#Salvaging – August 14, 2013

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Tyranniac| | The air is getting darker, and only the light snow coverage is preventing the forest from becoming all too gloomy.

Steve glances around for any tracks leading away from the area.

Tyranniac| There are some animal tracks matching the dead creature to be seen, but the poor snow coverage in the area makes it hard to make out much.

Fuck... Looks like another dead end.

Yougn Human: Oh c'mon!

Renala sighs. "I take it we're out of leads, then?"

Looks that way... Unless someone has a better idea, we should get back to the truck while there's still some light.

Fera'Sel keeps looking around at the trees. "Find anything interesting?"

Young Human: Yeah, I guess ther-...

Tyranniac| A reptilian snarl is heard a moment before one of the feathered animals leap down from a nearby tree, pinning the young human to the ground.

Renala snaps to attention as she hears the commotion, the reaction time being one and a half second, and builds up biotic energy. After another second, she sends a throw field at the Reptilian creature.

Tyranniac| The predator is just about to bite down on Young Human's throat when it is blown away by the biotic field, sliding across the ground and causing young human to roll with it a little bit.

Steve turns towards the creature and raises his Tempest. "Where the fuck did it come from!?" he shouts, training his weapon on the reptile.

Renala lifts her pistol, aiming it at the creature as well. "I don't know!"

Tyranniac| Another creature leaps down at Fera, as two more descend along the trunks of nearby trees.

Steve quickly pivots and sights in on the creature closest to him, firing a short burst without hesitation.

Renala turns her pistol in the direction of the creature leaping, then her eyes widen at the realization there's no clip in it. She picks one out of her pocket and puts it in wihle building up energy.

Fera'Sel gasps and takes a step back, then desperately fumbles with her omni-tool.

Tyranniac| The animal attacking Fera lands on her side due to her backstep, causing it to fall off her while the claws dig in to her cloth hood. Young Human gets up and draws his handgun, firing wildly at one of the approaching pack hunters.

Tyranniac| Several more of the feathered fiends appear out of the shadows. The creature Steve is firing at runs behind trees to approach unharmed.

Renala | "Oh, fuck," Renala sends off a warp field towards one of the creatures near her, not necessarily nearest her. She fires four shots at one of the other creatures, while building up biotic energy for another attack.

Tyranniac| Renala's warp field strikes a tree, causing splinters and bark chunks to fly wildly as the trunk starts to crumble. One of the creatures are downed by her shots, but more are coming, a lot of them going back into the trees to drop from above.

Fera'Sel grunts and abandons her omni-tool for the moment, instead aiming to cause as much damage as she can with her fists.

Young Human: Fuck this!

Tyranniac| Young human starts running away. In a completely different direction than the one they arrived from.

Steve quickly backpedals towards Renala and fires another burst at one of the creatures. "Get back here!" he shouts as the young human takes off.

quickly backpedals towards Renala and fires another burst at one of the creatures. "Get back here!" he shouts as the young human takes off.

Tyranniac| Young Human is nowhere to be seen.

Renala frowns at the human running away, but with the horde of creatures descending on them, there's not much more she can do. She fires another warp towards the nearest creature. "There's too many of them!" After directing the warp field towards its target, she opens fire on another creature, firing five shots at it.

Tyranniac| The creature tangling with Fera jumps towards her once more. It's hard to tell if any of the shots fired actually hit anything. The tree starts to tilt.

Steve continues firing at the creatures as they approach. "There's no telling how many of them are out there... We need to get out of here."

Fera'Sel tries to dive out of the way if she is able to, then continues fumbling with her program.

Tyranniac| The reptilian creature just barely misses an attack that no doubt would have caused a suit rupture.

Tyranniac| The warp strikes one of the creatures, causing it to erupt into a blue mist of blood and goo, staining Renala and the snow around them. The tree is now coming crashing down against the people none of which have moved yet.

Renala now notices the tree coming down and runs to the side of its path, or at least, the path she predicted it'll fall, assuming it won't change direction at all.

Steve dives out of the way. "Shit..." he mutters as he struggles to climb back to his feet. "Everyone okay!?" he shouts as he scans around for any nearby threats.

Fera'Sel doesn't notice the tree. She's still trying stay away from the reptile.

Tyranniac| The trunk of the tree lands right on top of the replite Fera is avoiding, with several branches coming down on top of the quarian herself.

