#FreedomFalls – January 13, 2016

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Leah shields her groceries as the left side of her body is drenched in filthy rain water. "Hey! Watch where you're going, asshole!" she shouts after the truck, taking a few rigid steps after it. She sucks in a few deep breaths, staring at the back of the vehicle as it rapidly gets smaller and smaller in the distance. Once out of view, her shoulders slump and she looks down at the stain

down the side of her pants. "Great. Now I'm soaking wet. Fucking asshole..." she begins muttering to herself as she stomps off with a scowl on her face. She only manages to get a few more steps before she brings the heel of one of her large, clunky boots down on the untied lace of the other, nearly tumbling to the ground. She lets out an audible groan as her bag of groceries fall to the

sidewalk, sending a few articles spilling out. Just about at her breaking point, she crouches down and furiously begins stuffing everything back into her bag, which is beginning to develop a bit of a tear in the bottom.

A passing turian - the only other person on the sidewalk at the moment - crouches down and grabs a particularly far-flung item, holding it out to Leah with what passes for a polite smile with a turian.

Leah snatches the item from the turian's clawed fingers and stuffs it back into the bag. She quickly winces and snaps her eyes shut momentarily as she realizes how impolite she's being. After tugging her bag upright, she reaches up and wipes some hair from her face, pushing her hood off as well in a single swoop. "I-... Thanks. Sorry, it's just been one of those days." she says. They've

all been one of those days lately, she thinks to herself. She forces a polite smile as she rolls her shoulders in a shrug.

The turian stands back up as well. "I know what you mean. I-..." She's interrupted by a beeping omni-tool and goes to respond, mouthing something to Leah that the translator doesn't catch before heading off in a hurry while talking with whoever called. "Hey. Yeah. Yes. No. Of course..."

Leah sucks in some air through her nose and stares down at the bag of groceries for a few moments once the turian has left before hefting the bag back up and standing. She wipes her free hand off on her already-soaked pants and continues on her journey across town, careful to keep her hand pressed over the tear on the bag. She remains slightly closer to the buildings this time, just

in case any more speedy drivers decide to whip by recklessly. Her mind begins to wander, going over the same details they have every day since her surgery.

Leah blinks a couple times, still not comfortable to the sight of words filling her sight and no intention of getting comfortable with it. Her heart begins to beat faster and panic sets in once more. "Wha-... I can't. I need to get back home first. You can't just expect me to lug my groceries all over town." she begins to protest, knowing damn well whoever is on the other side isn't

going to just excuse her from whatever horrible job they have for her now. But what the hell, might as well be as difficult as possible. "It's going to have to wait." she says, suddenly feeling very self conscious as she realizes that, to any onlookers, it would appear as if she just began speaking to herself. She gives a quick glance over her shoulder to make sure nobody is around.

Leah snaps her jaw closed tightly and stomps off towards the medical center. "On my way." she says through clenched teeth, tossing in a sarcastic, "Boss." Her boots kick up water as she sloshes through puddles along the sidewalk. "Can you at least tell me what I'm doing once I get there? Or would you rather I'm completely clueless so I stand out like a sore thumb with no idea what I'm

doing, as per your usual methods?" she spits.

A couple of minutes of silent walking pass before a response appears.

Leah blinks a few times, her eyes darting left to right. "Access-... How am I even supposed to know what I'm doing!?" she asks, keeping her voice low as she picks up the pace towards the medical center. "Besides, there's no way to explain away that one if I get caught." She lets out a sigh, realizing they probably don't really care about her worries. "You have to give me more to go

on. I can't just feel this out. Where do I go? What do I do once I'm there? What do you mean by 'access' it?"

Leah sighs loudly, a scowl carved into her face. "Fine." she says, opting to otherwise remain quiet as she continues towards her destination. Just a little while longer. That's what the other person had told her, not that she had much faith in them. Whoever 'they' even were, but at this point it's all she has to go on. How much damage could access to a VI cause, anyway? She sucks in

another breath and reminds herself that she's just buying time. A little while longer, and then she could make these assholes pay for Damien. She did her best not to think about the 'how' of it for now.

