmurs sadly. "I... I think it's easier if she admits it, which... she says she will, but it's... been a while now." She reaches for her shirt at first, but the hug makes that inconvenient, so she starts with unbuttoning her pants.

Victoria lets go of Va'ynna, and moves to the foot of the bed to have herself a seat. "It will probably be better if she admits it..." She yawns loudly. "Sorry, did not mean that. But yeah, it will be probably for the best if she admits what happened to your mother. So, just try not to tell your mother. I know you don't like secrets."

Va'ynna takes off her pants, picks them up and places roughly folded next to the other clothes. "I... know," Va'ynna says mid yawn. "I... I don't think anyone needs that conflict now. Redrock Agency doesn't need it after... their rescue mission, and... what's going on with the collectors...." She starts dressing by pulling the shirt over her head.

Victoria nods "Yeah, that is probably for the best. Less conflict the better, at the moment at least. I feel like half of Redrock got injured during that mess." Shuffles up the bed to get to her usual spot. "Thing either go shit or decent recently."

Va'ynna frowns as she thinks about that mission, what little she has heard about it from Jason and Uvena. "At least... they rescued Li," she says. "I... hope to see her soon." Va'ynna then slips into the pants Victoria offered her earlier, and walks over to her side of the bed. "I need... a better jacket if we're going to spend time outside again, though. It's... colder now."

Victoria gets herself under the covers of the bed. She grabs Va'ynna's hand and pulls her onto the bed. "Rather not spend anymore time outside. Would rather spend that time under the covers with you." She gives Va'ynna her typical smirk. "Warmer that way as well. Then again warmer clothes never hurt."

Va'ynna gasps at being pulled into the bed, giggling a bit once she lands and her tired mind catches up to what just happened. "I meant... me and Li, silly Victoria," she says, fumbling with the cover to pull it over her without letting go of Victoria's hand. "While you were... going to Rakhana, we played outside in the snow. It was... fun. She was the knight, and I was the... sqvu...reel? I don't... remember how

she said it."

Victoria gives a shrug at the word Va'ynna was trying to say. "I got no idea, knights were never really my thing. As you could guess spies and pirates were more of my thing. As you should know, since you are clearly a spy after my pirate heart." Bringing up an old topic. Gives another shrug and a smirk. "Unless, me being the pirate that I am. Maybe I stole your heart?"

Va'ynna crawls under Victoria's blanket, pulling her pillow closer and presses her face against Victoria's shoulder. "It's... the last one," she murmurs. "Though... it wasn't a very subtle theft,... which... I suppose aren't what pirates are about anyway."

Victoria smiles and kiss Va'ynna on the forehead. "That would be me, little tact. But can steal anything I want." She wraps an arm around Va'ynna, and holds her closely. "Don't really need any tact, when I was following my heart."

Va'ynna wraps her arms around Victoria, shifting around slightly to make herself comfortable. She shakes a bit from weak, stifled laughter. "I'm glad there's... only one Victoria," she says in a whisper. "...And that she's mine." She closes her eyes, and her breathing slows as she is already well on her way to drifting off to sleep.

Victoria smiles "I'm glad there is only one Va'ynna, and that she's mine." She whispers back and kisses her forehead. She closes her eyes and allows herself to go to sleep.

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