#Miner'sRespite – October 23, 2016

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Aylena is currently taking orders from a less than pleasant asari customer. She's a guest staying here, who kept prodding her about food yesterday when Va'ynna was unusually late. Aylena takes her order without excibiting any outward reaction to the way she's spoken to. She is wearing a long red dress with white trims that hugs her features well, but doesn't show an inch of skin aside from her head and hands.

It's early evening, and food service is about to open.

Leah enters through the front door of the Respite in a pair of form fitting jeans, black clunky boots and a thick, poofy, light blue jacket. She shivvers briefly as she tugs down her hood, freeing her long blonde hair which is pulled back into a neat ponytail. A carnifex is strapped to a holster around her right thigh. As she passes through the front door, she holds it propped open for Tara as her gaze moves to a heavy-set

older gentleman near the door with a bushy grey beard. She raises her other hand, giving the regular a quick wave with her fingers to go with her bright smile. "Heyyyy~" she sings as she stomps in place, knocking free some of the snow from her boots.

Tara follows closely after Leah, as is usually the case. She's wearing the only winter clothes she has - an oversized, fluffy winter coat that makes her look twice as big as she is, and a colorful toque, which is covered in snow. She takes off her mittens a little while after entering, rubbing her hands together for heat as she looks around.

Aylena looks over at the entrance while typing down the information about the food order, and offers the arriving pair a nod. The customer is about to get more frustrated as the interview will delay her order.

Leah steps away from the door as her wave and smile are returned by the older gentleman. She passes a glance up towards the counter and upon spotting Aylena, returns her nod with a wave. Soon after she turns her attention to Tara. "That's the boss lady." she informs with a gesture towards the counter. "She's nice, so you've got nothing to worry about. She's just going to ask you a few questions and stuff. Just be yourself,

alright?" She places a hand on Tara's upper back, urging her towards the bar, "This will be like the perfect job for you! There's no way she turns you down."

Tara reluctantly gets moving at Leah's insistence, still holding her mittens in one hand as she approaches the bar. "Good evening, ma'am." she says when she's close enough for her quiet voice to be heard, her gaze going up to the asari briefly before focusing on the bar counter. She tugs at the mittens in her hands, clearly more than a little uneasy with the unfamiliar situation.

Aylena nods, offering a small smile. Weren't it for the turian bartender, she would have started to wonder how her establishment only attracts timid young people as applicants. "Good evening, Tara," she says. "Please come with me." She starts making her way into the corridor, glancing over her shoulder to see if she is following.

Leah gives Tara a raise of her eyebrows to go along with another wide smile as she nudges her around to the other side of the bar. "Just be yourself." she repeats in a whisper, "There's nooooo way she'll be able to turn you down. And if you need me? I'll be right out here, okay?" she offers as she starts around the bar to guide her friend.

Tara nods, and then bows her head respectfully to her side before following after Aylena, keeping her gaze low.

Aylena raises an eyebrow at the distinctly batarian gesture, but she doesn't say anything. Though it made her wonder why a human would use batarian body language. She leads Tara to her office and steps inside, and takes a seat behind her desk. "Please sit down," she says, gesturing the chair in front of the desk.

The door leands into the living room of an apartment, which doubles as an office. It has a kitchen stretching along the wall with the door they entered through, towards the corner to the left. There is also a dining table and a couch-group to the left. There is a closed door along the wall to the right, and further along that wall is an L-shaped desk with a terminal atop it.

Tara takes a brief look around the room to orient herself before taking a seat in the indicated chair, remaining silent as she places her hands in her lap. Aside from the winter coat she's wearing clothes borrowed from Leah. Her blonde hair is starting to close in on an inch in length. Electric burns scar parts of her head and neck.

Leah remains near the counter to mingle with a few of the regulars. Her shift doesn't start for a short while anyway, so there's no rush to gear up.

Aylena looks her over before she begins speaking. The girl has no doubt got an interesting story to tell about these scars, but none of that had any place in a professional meeting like this. "I was told you're able to cook and clean," she begins. "Is that correct?"

Tara nods. "Yes, ma'am." she says simply, her gaze staying on the desk.

Nathan steps into the Respite, stomping off the snow from his boots. He clings his leather jacket to him tightly and brushes off a few stray flakes from his jeans. He walks with a small limp, although not as prominent as it was the other day. Hidden beneath his jacket is his holster with the Predator pistol tucked neatly into it. He glances around, still carrying

bags beneath his eyes from yet another sleepless night. He shuffles towards the counter, not even glancing around. All he wanted was a drink right now.

