Attempt on Aylena's life #5

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Steve having been right beside the door the asari entered, simply raises his SMG and unloads at the asari who now has her back to him, aiming a trail of gunfire up her leg in hopes of crippling her.

Leah easily leans her her head to the side, allowing the sloppy blind punch to swing right past her. "That one was closer, try again!" she taunts as she reaches out to try and control his wrist, swinging her legs over to his side as she does to plant a heavy knee into his side. "Or-..." she grunts through the knee, " could just stop so I don't have to beat you half to death. How much better does that sound?"

(Pursuit) The salarian stops fighting. "How much is the litigious asari paying you?" he asks in a pained voice.

Philip remains in the corridor still, keeping watch, but he's shifting his weight back and forth, clearly uneasy over not being there to help the others. "Everyone alright out there? Should I come help?" he asks over comms.

Halisi remains pressed against the wall, waiting.

Gren stands up, dragging the turian with him. In perhaps frustration, he simply turns and lobs the body outside, grunting. "Turian filth," he growls.

Leah scrunches up her nose as she climbs to her knees beside the salarian. "Well, not enough apparently since I have no idea what you're talking about." she says, "Come on. Weapons. Hand 'em over." She extends her hand outwards towards the salarian, her other one sweeping a strand of hair back behind her ear. "Slowly."

Uvena raises her weapon and walks towards the kitchen door.

(Kitchen) The asari's shields fail and she stumbles forward as rounds pepper her side. She draws her Carnifex pistol and aims it towards Steve's direction, but the kitchen breaks line of sight. A biotic field forms around her.

(Garage Int.) The turian is lobbed outside, still not moving.

(Pursuit) The salarian takes the folded-up Mantis off his back, and hands it over to her. He has no other weapons on his person. There is a pouch strapped to his thigh, but it's too small to contain any weapons.

(Garage Ext.) The asari militiawoman starts walking along the Eastern wall.

Steve cusses under his breath as his volley fails to put the asari down. "Got one in the kitchen." he calls out over comms. "Not exactly in the best of conditions to be engaging. Could use a hand." he adds as he moves to better cover and checks his SMG to see how many rounds he has left.

Leah holsters the Mantis onto her back and reaches out to take the pouch, keeping her eyes on the salarian as she does. "And what have you got here...?" she asks.

Philip heads down the corridor to the kitchen, gun at the ready. "Coming in!" he says over comms before tapping the panel for the door and swinging out of the doorway, pistol raised.

Gren reloads his shotgun and stomps off towards the kitchen. He looks towards Steve and nods.

Uvena follows Gren, keeping her weapon raised at the asari once she spots her.

(Kitchen) The asari sends a quite strong biotic shockwave towards the krogan before raising her Carnifex at Philip. She is close to the doorway "Janysa," she demands. "Lead me to her. Now!"

(Pursuit) "Clips, flash grenade," he says before detaching it from his suit.

Gren staggers from the biotic attack, his barriers dangerously low. "Hmph... This bitch is pissing me off," he grunts. He charges inside, regardless of the others and he glows. He makes to wrap her in energy and raise her upwards before the energy pulsates and projects her towards the floor. If this is all successful, at least.

Philip charges at the asari while she's turned towards the krogan, whipping his pistol at her back with somemthing halfway between a warcry and a terrified scream.

Steve remains behind cover, waving Gren and Uvena past as they make their appearance. He leans away from the direction of the shockwave as the asari unleashes it. "Shit! Somebody put this fucker down already!"

Leah takes the pouch and gestures for the salarian to stand up. She attaches the pouch to her own suit and draws her Carnifex, holding it on the salarian. "I've got the sniper. Returning to the Respite with him." she announces over comms. She waits for the salarian to comply, "Deactivate your shields."

Halisi moves to check on the turian tossed outside by Gren. Assuming he's dead she would follow Uvena towards the kitchen.

Uvena keeps aiming at her, but Philip's charge makes her hold her fire.

(Garage Ext.) The turian is very dead.

(Kitchen) The asari is successfully brought off the ground by the field, distracted by the charging Philip despite his attack not doing much to bring her down. However, she manages to kick off at the floor so that when she's brought down, it's ontop where Philip was at the moment she left the ground.

(Pursuit) The salarian gets to his feet as instructed, not trying anything.

Steve makes no attempt at assisting, given his lack of gear. He merely remains at his cover.

Leah gestures back towards the Respite with her pistol. "Go on. Get moving." she instructs. "Slowly. Now what was all of this about? Why in the hell are you attacking a bar?"

((*+He deactivates his shields once at his feet.))

Philip is slammed to the floor hard as Gren's biotics propel the asari into him, and he loses hold of the pistol, going immobile for the time being.

Halisi enters the kitchen, remaining behind the others as she gets analyzes the situation.

