#RedrockAgency – November 18, 2016

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Redrock Agency has underwent an overhaul to its decor over the past several hours. Jasper, who is standing atop a ladder dressed in his usual mechanic jumpsuit with a dumb white doctor's jacket thrown over it, is hanging a black banner covered in pumpkins and yellow half moons across the reception. It's one of many hanging all about the building as the Halloween classic, The Monster Mash, plays through the building's loudspeakers (There

are some horrors that not even time itself can slay). The rec room has been turned into a room of spoops, with cheap, paper cutouts of witches, ghosts, and other classic monsters taped on the wall as well as just random sheets of black and orange construction paper. The rec room counter has numerous food items sat out atop it. A box of donuts. A second box of donuts. A tray of premade sandwiches born of Jasper's love. The fridge is filled

with beer and root beer for those less alcoholically motivated. Jason, dressed in a cheap outfit that looks eerily similar to what Fergus wears is stood beside the counter, jamming a full donut into his mouth as his other hand rests atop the pommel of his plastic sword. He has opted to pull his fake beard down to eat, allowing it to hang around his neck like a furry necklace.

Vasquez is standing in the rec-room, in her usual casual clothes, staring at the scrunched up pink blob in her hands with a skeptical look. "I'm not wearing this." she says, not taking her eyes off the abomination of a costume for a second, as if expecting it to leap onto her face.

Nathan and his sister, Sofia, arrive at Redrock each carrying a bag of various goodies and sweets. Nathan has dressed himself as a vampire, complete with cape, cheesy old black and white outfit, plastic fangs and heavily slicked back hair. Sofia, given little time to prepare, is simply wrapped up in roll after roll of toilet paper. Sofia is small, barely matching

Leah's own height. Most of her features are hidden beneath the toilet paper, although her long white hair falls down to between her shoulder blades. And to any who meet her eyes would notice one golden, the other a deep an emerald green. She looks up to Nathan and, for perhaps the fifth time tonight, slugs him one across the shoulder.

Sofia glares up at him as they step into the lobby. "I can't believe you didn't warn me about this! You're such a jerk!"

Jason furrows his brow as he looks to Vasquez, quickening his chewing before swallowing hard. "What-..." he pauses, licking at his lips to get some of the donut dust, "...What are you talking about!? That's Blasto! The baddest tentacled motherfucker in the galaxy!" he explains. He glances upwards, bringing a hand up to pull up his fake beard and adjust it into place. "Fergus. Explain to Lady Vasquez just how bad-of-an-ass Ser

Blasto is!" he encourages, putting on his own fake Fergus accent as he speaks.

Nathan snickers and places a hand on Sofia's head, patting it patronisingly. "Sweet, sweet revenge, no?"

Jasper finishes sticking up the banner as Nathan and his sister enter. "Ah, didn't know if you were comin', Ten!" he greets as he begins to descend the ladder. He adjusts his dirty old cap and places a hand on his hips, giving a glance at the banner he finished hanging. "Think Jason and the Chief are up in the rec room waitin' on the rest a' ya'll. Just go on up. People should be arrivin' any moment now." His gaze moves to her sister

and he tips his cap to her, "And who might this mummy friend a' yers be?" he asks.

Zaylus arrives to the party, slowing past the threshold to take in the decorations with a look of muted curiosity. His appearance has taken a noticible deviation as he has forgone visible armor and is dressed in something much more comfortable, albeit somewhat strange. He sports a baggy gray sweatshirt with a small hood lying uselessly on his back and a pouch on the stomach into which

his hands are resting. He also wears dark blue pants that flow obviously as he walks and are modified with a crude hole to accomodate his spurs. Along with a pair of clunky winter boots, his entire outfit is baggy and misshappen, and totally un-turian in design. How he's managed to make them fit himself or where he even acquired them isn't clear, but a small, lasting smirk implies he's

quite pleased with himself. He's a few lengths from Jasper and Company now and glances to them as they speak.

Nathan moves across to Jasper, grinning broadly as he stops to admire the mechanic's handy work. "Course I was coming! Wasn't going to miss this. You've done a good job, by the way. Looks authentic." He then gestures to the mummy, chuckling. "And this would be my sister, Sofia."

Sofia almost skips forwards as she is introduced. She looks up to Jasper and parts the wrappings around her mouth so there is less muffling through the paper. "Hallo! Pleased to meet you! As Nate said, I'm Sofia, his youngest sister." She beams up to him, holding the bag of goodies to her side as she tucks one hand behind her back.

Fergus ' voice sounds from the speakers in the rec room. "Of course, milord. Blasto's tales of adventure are without equal in many parts of the galaxy. Truly, it ranks among the most fearsome fictional heroes in the existence."

Ilyna arrives in a wheeled taxi along with Ehanis and Li. When it stops, Ehanis thanks the driver – a neighbor – for the ride and the door opens automatically.

Ilyna is only wearing a cape over her casual dress, not looking too pleased as she steps outside. Ehanis had made a very poor attempt at pitching this costume to her, and it's half-done nature is because Ilyna refused to compromise on the modesty. She shivers a bit as a gust of wind hits her, the cape not really serving very well as a winter jacket. Whether she's making a crude joke about her condition, or someone

else is, has not yet been revealed.

Ehanis steps out of the vehicle second, and makes her way towards the door without waiting for the others. Her custome is a tattered blue robe with asymetrical cuts along the side, exposing skin below the neck and way too large arms. No cleavage, however, as she's at least slightly aware of the nature of this party. She's carrying a matching large pointy and wide-brimmed hat. No wonder she's beelining for the warmth

inside the moment she stepped out of the car.

Jasper gives a snicker, looking over his handy work one last time before extending a hand towards Sofia to shake. "Doctor Sullivan, at yer service." he introduces himself with a grin, "But yer welcome ta' call me Jasper. Didn't realize Ten had any family out here with him." As he spots Zaylus, he gives the turian a nod as well. "Eh, how ya doin', Zaylus?"

Jason gives a smug grin in Vasquez' direction. "See?" he says. "Come on. It's just for a few hours and it's for Li." he pleads his case, attempting to guilt trip her just a bit. He gives a lean forward, bringing a hand to his mouth as he stage whispers, "Don't worry, I made sure to pick up a sexy nurse outfit for after the party." he teases with a wink.

Zaylus returns the nod, his attention still taken up somewhat by the enticing decorations. "Interesting decorating you've been doing." He replies, a hint of a question behind his less than genuine observation.

Li jumps out of the car, immediately running off across the lot with an excited grin on her face, which is partly obscured under the head-shaped hood of her green T-Rex pyjamas-style outfit, which is as adorable as it is paleontologically inaccurate. She lets out a truly fearsome roar, befitting a mighty dinnosaur, clawing at the air as she continues to run ahead with a hunched back.