Fostur slowly walks in through the door and quietly lets out a growl of displeasure, Turians are known to not like the snow THAT much. She looks about before she shakes herself a bit and quite a bit of snow, then she walks over to the counter. "A warm Dextro-Wine would be great right now... mulled if possible..." She mumbled quietly, shivering every now and then.

Gregorij is sitting in his usual corner, nursing some whiskey. He's wearing a his usual tattered old jacket and his beard is as unkempt as ever. Anna, his mobility assistance mech, is next to him, of course. He glances briefly at Nathan, but on Lantea his gaze lingers longer, studying her for a while from his booth before returning his attention to his drink.

Leah removes her thick winter jacket and places it below the counter as she continues to joke and idly chit-chat with one of the regulars, a turian employed down at the local mine. She's wearing a simple grey t-shirt beneath her jacket. As she spots Nathan, she pokes her head up a little higher, standing on the toes of her boots as she glances over the turian's shoulder. "Hey butthead." she greets with a grin. "Heard you guys

had quite the camping trip out there!"

Nathan blinks and looks up, searching for the voice. Seeing Leah, he smiles tiredly and walks over to her, squeezing around the regulars. "Butthead... cute." He leans on the counter as Mavus starts to serve up some drinks to the regulars, chatting idly. He runs a hand down his face, stifling a yawn. "Camping trip... sure... bunch of bandits, giant insects and

paralysis... What a greeeeeaaatt time."

Lantea quietly groans before she plants her backside on a stool next to the counter, then she looks about, trying to find someone who is not looking like they just walked through Blight-town. Then she spots Leah and Nathan, who she promptly approaches after getting a drink. "Evening, what's with the gloomy atmosphere?" She asked quietly. (Fostur.)

Leah leans forward, elbows against the counter as she looks across at Nathan. She gives a roll of her eyes at his first comment. "Yeah..." she says after his second. "Korio- the drell?" she explains in her typical rapid-fire approach, as if Nathan might not know who she's talking about, "He told Jasper alllllll about it." She scrunches up her nose before briefly adding: "Didn't even know they spoke." A quick shrug of her

shoulders before she continues without a breath, "So then Jasper told Jattic- as usual- and I guess Jattic told Mendez. So last night Mendez called me and told me all the gory little details. Sounds like it was a fucked up job! I mean the employer just ditched you guys out in the desert? What an asshole, right? So there's a drell staying at the agency now that nobody can understand. But Mendez told me that Jattic told him

that Korio told Jasper that he can sort of understand some of her words so I guess they'll figure all that out." she rambles as she begins to fill a glass with water. As Lantea approaches she immediately switches gears and gives the turian a big bright smile. "Heya~" she greets before casting a quick glance about the bar and scrunching up her nose. "Gloomy? What's gloomy? You just wait until the eight-thirty crowd

arrives! It'll start getting real exciting!" she says sarcastically with a snicker. "It's not so bad. Just a quiet bunch is all."

Lantea just looks at her monologue going on and on and on... Lantea looks somewhat tired to begin with, so once she just hears this full on machinegun mouth start her little story, she... zones right out, and just finishes her drink, by the time she looks up, Leah was already at the last part. "Spirits... that sounds like a botched job alright..." She mumbled, before she scratches

beneath her crest. "Agency, huh... you don't happen to need an uh... engineer? One with prior military experience...?" She asked with a bored expression on her face.

Nathan slowly nods to Leah as she fires off five words a second. During that time, he had managed to order a drink and have it placed before him. He clung to it like his life depended on it and downed half the contents in one smooth motion. He raises a hand to the turian, offering her a smile before glancing back to Leah. When she finally concludes, he raises and

drops his shoulders. "Well, that's... about it really. Oh, and I nearly got eaten by a giant snake. It... was not fun in the least bit." He sinks onto a bar stool, idly sipping the drink.

Lantea looks at the raised hand, but in the same time? She seems puzzled, unsure what he meant with it! "Not sure what you are motioning, Human." She said with a small tilt od her head, resting her arm on the table now before she props it up and plants her cheek on her open palm, gazing at Leah and then at Nathan. (Fostur)

Aylena nods. "Nahl has housekeeping and janitorial duties under control, but we could use another chef," she says, trying to maintain eye contact with Tara. "The Miner's Respite serves food meant for multiple species of either chirality, and food has to be prepared with that in mind at all time." She couldn't verify her experience, but she thought to ask regardless, "Have you worked at such an establishment in the


Leah gives Lantea a shrug of her shoulders. "I couldn't tell you. You could always swing by the office and check, though. They're always looking for more people. Unfortunately I can't really give you an address off the top of my head, but it shouldn't be too hard to find on the extranet. Just search out 'Redrock Agency'. Should come right up." She shifts her weight a bit and scrunches up her nose again at the mention of a

giant snake, her attention tilting back towards Nathan. "Giant snake? Mendez didn't say anything about a giant snake. How giant is giant? That's a relative thing to say, right? I mean if I said 'giant' what would that mean to you? Slightly larger than a large snake? Somehow I can't see a snake gobbling you up. Not that you're fat or anything. Just-...." she sighs and rolls her eyes, "You know what I mean."

