#Miner'sRespite – June 10, 2016

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Philip gestures for the asari to sit down in the chair - the only chair. He seems confused by her response. "Then why'd ya have a gun?" (Tyranniac)

Steve takes a long sip of his drink and sets the glass back down. "Well, you disappeared outta the blue and now you're back for five minutes and already got people linin' up to kill ya. I ain't gonna pry in your business, Aylena, but I'd venture a guess that you know a lil' more than you're lettin' on." he says with a smirk. "But hey, we all got our secrets, eh?" (Dante)

Gren listens quietly, shoving the empty mug towards Aylena's side of the bar. However, he is in agreement with Briggs after the whole fiasco with rescuing her.

She walks over and sits down in the indicated chair. "They gave it to me, s-said it was in case of trouble," she says. "Th-they lied. Knew this was too easy." She is still far from at ease with the situation. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Aylena laughs softly. "That we do," she says. "Lies and secrets are everywhere, it's what keeps this fragile society running." She picks up the mug and goes across to the shelves to find another bottle. "It's possible I do know what this is about," the asari continues, "but I won't jump to conclusions without evidence, no matter the timing." She finds a bottle and pours it, before putting it and the mug on the counter in front of the

krogan. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Philip furrows his eyebrows. "Why did ya point the gun at her then? Who gave it to ya? Yer not makin' a lotta sense." (Tyranniac)

Steve gives a quick shrug. "Fair 'nuff. But if whatever got ya runnin' in the first place managed to follow ya home, it might be worth gettin' to the bottom of it sooner rather than later. Just sayin'." He looks down into his glass with a nod, "Ain't much we coulda done to stop that one from pullin' the trigger if she had really wanted to. Next time ya might not be so lucky." (Dante)

Gren nods his thanks to the asari before half raising it to his lips. "She wouldn't have shot, regardless of her situation," he grunts before taking a swig.


The kid frowns. "Daina," she says. "Sh-she stopped me in the city. Asked if I've s-seen the old lady. I told them yes. They wanted me to keep an eye on her, and send a picture back. Th-they gave me this gun if I g-get in trouble, b-but I wasn't meant to shoot. I didn't want to." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Aylena sighs. "I am aware of the risks," she says. "If the information from the girl points to a future security risk, then I will act on it." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Philip scratches the back of his head. "Ya lost me,-... uh... what's yer name?" He takes out his omni-tool, starting to type a message. (Tyranniac)

Steve gives a nod. "Might be the sorta thing worth mentionin' to Redrock if the farmhand turns out any useful info." he says, itching to get active again and hoping this might be a lead that'll put him back in the field. "Hell, I could bring it up to 'em myself. Ain't got a whole lot goin' on right now." (Dante)

The asari raises an eyebrow. "What-... wh-where did I lose you?" she asks, still shaking somewhat. "My n-name is Lema." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Aylena nods. "Of course," she says. "You might want to take Gren with you, he sure know how to sell a job." A soft laugh escapes her. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Gren snorts, though a modicum of a smile creeps onto his face. Though it looks more of a grimace more than anything.

It's not long before Steve's omni-tool beeps with a message asking him to come to the security office. (Tyranniac)

Philip 's frown returns. "Why'd ya pull the gun if ya weren't supposed ta? Don't make sense." (Tyranniac)

Steve gives a glance in Gren's direction, forcing a smirk. Relief washes over him as his omni-tool beeps and he's saved from having to interact with the krogan. He glances down, reading the message, and gives a quick sigh. "Sounds like the farmhand needs my help after all." he says, pushing away from the counter and giving a nod to his beer. "Keep it cold for me, Aylena." he adds as he rounds the counter. (Dante)

Lema sighs. "When I was d-done, they told me to sh-shoot her, or th-they'll kill me," she says. "They said they have a sh-sharpshooter watching the d-door. I was so scared." She carefully brings up a hand to wipe moisture under her eyes. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Aylena takes the glass and puts it somewhere beneath the counter. "Will do, Briggs," she says. "Keep me informed." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Gren hurms and sips at his drink. "So, this got anything to with the asari from a month back? The one I shot?"