The walk to the hospital is largely uneventful. Few people are outside in the foggy morning. Only the occasional car or truck passes by. As she approaches her goal, the new building, the Athame's Embrace Medical Center, can be seen dwarfing the old clinic. The building is complete and judging by the trickle of people coming in and out of the building it is finally in use. The hospital is three stories tall and covers a significantly

larger area, most of it stretching back into the empty woodland. The main entrance is a pair of double glass doors with a roof that covers the walkway up to the sidewalk.

Leah scans upwards, looking over the building before proceeding through the double doors, a bag of groceries still cradled against her side. Once inside, she sits her bag down on a vacant seat in the reception and pulls her omni-tool out to check the information sent her way. Her eyes move between the omni-tool interface and the reception, taking in her surroundings.

The reception contains an information desk to the right, along with a waiting area with chairs. To the left is a small café which doesn't seem to have opened yet. A map covers the wall next to the reception and there is a corridor straight ahead which splits left and right after a few doors (mostly bathrooms). The reception is fairly busy, with people in line at the information desk, a mixture of hospital personnel and vorcha in

white jumpsuits hurrying up and down the corridor and in and out of the entrance. One vorcha bumps into Leah as she enters, causing it to back away with its head bowed. Red eyes dart between the floor and Leah while a hiss comes through its long, sharp teeth: "Grug sssorrry..."

Leah winces as she makes contact with the vorcha, giving it the once over before acknowledging its apology with a bow of her own head. "Excuse me." she offers, stepping off to the side. She returns her attention to the information displayed on her omni-tool, trying to find the quickest route to her destination. She also scans over the blueprint for any signs of security.

Leah frowns as she looks over the security layout and lifts her bag of groceries once more after slipping her omni-tool back into her pocket then proceeds towards the hall. She flips her hood back up and does her best to keep the cameras to her back as often as possible as she makes her way towards the mainframe, hoping to avoid as much exposure as possible in case it all goes tits

up. She makes sure to remain friendly, passing smiles to anyone that takes notice of her.

Upon rounding the corner of the corridor, Leah would see a humanoid figure in an intricate, hooded white robe with a practical cut conversing with Dr. Halisi and two vorcha. If Leah has kept up with local news she'd likely recognize the robe as belonging to Matriarch Syranis.

Leah has had far more important things to deal with lately than keeping up with the news. She quickens her pace and lowers her gaze to the ground, hoping whatever Halisi is discussing with the other party will keep her occupied for long enough for Leah to slip by. She clasps her hands together around her bag and continues down the hall. Last thing she needs is for Halisi to have seen

her here if something goes wrong.

Halisi offers Leah a small wave from the hand holding her datapad as she passes by the doctor. She's too occupied conversing with the Matriarch to greet her further.

The door to the VI mainframe is down the hall from the doctor and the matriarch, within their view.

Leah puts on her best smile and gives Halisi a nod, inwardly cursing herself for being spotted. She continues down the hall, passing the door to the mainframe with a roll of her eyes. She decides it's probably better to just swing back by in a few minutes and see if Halisi has moved along. She proceeds towards the nearest washroom from here.

The bathrooms on this floor are all back in the corridor she just came from.

Leah sighs and turns back, making her way back towards Halisi and the others, frantically trying to come up with a way to work out the situation. She gives Halisi another nod as she nears, and makes it obvious that she's waiting to speak with her, but keeps her distance as to not interrupt the conversation. She bites her lower lip as her nerves begin to get the better of her.

Syranis nods in response to something Halisi just said. "I am most pleased to hear it, Doctor. This hospital is a remarkable step towards making this community of ours a better place to live. It is good to hear there have been no further conflict between my vorcha and the staff. As soon as their work here is done they will be on their way."