Renala gets up and looks around, trying to get an update of the situation with the creatures. "Yeah, I'm okay," she says after a few seconds.

Tyranniac| The creatures appear to have been rendered briefly hesitant, but they're slowly approaching, barely visible in the chaos of kicked-up snow and the spread out branches of the fallen tree, in addition to branches knocked off other trees.

Steve releases the thermal clip in his weapon and quickly loads another. "Fera?" he shouts, "Still with us!?"

Fera'Sel gasps as she is forced onto the ground from the tree. It takes a few moments to recover from the initial shock. "Ungh... I'm fine, I think."

Tyranniac| A thick wind of snow flakes blow in with a strong wind from the open sky above the missing tree. The sky is notably covered in dark clouds, and it seems to be evening. As the snow enters the area of the team it reduces visibility greatly. Vague movement can be seen in many direction during the resulting chaos.

Steve watches as shapes weave in and out of his line of sight. Knowing it's futile, he makes no attempt at firing. "Staying and fighting isn't getting us anywhere... We need to get out of here."

Renala heads back towards Steve as she fled the falling tree in another direction. "Yeah" she says and jogs towards where she saw the quarian last. "We get Fera up, then run. I think this moment's the best chance we'll get at that."

Fera'Sel begins squirming out from beneath the branches, half-frantic with the necessity of having to do it quickly.

Steve nods and follows the asari, keeping his gun raised as he scans back and forth.

Renala arrives at the tree and tries to lift it by the branch, even if it's far too heavy for her to even move it an inch.

Tyranniac| The branch doesn't move much, naturally, and it's hard to get a grip due to the thick mess of smaller sidebranches and needles.

Come on... We need to get moving before they regroup.

Fera'Sel worms her way out enough that she can maneuver herself more easily, then tries to pull her legs out from under one last branch.

Tyranniac| Fera escapes from the tree successfully!

Steve continues to watch for any approaching threats.

Tyranniac| A feathery hunter starts running towards Steve.

Renala lets go of the branch and extends a hand for Fera to help her up. Adrenaline has mostly drowned out the pain the needles caused and there are no wounds on her fingers. She holds out her pistol in the other hand, but focuses on helping Fera up.

Fera'Sel notices the asari's hand and uses it to pull herself up, then leans on her for a few seconds to make sure she can keep her balance.

Steve sights in on the creature with his Tempest and sends a burst in its' direction. "Hurry up!"

Tyranniac| The creature soon falls - probably. It's hard to tell in the heavy snowfall.

Renala looks around, pretty much all the forest looking the same to her in this chaos. "Uh, anyone remember which direction we came from?"

Steve keeps his weapon raised and looks towards the ground for any signs of the tracks they followed.

Tyranniac| An attentive look around should just barely be able to make out their tracks.

Steve points out the tracks, using his gun to gesture. "There!" he shouts, happy for any potential good luck at this point, "Just follow the tracks back."

Renala looks in the direction Steve gestures and turns back to Fera. She pops out her 1/3 clip and puts in a new one. "Let's get going," she says while building up biotic energy.

Fera'Sel nods and carefully steps around the tree to get to where Steve is. She's having a little trouble walking, but it's workable enough that she doesn't need direct help.

Tyranniac| The predators are approaching fast - it is clear that the group needs to get away immediately.

Renala | "Can you run, Fera?" she asks before sending a warp field towards the nearest attacking creature. She begins walking along the track, her pace almost a jog.

Steve takes a couple of shots at the approaching creatures. Once the others are situated, he begins jogging down the path. "Don't stop moving!"

Fera'Sel nods. "I think so..."

Fera'Sel begins jogging, paying attention only to the ground in front of her in order to prevent herself from tripping. She's holding out for now.

Renala continues moving, in a running pace. Having both the others behind her, she doesn't fire her weapon. She does recharge biotic energy, though. She looks at the tracks before her, glancing up every second or two.

Tyranniac| It wouldn't take long for them to reach the frozen stream - and it is not very visible due to the sloping edges.

Renala was considering the stream while running, but the edge comes quite sooner than she'd expect, and in the panic of the situation, she runs past it before she notices it. That sends her stumbling and she lands with her hands and knees slamming against the ice, though the knees are partially on solid land.

Renala | Her pistol is send sliding along the ice as she dropped it during the fall.