Sofia grabs Jasper's hand and pumps it cheerfully. "I was a pleasently surprising visit~!" Judging by Nathan's frown and glare, and her cheeky sway, her arrival was anything but.

Vasquez shoots Jason an unamused stare, and then shakes her head to herself, looking down at the costume and thinking. She lets out an exasperated sigh, rubbing her temple. "I-... fine." she mutters, heading out into the corridor and going back to the bedroom to change.

Jasper brings his hand back after shaking, giving a quick shrug to the turian. "Just workin' with what I got." he says, obviously having taken Zaylus' observation as a compliment. At Sofia's comment and Nathan's clear reaction, he simply snickers once again. He steps to the side, gesturing down the hall. "Go on and head up, ya'll." he says to the lot of them, "I got a few more things to handle 'round the hangar, Ten. We can catch up

soon as I'm done."

Nathan flicks Sofia around the ear and ushers her towards the stairs, smirking to Jasper. "Yeah, sounds good. Don't work yourself too hard." He follows after Sofia, directing her up the stairs as his cape trails behind him.

Sofia quietly yelps and flails her hand at Nate as she is pushed along, cursing him in german as she is directed.

Zaylus watches Jasper until he steps away, and he returns his gaze to the hanging decorations. After a pause, a pleasant look and a small chuckle in the form of shoulders pushing back are all he can muster. Then, per Jasper's instructions he slowly begins to follow Nathan and his sister into the building.

Ilyna has a wide smile on her face as she sees the girl run across the parking lot in her 'dinnosaur' costume. She wasn't sure what Jason would come up with, but she's glad she trusted his decision on the matter. The fake fangs, however, makes the smile many times creepier. She's in no hurry as she approaches the entrance, watching Li to ensure her 'dinnosaur'-walk goes smoothly.

Kim glances towards the taxi as her destination grows in the distance. At first glance, her face appears to have been painted dark green except for a few blotches of her normal skin color. Her arms are fairly similar. The white t-shirt under her unassuming jacket has clearly seen better days, with various rips and tears dotting it, in contrast to her completely clean black pants.

Her hair is completely down today, albeit looking unbrushed. As she approaches the building, the taxi again catches her eye as a familiar form enters her view from within. "Hey, Ilyna!" she states loudly while increasing her pace. After a quick glance up and down the asari's form, she laughs for a moment. "I like your costume. Looks like it turned out better than mine, at least."

Jason straightens his posture, resting his palm back on his plastic sword once more. "Excellent." he says simply, seemingly intent on remaining in-character. "I shall await your return!" he calls out as Vasquez leaves the room. Once she's out, he raises a fist high into the air for a moment, and once the implied brofist with Fergus is completed, he lowers his hand back to the pommel of his sword.

Halisi enters the rec room just after Vasquez leaves, looking around until she spots Jason. She's wearing light blue hospital scrubs, and over them a white apron utterly covered in blood stains, including a particularly noticable hand-print. She's wearing a surgical mask, and carrying an antique bonesaw in one hand as well as what looks like a meat hook in the other, chain wrapped around her arm. Both tools are stained with

blood as well. "What do you think? Is it too much?" she asks, sounding a little uncertain.

Nathan strides into the rec room, pulling his cloak up to cover his lower face as he slinks towards Jason with wide, dramatic steps. "I have come to suck your blooooood!" He wails, putting on possibly the worst dracular accent in exsistence. He turns to Halisi, still keeping the cape up and covering his lower face. "And youuurrrss~!"

Sofia simply skips in after her brother, extending her arms and simply lurching inside in typical mummy-like fashion. She lets out a low groan, clearly enjoying this. She's going to be the best damn mummu tonight!


Zaylus follows into the room after Nathan in a much less dramatic fashion, sweeping to the side to get a better look at the sibling's display. Confused, amused, and unsure of what to do with his hands, his watches without a snappy remark.

Ilyna turns around, tilting her head as she tries to recognize the human speaking to her. She seems to know her on a first name basis, but Ilyna did not. Maybe it was the custome? "That's not true," she says with a small smile. "You seem to have put a lot of work into yours, with the face paint and all." She pauses, and adds unconvincingly, "I don't even recognize you." It was true, but the costume did not play that

big a part in it.

Victoria arrives in vehicle that drops her and Va'ynna off, she pays for the ride and hopes of the vehicle. Her outfit allowed for a long black coat with gold trimmings that protected her from the cold. Her shirt appears to be typical of a pirate that would be in movies, with long black pants. In her hands appear to be a toy pistol, and a pirate hat.

Li 's run is interrupted as she slips on a patch of ice, landing in a sitting position and sliding for a meter or so before making a quick recovery, continuing to stalk towards the front door, at a slightly slower pace now. She stops at the door, furrowing her eyebrows as she struggles to reach up to the interface.

Jason furrows his brow as he studies Halisi. "It looks-... umm.... good?" he says with concern, blinking a couple of times, "For the record, that is a costume, right? I don't need to be concerned about Briggs, do I?" As Nathan makes his entrance, he blinks a few times, though a lopsided grin follows. As he looks to Nathan's plus-one, he puts two-and-two together from their conversation about the wedding. "And you must be the

sister I've heard so much about." he greets. "Jason." He clears his throat, straightening his posture once more as his hand moves back to his sword and corrects himself, "Errr.... Ser Wolfe! Knight of this-... Uhh...." he glances upwards, "Fergus? Little help he-..." he pauses his call for help as he recalls Fergus' words, "Knight of this humble bastion!"

Ehanis reaches the door a few seconds after Li, smiling slightly. "How mean of them to put the button up there," she says as she hits it, letting the dinosaur through. Once inside herself, she starts down the hallway, following the noises from above. She shivers a bit as the limited exposure to the cold was more than enough.

Jasper has made himself scarce by the time Ehanis opens the door, having already made his way back to the hangar to finish up his work.

Sofia steps towards Jason, her young and jovial grin plastered on her face. She does a curtsey, plucking up the edge of an invisible skirt. "A pleasure, ser Wolfe. You honour me~!" She quips before turning to Halisi. Her mismatched eyes widen and she places the bag on the floor, stepping across to admire her outfit. "Woooow, spooky! I love it! If Nate had actually given me some warning, I would have dressed similarly. But

Kim smiles back and glances towards the girl as she slips on the ice before melting it into a grimace. "I assume this is the Li I've heard about? She's a cutie." After watching the girl for a few seconds as the latter continues towards the door, she takes a deep breath. "Anyway, I want to see what everyone else decided to dress up as. After you?" she states with a small gesture

towards the door.

