#Hospital – December 26, 2016

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Aylena takes a few moments to answer the question, though she doesn't look away. "I did not foresee this going the way it did," she says. "So I didn't see fit to inform you about my past. It was logical with the information I had at the time, while it almost cost me my life in hindsight."

Jason remains silent for a few moments after Aylena has finished. "Not just your life. They nearly killed Lema, too..." he says, making it clear that he's not too happy about that, though there's little to be gained from hammering that point home. "So how do you want to deal with this? Redrock isn't just going to leave you out in the cold..." he admits reluctantly. It's clear that Aylena is trying to do the right thing, and Jason is

a sucker for a good cause. "But we need a plan. Intel. How likely is it that this 'Oritern' sends another attack? How much manpower does he have? Anything you can tell us might be useful."

Nathan looks to Jason. He remains rather impassive for a moment before a slow grin spreads across his face. "Fuckin' A," he says with a nod. He looks back to Aylena, pacing idly. "Literally anything. Quirks, character flaws, locations and so on and so forth. Every little detail can give us an edge against this guy and show him just how out of his league he is." He

pauses and looks between the pair of them. "After all, you make a move against one of us, all of us are going to hit back."

Aylena sighs. "I'm willing to work with you on a proper short and long term security solution when I'm in a medical and technical capacity to do so," she says, pausing for a moment as she considers her adversary. "As for Oritern, I have so far failed to predict his next moves. His attacks have diminished in size, from the squad on Illium to the lone maiden that attempted to kill me today. I don't believe his

organization has grown beyond the twenty-six employees it boasted more than a year ago."

Jason glances to Nathan as he speaks, giving a single nod, "Let's hope it doesn't come to that. Last thing we need on our hands is a war with another PMC. But we should be ready to respond if he brings the fight our way again." Once Aylena has finished speaking he responds, shifting his focus to her. "I'll keep security running full-time at the Respite for now, but that's going to put us in a position where we're operating at a loss.

You know we don't make much off of our contract with you, so I'm leaving it on good faith for now that Redrock will be properly compensated." he points out, "Like you said, we can negotiate something a bit more official when you're in a better position to do so. For now, we need to make sure we keep that place from becoming a warzone again." He shifts in his seat, leaning forward once more, "Once you're out of the hospital, try

and make contact with Oritern and talk him down. If he's running out of manpower, I'm guessing he won't have a whole lot of choice in the matter anyway. If that doesn't work-..." he gives a shrug, his gaze returning to Nathan, "...figure maybe I could give him a call. Let him know he's not just picking a fight with children and bartenders on Aite."

Nathan nods slowly as Jason speaks, a wry grin as he casually asks. "A call in the form of a M-100 grenade shot?" He then waves it off as he continues speaking, "If you need me to, I'll happily do extra shifts at the Respite to keep everything running nice and smoothly. God knows I've got the time at the minute," he says with a sigh.

Aylena waits for them both to speak, and then shakes her head at Nathan's most not too serious suggestion. "I do not want to make an aggressive move towards him or his company, especially one involving explosives," she says. She gives antoher sigh, feeling a bit uncomfortable in this vulnerable position. "Anyway, yes. You'll be compensated for all extra work, both today and the meantime until we can establish a new

contract." She frowns as she adds, "I will also speak to my lawyer about contacting Oritern's company."

Jason looks back to Nathan, "That sounds like a plan. I'll let you figure shift details out with Leah. She seems to have really taken to working at the Respite and I don't want to step on any toes. We've got the manpower to keep someone stationed there without a problem, just need to talk to a few of the others. Maybe see what Zaylus is up to." he decides, mostly just thinking out loud. Once Aylena has chimed in, he returns his

attention to her and gives a nod, rising from his seat. "Don't worry. I'm not eager to get us into a fight we might be able to avoid." he assures her, "But keep me in the loop and try and get on top of this as soon as they let you go home. In the meantime I'll keep someone posted here for now to look over you and Lema." He glances to Nathan with a smirk, "Hell, with any luck maybe Oritern learned his lesson and this is the last

we hear of him... right? Right...?" he asks, looking like he doesn't particularly see it playing out that way. Luck wasn't exactly Redrock's strongest stat, after all.