Fera'Sel sees the asari stumble and begins taking great care at the slope. She moves towards the top and braces herself as she slides down. Almost instantly, she ends up losing balance and falls flat on her face.

Tyranniac| Small cracks form in the ice as Renala lands. Her hands would no doubt cool down from being pressed against the ice. Luckily the ice is not very slippery, so she might be able to avoid collapsing.

Steve comes to a screetching halt as Renala disappears over the edge. "Shit..." he mutters. Turning in place, he raises his weapon and checks the situation behind them. "You two alright!?" he shouts.

Tyranniac| The ice cracks as it is impacted by Fera's hard helmet, one of the pieces flipping over, opening a hole large enough for at least one of Fera's arms. It doesn't take long for the cracks to spread over to Renala, the area under her left hand collapsing.

Tyranniac| The bird-lizard-wolf things are on fast approach, mostly in the cover of the trees from the look of the rustling branches. One of them jumps down towards Steve.

Fera'Sel hurriedly pushes herself up and uses that momentum to push herself back from the ice. She leans against the slope for a few seconds, wincing at the damage to the ice.

Renala retracts her hand barely in time for it to not fall through. She gets up slowly and tries to make a run for it over the ice before it collapses, abandoning her pistol. "Yeah, I''m fine." She doesn't look back for her trip over, though she plans to help once she's over.

Steve is knocked to the ground, but manages to maintain his grip on his weapon. He raises the Tempest and fires off a few wild shots at the beast.

Tyranniac| The shots graze the animal, which retreats from the wounds. As Renala runs across the ice it breaks apart completely under the pressure of her feet.

Steve scoots backwards along the side of the ridge. After struggling for a moment, he finally climbs back to his feet and pivots quickly in place, searching for the creature.

Tyranniac| It is nowhere to be seen, but there is still movement in the trees.

Renala is almost over to the other side before falling through with her feet and stumbling against the ice's edge. She pulls herself up and gets to the other side of it, though she's soaked about 40 centimeter up from her shoes, shivering quite a bit. She sits on the slope while pulling the backpack in front of her and rummaging through it until she finds the 'borrowed' Phalanx pistol. She raises it into the air and pulls the trigger to see if it actually works.

Steve holsters his weapon and moves a short distance further along the stream to put some distance between himself and the other two, hoping it will be enough to relieve some of the stress on the ice when he crosses. Deciding that crossing the stream is a better gamble than waiting for more of the creatures to attack, Steve slides down the steep incline, planting his boot on the ice and transitioning into a run the moment he reaches the bottom.

Tyranniac| The Phalanx fires a shot successfully, but makes a strange noise and becomes rather warm.

Fera'Sel gets back up on her feet and glances across the ice to see the safest way across. She moves several feet away from the others until she finds ice that isn't quite as cracked as the section she had landed on. With only a cursory glance back towards the creatures, she takes a deep breath and forces her momentum forward into a run across the stream.

Tyranniac| Steve breaks the ice the moment he slides down, but the crossing might be successful if he is quick enough.

Fera crosses without incident, but is followed by one of the animals.

Renala notices the warmth of the gun and presses her hands against each side of it to at least take advantage of the normally worrying symptom.

Steve 's leg sinks through the crack in the ice. He struggles to pull it free, glancing up the incline for any sign of a pursuer.

Tyranniac| There is not yet any animal attacking Steve, but movement can be seen.

Renala ejects the clip and puts in a new one; last one in her pocket. She holsters the pistol. She sees Steve and walks along the slope, seeing if he's near enough for her to help pull him up.

Steve jerks his leg free and takes a few more steps towards the other side.

Fera'Sel stays on the other side to catch her breath, but instantly breaks out into a run towards the others again once she notices she was followed.

Tyranniac| The ice cracks with every step Steve takes due to his slow movement, heavy weight and the instability already present. Snarls and movement can be heard behind him. The animal chasing Fera seems to be having some trouble getting up the side of the stream, being momentarily delayed.

Renala stops in her tracks and returns to pick up the backpack and puts it on her back, a biotic field forming around her. She notices Fera being chased - or at least, having one of those creatures near her - and charges up biotic energy. She lets go of a throw field and focuses on directing it toward its target: the creature.

Steve takes a few more steps and begins climbing up the incline as fatigue starts to set in, making any progress a struggle.