Halisi is about to offer a retort, meat-hook halfway raised, when Nathan and Sofia enter. She turns to face them, offering a small wave with gruesome instrument still in hand. "Nathan! How are you feeling? I'll need you to come in for a check-up soon." Her fairly cheerful tone and body language stands in stark contrast to the rather off-putting costume. Her gaze turns to Sofia, and she furrows her eyebrow as she tries to figure

out who she is. Jason clarifies before she can ask however. She smiles under her mask at the comment from the woman, raising the saw with an attempt at a menacing expression. With a snicker she drops her arms, relaxing her stance. "Thank you. I don't think we've met. I'm Dr. Halisi." she says, offering the hand with the meat hook, letting the metal instrument dangle from the chain so that her (gloved) hand is free.

Va'ynna exits beside Victoria, wearing her coat over the costume. Her costume consists of a west of a matching color black and gold color scheme to Victoria over a white blouse buttoned all the way up, red pants with vertical black stripes. The blouse fits her, the the west seems to have been made for someone with larger arms and broader shoulders – like a human male. She also has an eyepatch over her right eye,

although that's the first thing she's going to remove given how uncomfortable and rigid it is.

Nathan lowers the cape and smirks to Halisi, waving his free had casually in the air. "Doing great, Halisi. Feeling as alive as ever! Sleep has gotten better too, so, can't complain!" He looks to Sofia, watching her interaction with a small smile.

Li giggles at Ehanis' comment, but as soon as the door opens she goes back into dinnosaur mode, running down the corridor at a crouch. "Rawwwwr!"

Sofia shakes Halisi's hand enthusiastically, eyes widening at her title. "An actual Doctor? Eeee, awesome! I'm Sofia. Nate's youngest and best sister. I would very much like to talk some more with you, Doctor Halisi. I, uh, have actually been studying to become one in time." She releases Halisi's hand and clasps her hands before her, shifting her foot into the ground as if she is squashing a bug. "Uh, another time though

Ilyna immediately looks worried as Li stumbles, but a relieved sigh follows when she gets up and keeps running. "Are you alright?" she calls after her as she starts walking towards the doorway. She did catch what Kim was saying, however, and she nods. "Mhm," she says. "After everything she's been through, it's always great to see her this excited." She makes her way upstairs once inside, as well, following wherever

the dinnosaur stalks her prey.

Jason gives a knightly nod in response to Sofia before his attention moves to Zaylus and he furrows his brow. "What are you supposed to be?" he asks, looking the turian up and down.

Halisi offers a nod to Sofia, her expression mostly hidden beneath the mask. When Jason addresses Zaylus her own attention turns to the turian as well, raising a curious eyebrow as she awaits an explanation.

Victoria started walking to the door when Va'ynna got out of the vehicle. "So glad, that I am not wearing that eye patch." She puts her hat on and starts to spin the toy pistol with her finger. "Lets get inside, before we freeze."

Nathan and Sofia step back, now turning their eyes on the turian.

Zaylus looks to Jason, having turned his head at the sound of distant dinosaurs. At the question he looks even more pleased with himself, withdrawing his hands from his pouch pocket and holding them out at his sides. "I'm a human!" He insists, gesturing toward himself with his fingers, looking from person to person. "Isn't it obvious?"




Halisi furrows her eyebrows, tilting her head a little as she studies the turian. "Hm."

Li starts running up the stairs, stopping to look around slowly every now and then, sniffing the air.

Ehanis watches the dinosaur with amusement before making her way upstairs to join in on the celebrations. "Are you getting closer to your prey?" she asks. They really went all in on the theme for this celebration, to the point she almost thinks Jason wasn't joking about the costume thing. She had no idea that this ridiculous holiday existed, but she was already liking it. Ehanis puts on the pointed hat as she

ascends the staircase.

Jason clears his throat again, giving a few nods to the turian. "Uh huh... Yeah, of course." he adds as if it was obvious. "Great... costume...." He tilts his head, squinting as he looks Zaylus over once again before making eye contact, "...Really?"

Kim follows Ilyna upstairs, but no longer says anything for the moment. She's mostly watching the human with curiosity at well, having not interacted with very many children in quite a while.

Zaylus frowns, waving dismissively at the lukewarm reception. Shoving his hands back into the pouch, he gives a nonchalant shrug. "It's not my damn holiday." He retorts.

Sofia skips forwards and manages to balance on one foot, the other kicked up behind her as she spreads her arms. "But you tried! And that's something. This boring twit once came in his regular clothes and tried to play himself off as a holovid character...". She stabalises her stance and jabs a thumb at Nathan.

Nathan frowns and plucks a sweet out of his bag, launching it at the back of Sofia's head. "Shuddup."

Li nods. "Yes!" she growls, sneaking towards the open rec room door. Her prey is in sight. She stalks closer and... pounce! She jumps through the doorway, standing in the middle of the group of adults as she lets out a loud, terrifying roar, arms flailing wildly. "Raaaaaawwwwwwwwwr!"

Jason chuckles loudly and gives a shake of his head as he rounds the counter. "Hey, either way? I appreciate the effort, Zaylus. This girl has been through a lot. It's nice to see people come together to do something good for her." he says as he approaches the fridge and tugs it open. He pulls a beer out and leans over the counter, offering it to Nathan before glancing to Zaylus once more, "Want something? We've got a few dextro

drinks in here. Not much choice but-..." he shrugs, leaving it at that. He's quickly distracted as Li makes her grand entrance, however, and a big grin crosses his face. "Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" he calls out.

Sofia squeaks in sheer terror at the sudden dinosaur, falling to her knees and holding her arms out in defence to the terrifying display. "Ahhhhh! A scary dinosaur! Someone save meeeeee!"

Zaylus glances in mild surprise when words are spoken in his defense and Jason continues speaking to him amicably. Frown disappearing, he's near to reply when Li makes her dramatic appearance, causing him to step back in a mix of genuine and mock surprise.

Nathan takes the beer with a nod, dropping his bag of sweets on the ground. However, as Li leaps in, he swings around and brings up his cape, hissing and swiping at Li from a fair distance away. He's really getting into this.

Ehanis giggles as she hears the loud roar before stepping in herself. "Aw, I missed it," she says, as if she had no knowledge of the impending dinosaur attack. She looks around at the people gathered, and nods. "Looks like I wasn't the only one taking Jason's threat seriously," she says in a joking tone.

Halisi raises her hands in mock surrender as the dinnosaur charges into the room. "Oh no! Look out!"