Philip sighs as he realizes how upset she seems. "I'm sorry, we're gonna figure this all out, Lima. Ya can't be lyin' to us like that though. Doesn't seem there was no sharpshooter though... you being alive and all." (Tyranniac)

Steve gives a nod as he disappears through the back door. As he reaches his old office, he opens the door and steps inside, taking in the situation for a moment before speaking up. He doesn't acknowledge the asari, instead looking right to Phil. "She tell ya anything worth hearin'?" (Dante)

Lema closes her eyes, looking frustrated. "I'm not lying!" she says, sounding as she appears. "U-Unless they're lying to me." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Philip glances at Steve, but doesn't answer him right away. He narrows his eyes. "Wait, they told ya to shoot when ya were in here? Ya have some kinda comms? They listenin' right now?" (Tyranniac)

Steve steps aside as to not block the doorway and simply leans against the wall and listens. (Dante)

Aylena shakes her head. "Doubtful," she says. "She wanted something else. Information. I would have been a unrecognizable purple stain on the wall had she the motive Briggs presumes of our little friend." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Gren huffs and nods. "Right." He says simply, taking another swig of his drink. "So that's ruled out. Any connection to the people back on Illium? Or were they one of the same?"

Lema shakes her head. "No," she says. "They c-called me, and I hung up before going to the bar." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Philip seems uncertain, looking to Steve. "She says someone called, uh... Daina, gave her the gun and threatened to kill her if she didn't do what she was told." (Tyranniac)

Steve blinks a couple of times, looking over to the asari. "Okay... Well, how about lettin' us know how you were supposed to get back in touch with these folks once the deed was done? Contact information." (Dante)

Aylena shrugs. "Like I just told Briggs, it's still early for conclusions," she says, lowering her voice. "If it is, then I'll have to strike them down before they can take root in Freedom Falls." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Lema enables her omni-tool, keeping her hands' movements slow and clear. She brings up the call log and shows the information on screen. She doesn't say anything. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Gren | "Well, no harm in guessing," he says. "And if you're planning a rampage, don't forget to give me a call. I'm bored out of my plate recently."

Philip keeps a close eye on Lema as she brings up the call log, but says nothing, deferring to Steve for the moment. (Tyranniac)

Aylena chuckles. "Not that literally, I'm afraid," she says. "I'll leave the rampage to professionals like you and the agency." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Steve steps away from the wall, leaning in to look at the screen. "And when did you meet this 'Daina'?" he asks harshly as he pulls his own omni-tool from his pocket and copies down the information. "How long ago? Go ahead and toss any info our way that you think might help us in figurin' this whole shitshow out. Did they tell you why they wanted Aylena dead?" (Dante)

Gren grins, more of a snarl. "Heh heh heh," he chuckles. "Well, if you get into any trouble, you know who to call." He swallows down his ryncol.

Lema tilts her head. "Aylena?" she asks, but quickly continues as she doesn't want to anger the mercenary. "Outside th-the market. Uh, um, they had blue armor," she points at her left bare hand, "kinda like this blue, but I didn't see a logo. She was talking with a turian before she met me. He had same color on his armor." Her speech is still shaky and quick, and Steve's presence has only made her more nervous. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Steve gives a frustrated sigh at not having all of his questions answered. "How long ago?" he repeats. "Did this happen today? Yesterday? An hour ago? Twenty minutes ago? Details." He glances over at Phil and gives a shake of his head. (Dante)

Philip frowns, but, lacking any experience at all with interrogations, he continues to let Steve ask the questions for now, although it's clear that the asari's unease is bothering him. (Tyranniac)

Aylena nods. "I am counting on it, Gren," she says. "Why the boredoom, though? I would think this place had mercenary work in abundance." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Lema raises her brows, bringing her arm up in reflex as if she's afraid he's going to hit her. "Sorry! Sorry! It was..." she looks down at the omni-tool. "F-fory five minutes ago, when I met her. I had to be here for a while before they called, order food, not be shady and suspicious." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Gren humphs. "Once you've been around as long as I have, you've more or less seen it all. Chasing a bounty, guarding some limp dicked moron who wants to feel important... All kind of blends together. " Your stuff. A tad more interesting. Element of intrigue to it. Haven't done much of that. Not very good at it, but still somewhat fun to do."

