#FreedomFalls – April 14, 2015

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The children all start making their way out of the overcrowded backseat of the skycar. The younger ones stop once out to look around at the town in quiet fascination.

Ilyna hands the driver a credit chit, offering the ten or so credits remaining as a tip, and steps out of the car. She steps over to the back of it to unload the baggage with the driver's help. She's clad in a dark-gray casual dress that she's not too uncommonly seen in.

They are outside an apartment building three blocks into the residential district the Miner's Respite is at the edge of. It's two stories with stairs leading up to the entrances for the top floor apartments. All entrances are on the shorter side of the building, while the broadside faces the group by the road. It houses a total of four apartments by the looks of it. The windows are all covered by curtains, not offering a view of

the room inside.

The children do not speak - no murmuring of the kind one might expect. The youngest, a girl, looks up at the sky and her eyes widen at the sight of Aite's rings.

Ilyna moves the baggage out of the way and the car takes off shortly after. "Beautiful, isn't it?" she asks the girl looking up at the sky, trying to break the silence.

Li is clearly quite fascinated by the sight. "What is it?"

Ilyna smiles slightly and glances up to the sky as well. "It's the rings around the planet," she says. "Some have those. It's rare for garden worlds, I think."

Johnny , who looks to be about seven, seems unnerved by this information, but doesn't say anything.

Li continues to look up in awe.

Evelina , the oldest of the group, looks down the street, and then tracks a car with her gaze as it travels past them.

Ilyna glances at the boy. "Is something wrong?" she asks, sounding concerned.

All the kids are wearing simple white jumpsuits, that have been stained by the mud and rain on the trip to New Longhai.

Johnny lowers his gaze down at the street, not responding.

Ilyna frowns at the lack of response, and picks up the bags. "Let's go inside," she says. "First floor, the one on our left."

The children all start following Ilyna, with Evelina lagging behind a bit.

Ilyna approaches the door and sets the bags down. She enables her omni-tool and starts tapping on it. After a few moments, the door's interface turns green and it opens. Ilyna steps back, and gestures for the children to walk inside.

The apartment starts with a corridor leading into the living room. It spans almost half the length of the apartment, and has a door on the left hand side just before it ends. The dining table (with four chairs) is visible from the doorway as it is perpendicular to the opposite wall, and they can glimpse the kitchen along the living room's left wall after the corridor ends.

The kids move into the apartment, although Li hesitates for a brief moment before entering. They all gather up in the hallway.

Ilyna picks up the baggage and steps inside, closing the door behind her. "It's not entirely ready," she says. "We have two regular beds and one double-bed. I'm already planning on calling my sister to get groceries for us, so I can send her to get another mattress and some more covers."

Toren moves further into the apartment, looking around.

Li blinks. "Do we live here now?"

Johnny shakes his head. "I want to go home..."

Ping seems annoyed, looking at Johnny with a scowl. "You're stupid. We can't go home."

As they get past the hallway, they can see the kitchen spanning the entire the entire wall on their left, ending at the fridge at the end furthest from them. It has a stove, a sink and a microwave oven, but no dishwasher. To their right, in the corner is a couch and a chair matching the couch, with a low table. There is a vid screen. on the wall across from the couch. Also to their right on the wall nearest them are two doors

with a drawer in between. Half of the right wall has a window, but a gray curtain covers it.

Ilyna frowns. "For now," she answers. "I... can understand if you're scared. I will contact the Alliance and Hierarchy and see what they can arrange for you."

Toren looks around the main room before eventually walking over to the window and sitting down on the floor.

Johnny pushes Ping. "Shut up!"

Ping pushes Johnny back, causing him to fall over. Ping walks down the hall.

Li moves behind Ilyna as the boys start pushing each other.

Ilyna walks over to Johnny and offers a hand to help him up. "Calm down," she says. "I will do all I can to help you find a new one, but... your home is gone. I'm sorry."

Johnny starts crying as Ilyna helps him up.

Ping seems more annoyed by John's crying. He does his best to ignore it.

Evelina moves into the main room where Ping and Toren are.