Leah arrives with Tara on foot. Having been given little warning and considering her work schedule, she has had little time to put together costumes, so she's dressed in her typical attire. Black, clunky boots, black form-fitting pants, and a festive orange t-shirt beneath her poofy light blue winter jacket. She has painted her face to look like that of a tiger of some sort, though instead of their usual colors, she has used

those of her favorite biotiball team. Mostly blue and white with the words 'Usaru Maestros' on her cheek. She has done similar work for Tara, assimilating her as a Maestro fan. "I wonder who showed up..." she muses aloud as she steps in through the front door. As soon as she sees the effort that was put into decorating the place, as well as the goofy music blaring throughout the place, she smiles brightly. "They really went

all out." she says to Tara, giving a soft chuckle.

Li thrashes her head back and forth with a growl, enjoying the reaction of the others. She's too in-character to pay much attention to any of their costumes at the moment, but as soon as Jason calls out she charges off towards him, ramming into his leg head-first. "Rawr! I'm a dinnosaur!"

Va'ynna nods, and starts towards the entrance at a brisk pace. "Aye, aye, captain," she says with a grin. She's done her studying of the old human pirates, if watching cheesy videos counts as that. Not to mention she has bombarded Victoria with countless questions.

Ilyna enters the room just in time to see Li charge towards Jason's leg, again appearing worried as she's taking this dinnosaur impression too far. She's keeping her mouth shut for the time being, but the black cape might hint at what she tries to resemble.

Tara follows in silence after Leah, her eyebrows furrowing slightly as she hears the music, trying to discern the lyrics. She studies the decorations curiously as they continue further into the building, seemingly quite fascinated.

Sofia stands and giggles at the small girl, looking up to her brother as she moves across to him. She whispers something and chuckles, before merely looking around at the others.

Nathan chuckles softly and lightly shrugs at Sofia, before looking at Ilyna. He narrows his eyes and stalks towards her, hands poised into the air in claw like motions. "There can only be one!" He hisses, fangs bared at her.

Jason feigns injury, reaching down to grab at his leg where the charging T-Rex impacted. "Ow! You got me!" he grunts. He crouches down with a snicker as he looks over her costume. "You look great, Li!" he says, though it's silently a compliment to himself for picking it out. He pats her on the top of the head as he stands back up, looking over to Ilyna. A lopsided smirk crosses his face as he examines her costume. "Ilyna." he

greets, bowing his head like the gallant knight he is.

Halisi laughs to herself as she watches Li, and then starts to head towards the kitchen corner, grabbing a root beer and taking a sip as her gaze wanders across the various costumes. She notes that she has the most gruesome-looking one by far. Maybe it was a little much.

Kim steps inside after Ilyna and steps slightly to the side in order to get a better view of what the little girl is doing. She laughs when the collision happens, but otherwise says nothing immediately. She reaches up and scratches the top of her head after a moment with an uncomfortable expression on her face, then glances around at all the others in the room to see who has already


Victoria gives a little chuckle at the aye, aye. She had answer most of Va'ynna's question with cheesy pirate vids being the best answer, but also said real pirate don't act like that. However, Vicky did say it would be better to act like a pirate off those vids instead. Victoria enters the building and waits for Va'ynna before proceeding upstairs.

Zaylus turns his attention from the tiny monster to the stairs where more are filling in. He's doing is best to discern everyone's costumes but, as evidenced by his own attire, he lacks the pop culture knowledge to make this his holiday.

Leah starts towards the stairs with Tara, looking around at all the banners. "Soooo, from what I gather, you just dress up as whatever you want and go from door-to-door and people throw candy in your bag. They didn't do that sort of stuff where I lived when I was little." she frowns, scrunching up her nose as she starts up the stairs, "So I got stiffed on the candy! And I'm just now finding out! That's like 10 years of free

candy I missed out on!" she complains.

Li looks up after Jason pats her, beaming smile visible for a moment as she bounces slightly before suddenly letting out a snarl and going back to prowling T-Rex mode when Jason turns his attention to Ilyna. She stops as soon as she started, looking at Halisi with wide eyes. The doctor raises the meathook with a brief, but sufficently evil cackle. The girl lets out an "Eiieeeee!" and runs off to Ilyna, the scared little

dinnosaur clinging to her leg.

Tara frowns as she listens to Leah, following up the stairs. "Why?" she asks after pondering this new information for a moment.

Sofia giggles as she watches the exchange between Halisi and Li. She had sneakily snatched Nate's beer, sipping at it as she shuffles away before he notices.

Ilyna nods in turn to Jason, a (creepy vampiric) smile showing up once it seems Li is safe. "Ow, you got me," she says, subtly offering her an excuse, though she does pat her shoulder. She then addresses Nathan's mock threat. "Uh-huh," she says, "And that one will be me." All she knows about vampires is from Ehanis pitching her the costume, which means Ilyna has to skirt around the specifics.

Leah gives a shrug. "We just didn't celebrate it where I lived." she explains with a sigh. "But my family moved a lot. They celebrated in a few places I moved to, but never with free candy or anything. I guess it has something to do with honoring the people we've lost in most places." she continues as she reaches the top of the stairs, "Some places light lanterns and stuff to remember lost loved ones and others-... uhh......

dress up in goofy costumes and give kids candy, I guess." As if it just occurred to her, she glances over to Tara, "That's kinda weird, huh?"

Nathan narrows his eyes at Ilyna, bringing his cape up to cover his lower face with his cape. "I am the true vampire~. I am Count Dra- Hey!" He hones in on his sister, her eyes widening as she is caught mid-sip. He chases after her, hands outstretched.

Jason gives a snicker at the goofy vampire fangs and returns to his previous job. The most important job of them all. Distributing the booze. He grabs a dextro drink that probably tastes like elcor ass and slides it across the counter towards Zaylus before grabbing a few more beers and setting them on the counter. He looks to Tess and a wide smile crosses his lips as he gestures to one of the beers. "Well, look who it is. How have

you been?" he asks. "Everything going alright with you-know-who?" he asks, wincing slightly at bringing it up.

Sofia yelps and dashes past the ones closest to the door, ducking under a wild Nate swipe. She dashes into the corridor, unless intercepted, cradling the beer in her hands.

Tara seems quite interested as she listens to Leah, and when she's done she considers what she said for a moment. "Maybe." she concludes. Very decisive. She's startled as Sofia dashes out into the corridor, quickly stepping aside to make sure she's not in the human's way.

Leah startles as well, hopping to the side. For a moment, she seems to consider whether it was an intentional spook, given the nature of the get together, but then her mind drifts to something else and she points to Sofia. "Why didn't I think of that!? We have toilet paper, too!" she exclaims jealously.

