#Salvaging – August 5, 2013

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Tyranniac | The Hnipinn Minerals offices are busier than last time, despite the early hour. The sun is about to rise judging by the twilight and the slight chill in the air. There is not a cloud on the sky.

Steve arrives out front of the offices, deciding to wait for more arrivals before entering. Lacking a helmet, his armor is a plain metallic color, but to anyone with a keen eye, they'd be able to notice small flecks of yellow paint left behind, sticking to the creases of the scratched up, well-worn armor. A tempest is attached at his thigh.

Renala arrives not too long after, a small smile creeping into her expression as she sees Steve standing outside. Not in a hard-suit, she is wearing her brown leather jacket as she did on her first entrance to the Respite, as it offers a low-end shield generator. Should be enough to give her a heads up if people are shooting at her, but that's about it. It's zipped up almost entirely, and a blue shirt is underneath. Also, non-descript dark-gray pants that seems to be made for a chilly day. On her left hip is a holstered pistol, but it's quite easy to discern what pistol is within: phalanx. She has a dark-green backpack on, seeming to be quite full though the asari doesn't seem to have trouble carrying it. "Good morning," she says once within earshot of the human.

Steve nods with a smirk upon spotting the asari. "Morning, Ren. Have any issues getting your hands on supplies?" he asks as he rotates his shoulder in an attempt at working the stiffness out.

Fera'Sel approaches the duo soon after the asari arrives, looking pretty much the same as she usually does. She notices the two of them pretty quickly and walks over with a somewhat guarded pose. She stops several steps away and stands stiffly in place, content to listen to the conversation they are having for the moment.

Tyranniac | The quarian attracts a few odd looks from passerby workers.

Renala | "No, I haven't," Renala says, stopping just outside the building, and facing the human. "Whether it's enough, I have no idea. It's been a while since I planned for something even remotely like this." She sees the quarian arrive and nods to her, "Hey, Fera."

Steve is slightly taken aback at the arrival of Fera, given the reaction she received from the Hinpinn employee during their initial job inquiry. But, unsure of whether or not there was still animosity over the words exchanged between the two, he doesn't allow his stare to linger.

Steve quickly returns his attention to the asari. "Yeah... I wouldn't worry too much about it. Should be a walk in the park."

Fera'Sel nods in return to Renala and looks directly towards the passerbys as she notices their looks. Her body posture is just as stiff as before.

Renala | "Walk in the park, huh?" Renala says, unfamiliar with the expression itself even though the meaning is pretty easy to guess from context. "Yeah, I really hope so too, but you know: Aite." She glances to the side and sees the stares at Fera, a frown being her only reaction.

Steve lifts a gauntleted hand, patting Renala on the shoulder once.

Well, might as well head in.

Steve glances back towards Fera with a nod before making his way through the door.

Renala nods and follows inside after Steve. She looks around the inside of it, not entirely sure where to go from here.

Fera'Sel follows the two without a word in response. She'll still very much on edge and maintains a guarded walk.

Tyranniac | The same secretary as last time is sitting at the desk. She looks up as the group enters the room. She looks slightly awkward at the sight of Fera, but doesn't comment.

| Secretary: Oh, there you are. You should get over to the parking lot. There is a truck waiting to take you up into the mountains. Any questions before you go?

Steve glances at the others before taking a step towards the secretary. "All due respect, ma'am, but it's not just the three of us that showed up, is it?"

Renala looks at the secretary, interested to know as well, but she keeps quiet.

Secretary: No. The others are waiting. For you.

Tyranniac | The secretary looks slightly awkward, her gaze shifting briefly to the side.

Fera'Sel folds her arms and looks towards the secretary. She decides to stay silent for the moment, knowing that speaking her mind would only have negative outcomes in this situation.

Renala nods acknowledging, she has no questions to ask the secretary about the mission. "I suppose we'll get going then," she says, "unless either of you have questions for her."

Steve nods, "My apologies. I'll be on my way, then." he says, turning and making his way out of the office.

Fera'Sel shakes her head. "No, let's go."

Renala follows after Steve, and then looks around for the truck on the parking lot once they're outside.

Tyranniac | The parking lot is nearby, in front of the refinery. A small truck stands at the edge of the parking lot. Two people are standing outside it, one of them a young human male in winter clothing, most likely a teenager. The other one is an old turian man in a worn hardsuit.

Steve calmly walks in the direction of the truck, looking around at the workers going about their day. "So...?" he asks, without turning towards the other two, "What do you guys think?"

Renala walks towards the truck in the same pace as Steve. "The turian looks like he's seen his share of battles," she says; still not within earshot of the people around the truck. "That's good, considering the slight chance of encountering opposition."

Steve nods, a grin tugging at the side of his mouth. "Maybe. I was expecting a bigger crew. Hopefully there's not much to retrieve or this could be a long day."