Steve gives another glance Philip's way. "So whoever they are, they're prolly waitin' for sign that the job's done. If they had eyes on her, then they know she failed and they're likely to put her down just to keep her quiet." he says, looking back to Lema briefly before giving Philip a shrug, "It's what I would do. Unless they're already on their way out of town." His gaze returns to the asari and he furrows his brow. "How old (Dante)

are you?" he asks, looking as though he's trying to gauge it by simply staring at her. They all look alike to him. (Dante)

Philip glances back at Steve as he looks at him, but remains silent still. He brings up his omni-tool, starting to take notes when he realizes he's unlikely to remember all this. (Tyranniac)

Aylena nods. "I can understand that," she says. "I am sure I have, though, but my life up until last year was... different. The challenges were no lesser in scale, but the kind is vastly different." She picks up the bottle besides the mug and empties it into it, filling it about halfway. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Lema stares at him. "Th-thirty five," she says, no less nervously than before. "... sir." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Gren nods. "Yeah, life has a tendency to change on a whim. But, it could be worse...". He raises his mug, examining it. "You could be dead."

Steve blinks a couple of times. "I don't know what that means-... Look, do you have-... uhh... parents or something we can call?" he asks, looking a bit confused and uneasy about the whole thing, as if he's unsure if that's even the proper course of action. He glances to Phil, hoping he may have some input, "She is a child, right?" he asks before scoffing, "Shit weirds me out." (Dante)

Philip shrugs, having no more knowledge about it than Steve. "Uh... I think so." (Tyranniac)

Aylena chuckles. "Of course," she says. "I'm not sure if I would care in that case, no matter how many loose threads I have yet to tie up." She takes a step back, casting a few glances around to see if anyone wants a drink. People haven't been as eager to interrupt her while she speaks with a krogan. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Gren chuckles lightly, following her gaze around. He downs whatever drink he had left then deposits a chit onto the table, easily covering the drinks and then some. "Here. I think I'll head home, seeing how shit here is under control."

Lema sighs. "Yes," she simply says. "B-but, p-please don't call him. F-fix this and... uh, I'll go home and explain myself. He'll be so mad. I just wanted to help." She moves a hand up again to wipe tears from her eyes. "Please?" (Va`ynna_Atana)

Steve sighs and straightens his posture, glaring over at Phil. "So whoever they are, they're trying to use kids to do their dirty work for 'em..." he says, and for whatever reason, despite his recent attitude, this doesn't seem to sit well with him. He gives another sigh and shakes his head, "I'm gonna see how Aylena wants to handle this. See if the name rings any bells for her. You keep an eye on the small fry." (Dante)

Philip 's frown deepends at Lema's words, and he glances to Steve with a nod. "Sure thing." (Tyranniac)

Aylena pushes the chit back an inch, not picking it up. "Don't worry about it," she says with a shrug. "I appreciate you being ready to save our asses... again." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Steve nods and steps out of the office, making his way back to the front. He steps up to the counter, remaining behind it and waits to get Aylena's attention, not wanting to interrupt her discussion. (Dante)

Lema looks down and shuts off her omni-tool, failing despite giving it her best effort to hide her sobbing. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Philip approaches Lema, leaning his head to the side a bit to look at her face. "Come on now, ain't no use cryin'... it's all gonna be fine, just need to sort this all out. What more can ya tell me? Whaddaya mean ya just wanted to help?" His tone is gentle, although a bit uncertain. (Tyranniac)

Gren looks down at the chit, waiting a second before taking it back. He hums a rumbling laugh. "It's becoming a bit of a recurring theme, isn't it?" He glances around the tavern, his eyes narrowing a fraction. "A part of me thinks that this is just the beginning though... Why would they send a runt in to do a job a professional could've done easily?"