Lantea quietly sighs. "Spirits, your if you could shoot bullets as fast from a shotgun as words come out of that woman's mouth... well, you could wither down buildings in minutes." she said with a chuckle. "No offense intended, kid... I'm just feeling tired and my headache contributes a LOT to my already short attention span..." She said before she looked back at Nathan, awaiting an

answer it seems. (Fostur)

Nathan slowly turns to look at Leah again. He points to one end of the counter, then slowly rotates his torso to point at the other end. "Twice that." He then points to his forearm, never taking his gaze from hers. "Teeth like my forearm." He then spreads his hand beyond torso width. "Mouth like that." He then slowly sips his drink, a flashback passing across his

vision. "So... yeah, that big... it could just... eat me-" He shudders. He then looks to the turian and blinks. "Huh? Sorry, sorry... I'm equally as tired. It's just a manner of greeting."

Tara furrows her eyebrows as she struggles to understand the question. Eventually she gives up, opting for a hesitant "No, ma'am." rather than 'I don't understand.'. Less likely to suffer for her ignorance that way.

Lantea hummed and nodded, 'smiling' at Nathan before she nods. "Understandable. However... my question still stands, do you need someone who can pilot a vehicle and keep it up and running?" She asked quietly while she scratched her neck. "Money's in short supply for those who cannot find work." She said quietly.

Leah frowns deeply, considering his description for a moment. "That... sounds terrifying." she says. "But hey~ on the plus side, he didn't eat you. Right? So.... so there's that? That's like, win-win. Because.... because you get to not be dead and he-.... well I'm guessing you probably taste pretty bad. All the cigarettes and stuff." she grimaces and gives a shake of her head, "Like a dirty ashtray." As she catches Lantea's

comment, she targets her frown towards the turian but simply sighs. "None taken..." she mutters in response to the 'no offense intended'. "Like I said, though, that's not really information we're particularly privy to. You'd probably have to head down and have a chit chat with the people in charge. We do have a couple of pilots, though. And this one-..." she gestures to Nathan, "...sort of pretends to know what he's

doing when it comes to fixing stuff. Sooooo, yeah. I have no idea."

Nathan turns to point a finger at her. "Flavoured! I don't taste like those crappy knockoffs you pick up from a street stall." He nods firmly, downing the last of his drink. "Rude." He smiles faintly, showing that he's rather glad to finally be back in the banter whilst not being in a life-threatening situation. It's a nice change. He then turns to the turian.

"Just to clarify, by fixing things, she means I'm the armourer in a sense. I fix the weapons and armour. She-" he begins, thumbing over his shoulder at her. "-pretends that she's got a grasp on this whole bouncer/security guard thing. So, you know, if you get into the Agency, you can have her job."

Yan Sun descends the stairs, wearing her grey hoodie over a tanktop, and a pair of black jeans. She heads for the bar, giving Nathan a brief glance on her way there, and stopping by the counter next to the talking trio, waiting to get the attention of the bartender.

Lantea lets out a husky chuckle before she nodded. "Well, I tend to fix vehicles and machinery, most of the time." She said quietly before she scratched her chin. "Well, fair enough... I could walk down to see who's around." She said before she chuckled again. "Well... not really interested in being a bouncer, not enough grease and whatnot... you'd be surprised, but you can actually

start to miss being covered in oil and such almost all day... weird, huh?"

Mavus walks over to Yan Sun, nodding to her. "Hey, what can I get for you?"

Leah rolls her eyes at Nathan. "You see, I'm not going to get roped into your shit slinging here." she gestures towards him, circling a finger around him, "I'm going to be the bigger person and waaaaalk away." she continues as she backpedals away from the counter, ignoring the 'shit slinging' she has already done. "I've got to go get geared up before my shift starts, so try not to get eaten by any slightly-larger-than-average

wild animals before I get back, alright?" She looks to Lantea as she points to Nathan, "Keep an eye on him. Don't let him feed you any of his crap. He's full of it."

