Ehanis' Trail


Vasquez would not find any records of ships taking passengers leaving off-world between 11am and the evening of December 3, 2185, making it highly unlikely that Ehanis has left Aite (yet).

As far as regional transports go, there is a freight truck that was selling free seats on a route to Fenadan Central, a modest 2000-people settlement to the north-west that started out as a meeting place for farmers to exchange goods. They stop at multiple smaller settlements along the way, however, so if Ehanis is on it, she could have hopped off at any of them. The truck is anticipated to be at its final destination at 4am the next morning.

Mian's Apartment

Later that day, Vasquez got the full story from Ilyna and decided to send a team to question or apprehend Mian T'Veki. They did apprehend her and bring her to Redrock HQ, and later sent another team to search the place for anything Mian might be hiding.

They weren't met by a pretty sight when they first entered the apartment. Food packaging, snack bags/wrappers, bottles and other things scattered around the living room, which is where the entrance is. The bedroom was also extremely untidy with clothes both dirty and clean strewn about the floor. The only sign of tidiness was the folded clothes in the wardrobe.

The bathroom was the cleanest room of the apartment, which isn't high praise. There was dust wherever dust can gather, and the mirror is not particularly useful. The cabinet behind the mirror was well stocked with cosmetics, hygiene products, and basic first aid items. Emma did not notice that some of the cosmetics were meant for a paler asari than Mian, but she did note that there were more than one toothbrush there.

Emma found a datapad under some clothes in the bedroom. It contained two files that are the same as on the OSD Ilyna left in the office while Ehanis was off on the Rakhana mission. They files were copied over to the datapad on the 25th of October.

Ehanis' Reply to Jason

Jason receives the first sign of life from Ehanis at 4am in the morning on the 9th of December, almost a week after her departure. It's a message that's a direct reply to his, and with no additional recipients.

Additions to Ehanis' File

Ilyna did not keep the cameras running for her meeting with Sioria on the 20th, and their voices did not carry into the hallway. She did say she would write down some information after the meeting, however, and she added these details to Ehanis' file.

  • Ehanis was not in danger, or actively pursued.
  • She was working with a small crew that provides security for a colony.
    • Known colleagues: Siv/Siveh' (asari) and Luyn (salarian)
  • Ehanis will likely be more reluctant about future communication due to their discovery of her location.