Zaylus accepts the drink, nearly forgetting he's been offered it. He tips the top in a "thanks" gesture, unaware of what he's recieved. Taking a few steps down, he leans against the counter and watches the goings on of the party.

Sofia sadly continues on a collision course with Tara. Her mismatched eyes widen and her feet slip on the floor as she tries to screech to a halt. "Watch out!" She stumbles, the beer suddenly shooting out over her shoulder, somehow still upright.

Nathan follows out and, seeing his sister going stumbling and the beer flying, he makes a snap-shot decision. He snatches the beer and holds it triumphantly... before he sees where his sister is aimed and he grimaces. "Oh no"

Kim snaps her attention back to Jason as she hears his voice and breaks out into a big grin. "Hey! I've been doing fine. Elise is doing okay too..." she states while awkwardly scratching her neck. "...Anyway," she continues while glancing at his costume. "I like your costume. It fits you a little too well."

Va'ynna heads inside and hangs up her jacket before making her way upstairs with Victoria. She sees Tara ahead of them, but does not try to catch up to her so to not interrupt her conversation with Leah. Totally not an excuse to avoid further awkwardness. She starts making her way upstairs, an eyebrow raised at the commosion going on above, but she can't see what's going on yet.

Tara 's eyes widen as Sofia slams right into her, sending her to the floor on her back with a yelp and a thud, easily unbalanced even by the relatively light-weight human.

Halisi finds herself unable to keep the act up for long, pulling her surgical mask down and waving at Li, flashing a warm smile.

Leah immediately snaps into action, much in the same way as Nathan. Though, rather than being concerned for a beer, she reaches out in an attempt at stabilizing Tara. Even going so far as to use her biotics if required to keep her from slamming against the floor. It's an instinctual reaction, causing a blue glow to envelope her. It actually matches her facepaint nicely.

Jason leans against the counter, taking a moment to pop the top of his beer with just his fingers. There are some perks to having robot arms. "Well that's-... good to hear." he replies, not wanting to just throw her business out in the open. Knowing she's doing alright is more than enough. "Oh, this?" he asks, his smirk growing as he glances down to his costume, "I might've had a little inspiration... Have you met our new VI?"

He glances up towards the ceiling, "Hey Fergus, get down here for a minute."

Ehanis walks over to stand beside Zaylus at the counter, absolutely not trying to get closer to the booze handout. "So, what the hell are you supposed to look like?" she asks, her tone hinting she's amused more than anything else at the turian's odd costume. "Not that I know what I am, but still…" She shrugs. Her pointy hat seems to be withering a bit at the top, as it's not made of the most structurally sound

material, it's attached with a string going underneath her scalp crests.

Fergus immediately materializes in the rec room. A green hologram of a battle-scarred medieval knight clad in plate armor, currently lined with thick furs to fit the season. He bows to Kim. "Greetings, ser Polner. I am Fergus, VI and knight-champion of Redrock!" he says, in his most dramatic tone.

Sofia falls onto Tara, yelping as she grasps onto the woman. With the stability of the biotics, she manages to get her footing. She immediately tears off the toilet paper from around her face, her pale skin now evident in the light. Her eyes are wide in concern and worry, hands covering her own mouth. 'I am so sorry! Mein Gutt, please forgive me!" She reaches to Tara, trying to help her up.

Victoria gives a smile to Va'ynna "Sounds like a party. We better not waste any time and get up there." She picks up her pace a little, as she continues to head up to the rec room.

Nathan sets down the bottle and jogs across to see what he can do to help. Which seems to be very little. He quickly checks on Sofia, and, judging she is alright, looks to Tara.

Kim blinks at the AI and stares for a few seconds after it stops speaking. After slowly inspecting all the scars and the clothes the VI is currently wearing, shakes her head and looks back at Jason with a shocked expression. "I... are you serious?"

Zaylus narrows his eyes, still smirking good-naturedly. "I'm supposed to be a human." He insists again. "'Costumes' are not my strong point." He chuckles dryly, giving Ehanis' outfit a look. "I'm... not sure what you're going for either. But I'm not getting a lot of traction with these costumes..." he trails, spotting the VI and giving it a similar once-over before shaking his head.

"Hope the kid enjoys it, at least."

Tara flails as her fall is stopped inches from her head hitting the floor, the experience of floating quite obviously unnerving to her, her eyes wide as she scrambles with both arms, trying to grab a hold of anything solid. She is quick to accept Sofia's help and between her and Leah she's soon back on her feet. "Sorry ma'am!" she quickly exclaims to the girl that just ran into her, averting her gaze.

Va'ynna nods and hurries the last steps of the staircase. "Hey," she says as she reaches the top of the stairs and sees the people gathering in the hallway, speaking to noone specific. "What... happened?"

Jason gives a chuckle, his shoulders rising and falling as he looks Fergus over. "It was a mistake." he explains, "We got sent the wrong model. Some kind of-... I don't know, medieval personality majig. Look, Renala could explain it better! I don't know-... stuff, alright!" he says defensively, realizing that him trying to explain this right now would come across like a dog trying to explain rocket science. "But-..." his smirk

returns, "...Come on. It's a fucking knight! How cool is that!? We couldn't just... send him back, right?"

Victoria stops at the top of the stairs next to Va'ynna, she does not say anything as the asari had already ask what has happened.

Li seems to relax when she notices Halisi's gesture, and soon she's back to stalking across the rec room. She appraoches Ehanis and Zaylus, looking up at the unfamiliar turian and clawing at the air. "Rawr!"

Leah's blue glow quickly dissipates and, given the amount of people present, she gains a brief look of discomfort at using her biotics so openly. "Uhhh... Just a small accident... It's all fine now." she explains to the asari. "Hey, Va'ynna..." she also offers with a small wave as an afterthought.

Sofia looks to Leah, eyes wide in surprise and a little bit of fear. She looks back to Tara, hands reaching out to check the woman over. "Nonono, it's my fault! Please, don't apologise, miss, please don't." She seems really worried about this, mismatched eyes searching for any injuries.

Ehanis laughs, looking the turian over again. "I think it's spot on," she says light-heartedly. "Doesn't that mean you find humans spooky?" She is interrupted by the adorable apex predator before she can explain her own costume, however, and looks down, then up at the turian to see his reaction.

Nathan steps besides Leah, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly as he looks to his sister and Tara. He then turns, gazing at Va'ynna and co. "Uh, hello."

Tara is by all apearances fine, thanks to Leah's quick reaction. She looks a little puzzled at the request not to apologize, and she has to stop herself from apologizing for that. Her eyebrows furrow slightly as she resorts to silence, shooting Leah an uncomfortable glance under her face-paint. The overall situation is very new to her and this chaotic encounter doesn't help.