Yan Sun glances around the bar area briefly before returning her gaze to Mavus. "Is the kitchen open yet? We're starving." she asks as she puts her arms on the bar, leaning against it idly.

Nathan slowly raises a middle finger up to her, waving it back and forth, back and forth. Tick tock, tick tock. "You are the biggest hypocrite this side of Aite," he muses as he lowers his finger. "And that's not funny. Not at all." He seems... half serious about that. He then leans back on the counter and makes a dismissive noise, glancing to the Turian. "Are you

hearing this? She's so... ugh! Just, peh!"

Mavus hurms and glances over his shoulder towards the kitchen. "Yeah, it is. What can I get for you?" He asks, turning to look back to her.

Aylena tilts her head. "You're being honest, at least," she says with a sigh. "What about cooking in general, is that something you're good at?" Va'ynna was practically begging her to hire her, and that slight sign of the two getting along is definitely going to work in the applicant's favor.

Yan Sun shrugs. "Oh, I don't know... I'm sick of the usual. Got any recommendations?" she asks, before catching herself and furrowing her eyebrows. "No, I suppose you don't..." she mumbles with a sigh.

Leah returns Nathan's middle finger with one of her own before she disappears through the door behind the counter, though a grin persists.

Mavus chuckles, gesturing at her. "Sorry, it's what's already on the menu." He taps a talon on the counter. "However, I could try spicing up the usual with a few extra flavourings. Ain't much, but it could change it a little."

Tara once again hesitates for a moment, glancing up to attempt to read Aylena's expression before answering. Undue pride was a good way to get struck. Usually the merchant would list her qualifications. She would just be quiet. She was alone now though. "I... have many years of experience with kitchen work. Cooking, cleaning, dishes, tablesetting and serving the food." she lists, trying to remember what the merchant said last

time. The young human hasn't even entered her third decade yet, but perhaps it would be hard for an asari to tell.

Lantea shrugs slightly. "I don't know, who should I ask about the job though? I kind of want to lie down because I'm too tired right now. Kind of too tired to stick around for TOO long... though I should be able to answer a few question, maybe get myself a job or something, heh." (Fostur)

Yan Sun leans in closer as she studies the menu for anything that sounds good. Preferrably something that isn't varren.

Nathan glances back to Lantea. "Just pop on the extranet and search Redrock Agency. Pop an application through that way and then head on over for a discussion. You might be able to get something decent out of it." He chuckles and looks to Yan Sun. He offers her a nod and a smile.

Mavus gestures to the menu, before moving off to serve a regular. "The usual?" He asks before disappearing down the far end of the counter.

Lantea hummed and nodded, bringing her omni-tool up before she starts typing away. "Cheers." She said quietly before she stood up. "Off to my room." She said quietly. "Take care!" By the morning she'd probably have submitted an app. (Fostur signin' off.)

Nathan raises a hand in farewell.

Leah returns a few minutes later, jeans and t-shirt replaced with her blue hardsuit. She's in the middle of pulling her hair back and replacing the tie to keep her ponytail in place as she steps through the door. "Surprise, surprise! You're still in one piece!" she chimes in cheerfully, as if surprised Nathan hasn't managed to get himself killed during her departure.

Nathan turns to look at Leah. He takes a moment to cant his head to the side and rolls his eyes. "Yes, surprisingly," he mutters back, though he offers a small grin in reply. "Believe it or not, I am somewhat competent... somewhat." He glances off to the side and checks the time on his omni-tool, sighing. "And we'll see if I survive the walk back. Knowing my luck,

I'll slip and break my neck."

Leah snickers before cocking an eyebrow. "So you walked all the way here in the snow just to have a beer and leave? I think somebody is in the fast lane to an alcohol addiction if they're willing to do so much for so lit~tle~" she sings. "Seriously, though. That's too much work for one beer. You've got a problem." She pulls the Carnifex from her thigh and looks it over briefly, making sure the thermal clip is seated properly

before returning it to its place on her hardsuit.

Nathan stands slowly, shrugging faintly. "Actually, I was passing by and just... fancied a drink." He chuckles and spreads his hands in a gesture. "Besides, after nearly being eaten by a giant snake, shot a bajillion times by marauders and being paralysed for... four hours in the desert... I think a drinking problem would be pretty sound right about now." He laughs

and, as he passes her, raises a hand to pat her on the shoulder. "I'll see you around, Leah. Now, I'm going to gorge myself on some greasy burgers."

