#Salvaging – August 11, 2013

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Tyranniac| The truck is on the move. Old turian sits silently. Young Human is not doing much aside from occasionally glancing at Renala.

Fera'Sel wakes up from her nap a second time and mumbles to herself softly as she sits up straight in her seat.

Steve leans back against the wall of the truck. "Looked like the others picked his body clean. Nothing in his pockets... There's no way they lasted long out here."

Tyranniac| Some time later...

Renala has noticed him glancing a few times, but hasn't really minded it further. If anything, she expected nothing less of a young male. She's been trying to get another nap in while waiting for the truck to come upon anything new, but her mind trying to piece this all together has kept her awake. Her eyes have been closed for most of the time, though.

Steve has been a bit jittery, bouncing his leg uncomfortably. "They couldn't have gotten very far..." he mutters as he unbuckles his harness and stands up. Placing his palm flat against the wall to brace himself, he lifts his legs, one at a time, stretching out his calf muscles.

Tyranniac| The truck comes to a stop once more. The low-quality speaker comes to life once again: "You, uh... you might want to see this. There's a camp at the edge of the forest about half a click from here. Want me to get closer or you approaching on foot?"

Fera'Sel perks up at the announcement and looks towards the head of the truck even though there's nothing over there. "Wait, we actually found something?"

Steve runs a hand through his hair and looks towards the door to the driver's cabin. "Do you see any movement?"

Renala 's eyes snap open at the announcement. "I say we just drive towards it," Renala answers. "Don't think there's a point in approaching on foot."

Driver: About four tents, I think. No movement.

Steve nods in agreement with Renala. "If anyone is alive out there, it would probably be better if we let ourselves be seen before we're right on top of them. Wouldn't want to spook em'."

Driver: On it.

Tyranniac| The truck starts to move again.

Steve remains standing. "Maybe this wasn't so pointless after all." he says, a smirk returning to his face.

Tyranniac| The truck comes to a stop. "Okay, we're here. Still no movement..."

Steve moves towards the back of the truck and waits for the others to join him.

Renala stands up from her seat. "Still, there could be something useful here," she says and follows Steve towards the back of the truck.

Fera'Sel unhooks her seatbelt and stands up. She opens up the omni-tool on her right arm just in case before moving to join Steve. She stays a little farther from the door, deciding she wanted to be the last one out this time. "Ready when you all are."

Tyranniac| Young Human moves to the door and opens it immediately, jumping out.

Steve sighs and exits the vehicle, following closely behind the human.

Tyranniac| Old Turian follows eventually. Young Human moves ahead towards the camp, yelling out: "Hello?! Anyone there?!"

Renala exits as well, shivering a bit at the change of temperature. She looks over the area once she's outside.

Steve looks over the camp for any sign of movement.

Tyranniac| The area is mostly snow, with the mountain to their left. Ahead lies a vast, snow-covered forest. There is no sign of movement in the camp.

Steve moves towards the tents. "If you can hear us, make yourselves known. We were sent by Hnipinn Minerals." he says, scanning back and forth as he edges closer to the camp, "We're here to get you home."

Tyranniac| A man slowly stands up and raises an arm. He's dressed in several layers of thick clothing.

The man starts moving towards the group, rather slowly and with awkward movements.

Steve nods in the man's direction. "We've got movement." he says, almost a whisper. "Alright, buddy." he shouts, "Anyone else with you?"

Tyranniac| The man has moved out of the camp and is now getting closer to them. "J-... just me..." He says, in a fairly low voice.

Fera'Sel maintains a short distance behind the others and stares at the man as he moves up towards them. She maintains vigilance, but doesn't look quite as cautious as she did when she first left the truck.

Tyranniac| Old turian is still keeping watch a bit behind the others.

Steve stops moving towards the man, opting instead to allow the man to come to them. "Just you?" he asks, eyeing the other tents, "What happened to the others?"

Tyranniac| The survivor reaches the group, a grim, cold-blasted face looking at them. "Dead."

Renala keeps quiet, but is still watching the man.

Steve sighs and nods. "Alright... Did your group manage to bring anything with you? We'll get you out of here as soon as we can, but we're under orders to retrieve any company equipment."

Survivor: No. Nothing. We should leave.

