#Miner'sRespite – September 9, 2014

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Jason bounds down the stairs of the Respite. He's dressed similarly to the previous day- black cargo pants, black boots, and a short-sleeved white t-shirt. He has a brown jacket in his hand and a traditional-style holster strapped to his right thigh, holding his Phalanx. As he reaches the bottom of the steps, he begins to pull his jacket on and glance around the bar.

Va'ynna emerges from the the door behind the bar, along with Aylena who's going to tend the bar. She looks around and quickly notices Jason, making her way towards him. The asari is dressed in a dark-gray dress with green trims, because of the weak kinetic barriers it has. "Hey," she says. "How... are you?"

Jason offers the asari a smile as he shrugs his jacket the rest of the way on. "Can't complain, how about you?" he asks, "D'inea give you any trouble?"

Va'ynna shakes her head. "She didn't," she says. "Um, well, except when I asked for... more free time today or tomorrow."

Jason furrows his brow as he pats the asari on the shoulder and gives her a light nudge towards the door. "More free time?" he asks as he starts towards the door, "Got plans?"

Va'ynna follows beside Jason, looking a little reluctant to answer. "Just... going out for dinner," she says. "Victoria asked if I wanted to."

Jason 's eyes widen as he looks over at Va'ynna. "Victoria? As in... Redrock Victoria!?" he asks, sounding quite surprised, "And you said yes!?" A bit of a chuckle escapes him.

Va'ynna nods. "I know," she says, "but... I spend enough time in here, so... I appreciate friends taking me out."

Jason frowns as he nears the front door. "You're gonna make me jealous." he teases, "I thought I was your best friend. Now I find out you're running around town, having dinner with other people!?"

Va'ynna tilts her head, although a little smirk can be seen. "You still are," she says, "and... I don't do this... regularly." She pauses. "Um, isn't Ilyna supposed to be here too?"

Jason stops in place and winces. "Shit..." he says, "With everything going on... I completely forgot." He sighs loudly and places a hand against the wall beside the door. "You mind sending a message her way and seeing if she wants to join us? Try and, you know, ignore the part about me forgetting about her..." he says, "Hopefully she doesn't have anything going on right now..."

Va'ynna nods and enables her omni-tool and starts typing. "He's such a terrible person," she jokes in a murmur, as if writing it down. "I had to remind him." Just a few seconds later, she sends the quite short message.

Jason scrunches his nose and gives the asari a playful shove, "Hey! I was just shot! Have a little empathy!"

Va'ynna can't help but let out a giggle. "Ow," she exaggerates. "I... was just joking." She lets her omni-tool's interface dissipate.

Jason furrows his brow. "Uh huh, sure. Trying to make me look like an asshole. Well I do perfectly fine doing that on my own, thank you very much!"

Va'ynna sighs. "I didn't write it down, I promise," she says. "I just... pretended to."

Jason 's smirk returns and he gives the asari a wink. "I know, V..." he says, "Any word back? She planning on joining us?" he asks with a nod towards her omni-tool.

Va'ynna enables her omni-tool after hearing a notification. "Yeah, she'll be... here in a minute," she says before once again turning it off.

Jason gives a nod and he leans against the wall just beside the door. His smirk grows as he stares at Va'ynna for a moment, "So... You gonna give me all the details?" He tilts his head to the side, "What's going on between you and Vicky? Is it love?" he teases before taking on a shocked expression, "Ooh, and what will Ilyna think!? Your sugar momma isn't going to be happy! Scandelous!"

Va'ynna frowns, her cheeks deepening a little bit in color. "Um, no, just... going out," she says. "There's... nothing more to it than that."

Jason raises an eyebrow. "Does she know that? I'm not sure how well you know Vicky, but I'm pretty sure I know what she's got on the brain..."

Va'ynna nods. "I... I know," she says, "but... I just want to go out, and... I think I made that... kind of clear." She looks a little unsure.

Ilyna can now be seen atop the staircase, making her way downstairs. She's in her usual kind of casual dress. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Jason snickers and shakes his head. "Just keep your guard up... She's definitely gonna try her damndest." he assures her. He spots Ilyna heading down the stairs and raises an arm to wave her down. "Over here, slowpoke!" he shouts, "We've been waiting on you!"

gives Va'ynna a glance as if to remind her not to mention that he completely forgot about Ilyna.

Va'ynna returns the glance, bringing up a hand to cover her mouth as a giggle escapes her.

Ilyna reaches the bottom of the stairs and makes her across to them in a brisk pace. "Hey," she says. "How are you two?" (Va`ynna_Atana)

Jason pats the area he was shot, "Still a little tender, but a hell of a lot better now that I'm out of that hospital bed." he says, "What's new with you?"

Va'ynna smiles slightly. "I'm alright," she says, though she doesn't elaborate.

Ilyna nods. "Not all that much," she says. "I'm going to visit my sister later today, and see what my options are if I stay there instead of at the Respite." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Jason glances through the door, "Shuttle's here..." he says before opening the door and stepping through. "So, where is your sister staying?" he asks as he makes his way towards the shuttle parked outside.

The shuttle parked just outside of the Respite is your typical wheeled variety with four doors. (Jason_Wolfe)

Ilyna follows after Jason. "You don't see many of those back on Thessia," she says with a chuckle, before also approaching the shuttle. (Va`ynna_Atana)

She's in a place out of town. I forgot the name of it, but it's almost at the end of one of the roads connecting a few homesteads to this town. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Va'ynna approaches the shuttle after them, but remains quiet.

Jason opens up the door to the shuttle. "Guessing there's not a whole lot of use for 'em in Thessia." he agrees. He slides into the shuttle and takes a seat, after relaying their destination to the driver, he returns his attention to Ilyna. "Isn't that gonna make it hard to get back to town? And expensive?"

Ilyna steps in and takes a seat, as well. "Yes, it is," she says, "but if me and my sister travel to town together, it'll be cheaper in the long run." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Jason took the seat behind the passenger's seat. The backseat is wide enough to fit three people across without issue.

Va'ynna enters the vehicle last, and closes the door behind her. She remains quiet, however.

Jason enters the Respite through the front door. "Well, that's a start I suppose." he says, "But this place needs more bartenders. Seems to be the most steady need here."

Va'ynna nods. "Two more, I think," she says. "but I suppose she has a reason for not having hired any already."

Jason nods as he continues towards the bar. "Of course she does. Credits. Why pay more people to do what she can make you do." he says, somewhat joking. He turns towards the stairs when they're close to the bar, "But I'm gonna let you get back to work, alright? Make sure you tell me how the date goes. Every. Juicy. Detail." he teases.

Va'ynna sighs. "No... promises it'll be... interesting to talk about," she says. "I'll see you." She starts making her way towards the bar.

Jason raises an arm to give a half-assed wave as he begins to ascend the stairs. "Catch ya later, V."

Va'ynna returns the wave before walking into the bar, and exchanges a few words with Aylena before taking over for a while.

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