Leah gives another chuckle as he speaks... until he gets to the burgers, then she's all business and back to frowning. "Bragger..." she mutters. She retakes her spot leaning against the counter and gives him a nod. "I'll see ya later, Nate." she says before something occurs to her and she adds, "Oh! I think you still owe me and Tara some food! Don't think I'm gonna let you get away with not delivering on that just because

you've recently developed a drinking problem, sad as that may be!" she teases.

Yan Sun glances in Nathan's direction, and mumbles to herself: "They have burgers right here, 蠢." before returning to staring at the menu. Hm. Burgers... it's an option. But are there any non-varren burgers? She's had enough varren for quite a while.

Nathan turns, walking backwards as he speaks. "Ah, yes, the food. Sure, sure. It'll be sometime in the next two weeks or-" He pauses in his steps, noticing Yan Sun glance at him and the movement of her lips. He puts two and two together and comes up with four. She's saying something shitty. Wonderful. He sighs and looks back to Leah, quickly reapplying the same

smile he had before. "Yeah, next coupla weeks. Besides... I drink better when I cook!" He chuckles and pivots, opening the door and throwing a hand up lazily over his shoulder in farewell. "Enjoy your shift~," he calls out before shoving both hands into his pockets and disappearing into the bustle of Freedom Falls.

Leah scoops up her glass of water, raising her other hand to wave Nathan off. "Looking forward to it, and I always do~" she responds before taking a sip.

There are definitely non-varren burgers. In fact, space cow meat was more plentiful in the menu than varren.

Aylena gives a slight nod. Her facial expression was hard to read, due to her always playing her cards close to her chest. It was necessary to survive as a business owner on Illium, but even now it serves her well. "Good," she says. "Would you agree to fourteen days' training?" There was no reason to stall it out, or put off the response. The only way she could truly demonstrate her experience was such a trial

period. "By that I mean assisting Atana, and studying the documentation both at work and on your own time. It's paid, of course. One-hundred credits daily. At the end of it, we can negotiate long term employment."

Tara barely registers the details of the pay, but the rest she notes and nods. "Yes, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am." she says, quickly but quietly, her voice sounding a little strained.

Aylena nods. "Glad to hear it, Tara," she says, allowing a small smile to show up. "Can you start tomorrow? I need to prepare the documentation and instruct Atana on her role in this."

Tara nods again, compliant as ever. "Yes, ma'am." She continues to sit rigidly in the same way, still staring down at the desk.

Aylena stands up from her seat and extends her right hand for a handshake. She seems professional, though perhaps a bit too much so. Aylena has had great luck with any employees she's hired this way, and she is confident Atana will do everything she can to get her hired. "That concludes this meeting," she says. "Welcome aboard."

Tara nods once more, and stands up. "Thank you, ma'am." She stares at the hand, uncertain if she is supposed to do something with it. A worried look crosses her face at the prospect of offending the asari. She opts for doing nothing as she turns to leave, knowing to get out of view after being dismissed.

Aylena retracts her hand as the woman turns to leave. She sits back down, however, and starts putting together the documents. Aylena did have to keep an eye on her during her training, as she was curious about her behavior.

Tara emerges back into the bar, with her usual mild look to her as she heads over to Leah. She doesn't lower her gaze when addressing her however. "We're done." she states.

Leah is still at the counter chit chatting with some of the regulars. As Tara returns, she straightens up and turns to face her. "Annnnnd....? How did it go?" she asks.

Tara almost seems like she's about to smile, if only faintly, but instead she speaks: "She said I will train. For fourteen days."

Leah's smile widens and she places a hand on each of Tara's shoulders. "So you got the job! Yesssss! That's great! I knew you would! So when do you start?"

Tara flinches almost imperceptibly, but Leah's enthusiasm causes a tiny smile to creep up. "Tomorrow." she says with a glance back at the door.

Leah lets out a high pitched sound. A 'squeeee' of sorts. "I'm so proud of you!" she exclaims, "You're going to do great here!" As her arms fall back to her sides she leans against the counter once more. "Soooo what's the plan for the rest of the day? Are you going to head home or do ya wanna stick around here for a bit? Could order some food for you or something. Up to you."

Tara seems to glad for Leah's excitement, even if she doesn't show any of her own. Her smile widens slightly, but when asked what to do she furrows her eyebrows, looking puzzled. "I... don't know." she says quietly.

Leah gestures towards one of the barstools, having grown accustom to Tara's inability to assert herself very well by this point. "Well, how about you take a seat and I'll put in an order for a burger. You can decide what you want to do after you've had a bite to eat. Keep me some company in the meantime?" she asks, big smile still on her face.

Tara nods, her smile lingering for a little while before fading as she takes a seat at the nearest table. She's still wearing her winter clothes.

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