Fera'Sel laughs softly and relaxes for the first time since she arrived. The news clearly doesn't deter her at all. "Sounds like we have to be efficient, then."

Renala looks at the truck, trying to see if there are any people within it. "Maybe there's people inside too," she says. She catches herself smiling slightly at the quarian's seemingly change of mood.

Tyranniac | The driver can be seen in the front, but not much can be seen in the back of the truck.

Steve slows his pace as he approaches the truck. "Morning." he says as he comes upon the two waiting outside the truck, "We miss anything?"/

Renala stops as well, glancing over the two outside the truck again now that they're near, though says nothing.

Tyranniac| The human shakes his head. "Just a bunch of waiting, now let's go already." He climbs into the truck, followed by the elderly turian, who seems to have seen better days.

Fera'Sel exhales and climbs into the truck, wondering to herself if she is being tolerated or just hasn't been noticed yet. Either way, she decides not to continue letting the issue lie. She mumbles to herself about work.

Steve rolls his eyes and takes a deep breath. He climbs up behind the quarian, mouthing the word 'asshole' to Renala before doing so.

Renala | "Patience, kid," Renala says at the young human. She tilts her head at Steve as the translator doesn't really work with mouthed unspoken words. Without another word, she steps into the truck after the other two.

Tyranniac| The driver hops out and leans through the door. "Okay, the trip is going to take a while, so get comfortable. And wear your seatbelts." She laughs before closing the door and heading back to the driver's seat.

Steve settles into a seat and straps in. "She seems cheerful..." he mutters.

Tyranniac| | The truck starts, and starts driving. There are no windows in the passenger compartment, but the movement can be felt.

Renala takes off her backpack and places it underneath the seat beside Steve, before sitting down on it and putting on the safety harness.

Steve glances around the passenger compartment at the others. "So are we it...?" he asks, his gaze moving back and forth between the turian and the young human.

Fera'Sel sits down in one of the chairs and fastens her seatbelt. She closes her eyes and leans her head against the wall of the van for the moment.

Human: Yup. More pay for us though, right?

Steve shakes his head. "More work for us. Have they said how big this hauls gonna be?"

Human: Can't be more than what fits in the truck, right?

Ya never know. Could have a fleet of trucks waiting to be loaded. They've been pretty light on the details with me so far.

Tyranniac| The human shrugs and leans back, after eyeing the quarian curiously.

Renala leans back a little in her seat, as much as the awkward head shape of her species allow. "Didn't they say they're unsure what happened over there?" she says. "For all we know, whoever caused them to drop out of contact might have taken off with all the stuff worth salvaging."

Steve chuckles and shakes his head. "Always so pessimistic, Ren. Think positive. It'll be a walk in the park" he repeats.

Tyranniac| A few hours of rather shaky traveling later...

Fera'Sel is sitting quietly and paying little attention to what the others in the truck are talking about. At this point, she has a lot of tolerance for uncomfortable travel conditions.

Steve looks towards the turian. "How are you holding up?" he asks. More interested in how the turian will respond than genuinely concerned.

Tyranniac| The turian eventually looks at Steve and is about to respond when the truck comes to a stop, and after a moment the driver slides the door open. "Alright, we're stopping for a bit to refuel and pick up some extra supplies. If you want to grab some fresh air now's the time!"

Steve quickly unbuckles his seatbelt, instantly losing interest in anything the turian might have said, and climbs out of the truck.

Renala stands up, as well, and leaves the truck after Steve, eager to have some fresh air after sitting still for the last hour.

Steve takes a deep breath and begins rubbing at the back of his neck as he glances around at his surroundings.

Tyranniac| They are in a small mining camp consisting of a few prefab shelters. Snow covers the ground. The ground slopes north and there is a rather imposing peak to the south. The entire area is, of course, mountainous.

Steve turns back to the truck. "Fera," he says, waving the quarian over, "Check it out. Quite a view."

Renala shivers slightly as she isn't used to the temperature outside here, and looks around the camp with curiosity. "I hope it's not much colder where we're going."

Tyranniac| The human jumps out, stretching a bit and looking around. The turian remains inside.

Fera'Sel opens her eyes when the door opens, but doesn't move right away. She stands up when Steve speaks and stretches for several seconds before stepping out of the truck. She looks out across the landscape and takes in the view. "Wow... I haven't seen a view quite like this before."

Steve takes another deep breath, closing his eyes as the cold air fills his lungs. "What's the matter, Ren?" he asks, opening his eyes once more and taking a couple steps in the asari's direction. "Not a fan of the weather?" he adds with a smirk.

Renala turns towards Steve. "Yeah," she says followed by a sigh. "I've gotten too used to the warmer temperatures of where I lived on Thessia." She pauses, glancing at the truck. "I did bring a thicker jacket, though, but it doesn't have kinetic barrier emitters."