Renala climbs the slope, as well, glancing once to see how Fera's doing, but she pays attention forward for most of the climb in case on of those creatures are up there.

Tyranniac| There doesn't appear to be any creatures on the other side at the moment.

Steve finally pulls himself up and remains on all fours for a moment, catching his breath.

Tyranniac| A predator jumps down onto Steve's back, struggling to get a grip due to the hardsuit.

Renala reaches the top of it once the animal lands on Steve, and quckly gets up. She prepares biotic energy while carefully watching both their movements.

Tyranniac| The animal crawls onto his chest as Steve turns around, attempting to bite down against his neck but thankfully being stopped by the collar - the teeth might graze his cheeks though, and the saliva of the creature drips down on his face.

Fera'Sel stays frozen in place for a moment, but then finally finishes preparing her overload program. She unleashes it at the animal on Steve's chest, then starts running awkwardly forward at it.

Tyranniac| The animal starts spasming from the shock, no doubt increasing the risk for damage in the process, but it stops conciously attacking.

Renala takes the opportunity and sends a throw field, directing it towards the animal carefully.

Steve struggles to get his forearms between his face and the creature as blood begins gushing from the wound on his face.

Tyranniac| The beast is hurled off of Steve, slamming into a nearby tree and being knocked out.

Renala jogs over to Steve's position, looking at the wounds worriedly. She builds up energy and looks around warily for any threats while Fera helps Steve.

Tyranniac| More animals are approaching.

Renala flings a throw towards one of the nearest animals that's not in the direction of the other two, directing it somewhat carefully. "More of them are approaching," she informs the others.

Steve takes Fera's hand and climbs to his feet. He wipes at the wound and stares at the blood on his gauntlet for a moment before unholstering his Tempest and firing a few rounds into his unconscious assailant. "Thanks..." he says as he faces the other two.

Renala charges another bout of biotic energy and sends away another throw, the rapid succession of biotic attacks taking a toil on her. "We have to move." She seems still to be shivering at the cold.

Fera'Sel nods towards the asari and gives Steve a quick inspection before preparing another overload on her omni-tool.

Steve empties the rest of his clip into the ice, hoping to damage it enough to halt any creatures that might cross. Breathing heavily, he replaces the clip and nods to Renala. "Yeah..." he says softly and continues to follow the trail.

Renala begins running as well, forcing herself to continue despite fatigue. She looks to the sides now and then, but doesn't prepare biotic energy.

Fera'Sel stays very close behind the other two, keeping the overload program on standby. She is still positioning herself awkwardly and stumbles on nothing every once in a while. "How long do you think we have to run to leave this place?"

Tyranniac| Signs of pursuit are quickly disappearing as they make their way further from the stream.

Steve keeps pace, his breathing becoming quite labored. "I-... I don't know... Just keep... Running."

Renala nods, but keeps quiet, and her pace starts to decrease slightly.

Tyranniac| It doesn't take long for the dark edge of the forest to be visible.

Renala stops shortly after, bracing herself against a tree. She is breathing heavily and rummages through her pocket and picks out the energy bar. She bites off the edge of the wrapping and takes a bite of it. It was mostly to quell the feeling of hunger that moved closer to the forefront of her mind now that the chaotic situation has calmed.

Fera'Sel stops running and drops to her knees as she pants.

Steve presses the palm of his hand against his wound. Pulling his hand away, he winces at the stinging and the amount of blood on his glove. "How bad is it?" he asks while checking a compartment on his hardsuit.

Renala looks towards Steve. "Looks bad," she says, "but I'd wager the... blood makes it look a lot worse than it actually... is." Her voice is strained. She takes another bite of the energy bar.

Steve removes the medi-gel he found on one of the corpses and looks it over to make sure the canister hasn't been damaged.

Tyranniac| The medi-gel appears to be intact.

Renala stands up from the tree and wals over towards Steve while pocketing the energy bar. "Do you want help... with applying it?" she offers, her voice still a bit weary.

Fera'Sel stays on her knees, catching her breath. She doesn't pay much attention to what the other two are doing at the current moment.

Steve nods and hands the canister to Renala. "If you don't mind that-..." he pauses for a moment, "Yeah..." He takes a couple of steps back and leans against the trunk of a nearby tree.