Nathan smirks to the pair of them. "The grenade was a joke... mostly." He nods at Jason, rubbing his now shaven chin. "I'll go talk with her sooner rather than later. Get the ball rolling. It actually might not be a bad idea to buddy up on shifts too. I know response time for us is generally on-par, but what with recent developments I don't think pairing a couple

of us up on shift is too much of a stretch. After all, we seem to have plenty of us lounging about." He then pauses and gives Jason a deadpan look before giving an over-dramatic shrug. "Tell you what, if it works out like that, I'll buy you a round at Respite as celebration." He gives Jason a wink and a smirk.

Aylena gives a soft chuckle. "We can certainly hope," she says, not that it's the first time hope was part of her strategy. "I will accept any temporary security measures you deem appropriate, Wolfe, and compensate you accordingly." This was going to cost her, she knew, but she can afford one or two months with the books far into the red to salvage this situation.

Jason points to Nathan, "I'm holding you to that drink." he says before addressing the earlier suggestion. "Pairing up staff is-..." he begins when Aylena chimes in and he gives her a quick nod. "...I'll put a little thought into it." he decides upon hearing that she'll compensate Redrock. He takes a step towards the door and looks back to Aylena, "You get yourself some rest for now, alright? Been a long day." he says before reminding,

"And keep me in the loop! I'm serious! No more of this secretive bullshit. That's how people get killed, Aylena." He continues towards the door before realizing his mistake, "Janysa. Gonna take me a while to get used to that..." he adds with a sigh. He waits just beside the door for Nathan to join him and giving Aylena a chance to get any final words in.

Nathan gives a single nod to Janysa in farewell, having nothing more to say. He follows Jason, opening the door and stepping out into the corridor. If there are any final words left, they would most likely be to Jason and not him. He does pause, however and look in to witness any final discussion.

Aylena nods. "Of course, I have nothing to gain by keeping pertinent information secret," she says. "Please refer to me by my false name outside of private conversation until the case is closed. There's still a small chance the press don't know about it,... and I'd like to keep it that way." She sighs, and offers a small smile. An uncommon sight on this old matron's face. "Again, thank you for saving my life. And


Jason gives another nod. "You got it, Aylena." he says simply, "Now get some rest." With that he steps out of the room, closing the door behind him, and takes a moment to stretch. "Well..." he sighs, giving a glance towards Nathan, "...Never a dull moment, huh? Guess it was asking for too much to hope that we'd get some time off from being shot at after Rakhana..."

Nathan chuckles, running his hand through his hair. "Never." He starts to slowly walk off towards the lobby, keeping a slow pace for Jason to fall in besides him. "So what do you think about all this then? I mean, it all seems a tad too complicated right now. Back-stabbing, back-room deals, false names...". He sighs. "It's never simple is it?"

Jason gives a shake of his head as he follows beside Nathan and lets out a humorless chuckle. "Never." he agrees, repeating Nathan's words before actually addressing the question. "I don't know, Ten. Need someone to handle a few troublemakers? I'm on it. A slaver ship needs boarding? I'm there. I mean, I'm damn good at being shot at... but I don't know the first thing about Illium law. That place is cutthroat..." With another sigh he

shrugs his shoulders, "For now I think our best bet is to keep our noses out of her business and hope she can take care of it and keep the fight out of Freedom Falls. Our job is to focus on keeping the Respite safe, so for now? That's what we'll do..." he says, though the undertone implies that if she can't keep the fight out of Freedom Falls, he doesn't plan on sitting it out.

Nathan nods and stops, turning to Jason. "Well, we'll improvise. We seem to be good at that and coming out of shitty situations." He smiles and holds out his hand. The twist of the arm and his open palm makes it clear it's a forearm clasp kinda hand shake. Roman style. "It'll work out. And if it comes down to it, we'll kick some ass as we always do. If that's all,

Jase, I gotta go hunt down Halisi and have a chat with her."

Jason reaches out, accepting the man's handshake. "Take it easy, Ten. Appreciate the help back there." he says. "Figure things out with Leah as soon as you can and let me know what you two decide on." He steps away, looking towards Nathan as he backs down the hallway towards the lobby, "Think I'm gonna do a little research and try and see what I can figure out about our new friends on Illium." he adds before rotating away and

continuing down the hall.

Nathan gives Jason a small wave before turning and staring down the hallway. "...Now where the fuck is Halisi?"

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