Halisi glances at Leah but quickly returns her attention to the Matriarch. She checks her datapad before replying. "We cannot thank you enough for making this possible. Our capacity for treatment in the old clinic was highly limited. I'll need some time to consider the offer though. I do have other obligations as well."

Leah remains off to the side, waiting for her chance to speak to the good doctor, although her constant shifting in place contradicts her otherwise patient demeanor.

Syranis bows her head. "We will speak again." She turns to leave, and the two vorcha go with her as they head down the hallway.

Halisi smiles, and then turns to Leah once the Matriarch has left. "Hey, you okay?"

Leah raises her eyebrows and nods in response. "Mmhmm." she says, glancing at the Matriarch before stepping up towards Halisi. "Fine. Just here for a checkup with Dr. Decker." she continues, plastering a smile over her urge to spit at the mention of his name, "Everything has shifted around so much here, I'm a bit lost. Looks great, by the way." She glances further down the hall, "Could

you point me in his direction?"

Halisi points down the hallway. "Oh... yeah, of course. Stairs at the end of this corridor. He's on the second floor."

Leah follows her directions with her eyes and her smile widens. "Great, thanks!" she says, "So... how about you? Everything alright on your end?"

Halisi returns the smile, brushing some hair from her face. "Sure, yeah. I'm good. Pretty busy with the move and all though. I've been overseeing a lot of it. Matriarch Syranis was actually asking if I was interested in the administrator position."

Leah glances back in the direction the Matriarch left, "Administrator? Wow. How exciting!" She glances back at Halisi, furrowing her brow, "You're gonna take it, right?"

Halisi looks a bit uncomfortable at the question. "I... I don't know. I like helping people directly... and I wouldn't have time to work with Redrock anymore. But it's a big opportunity for sure..."

Leah frowns as her grip on her bag loosens and she shifts to heft it up a bit higher. "I'm sure Jason and the Chief would understand." she says, leaning to one side as the weight of the groceries begins to set in, "You've gotta do what's best for you, right? Besides, I'm sure having the 'hospital administrator' as a close contact would be a good thing for Redrock." she says with a

quick chuckle. "Group discounts?"

Halisi starts to smirk faintly but is distracted as she notices the groceries. "Wha-...?" She raises an eyebrow, simply looking questioningly at Leah.

Leah glances down and gives a nervous snicker. "Just had to pick up some things for dad. Had some errands to run anyway, was just quicker to pick them up before my appointment."

Halisi looks puzzled. "Uhm... alright. Well, I should get going. Lots of work to do..." She gestures over her shoulder and starts to step away, regaining her smile.

Leah nods a few times. "Right! Of course. I'm sure you're busy as can be." she says, backpedaling away as she speaks, "Paperwork. Saving lives. Matriarch visits! No rest for a future-administrator!" she continues awkwardly, her speech pattern quickening as it tends to do when she's nervous. "So, yeah. I'll let ya get back to it. Just-... shoot me a message sometime. Maybe we'll get a

bite to eat. You can tell me all the great hospital gossip." She frowns, scrunching up her nose, "Not that I think you're a gossiper, or that there's any hospital drama to gossip about. I'm sure they're great people! I doubt anything like that goes on here-.... Not that I'm implying you're boring! I-..." She pauses and tilts her head to the side, raising her shoulders and allowing them

to droop in a half-hearted shrug, "Sooooooo great! Yeah! Talk to you later!"

Halisi gains an amused grin, tilting her head a bit as she waits for Leah to stop ranting. She doesn't seem suspicious in the least, and offers a small wave before heading off down the corridor, rounding the corner and disappearing from sight.

Leah blows a strand of hair out of her face as she watches the doctor head off. Once out-of-sight, Leah turns on her heels and stomps off towards the door to the mainframe, looking around for any potential security or wandering eyes before attempting to open the door.