Tyranniac| The driver comes back, carrying a fuel barrel. She seems to be having some trouble with the weight, almost dropping it about halfway to the truck.

Steve extends his arms as he turns, sweeping his hands in an exaggerated gesture. "Well I doubt you're going to need barriers out here." he says.

Renala | "Says the one in full combat gear," Renala chuckles, a smirk forming on her lips as well. "I'd rather have barriers and not need it than the opposite case."

Steve taps his chest. "This old thing? After all it's been through, I'll be lucky if it stops a punch." he says as the driver catches his eye. "Looks like she could use a hand..."

Fera'Sel continues staring out into the distance, quite obviously paying no attention to what the others are talking about.

Renala follows his gaze and notices the pilot, then nods. "Sure looks like it, yeah," she says. "Let's help her, then." She takes a few steps towards her. "Doesn't your armor have shields?" she asks while walking.

Tyranniac| She waves Renala off with a smile and hauls the barrel over to the truck, shoving it into the cargo/passenger area. "Alright, let's continue everyone! We'll be following the path of the survey team, should take a few hours, no roads out here."

Fera'Sel snaps out of her reverie and looks back towards the truck. She moves back towards it and climbs in, albeit somewhat hesitantly.

Steve follows closely behind the asari. "Took a few... bumps... the last time I wore her." he says, stopping momentarily to give the driver a nod of acknowledgment, "I've been working on restoring her, but this'll be my first time actually taking her out since then."

Tyranniac| The young human enters the truck shortly after the driver.

Renala nods acknowledging to the driver, returning the smile. She heads back towards the truck. "I see," she says, "but you didn't really answer whether it had kinetic barriers." The asari climbs inside and walks over to and reclaims her seat.

Steve continues to follow Renala, climbing back into his seat and buckling up. "Assuming everything is working alright? Yeah. Hopefully we won't find out."

Renala | "Hopefully," Renala repeats with a nod, "I'm not really prepared for any sort of armed opposition, either."

Tyranniac| The driver jumps out since no-one closed the door. She closes it without saying anything and soon after the truck takes off.

Fera'Sel buckles up her seatbelt and returns to waiting patiently for then to reach their destination.

Renala glances at the driver as she closes her door, a faint sheepish smile visible on her features. She then puts on the seatbelts and leans back, hoping to get a bit of sleep in the long car ride to their destination.

Steve opens a small compartment on his hardsuit and fishes around for his familiar bottle. After popping a few pills into his mouth, he puts the bottle away and leans his head back.

Human: What's that? Nods at the bottle.

Steve lifts his head up and stares at the young man for a moment, an empty expression on his face. "Breath mints." he says plainly.

Human: Yeah, right.

Steve 's smirk returns as he leans forward, making eye contact with the young man. "Yeah. Right." he agrees, "Now how about mind your own fucking business?" he adds, retaining an unsettlingly calm demeanor.

Human: Jeez, what's your problem?

Steve chuckles to himself and nods a few times. "No problem, buddy. No problem at all. I just don't appreciate you putting your nose where it doesn't belong."

Tyranniac| Even more hours later...

Fera'Sel is fast asleep.

Renala is sleeping as well, but it's not too long ago she actually fell asleep. She's been quiet for most of the time, though, and her eyes have been closed.

Steve is gently leaned back with his head against the wall, staring at the roof of the truck. Every now and then he gently taps his head against the wall, as if keeping pace with some kind of internal clock or rhythm

Tyranniac| The truck comes to a stop, and the driver soon opens the door. The air is quite cold, although not much more so than the camp. Snow covers the ground. The skies are clear and the snowy mountainside is shimmering in the light of the sun. "We're here. Your part of the job is up." The human exits first, with enthusiasm. His feet sink some bit into the snow as he walks out.

Steve unbuckles his harness and springs out of his seat. "About time..." he says, a hint of frustration in his voice.

Tyranniac| The turian is still asleep in the corner, snoring loudly.

Steve taps his boot against the turian's leg. "Come on." he says, making his way towards the door, "Time to get moving."

Renala wakes up while the driver is speaking, looking around with groggily. She gets what's going on when the human walks out of the truck and from what Steve said. She picks up the backpack from under the seat and puts it on, and then follows Steve towards the exit.

Tyranniac| The turian mumbles something that sounds vaguely like "Kill all humans" before waking up. "Huh? Wha?" He gets up and exits with a grunt.

Steve hops out of the truck and takes a few steps away before stretching his arms, "How you holding up, Ren?"

Renala leaves the truck after him, considering the question for a moment. "Not too bad. Feel a bit groggy, but otherwise I'm fine," she says, shivering a bit for a moment once she's out in the cold. "How about you?"

Steve places a hand on his chin and cracks his neck. "I feel like shit."