Renala takes the caniser and puts some of it on two fingers before applying it evenly on his face where she (thinks she) sees a wound. The fact that he's 8 inches / ~20 centimeter taller than her makes her look up while doing so.

Steve winces as she makes contact with the wound, partially due to her freezing hands. "You're like an icecube." he says.

Renala | "Yeah," she says in almost a whisper. "Didn't really plan well enough for this trip." She repeats the process by applying medi-gel to her fingers and covers the rest of the cuts she sees. Her movements a bit slow as her fingers' dexterity is limited. "I think I got all of the cuts now," she says as she steps back and hands him what remains of the medi-gel.

Steve nods. "Thanks..." he says, placing the medi-gel back in the compartment he removed it from, "We really need to get back to the truck. Ready to move?"

Renala | "You're w-welcome," she says. Standing around has made her feel quite colder than when she was running. "And yeah, I'm ready to get going." The asari looks towards the quarian. "Fera?"

Fera'Sel looks up and nods, then rises to her feet. "I'm fine. We should go."

Renala nods and begins walking, following the tracks.

Tyranniac| The tracks are nowhere to be found.

Renala frowns and looks around the ground, trying to see if the tracks they made while running is still there.

Tyranniac| There are a few sparsely placed tracks, but not much to go on. The edge of the forest is not far away though.

Renala hums thoughtfully as she turns towards the edge. She begins walking towards the edge of the forest.

Steve follows behind Renala. He rubs at his neck and jaw, trying to wipe away some of the blood, but just ends up making it worse by smearing it all over.

Fera'Sel walks slowly behind the other two, keeping her eyes peeled for any other threats.

Tyranniac| As they reach the edge they would notice strong winds and heavy snowing, making for a poor sight range in the darkness.

Steve puts his hand up in front of his face in an attempt at shielding himself from the wind. He glances around for any sign of the truck or their own initial footprints.

Renala shudders as the wind and snowing gets stronger, but she keeps going. She shields her face as well.

Tyranniac| There is... nothing to be seen. Except... perhaps a faint light at an undeterminable distance?

Fera'Sel sighs in relief as they finally manage to leave the forest, although her relief is short lived as she sees the state of the weather outside of it.

Renala notices what she believes to be a faint light, or faint something that isn't more snow and wind. She walks in the direction of it.

Steve trudges through the snow behind Renala, wincing from the sharp pain each time the wind cuts across his face.

Tyranniac| As they get closer the would start to see the outline of the truck.

Steve trips, dropping down to one knee. The wind is all the motivation he needs to quickly stand back up and continue to push towards the truck.

Fera'Sel struggles to remain standing in general, having to take steps slowly in order to keep her balance.

Renala breathes a sigh of relief at the sight of a vehicle, and continue walking towards it. She glances back at Fera seeming to fall behind. "Need any help?" she shouts in a strained voice.

Tyranniac| Once they get closer the driver jumps out, running up to them. "Go! Hurry!" She looks around for who needs help the most, deciding on Steve and moving over to help him into the back of the truck.

Fera'Sel looks up and shakes her head as she continues moving. "I'm fine enough to make it."

Steve slowly climbs into the back of the truck with help from the driver. He takes the seat closest to the door and nearly collapses into it, leaning his head against the wall and taking shallow breaths.

Renala arrives at the truck a moment later and climbs into it. She finds the seat she previously occupied, drops the backpack on the floor before it, and slumps into it without a word.

Got attacked by some kind of pack animals. Her voice might be barely audible if the driver is outside the truck.

Tyranniac| The driver is inside the truck.

Fera'Sel enters into the truck shortly afterwards, then collapses into one of the seats without bothering to buckle her seatbelt. She leans her head back and focuses on breathing.

Steve takes a deep breath and shifts in his seat. "Everyone is dead... All of them. There's nothing for us here... We just-... We need to get off this mountain."

Tyranniac| The driver looks at Steve with some surprise. After a little while she nods. "Right away."

Tyranniac| The driver exits, closing the door behind her and jogging over to the driver's cabin. Moments later the truck starts moving.

Renala leans forward and pushes the backpack a bit to the side before taking off her soaked shoes and socks.

Tyranniac| Old turian observes the others in silence.

Steve removes his pill bottle from a compartment on his hardsuit and removes the cap. He pours the contents into the palm of his hand and quickly tosses them into his mouth. After examining the empty bottle for a moment, he tosses it on the floor.