The door is quite locked.

Leah frowns and gives a quick glance around before plopping her bag of groceries down beside the door and bringing her omni-tool back up. She begins looking over the files received to see if there's anything that may unlock the door. "C'mon you asshats... Gotta give me something to work with here..." she mutters to herself.

Two nurses pass by Leah in the corridor, heading for the stairs.

Leah crouches down as the nurses pass, acting as though she's situating the things in her bag. She glances up at them with a smile and waits for them to pass by.

Leah sighs and slips the dumb glove on, opening and closing her fist a few times to get a feel for it. "So tacky..." she sighs, giving a quick glance back over her shoulder to ensure the nurses have proceeded on their way. Once she's in the clear, she stands back up and presses her gloved hand up against the panel.

The corridor remains empty for the time being after the nurses pass. As she puts the glove on Leah would feel an unpleasant tingling in her arm, as if from a mild electric shock. If she focused she'd feel the potential for channeling her biotic energy into the glove's palm blaster.

Leah sucks a deep breath through her nose and exhales through her mouth, giving another nervous glance around. "This better work..." she whispers to the puppetmaster as she focuses her biotic energy into the glove.

The glove discharges a surprisingly quiet pinpoint, forceful blast of biotic energy which punches straight through the door's control panel.

Leah attempts to open the door once more, eager to just get out of the hall, lest Halisi return.

The door is successfully pulled open, complaining loudly at opening without the automatic mechanism. On the other side of the door is a room with three big rows of computing hardware along with the necessary cooling and power supply. There is a single terminal at the end of the middle row of hardware.

Leah uses her boot to slide her grocery bag just inside the door in case anyone walks by. Once inside, she pulls the door shut behind her and begins to quicken her pace. Rushing over towards the lone terminal, she removes her omni-tool from her jacket pocket once again. "Alright. I'm in. Now what do you need me to do? Just access the terminal with my omni-tool?" she asks, her eyes

darting over the terminal screen as the holographic interface of her omni-tool projects off to her side. "C'mon. Chop chop. I can't just sit here all day."

Leah nods to herself and pokes at the holographic interface, allowing it to connect with the terminal. "There... How long is this gonna take?" she asks, glancing back at the door briefly.

Leah continues to wait anxiously. "Am I good? Can I get the fuck out of here now?" she whispers, looking increasingly uncomfortable with every passing moment.

A vorcha passes in a hurry in the corridor, paying no attention to the door.

Leah chews her lower lip for a few moments as she awaits a response. After a couple seconds with no reaction, she speaks up once more, "Hello? Can I leave? How long is this going to take?" She continues to glance towards the door every now and then, "How do I fix the security panel? If I leave it like that, they'll definitely check the security footage. Then I'm screwed... Hello?"

Leah doesn't seem particularly calmed by this news. "Are you sure? Isn't there some way for me to just-... I don't know. Turn the panel back on? Why take any chances?" she whispers as she puts her omni-tool away and begins to tug the dumb glove off and stuffs it back into her jacket pocket, "

-, "Halisi saw me skulking about right outside. Someone is gonna notice that something is wrong..." she says, panicing slightly. She moves over to the door and scoops her bag up off the ground but doesn't exit the room yet.

Leah rolls her eyes. "Right. Whatever you say...." she mutters before pulling the door open slightly with her free hand and peaking out into the hallway to make sure the coast is clear.

Another vorcha walks past, tilting its head to look at Leah but saying nothing as it walks past.

Leah winces as the vorcha notices her, but realizes she doesn't have too much time to dwell on it right now. She slinks through the door, groceries in hand, and tugs the door shut behind her. That familiar feeling of guilt races through her once more as she begins to make her escape from the clinic. "Sorry Halisi..." she mutters to herself.

Leah stomps off down the hall. "Standard routine? You mean I can have my life back for now? How nice of you..."