Kim shakes her head and glances over to the VI a second time before turning back towards Jason. "I..." she started, but didn't quite know what to say afterwards. "I... You keep surprising me with how much of a dork you can be, you know that?" she decided on in the end, despite feeling how lame the sentence was in her own ears. She reaches past him to grab the beer he motioned towards

earlier and tries unsuccessfully to get it open despite using all of her strength.

Zaylus looks from Ehanis to the tiny monster, watching her fearsome display before glancing back to the asari. "Just the little ones." He replies smoothly. Grabbing the hood on his back his back, he unsuccessfully tries to hide his face behind it as he crouches away in fear from Li, quickly cluing into the game they're all playing. "Please! Don't hurt me!" He pleads.

Sofia steps back, her cheeks blushing fiercely as she realises she is fussing. "Sorry," she mumbles again, clasping her hands before her and fidgiting uncomfortably. She glances back to Leah, fear and confusion evident in her gaze.

Va'ynna smiles. "Aye, Nathan,... Leah," she says after a second, unsure if she used the right greeting. She looks around the group gathered in the hallway, tilting her head at the human woman wrapped in... is that toilet paper. Now is probably not the time to ask her what she's dressed up as, though, so she refrains.

Leah catches Sofia's reaction and looks away quickly, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear as she looks to Tara. She reaches out with her other hand and pats the young girl on the shoulder. "It's fine. You're fine." she assures her, forcing her bright smile back up as to alleviate Tara's worries, "Just a little accident." As she looks to Nathan, she scans him up and down, assessing his costume. Her smile grows a bit more

genuine as she tries to put the reaction of Sofia out of her mind. It's something she's grown used to, but it still doesn't feel good to be looked at like a freak. "Vampire. Clasisc." she says, "And fitting. Considering how much you suck." she adds, getting a quick jab in.

Jason rolls his eyes. "Hey! Those are fighting words!" he teases, "Are you really saying that you'd turn down the opportunity to have a knight-in-shining-fucking-armor address you as 'ser' and shit all the time? Come on!" As he spots her difficulties with the beer, he reaches across and, with great ease, tugs the cap off with his thumb and index finger. Despite the helpful utility of the prosthetics, he lower his gaze briefly in

embarassment. It's a small, almost unnoticeable gesture. Not lingering on it too long, he raises his hand and rotates it at the wrist, propping his smirk back up. "Should see me work a pickle jar." he jokes.

Li seems very pelased with herself as Zaylus pleads for his life. Her T-Rex noises are interrupted by an enthusiastic giggle. She looks to Ehanis. "Jason said there would be candy!" she exclaims, looking around expectantly as she wonders where it is.

Tara remains silent by Leah's side, offering no contribution to the conversation at all.

Victoria gives a chuckle at Leah's jab at Nathan "Count Suckula." She looks at the toilet paper mummy "Please tell me none of you walked here like that?"

Nathan narrows his eyes at Leah, gnashing his fangs at her. "And what are you supposed to be?" He shoots back, grinning and leaning down to peer at her facepaint. He then lets out a low "ooooh" before moving back. "A fan of the worst biotiball team! Gotcha!" He offers her a wink, merrily skipping out of reach of any hand movements.

Ilyna stands out of the way, content to watch the celebrations for now. She's also judg-... curiously observing the others' reactions to Li. She was relieved that Halisi diffused the situation after her terrifying costume almost put a stop to the dinnosaur's hunt.

Halisi goes back to her root beer as she scans the room. She decides on heading over to Jason and Kim. "Ms. Polner... I haven't seen you around here much. Although I suppose that's probably a good thing. I mostly get to see the rest of Redrock when they're bleeding to death." she says with a smile, mask still pulled down.

Ehanis gives a mock eyeroll at the turian. "Yeah, right," she jokes, not letting her speculation go just yet. She crouches down to Li's height and lowers her voice. "Yeah, and I've got intel that there's a lot of it," she says. "You should hunt him down and roar 'candy'. That'll get him to spill the secrets."

Zaylus grins, pleased with the game and Li's reaction. Hood still in his hands, he tucks it up over his fringe as far as it will go, somehow managing to keep it there while looking even more ridiculous than before. He's close enough to hear Ehanis encouraging the child and finds himself nodding along with a smirk. He'll be sure to watch for that.

Leah gives a loud snicker at Victoria's comment, though her laughing is abruptly interrupted by Nathan's return fire. She scrunches up her nose, frowning deeply at Nathan. "We're tigers! I just took some artistic licensing!" she defends, "And the Maestros are far from the worst team in the league!" She gives an eyeroll, "You know what!? You're not worth the argument!" she says playfully, aiming a brief kick in his general

direction, though he has already stepped too far away for her to make contact.

Kim shrugs and offers the bottle in her hand when Jason reaches over for it. "I don't know, it just seems completely out of left field. I didn't even think anyone was still interested in our history from back then," she explained before taking a small swig of the beer and holding it in her mouth for a second to judge the taste. At Halisi's approach, she hastily swallows and coughs

a couple times before setting the beer back down on the counter she originally got it from and holds out her right hand towards the human with a small smile. "I suppose so, although we haven't met when I almost had my legs blown off. You're... Halisi, right?" she asked with a hint of uncertainty, although her hand still remains steady despite it.

Sofia looks to Victoria, giggling and shrugging. "Yep! Taxi ride here. I would of worn something better but some jerk didn't give me any time to make a decent costume!" She glares at Nate, waving a clenched fist at him.

Li nods, going back to a crouch as she looks around for Jason. She sneaks towards him, growling quietly as she weaves past Ehanis and Zaylus.

Nathan bares his fangs at Leah, swiping a clawed hand at her as he steps at her after she has finished her kick. "I may not be worth the argument, but I vill drain you ov your blllloooooddd!" Worst. Accent. Ever.

"Thank god, would hate for you all to embarrass yourself walking here with Count Suckula here." Upon hearing Nathan's accent, she shivers in pain of hearing it. "Never do that again lad, or ye be walking the plank."

Va'ynna watches the argument for a moment, though when claws and teeth are bared she figures it's time to see the rest of this celebration. She makes herself scarce, slipping past the group towards and into the rec room.

Jason takes a swig of his own drink, giving a brief shrug to Kim's statement. "I'm sure there's a few nerds out there who still give a shit about that crap." he says plainly, reaching down to pat the hilt of his plastic sword, "My interest are of the sharp pointy variety." he adds with a smirk. He gives a nod in greeting as Halisi joins in, completely oblivious to the dangerous predator closing in on him. "Kim here goes wayyyy

back with me, Linda, and Ilyna." he explains to Halisi, gesturing towards Kim with his beer.