Renala takes out the energy bar of her pocket. "I've got another few of these in my pack if you want one, Steve," she says. "They do contain a tidbit of eezo, though."

Steve puts his hand out. "Yeah... Feel like I haven't eaten in weeks."

Fera'Sel appears to have fallen asleep already.

Renala pulls her backpack towards her and opens it, taking one out of it after a brief moment. She hands it over to Steve. Any text on the wrapping are in whatever asari language and writing they use in Armali.

Steve rips open the packaging. "Thanks, Ren." he says sincerely. He looks the energy bar over for a moment before taking a bite.

Tyranniac| A long, uncomfortable trip later, including a food-stop at the mining station, the truck arrives in Freedom Falls at about nine in the morning.

Renala has slept most of the trip, and is still sleeping.

Tyranniac| The driver opens the door and looks over the group. "You should drop by the office and tell them the news. And then maybe seek out medical attention."

Renala wakes up around the time the driver speaks to them, not hearing most of the words. She unbuckles herself from the seat and begins putting on her socks, and then shoes.

Steve touches his cheek. "I'll be fine." He stands up and stretches.

Tyranniac| The driver heads back to the driver's seat, drinking some coffee.

Fera'Sel wakes up and groans as she sits up straight in her chair. She looks around for a moment, then stands up stiffly.

Steve moves towards the door and waits for the others. "Sleep alright?"

Renala stands up and picks up the backpack. "Woke up a few times, but otherwise alright," she puts the backpack on her back and takes a few steps towards the door. "You?"

Steve shakes his head. "There was no way I was getting any sleep in there... I'll get some rest when I get back to my room."

Fera'Sel steps towards the exit of the van and alternates a look between the others. "It's... probably best if I don't go back to the office."

You were as much a part of this as any of us, Fera. I'd say you come with us.

Steve climbs out of the truck. "Let's just get this over with so we can get paid."

Renala follows out of the truck, enabling her omni-tool while doing so. A sigh follows a brief glance at its interface, but she let it dissipate.

Everything alright?

Fera'Sel exits the truck and stares off into the distance. "You sure? Me being there could just as easily cause a fight."

Renala | "Yeah, just eight missed calls," Renala says. "I didn't expect I'd be gone the whole day yesterday when I last spoke with my kid." She looks at Fera. "I'm sure."

Steve snorts. "Fight? Fight about what? We did more than we should have."

Fera'Sel shrugs. "Some people don't need a reason."

Tyranniac| The office door is not far away.

Steve shakes his head and makes his way over to the office.

Tyranniac| The receptionist - same as before, is sitting in the well-lit office, sipping her morning coffee.

Renala | "Come on, it'll be fine," she says as she follows Steve.

Fera'Sel follows Steve into the office, but folds her arms and completely ignores the receptionist this time.

Steve approaches the receptionists desk and puts his hands flat on the counter, leaning forward. "We're back." he says bluntly, his previous politeness completely gone.

Tyranniac| The receptionist looks over the group, especially Steve's injury. "Looks like you took a beating. The driver called ahead and made us aware of the situation. While it is a shame you were unable to find any survivors, at least you recovered some of the equipment."

When do we get paid?

Receptionist: The credits have already been transferred to your accounts - split evenly between all five, of course.

Renala nods, and makes a note to check her account. She stays quiet, though.

Steve sighs and gives a nod. "Thanks..." He turns and exits the building without another word, the exhaustion apparent on his face.

Renala follows him out of the building. When outside, she enables her omni-tool to check the transaction, evoking a slight frown.

Steve follows suit, poking at the haptic interface of his omni-tool for a moment before quickly closing out of it. "Are you fucking kidding me!?"

Renala | "We sure aren't going to get anyhere if jobs are going to pay that low," she says, not at all happy about it either.

No kidding... Looks like we're back at square one.

Fera'Sel follows the others out passively and listens as they speak. "I... don't want to look at my balance, do I?"

At the very least that's better than what we had before the job. Not taking any more jobs for Hinpinn, though.

Steve shakes his head. "Waste of time." He begins walking home, muttering to himself.

Renala follows to the Respite, though says nothing worth noting.

Fera'Sel sighs and glances to the asari and then to Steve's back, cursing to herself. "Well, see you two later." She begins moving in a different direction, looking rather annoyed as well as awkward from the minor damage to her legs.

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