Steve sighs again and tenses up. "Nothing?" he persists, slight frustration in his voice.

Tyranniac| The survivor repeats "Nothing" before heading towards the vehicle without waiting for a response.

Renala tilts her head a bit and takes a step towards the camp, looking it over to see whether there are any visible dead bodies to affirm the human's claim that the rest are dead.

Fera'Sel rolls her eyes and crosses her arms. "You know, we should look anyway. There was enough missing cargo that it had to go somewhere."

Survivor: We used up what the others didn't take. Need to go.

Steve nods at the quarian before turning to face the young human expectantly. "Get him into the truck. Make sure he's alright." he says without acknowledging the survivor.

Tyranniac| Young human grumbles but starts to follow the survivor, but the survivor turns around: "No, we should go now. Nothing of use in there."

Fera'Sel shrugs at the conversation and moves closer to the camp, giving it a quick inspection.

Renala also heads towards the camp, not seeing anything to lose in giving it a quick search.

Tyranniac| Fera would spot bones spread in the blood-stained snow in the middle of the camp.

Steve turns to face the survivor. "We'll be out of here before you know it... It's just gonna be a minute." he says, taking a few steps backwards towards the camp as he speaks.

Fera'Sel moves up towards the bones after quickly finding them and leans down. "Hey, look at this." She gently reaches out and grabs one of the bones, wiggling it out of the snow. She holds it up to her face and inspects it.

Tyranniac| The bones are clean-picked for the most part. A burnt out portable fire unit sits nearby.

The surivor stands frozen in place.

Steve makes his way towards the quarian. "What is it-..." he begins before laying eyes on the remains. "What the fuck..."

Tyranniac| Young human movesup to the camp with the others. "Woah..."

Steve puts a hand up, palm towards the human. "Get him in the truck." he says sternly. "Now."

Renala moves up after Fera, her facial expression contorting at the sight. Her lips curl into a frown as the implication dawn on her. "Goddess," she mutters, glancing at the survivor.

Tyranniac| The survivor backs away from the others slowly. "I didn't have any choice..."

Fera'Sel sighs and drops the bone, then shivers in disgust.

Tyranniac| Young human starts to move back towards the survivor.

Tyranniac| There are four tents in the camp, as well as two sets of tracks leading away from it in addition to the track that lead here.

Steve shakes his head and moves past the bones. "It's not our job to worry about this." he says, glancing back at the survivor briefly, "Let's get these tents searched." He looks around the campsite for any equipment left behind as he approaches one of the tents.

Renala nods in agreement, before making her way over to another tent opposite the one Steve's searching.

Tyranniac| As the survivor sees Steve approaching the tent he pulls out a Carnifex, firing a quick shot at the old turian, who falls to the ground after being hit. The survivor then aims at the others with a crazed look. "Nothing to see in there!"

Fera'Sel backs behind Renala as the Carnifex comes out, readying her omni-tool. Although there's nothing that would directly help, readying her overload program could be a good idea.

Renala stops immediately at the sound of the bullet, before raising her own pistol at him. "Drop your gun," she urges as she steps towards him. She's very aware there's no clip in her pistol, but none would be the wiser unless she actually has to fire. A biotic shimmer forms around her, though.

Survivor: You first! He keeps backing towards the truck.

Steve draws his tempest and takes cover behind the tent, more to break sightline than for any real protection. "Come on, buddy. Drop the weapon. We're not here to judge you... You did what you had to do, right?" he shouts in an attempt at calming the man, "We're just here to get you back safely. Just let us do our job."

Renala frowns, but keeps her gun raised. "You first," she urges, glancing to her left and right for any nearby cover. "You're outnumbered. Do as we say."

Tyranniac| Young Human raises his Predator a bit later than the others.

Tyranniac| Survivor keeps backing towards the truck, gun raised.

Steve steps out from behind the tent and takes a couple steps towards the survivor. "Come on, you don't want to do this. We have four armed men in that truck. The second you round that corner, they WILL put you down. Do you really want to survive everything you've been through just to be put down by the people sent to rescue you? Be smart about this. Put down the gun."

Fera'Sel realizes that this might not have been the best decision she could have made, but decides that it's too late to try anything else now.