The coordinates leads to a fourplex house, which has stairs outside leading up to the entrances on the second floor. By the time the Redrock transport arrives, a turian stands ontop the stairs on the eastern side, knocking on the door. He has a black suit of armor with orange trims bearing no emblem, and a helmet covers his face. An Avenger rifle is attached to his armor and he carries a duffel bag.

Mendez arrives at the location indicated by the message relayed from Jason. The Redrock shuttle touches down and a moment later the doors slide open. "Gimme a holler if ya need a hand." Jasper shouts back as Mendez steps out of the shuttle. In full gear, sans helmet, Mendez gives the pilot a short, silent nod. His shotgun is folded up on his back and a pistol is holstered on his thigh.

He starts up the stairs to the address given to him, slowing his gait as he nears the turian. "Can I help you?" he says, his voice harsh but lacking any aggression.

The turian readies his rifle. "Yes, by leaving me alone," he says. "Militia business." Not trusting the other man to back down, he kicks in the door and steps inside. The door is wooden door, and not electronic aside from the lock that's the last side to give in to the turian's boot.

Mendez reaches back for his own weapon, a Katana, and shoulders it. "I'm afraid that's not gonna happen." he growls, "This is gonna be your one chance to step out of our client's home and resolve this peacefully before I drag you out of there in pieces, understand?" He quickly presses himself against the doorframe, stacking up just outside to keep out of view of the turian. "Don't do

something you're gonna regret."

Uvena is hiding behind the couch that's been tipped over and facing the door, with just the wall behind her. She's currently not visible, and makes no sound. She's wearing a gray t-shirt and simple blue jeans, which is not exactly suited for a firefight.

In front of said couch is a low table, and a desk is also along the same wall. The wall to their right is taken up by a window that's mostly covered by curtains. The wall to his left has two doors on it with a steel cupboard inbetween, likely meant to safely store combat gear. There is a kitchen to their imediate left along the wall where the entrance is on.

The turian points his weapon towards the couch. "I don't think you understand," he says. "Either I leave with the client, or you'll be bringing her out in a bodybag."

Mendez remains in cover at the doorframe for a moment longer, weighing his options. Noting that the turian identified himself as a member of the militia, killing him probably isn't the best idea. Time for plan B. He steps out into the doorway and takes a stride towards the turian, aiming the butt of his Katana at the base of Uvena's assailant's head, hoping to knock him to the ground.

"Keep your head down, Atana!" he calls out.

Turian sidesteps and barely evades the rifle butt. He starts unloading his weapon towards the couch. "This is about an unpaid debt," he says. "What's she gonna pay you with."

Mendez releases his grip on his weapon as his attack misses, allowing it to skitter to the ground and follows up by attempting to tackle the turian into the wall. Lowering his shoulder, the large man rushes forward. Not about to have a conversation with someone he's in a life-or-death situation with, he doesn't respond to the turian's question.

Mendez raises up, hopefully lifting the turian off the ground, and attempts to slam him into the wall forcefully. "Just-... Calm the fuck down!" he grunts. Once at the wall, regardless of whether or not the slam is successful, he aims a right haymaker at the turian's mandibles.

Mendez braces himself for the turian's attack, leaning forward as he attempts to wrap an arm around the turian's neck from above. Given his size advantage over the turian, it's unlikely the ram is going to do much to topple Mendez, but he stumbles back a few feet. As he attempts to recover from the push and regain his footing, he slams an elbow down onto the turian's back, attempting to

keep him hunched over with his other hand as he does.

Uvena peeks out of the side of the couch, holding a Locust SMG up with one hand as she aims around the room. She's clutching a wound in her side with her other hand. She doesn't fire, however.

Mendez is knocked off balance, thus causing him to lose his grip on the turian and fall to his back. He quickly reaches down for his sidearm and attempts to get a bead on the turian. "Enough!" he shouts, "You're not going to collect shit if I'm forced to put a dozen holes in you!" he threatens.