Halisi raises an eyebrow. "Yes, that's right. You're going to have to elaborate on almost having your legs blown off... was this before I joined Redrock?" she asks curiously, looking between Kim and Jason.

Leah raises an eyebrow as Nathan ineffectually swipes at the air and puts on his goofy accent. After a moment her smirk returns and she simply gives a shake of her head. She blinks a couple of times before completely averting her attention away from Nathan. Deciding that Va'ynna has the right idea, she begins to slip off her jacket and glances over to Tara. "Let's get inside and get some candy!" she says before following the

asari into the rec room.

Kim awkwardly takes her hand back and regrabs the beer, then glances towards Jason briefly before turning back to the doctor. "Well... Redrock didn't actually exist when that happened, actually..."

Ehanis stands back up, turning to the turian. "She is a worrywart like my sister, but at least she knows how to have fun," she says, glancing over at Ilyna who fortunately didn't hear her... at least Ehanis thinks so. "So, I don't think I've met you before, have I?"

Tara studies Nathan with a puzzled expression, saying nothing. She is quick to follow Leah into the rec room, however, and she follows her lead in unzipping her jacket, looking around as she tries to figure out where to put it.

Li swoops right past Kim's leg, pouncing Jason for a second time, digging her 'claws' into his leg and looking up at him. "Grrr! Candy!" she growls.

Jason winces slightly at the mention of the occasion in question. "Seems to be a recurring theme for us. The team that get mutilated together-..." he trails off, going silent for several seconds as he attempts to find something fitting that rhymes with 'mutilated'. His face contorts to one of utter confusion. Then to one of embarassment as he realizes there's no way out of this one. The thoughts storm through his mind, 'Is

doodoolated a real word? Does it relate to poop? Poop is always funny! It'll go over well if I just toss out a poop joke. Nobody will even notice the pause. Wait, does doodoolated even rhyme? Oh no...' when suddenly his train of thought is disrupted by the dinnosaur attack. Saved. "Ahhhh!" he shouts in mock-terror as he reaches down, scooping Li up under the arms and lifting her up onto the counter. "Candy has to wait until

Aunt Linda gets here! She's putting on her costume." he says. Giving a brief glance around as if to check to make sure nobody is watching, he turns around and leans over, pulling one of the cabinet drawers open. When he turns back, he has a small pack of gummy candies which he hands to Li. "Shhhh! Our secret!"

Nathan frows at Leah, narrowing his eyes as she merely walks by him. "...fucking great accent," he states firmly, folding his arms across his chest.

Zaylus nods at the asari's words, tracking the prowling dinosaur with his gaze and snickering as Jason once again falls victim. But at Ehanis' question he has to take another look at her. "Err, I... don't think so?" He replies after a moment. "Maybe I'd recognize you in regular clothes." He jokes dryly, bringing up a hand to touch his fringe, knocking the hood back down in the process.

"Either way, I'm Zaylus. Just so you know."

Sofia pats Nate on the shoulder as she passes, giggling softly. "No it wasn't~".

Victoria makes her way to the rec room to join the main party.

Vasquez is still quite absent from the rec room. She's been gone for some time now.

Li casts a quick look over her shoulder to make sure no one notices as she takes the gummy candies and immediately runs off with a grin on her face.

Leah places her jacket over the back of one of the chairs around the table and gives a cheerful wave towards all the others. "Hello~" she sings, announcing her arrival. She gestures to one of the other chairs for Tara to put her jacket, "We were told there would be candy~!"

Jason returns Leah's wave with one of his own. "Alright, alright. I've heard thou's requesteths for candy and I will grant thy thee thou'est request thusly....Uhh..... Thou." he says, placing one hand back on the pommel of his sword. He looks towards the door before frowning. "Hold on a minute, I'm gonna go see what in the hell is taking Linda so long." he says, breaking character as he trots off to track her down. Spotting

Va'ynna on his way, he makes a pit stop to wrap her up in a hug. "Hey V! Glad you could make it." he greets, stepping back and looking over her costume, "You look great! Uhh... just a second. Gotta find Linda so we can begin handing out the candy before Li starts throwing tomatoes at me."

Tara follows Leah's guidance, placing her own jacket over the chair next to hers. With this her top, matching Leah's in color, and her scarred arms, tattoos and all, are revealed. She looks around the room, and all the people in it, quite obviously fascinated by the various costumes. She remains close to Leah, saying nothing but continuing to study the outfits. She follows Jason with her eyes as he walks past them out of the


Ehanis tilts her head as he takes off the hood. She would have liked to know where he got that. "I think I've seen you before, so maybe," she says, "but I'd have remembered if we really met. Not that many turians out here,... unfortunatly." A shrug follows. "Anyway, I'm Ehanis," she says. "Jason hasn't fired me yet." She has avoided the agency office ever since her return, as well as most of her coworkers.

Zaylus nods quickly as the asari takes the words right from his mouth. "Yeah? He's been forgetting to kick me out too." He laughs dryly as he speaks. "Glad I'm not the only fuck up on payroll." He lowers his gaze with a shake of the head, then his laughter peters out and his gaze snaps back up. "Uhh, no offense?" He offers with a palm-up gesture and an apologetic expression.

Va'ynna returns the hug, giving him a squeeze, smiling widely. "Thank you, Captain of Redrock," she says with a slight giggle. "For... having the celebration at this time." She pulls back from the hug, but he takes his leave before she can respond to the compliment about her costume. Not that she could take credit for it given how much Victoria had helped.

Li climbs on top of the back of the couch, sitting there with the hopes of enjoying some candy. Only to find the bag quite resistant to her attempts to open it. Her costume probably doesn't help. "Hmn... grrrr..." she brings it up to her mouth, biting down on the plastic and pulling. "Rrrrgg..."

Halisi furrows her eyebrows as she looks at Kim. "Oh, you know Jason and Vasquez from before then?" she asks, taking a sip of her root beer and glancing at the new people entering the room.

Leah makes her way over to the counter, looking over the food on display with great interest. She rubs her hands together before scooping up a couple of glazed donuts and passing one off to Tara. "Donuts!" she exclaims, hoping to pass some excitement off to Tara. It was a party, after all, they should be festive!

Jason continues down the hall to the living quarters and taps the panel, causing the door to slide open before he steps inside. "Linda? They're getting impatient with the candy!" he announces as he enters, looking around for his absent fiance.

Vasquez is standing in front of the bathroom mirror, looking at her reflection with distaste, holding out her arms to her sides. She's wearing a ridiculous-looking pink bodysuit and her stance is thoroughly uncomfortable. "I am definitely not wearing this."