Gren walks over to the asari and reaches down to grasp her around the throat. He doesn't pay any attention to Philip. He would hoist her into the air and shove his gun into her midriff, the bayonet prodding at her armour.

Steve glances at Halisi as she enters. "Hey, doc. Welcome to the party." he greets, peeking out behind cover to see how the fight is going.

Uvena keeps her weapon aimed at the asari, but the risk of friendly fire is still too high. "Where's Va'ynna?" she asks, not looking at anyone specifically.

(Kitchen) The asari uses a stasis field on him before he gets far enough to lift her, and she starts getting to her feet. She has lost her weapon, however. "When I get my hands on that old bitch...," she mutters, sounding pained.

(Pursuit) The salarian starts moving towards the Respite. "Location not important," he explains. "Had only one target."

Gren freezes again, an angry and annoyed grunt sounding. "She's unarmed!" he manages to say, hopefully loud enough for the others to hear.

Halisi gives Steve a nod before aiming her omni-tool at the asari and attempting to set off a neural shock.

Steve steps out from behind cover at Gren's shout and prepares to attack should Halisi's neural shock not be enough to bring the asari down.

Leah remains behind the salarian, pistol aimed at his lower back. "And who was your target?" she asks, not having been filled in on all of the details of the attack given their urgent deployment.

Uvena is still aiming at the asari, but the krogan blocks her line of fire.

(Bar) The militia asari enters the bar, looking around for any threats. "Militia," she declares before crossing the room. She has her Carnifex at the ready, but it's held down. Some of the patrons have taken a chance running upstairs, and some have left, but most haven't moved.

(Pursuit) "Janysa Aehan," he replies.

(Kitchen) The neural shock makes her unable to move, but she manages to stands upright. The krogan's stasis field has 2 seconds left before it dissipates.

Steve sidesteps around the krogan, lifting his SMG at the asari. "It ain't lookin' too good for ya, darlin'. You're in one of those predicaments where you're either gonna surrender or I'm gonna kill ya. I know, I know. They're both shitty options, but they're all ya got." he taunts, gesturing a bit with his SMG, "So what is it gonna be?"

Gren eventually breaks free of the stasis and levels his shotgun at the asari. Apart of him wants to simply turn her into purple mush, but he restrains himself. At least for the moment.

Leah frowns upon hearing the unfamiliar name. "No idea who that is." she admits. "Who do you work for?"

Halisi starts to move in closer, but remains behind Gren and Steve for the moment.

(KItchen) The asari sighs. "And what if I surrender?" she asks. She stands still, even after the neural shock wears off.

(Pursuit) "Independent contractor," he answers.

Steve gives a shrug. "You tell us why you're here, agree to stay the hell out of Freedom Falls and we let ya go." he lies. "It's your only play right now unless you wanna leave in a body bag."

Leah sighs. "How helpful." she mutters. "Name?" she asks before letting out a groan, "We already shut your little operation down. The least you can do at this point is be helpful."

Gren remains silent, krogan death-staring the asari.

Halisi waits impatiently for the asari to surrender, her gaze already focused on Phil, who is still not moving. "You don't have any options. Just put the gun down. Don't be stupid." she says as her gaze turns to the asari.

(KItchen) "Fine," she sighs, but she follows up with a singularity aimed right above the group that has gathered infront of her. That will give them time to fire on her while she creates the biotic field, but her shields have had time to recharge. The krogan may be able to outrun the pull if he reacts quickly enough. "Actually, I think I'll take my chances with the body bag." She turns around and starts moving to the doorway at a brisk


(Pursuit) "Farik Verax," he simply answers. He keeps walking and looking forward, but his eyes do dart back and forth as he studies what he can about his surroundings without moving his head.

Halisi curses under her breath and immediately raises her omni-tool again, firing off a cryoblast at the asari in the hopes of preventing her escape.

Gren does move fast enough, centuries of experience keeping him on his toes. He fires off his shotgun before shimmering again with biotic energy. He aims to pull her feet out from under her, then simply impale her with his bayonet.

Steve takes a step towards the asari as she agrees, but his eyes go wide as the singularity is fired off. "Are you fucking kidding me-..." he shouts as he attempts, and fails, to escape the singularity's pull.

Leah nods to herself. "Farik Verax." she repeats. "And why does this Farik Verax want-... Janysa? Why does Farik want them dead?" She continues to herd the salarian back towards the Respite.

(Kitchen) The asari is brought down, and the bayonet manages to impale her in the back. She's still breathing, but she appears to be in too much pain to even try getting up. "Go to hell, all of you," she groans between coughs. "You'll only have yourselves to blame when she... ruins you too."

(Pursuit) "Legal battle," he says. "Wanted her dead before court date."

Gren grunts. "Shut up," he says before he raises his foot and brings it down toward the back of her head. And would do so again. And again. And once more for good measure.