Mendez sucks in a breath of air. "Last warning, asshole! Stop fucking moving and tell me what this is all about!" he demands. Should the turian ignore his command, he opens fire with his pistol.

Mendez grips the pistol with one hand, using the other to help him back to his feet. "And you think you're gonna get their credits back for them by killing her? The fuck is wrong with you!?" He keeps the sidearm leveled at the turian's head as he takes a step towards him and scoops his shotgun back up off the ground, "I don't know what this is about, but if you need to do business with

her then tell your employer that negotiations will be handled through Redrock Agency. If we see anyone else skulking around or watching the apartment, we won't be quite as 'polite' next time. Understand?"

Turian looks at the ground, then nods. "Understood," he says. "I will bring them the message." He starts getting to his feet, keeping his hands where he can see them.

Mendez uses his boot to slide the turian's dufflebag and rifle towards him. "No sudden movements. Grab your shit and get the fuck out of here." he says. "You alright, Atana?" he asks, keeping his gaze pinned on the debt collector.

Uvena returns to sitting with her back against its underside. "I'm fine," she groans. "Got some... medi-gel?"

Turian takes the bag after getting to his feet, keeping his movements slow. He then moves to pick up the rifle, holding it by the handle without a claw on the trigger and aimed down.

Mendez gives a nod and uses his free hand to remove the canister from his hardsuit. He gives a quick glance back and underhands it towards her but swiftly returns his attention to the turian. "You hit?" he asks the asari, "Shuttle is waiting right outside if you think you need to head down to the hospital."

Uvena doesn't catch it, but manages to reach it before it rolls too far, evoking a groan as she puts pressure where she shouldn't. "That... would be great," she says. Her breathing is a bit fast, and there's a worrying pool of blood on the ground. She starts applying the medi-gel with unsteady hands.

Turian steps backwards towards the door, with gun aimed at the ground. If nothing happens whe he reaches the door, he turns away and starts descending the staircase outside.

Mendez lowers his pistol once the turian is out of sight and holsters it on his thigh. He folds up the shotgun and returns it to his back before turning to Uvena with a sigh. "I don't know what all that was about, but I suggest you have a talk with Jason or the Chief." He looks her over for the source of the blood, "But in the meantime, let's get that taken care of. Looks pretty bad...

Can you walk alright?"

Uvena has a total of four bullet wounds. One in the side which is looking the worst, one in the left leg and two in the left arm. Medi-gel only covers the former two, while the latter two are still bleeding. "Maybe," she mutters, before starting to get to her feet with grit teeth. Her movements are slow, but she gets to her feet eventually.

Mendez grunts and moves to her side, putting an arm around her waist. "Alright, let me give you a hand. Should have more medi-gel down in the shuttle. Just.... don't bleed to death on me."

Uvena nods, but doesn't put an arm around him as he's on her left (due to the couch being on her right). "I'll... give it my best," she replies in a mutter.

Mendez starts towards the door, supporting Uvena's weight as best as he can. "Sounds like you owe the wrong people some credits. Was he really with the militia? Wouldn't have expected such an extreme response from them..."

Uvena nods faintly. "I don't know," she says. "Wouldn't... surprise me if they handle debt collection." She follows beside him with slow steps, being extra careful with her left leg.

Mendez continues out of the apartment, casting a glance at the destroyed wooden door. "You have anyone to call that can watch over the apartment while you're gone? Maybe call to have to door fixed for you?" he asks, leading her down the steps slowly, "Probably not a good idea to leave the door open all night like that."

Uvena frowns. "Yeah, and everything that asshole put a bullet in," she says, speaking slowly as she focuses on walking. "I don't know anyone I can ask, though. Things... aren't going too great between me and Va'ynna right now."

The turian has left by now. Jasper may have seen him leave in a red sky-car, which was parked in near the road junction to the east from where they are.