Aylena tilts her head. "Lack of accountability?" she says. "I don't honestly know." She notices Steve and turns around to face him. "What did she say?" (Va`ynna_Atana)

Gren hurms and looks to Steve too. He decides to linger for the moment and listen to what the humans have managed to garner from the asari.

Steve gives a shrug. "Not a whole lot. Sounds like she's just the middleman, so she doesn't have much to say. She was approached by someone named 'Daina'." he informs, "Name ring any bells? Outside the market just under an hour ago. Apparently 'Daina' threatened her. Gave her the piece and told her to come put ya down. The midget said a turian was there, too, and they were wearing blue armor..." he fades off, reading her face (Dante)

for any sign that this may sound familiar to Aylena. (Dante)

Lema takes a while to answer. "My dad can b-barely make ends meet after mom lost her job, and he's working h-his ass off. If-if I could find work, maybe I c-could afford a b-biotic instructor." She is struggling a bit to speak while crying. She is still not looking up. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Aylena frowns. "Blue armor," she mutters before answering, "Daina doesn't ring a bell, but the rest sounds familiar. Too much so to be merely coincidental. Did she say anything else?" (Va`ynna_Atana)

Philip raises an eyebrow. "I'm sure ya can find some better work than this... shouldn't be involvin' yourself with people like that." he says, putting a hand on her shoulder and crouching down a bit. "Hey, you're safe now. Gonna be fine." (Tyranniac)

Steve gives a shake of his head. "Not to me. Phil is still talkin' with her, figured I should come run all of this by ya. She handed over the contact info, though. Not too sure what that does for ya, though, unless you're plannin' on givin' 'em a ring." he says, bringing his omni-tool up and activating the interface to relay the information to Aylena, "She don't seem to want us to contact her parents, but I ain't too sure how (Dante)

else we can go about handlin' this." (Dante)

Aylena nods. "Thank you," she says. "There's not much we can do right now, as it's not difficult to hide as a fully equipped mercenary out here." She steps aside to stand in front of a terminal, and starts tapping on it. "As for the child, have someone keep an eye on her until we know where her employers are. I'd rather we avoid complicating this further by getting her parents involved until then." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Lema gives a very faint nod. "I know," she says in a low moan. "I w-was stupid. I'm s-so sorry for this." She is not calming down, however, still a bit frightened by the security guard. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Steve shrugs, "I mean, how long can we just keep her here? Her parents are gonna start worryin' if she don't come home eventually. I ain't exactly sure what our options here are. I can have Ren try lookin' into the contact info and seein' if it leads anywhere in town, but that seems unlikely. People lookin' to kill folks usually don't go givin' out their personal numbers if it might lead back to 'em." He shifts in place, resting (Dante

an elbow against the counter, "Our only play might be to give this number a call and see what we can get from it. Either that, or sit around and look for any red dots on your forehead." he adds with a smirk. (Dante)

Philip carries a sympathetic look, remaining crouched. "Hey now, don't worry. Nobody got hurt. Just... don't go pointin' any more pistols at people. Can't be havin' that." (Tyranniac)

Gren folds his arms across his chest, simply listening in silence for the moment.

Aylena nods. "They'll have to come in through the front door," she says, "but it's worth an attempt, I suppose." She enters it into the terminal and places a call, which takes two seconds to connect before it's declined. There are no corresponding notification sounds heard from their position. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Lema wipes under her eyes. "But... but... she could have gotten hurt, and it w-would have been my fault" (Va`ynna_Atana)

Steve remains in place, watching Aylena. "Nothin'?" he asks after a short period of time passes without any reaction from the asari. (Dante)

Gren grunts, tapping his fingers against the armour on his arm. He glances towards the door, a part of him half expecting a gang of mercenaries to come storming in. It wouldn't surprise him all that much.