Ilyna crouches down a bit and pulls him into a hug. "It'll be alright," she says in a lowered voice, patting his back.

Johnny doesn't respond to Ilyna, but the crying stops after a few quiet sobs into her shoulder.

Ilyna keeps the hug for the time being, looking ahead to the rest of the apartment. "If there's anything you want, please tell me," she says, to nobody in particular. "I can order food if you're hungry."

None of them respond to Ilyna. Johnny goes to join the others in the main room after a while, but Li remains with Ilyna, staying close to the asari.

Ilyna glances over at the youngest girl as she stands up, and starts walking down the corridor. "Are you hungry?" she asks, looking at the children gathered in the living room.

None of the children respond, but eventually Ping nods.

Ilyna sighs. "Please, don't be afraid to speak to me," she says as she enables her omni-tool. "I want to help you." She pauses, tapping a bit more as she finds a list of places that offer delivery. "What kind of food would you like?"

Johnny looks saddened. "We always eat vegetables from the town."

Toren is still looking out the window.

Ilyna continues tapping on her omni-tool, skimming the menues of the different places, especially those that has a section labeled for children. "I will improvise, then," she says, settling for one human-owned establishment that has a limited dextro menu. "It will probably not be the same as you're used to." She starts making and order.

Johnny sighs.

Evelina is walking around the apartment, studying it.

Li pulls on Ilyna's dress. She looks as if she wants to say something.

Ilyna pauses what she's doing and her omni-tool's projection goes out. She crouches down and looks towards her. "What's on your mind?" she asks.

Li whispers: "I need to pee."

Evelina has sat down next to Toren. They seem to be talking.

Ilyna pats her shoulder gently and gestures towards the door that's along the hallway wall, on the side of it nearest the kitchen. "Call out if you need anything," she whispers back.

Li nods and hurries off to the bathroom.

Ping looks at Ilyna. "What's going to happen to us?"

Ilyna considers it for a moment. "You will stay with me until I can get you the help and care you need in Council space," she says. "The worlds there are the safest places to grow up."

Ping looks skeptical. "What's that?"

Johnny moves off into the nearest bedroom.

Ilyna enables her omni-tool again to continue the order. "Council space?" she says. "It is star systems and clusters that respects the authority of the Citadel Council, where many species have someone to speak for them. It has laws and protections that we don't have on this side of the galaxy."

The door opens to a bedroom with two beds, and a somewhat narrow space between them. The covers for the mattress, duvet and pillow are in stacks ontop the the duvets for each bed. To the immdeiate right as he enters, there's a dresser with several drawers.

Johnny climbs into one of the beds, staring at the floor. After a little while he grabs a pillow, starting to remove the pillowcase.

Ping furrows his brows, as if there's something else he's wondering, but he doesn't say anything.

Ilyna pulls back one of the dining table chairs and sits down. After a few more taps on the omni-tool, she lets it dissipate with a sigh. "The food should be here in less than an hour," she says.

Johnny starts tearing pieces off from the pillow in silence.

Ilyna doesn't hear him, and thus doesn't react.

Ping sits down with Evelina and Toren. It doesn't take long before they get into an argument.

Evelina yells out: "No, it's not! They killed our parents! And Father Marchal! They're bad."

Ilyna frowns, "Calm down." A sigh follows. "You saw what happened on that world," she continues. "We saved everyone we could save. I... know it wasn't enough we could do, and for that I'm sorry."

Evelina turns around to look at Ilyna. "We're not stupid. We know what you did."

Ping seems uncomfortable with the conversation and does his best to ignore it.

Ilyna raises her brows, looking rather saddened as she can sympathise with them.. "I am not saying that," she begins, "but what happened.... It was bad for all of us. We were too late to stop it." She pauses for a moment. "Please, all I ask is that you let me make this right for you."

Evelina turns silent, swallowing her anger. It's clear she's far from content though. She sits down next to Toren again.

Johnny sits in the bed, continuing to rip the pillow into small pieces with increasing ferocity.

Ilyna raises a brow as she stands up from the table and approaches the doorway to the bedroom where Johnny is.

Ping is staring at the floor.

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