Jasper is still seated in the pilot's seat of the Redrock shuttle, which isn't too far from Uvena's apartment. He quickly opens the shuttle doors as he spots them descending the stairs.

Mendez pauses for a moment so Uvena can collect herself once they reach the bottom of the stairs. "Nobody else?" he asks, "What about a landlord to swing by and patch up the door for you?"

Uvena sighs. "I... suppose," she says. "But I barely have enough credits to conpensate you for the trouble, and debt up to my shoulders after that rental car was stolen."

Mendez gives a shake of his head. "I'm not under any orders to collect compensation. You can square all of that up with Jason and the Chief, I'm just here to make sure you're safe. For now, let's just worry about getting you to the hospital." As they reach the shuttle, he steps aside and offers a shoulder to help her climb in.

Jasper pokes his head out from the pilot's compartment. "Ya'll alright? I heard some shootin' up there-..." he pauses as he spots the blood, "...Well, hell! Guess we're headin' to the hospital?"

Uvena climbs into the shuttle with his help and sits down on the nearest seat. "Thank you," she says in a low mutter, before moving to plug the worst arm wound with a finger, though the bleeding on those isn't too concerning.

Mendez reaches up and grabs a handhold to pull himself into the shuttle behind her. He gives Jasper a nod as he begins to rummage through some containers beneath the seats for some more medi-gel. "So..." he begins, attempting to keep Uvena talking to keep her mind off of the wounds for now, "...do we know who that clown was working for?"

Jasper cusses under his breath and returns to the pilot's seat. A few moments later the shuttle doors slide shut and the thrusters kick on. It lists slightly before lifting upwards.

Uvena considers the question for a moment, still looking at the wound. "No, but it's obvious who hired them," she says. "I also don't trust him to go home and just forget all about it. He's a turian, after all."

Mendez gives a loud sigh as he pulls a fresh canister of medi-gel from one of the containers. "Well, for his sake I hope he does. Next time I don't plan on being so lenient." he says as he offers the canister. "So? Who hired them?"

Uvena nods. "The people I rented the car from," she says while opening the can. "Duey Cheatum and Howe." She applies a generous amount to the wounds on her forearm with grit teeth.

Mendez raises an eyebrow as he closes up the container. "Car?" he asks, "Sorry, maybe I just don't know the whole story here. Jason just said you had some creep outside your apartment that might be looking for trouble. I'm not trying to pry or anything."

Uvena nods. "I rented a car when I arrived here," she says, "but it was stolen a while ago, and now they want conpensation for it. They started at thirty thousand, but they said forty-five in the last message."

Mendez snorts and shakes his head as he rises back to his feet and finds a seat to plop into. "Sounds like a shakedown. Wringing you out for whatever they can get." He pulls his shotgun from his back and lays it across his lap to keep from it causing discomfort as he sits, "Best I can do for you is repeat myself: Go speak with Jason or the Chief. Follow up on what I told that knucklehead.

Let us work with you on figuring this out. Guessing it'll cost you a bit, but hell, paying a few credits has to be better than getting your ass shot off, right?"

Uvena gives a faint nod. "I will," she says. "He does know I'm going to the hospital, though. That could be a problem."

Mendez raises his arm in response, causing the holographic interface of his omni-tool to project in front of him. "Don't worry about it, I'll let Jason know I'm gonna stick around the hospital until he says otherwise. I'll get a full report documented and sent his way. As soon as you're feeling up to it, just shoot him a message and set up a meeting so you can figure out how to move

forward, alright?"

Uvena musters a weak smile. "Thank you," she says. "I think I understand why Va'ynna holds this agency in such high regard. Speaking of..., could you please tell Jason not to immediately tell her? I've caused her enough grief."

Mendez gives a single nod. "Not a problem." he says. A few moments later, the holographic interface dissipates. "Taken care of." he adds plainly.

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