Fera'Sel doesn't seem to wake up with the speech that's going on. She's still sitting there, only indicating she's alive by the slow natural movements of her sleep.

Renala | "And you say I'm the pessimist?" Renala says with a smirk before she realizes the quarian being absent from the group outside the truck. She walks back to it and sticks her head inside. "Fera?" she calls out to her.

Fera'Sel suddenly jerks awake and looks around, suddenly noticing that the truck has stopped again. "Hnh... sorry, I'm coming."

Fera'Sel stands up and stretches quickly before jogging the short distance to the outside world and stepping out. She looks around and takes in the sights.

Tyranniac| A parked truck can be seen a small distance ahead of their own. They appear to have driven in the tracks of said truck.

Tyranniac| The driver that transported them to the location heads back inside her truck for warmth.

Steve shakes his head at Renala's comment, the smirk returning to his face. "Well, look who decided to join us." he says as Fera dismounts the truck.

Renala looks around the area and the rest of the group. "So, how are we doing this?" she begins. "Maybe check the other truck?" she suggests.

Tyranniac| The turian looks around at the surronding area, scanning it for threats. The young human is idly poking a pile of snow with his foot.

Steve nods. "Might as well see what they have to say." he says and begins heading towards the second truck.

Renala heads towards it, walking beside Steve. She enables her omni-tool and taps on its interface, but seem attentive enough about where she's going.

Steve raps his knuckles against the door once the pair reach the truck. "Something more important come up?" he asks with a smile as he notices Renala poking at her omni-tool.

Renala shakes her head. "I'm just checking if I remember how to properly set up a comm channel," she says. "I haven't done that in Goddess knows how long."

Tyranniac| | The young human follows Steve and Renala. As they get closer to the truck, they would notice a lot of footsteps in the snow around it. If someone was to pay more attention to the tracks they would notice a set of foot tracks heading off to the east, and a set of tracks seemingly belonging to a second truck heading off to the southwest. The tracks they have driven along previously notably had the tracks of two vehicles. There is no response to Steve's knocking. The window of the M-080 truck is frosted over, imparing visibility.

Steve waits a moment longer, watching his breath as it escapes his mouth. Finally, tired of waiting, he pulls the door open.

Tyranniac| The door appears to be either locked or frozen stuck.

The turian keeps looking around for threats.

Fera'Sel finishes her scan of the landscape and decides to more directly join the others. She eyes the truck and moves around it, inspecting it further.

Steve sighs. "Locked. Maybe the driver knows where everyone went." he says, clearly frustrated, before marching back towards the truck they came from.

Tyranniac| the driver opens the door and leans out so that she can speak to Steve. She's sipping a steaming cup of coffee.

Renala lets her omni-tool's interface dissipate and notices the foot tracks around and the truck tracks. She decides to follow Steve back, seeming thoughtful.

Steve stares at the cup of coffee through his breath, suddenly feeling a whole lot colder, but quickly dismisses it. "So...?" he says expectantly, "Where is everyone?"

Driver: Ain't that what the company's paying you to find out? I'd say opening that truck would be a good start.

Fera'Sel shakes her head and sighs as her inspection of the truck finds nothing obvious. She completely ignores the tracks for the moment.

Tyranniac| The young human starts prying at the door in vain.

Steve sighs and rubs at his forehead. "So you're saying there's nobody else assisting us? They sent five people that have no idea how their operation is run to do this on our own? Great..." he says, "Thanks for the help. Go ahead and close up, wouldn't want you to get cold..." he adds, sarcasm dripping.

Driver: Hey! I'm just here to transport you, don't get snarky with me! I've been on one of these survey teams in the past. Two trucks, usually about 8 people per vehicle.

Renala gives no reaction to the answer, and heads back over to the other truck, looking at the door thoughtfully.

Steve turns away from the driver as she begins to raise her voice and makes his way back over to the truck. Without hesitation, he slams his armored elbow into the window in an attempt at cracking it.

Tyranniac| The driver gestures dismissively at Steve after he ignores her attempt at helping, and closes the door again. The window seems quite resistant to his elbow, presumably due to the M-080s commonly being employed by armed forces.

Renala looks at the window as it doesn't shatter when Steve's armored glove hit it. "I could use a warp field to soften it up," she suggests as a biotic shimmer forms around her person.

Fera'Sel moves over to the other two and watches as Steve tries to break the window. "Having fun?"

Steve takes a few steps away from the vehicle and shakes his head at Renala's request. "Fun?" he asks, turning to the quarian, "If you have a better idea, I'm all ears."

Tyranniac| The turian looks over at Renala. "Should hit the door instead. Avoud shards.""

Fera'Sel shrugs and leans forward to inspect the door. "Well, where is this thing's weak points? It's better to try focusing on those."

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