Renala focuses her attention on the human while she keeps the gun raised, the biotic shimmer around her person still persists. "I could trap you in a stasis field, you know," she says, "so I'd cooperate, were I you."

Survivor: I just want to get of this mountain!

Tyranniac| Survivor has about reached the front end of the truck.

And we're going to get you off this mountain! We're all going to get off this mountain. Just put the gun down!

Tyranniac| The survivor seems to take a moment to re-evaluate the situation. "O-... okay..." He slowly lowers his gun.

Steve continues to inch towards the man. "Perfect. Toss it towards Renala, in the snow over there." he says, cocking his head towards the asari, "And then get on your knees."

Renala lowers the gun in turn, but the biotic energy built up is still within her. She takes a few careful steps towards him as well.

Survivor: And then we leave. Right away.

Fera'Sel cautiously steps away from the asari and lowers her omni-tool arm, then slowly moves behind one of the tents while keeping a close eye on the situation.

And then we leave. You got it, chief.

Tyranniac| The survivor tosses his gun before Renala eventually.

Steve nods. "That's right. Now on your knees." he says, closing the distance between himself and the survivor.

Renala takes a few steps and crouches besides the gun, her eyes still on the survivor. She reaches down and picks it up from the snow.

Tyranniac| The survivor falls to his knees in a heavy movement.

Fera'Sel breathes a sigh of relief and removes herself from the cover of the tent. She walks up and readies her omni-tool, just in case.

Steve lets out a deep breath he had been holding and approaches the survivor. Holding his Tempest in one hand, he keeps it trained on the survivor as he reaches out and begins checking him for any more weapons.

Tyranniac| It's hard to tell with all the clothing he's wearing, but he seems to be unarmed.

Tyranniac| Old turian shifts in the snow, slowly sitting up with a grunt.

Tyranniac| Young human starts to move towards the tents, looking around at the camp.

Steve presses his Tempest firmly against the man's lips and takes a knee to meet the man's gaze. "Try anything else, and this will be the last thing you taste." he says no louder than a whisper, an unsettling smirk on his face, "Do you understand me? Nod if you understand."

Tyranniac| The survivor nods faintly. He's shivering.

Renala stands up and holsters her Phalanx pistol. She then walks over to the turian, as it seems Steve got control of the situation. "Are you alright?"

Steve stands up and grabs the man under his armpit, helping him to his feet. "Fantastic." he says. "I'll keep an eye on him." he continues, glancing towards Renala, "You guys finish checking out the camp."

Survivor: No!

Old turian: Ngh... hit my leg.

Steve pushes the survivor towars the truck. "What did I tell you? Get in the truck. We'll be out of here in no time."

Fera'Sel nods at Steve and turns square around to go back into the camp. She moves towards the tent she had hid behind before and opens it up for a quick peek. She ignores Renala for the moment.

Tyranniac| As she looks inside the tent, she would see a corpse laying in what is clearly an adjusted position, with an arm missing and his clothes removed. The expressionless face has a bullethole in the forehead. Frozen blood is all over the floor.

Tyranniac| A datapad lies next to the corpse, in the corner of the tent.

Renala nods to the turian. "I've got some medi-gel in my pack. I'll get it." She heads inside the truck and walks over to her seat quickly. She pulls the backpack out from underneath the seat and opens it. Renala digs through the backpack and finds a small canister of medi-gel, and puts her Phalanx in said pack before closing it. She gets out of the truck and hands the medi-gel to the turian, "Here."

Tyranniac| The turian takes the medi-gel with a grumble and starts applying it. He doesn't seem to mind the injury all that much.

Fera'Sel steps into the tent and shivers at the corpse, but then notices the datapad. She leans forward to pick it up, then sprints out of the tent as fast as she can once it's within her grasp. She looks around for the asari with the datapad raised up in her hand.

Steve pushes the survivor into a seat in the back of the truck. Taking a seat directly across from the him, Steve keeps his Tempest rested on his knee, pointed right at the man.

Renala sees the quarian sprinting out of the tent as she nears the camp. "Did you find anything?" she asks before noticing the datapad in her hand. "Oh, never mind." She glances at the tent. "Anything else in there?"

Fera'Sel grimaces and points at the tent weakly. "Ch-Check for yourself. Keelah..."

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