Aylena sighs. "It was immediately declined," she says. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Philip nods. "Yah, that's true. But ya were scared and threatened. I think she'll forgive ya if you explain yourself, and stay away from shady people like that..." (Tyranniac)

Steve gives a shake of his head, a long sigh escaping. "Well, plan B. We let the little shit go. Get a shield generator on her and I'll follow her. They'll either make contact or try to eliminate a loose end. Either way, I'll be there to beat a lil' info out of 'em." he says. "Now, I ain't any more keen on the idea of usin' her as live bait than you, but like I said: we can't just keep her here forever. She'll have to leave (Dante)

eventually, right? Better that she does it when there's someone to keep an eye on her." (Dante)

This is your area of expertice, not mine. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Aylena casts a glance to the side. "The patrons are all witness to this, however," she says. "This might reflect on the agency's reputation." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Lema looks up at him, some tears still tricking down her cheeks. "Do you really th-think that?" she asks. (Va`ynna_Atana)

Gren grunts. "Then I should do it. I have no ties to the agency."

Philip nods. "I do. Aylena's a reasonable sort for as much as I know her." (Tyranniac)

Steve gives a quick glance around. "Not sure what ya mean. We stopped the threat to the Respite. Ain't nothin' to reflect on Redrock. I mean, it ain't exactly our job to go 'round providin' 24 hour protection for people that ain't even our clients, right? And, somehow, I doubt she's got enough credits in her piggy bank to hire us. Hell, this ain't even my gig anymore. I'm just tryin' to be helpful." he says with a cocky smirk. (Dante)

"But I wasn't plannin' on lettin' anything happen to her anyway." He gives a glance over to Gren as he chimes in and shrugs, "At the end of the day, it's your call, Aylena. If you wanna keep her here, go for it. But you're prolly gonna have a lot of explainin' to do to her parents." (Dante)

Lema narrows her eyes, though she is calming down noticably. "Why? It-it is not... reasonable to forgive someone who p-pointed a gun at you." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Aylena hums. "I told Gren here to be nice to Atana and drag his Varren outside when we first met," she says, a soft laugh escaping her, "I'm not all that concerned about her parents to be honest." She sighs. "I'll leave this decision to you two and Lacour. Be careful." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Philip offers a small smile, patting Lema's shoulder again before standing up. "She's fine, you're fine, everyone's fine. It'll be... fine." He furrows his eyebrows at his own eloquence, or lack thereof. "If ya could tell us anythin' else that might help us find the person that threatened ya that would be great though..." (Tyranniac)

Steve glances to Gren, looking a bit perplexed. He puts his hands up, as if conceding defeat. "I mean, this ain't even a Redrock matter. Someone wants to step in that door and start shit, then sure. But I ain't even sure if I should be involved in any of this without touchin' base with the head honchos. How 'bout we keep the short stack here for now and give me some time to go check in with Wolfe? I'll see what he says and (Dante)

shoot the contact info over to Ren. I ain't too fond of the idea of headin' home and watchin' TV for the next six hours, so if he gives me the okay, I'd be more than happy to get diggin'." he says, eager to keep himself occupied after weeks of sitting around doing nothing. (Dante)

Gren shrugs his shoulders, his armour clanking. "Don't matter much to me what happens," he admits.

Lema looks down. "I've got nothing else," she sighs. "I know I'm not helpful." She tilts her head to the side, taking a few more seconds to respond. "Did-... did you tell the other guy about the sniper? I mean, that could be bull-... a lie, but still." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Philip looks a little puzzled as he tries to remember. "Uh... yeah, I... I think he knows. Don't make much sense to me anyways. Why'd they send ya in to shoot her if they had a sniper?" (Tyranniac)

Lema ponders it for a moment. "That makes sense," she says. "He w-would have done anything by now." (Va`ynna_Atana)

Aylena nods. "Sounds like a plan," she says. "I've set the VI on highest alert even though the normal threshold isn't frought with false positives, and the windows' kinetic barriers are running at capacity." (Va`ynna_Atana)

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