Jason makes his way over to the bathroom door and peers inside. Nearly instantly, laughter erupts from him and he brings a hand up to his mouth. "What are you talking about." he says through his hands between bouts of laughter, "You look-... you look great." He enters the bathroom and steps up behind her, peering at her in the mirror's reflection with a big amused smirk on his face.

Ehanis grins. "I figured you weren't a 'turian' turian," she says. "This place has more fuck ups than you and me, though." She looks around the kitchen for a moment. "I think I'll go grab myself something to drink," she says as she walks along the kitchen in search of it, remaining within earshot of the turian.

Vasquez does not seem to as amused as Jason, and she shoots him a death-glare through the mirror. "This is ridiculous. I can't wear this in public." she says with a grunt.

Jason leans back, putting up his hands defensively in response to Vasquez' death-glare. "Whoa! Calm down. I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going..." he says, which causes him to immediately burst into laughter, once again, at his own joke and Vasquez' ridiculous appearance. "Alright, alright.... Fine." he agrees with a sigh as his laughter winds down, "Just... throw something on and we'll go hand out candy to Li."

He looks her over one more time in the mirror and his expression crumbles into another loud chuckle.

Kim nods at Halisi before taking a large swig of the beer, having already decided before that she didn't mind the taste of it. "We met briefly on the Citadel, at least long enough to take the same contract on an abandoned ship. There were some horrifying things there, horrifying enough that we were lucky to get out at all," she explained while idly inspecting the bottle in her hand.

"I parted ways with them shortly after recovering. It's quite a coincidence that we all happened to end up on the same planet again, especially one like this." She drains the rest of the beer and slams the bottle down, not noticing just how close the bottle was to shattering all over the area.

Halisi 's expression shifts slightly at the mention of 'horrifying things', a suspicion that she knows what the woman is speaking of, but she keeps it to herself for now. Not the time or place. She gains a faint smirk at her final comment, nodding. "It's a big galaxy. It's not often you run in to someone you know, especially out here in the Terminus... fate, maybe? Or it could just be that Aite attracts certain types of people."

she says with a shrug, shooting a glance at Li who is sitting on the back of the couch, just to make sure she's not looking like she's going to fall.

Vasquez jabs an elbow into Jason's stomach to silence his laughter, and then reaches for her gray fatigue pants, starting to put them on over the bright pink bodysuit. "Tell me again, was this little gathering for Li or for you?" she asks, a small smirk forming as her displeasure over the costume starts to fade away.

Jason grunts as the elbow catches him in the stomach and winces to his side. As he recovers he furrows his brow. "What's that supposed to mean!? Of course it's for Li!" he asks in a tone of mock offense as he wraps an arm around her waist, giving her a quick hug from behind. "Besides, what's wrong with having a celebration every now and then? We've all been through enough crap lately, I think we deserve it, right?"

Kim stares at Halisi thoughtfully for a few seconds. "Hm, that's an interesting thought. I don't think I would've done the same things that sent me here had I not met them before. Maybe even... hm," she continued before trailing off into nothing.

Vasquez leans back slightly against Jason, only the upper half of the peculiar pink outfit visible now. She lets out a sigh, followed by a quiet "Right." as she reaches back, rubbing the back of his neck with her hand. She studies his costume for a moment before shaking her head and breaking out of the hug and leaving the bathroom for the dresser, where she grabs a matching gray-camo jacket, slipping it on to obscure the

rest of her costume.

Halisi takes another sip from the bottle in her hand, studying the woman. She looks at her expectantly as she trails off. "What?" she asks, a little puzzled.

Kim shakes her head as her trance is broken and she realizes what the other girl was referring to. "Oh, never mind, it's not important," she continued hurriedly. "Anyway, what brings you to Aite? How did you meet them?"

Jason follows behind Vasquez with a big grin plastered on his face. "You know I spent a lot of time trying to pick you out a costume, right?" he teases, "And you don't even care how much it hurts my feelings that you're just covering it all up? I'm wounded, Linda. Wounded!"

Halisi frowns slightly at Kim's hasty change of topic, and the question causes a brief look of discomfort, but it disappears almost immediately. "They... rescued me. My former workplace was... infested. It was-..." her gaze moves out across the room briefly before she snaps back to Kim. "Well, when I came here I was without a job. I decided to help keep the people that saved me alive. It doesn't take up all that much of my time,

so I work at the hospital as well."

Sofia skips back into the rec room after her and Nate spent a little bit of time talking in the background. She heads on over to Leah and Tara, her gaint slowly shifting to a slower and more subdued shuffle. "Um, hi," she starts, the young woman smiling awkwardly.

Leah glances up at Sofia, inwardly wincing as a bit of discomfort overcomes her due to her previous encounter with the mysterious mummy, though she's quick to hide it. "Heyyyyy.... you." she says in that awkward way you tend to do when you're not sure if you should know someone or not. "I'msosorryIdon'tknowwhoyouare." she blurts out with a wince, "We haven't met before, right? Because I'm usually good at this sort of thing,

promise! But you were with Nathan so.... So....." she furrows her brow and scrunches up her nose, "Friend? You don't work here, do you!?" she asks, seeming upset at herself for not knowing a fellow employee and already settling on that being the case before suddenly changing her mind with a shake of her head before allowing the woman to speak, "No, no, no. I would've seen you around... Though I'm guessing you don't usually

work while dressed in toilet paper, right? That would be a shitty job." She pauses for a moment, giving a snicker at her own unintended joke, "Get it? Shitty? Toilet paper?" Another shift in expressions to one of distaste, "Oh, gross, Leah!" she says aloud, "...Sorry."

Tara stands silently next to Leah, watching the exchange between her and Sofia. She furrows her eyebrows slightly as Leah rambles, and for a moment it almost looks like she's going to speak up, but she thinks better of it, waiting patiently for the situation to be sorted out.

Sofia blinks as Leah starts to run a word a second. As she continues to speak, Sofia's smile becomes more and more genuine until she ends up giggling at the blonde's rather poor joke. As she concludes, she bounces up to Leah and holds out a hand to her, her mismatched eyes gleaming with mirth. "I'm Sofia Tennhausen. I'm Nate's youngest sister. And for the record, I would have come in a much more unique and awesome costume

Sofia -for this if that knucklehead had actually given me some warning! I mean, he gave me, like, one days notice. One. Day. I mean, the nerve of him!" She tuts and adopts a deeper voice, hunching her shoulders in a crude imitation of her brother. "Oh, by the way Sofi, going to a fancy dress party tomorrow. Better get a costume!" She tuts and pushes a stray lock of snow white hair behind her ear. "Knucklehead."

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