Halisi gasps, reaching out in the direction of the asari as Gren stomps on her, but withdraws her arm as she realizes it's too late. "Oh my god, what are you doing?!"

(Kitchen) The cryo blast did help her get brought down easier, but her armor kept it from freezing her solid inside. It does make the helmet shatter when the krogan stomps on her head, which is a purple mess beyond recognition now and it's almsot detached from her neck. She is not moving.

(Bar) The militiawoman vaults over the counter in time to see the krogan finish her off. "Taking no prisoners, huh?" she asks as she reaches the doorway to the hallway.

Steve floats helplessly for a few moments until he's released. He drops to the ground with a thump and glances over at the krogan's handy work. "Fuck. Well I ain't hungry anymore..." he says with a snicker. "Eh, she had her chance." he says as the militiawoman chimes in. "She chose to fight."

Leah rolls her eyes. "Really? Isn't that a bit extreme?" she asks. "Let's get you inside. I'm sure the others are gonna have more questions for you."

Gren squelches his foot free from the gloppy mess. He rips the shotgun free from her back and wipes his foot on her armour. He looks to Halisi and shrugs, scratching his scar. "Killing her," he says simply.

(Pursuit) "You answer them," he says, and suddenly vanishes as he enables the tactical cloak. He starts running towards the grassy patch on the east side of the Respite judging by the sounds of his footsteps against the pavement.

Halisi kneels down next to Phil, shooting the crushed head of the asari another glance before gesturing at the door. "Get out of here, you brute." she says with a disturbed frown while starting to scan the unconcious human.

Leah having had a gun planted right against his lower back, simply squeezes the trigger of her Carnifex the moment he vanishes. "Really!?" she shouts in frustration.

Gren looks to Steve and flicks his head at Halisi. "Who's she?"

Steve glances from Halisi to Gren. "Our doctor. Don't think she's gonna have much luck fixin' that one, though." he says, gesturing towards the asari with his SMG. His gaze moves over to Phil, "The farmer gonna be alright?"

Gren | "Heh, heh, heh," he chuckles, before looking down at Phil. He doesn't make any motion towards the door.

(Kitchen) The asari shrugs as she stops in the doorway. "Wish I could've been here," she says. "Where's the last one, the sniper?"

(Pursuit) The salarian manages to keep running despite the crippling shot, but his speed is reduced. The footsteps becomes harder to hear once he reaches the grass, and he alters course.

Halisi mumbles something about krogan savages before sighing at Steve's question. "He's got a concussion." She injects a stimulant, and it's not long before Phil awakens, mumbling to himself and blinking a few times before letting out a "Gah!" as he sees the krogan. The doctor regains his attention and performs a quick examination of his senses before helping him to his feet.

Leah chimes in over comms, as if on command as she jogs after the footsteps, "The sniper tried to make a break for it. I had to shoot him but it didn't stop him." She comes to a stop as she reaches the grass and scans back and forth, listening for any sign of the salarian and looking for any blood. "He cloaked and took off. I'm trying to follow, but I might have lost him." she groans.

Steve nudges Phil with his boot. "Welcome back, hero. Look at the mess you made." he says with a nod towards the asari.

Gren chuckles. "You went crazy. Turned her to pulp."

(Pursuit) The salarian makes a sudden turn to the right once she starts speaking over comms again, and the trail of green blood doesn't seem to follow him anymore.

Philip makes the mistake of glancing at the asari, and for a moment it looks like he's going to throw up, a disgusted look on his face as he fights it.

Halisi scowls at the others before escorting Phil to the garage.

Gren laughs loudly, a booming sound in the room.

Leah remains in place, glancing about in frustration as she fails to get a read on the salarian. "Shit. He's gone." she sighs over comms. "I got a good shot on him, so I don't think we need to worry about him causing any trouble anytime soon, but I couldn't just open fire on an invisible target out in the open... Sorry guys." she says, clearly disappointed in herself.

Steve gains an amused look as Phil makes his exit, but sighs as he hears Leah. "Sounds like the sniper got away." he says to the militia asari. "He's wounded, though. Might be worth checkin' the hospital for recent gunshot wounds or somethin' in case he tries gettin' some help."

(Pursuit) He's out of Leah's view by the time the cloak would need to be recharged.

(Kitchen) She nods and turns around to make her way out through the bar. "Hey, Mian here," she speaks into the militia comms. "Last hostiles in the Miner's Respite is deader than dead. The sniper is wounded, but he managed to get away."

Aylena unlocks and opens the door to the security office and steps through, ordering Lema to stay where she is. She has applied medi-gel to the crests by now.

Gren looks around and walks into the hallway. He notices Aylena and nods to her. "You alright?"

Leah sighs and gives a shake of her head before lowering her pistol and starting back towards the Respite. "Dammit. I had him, too... At least I managed to get some intel out of him before he made a break for it." she says over comms, "Said he was hired by an independent contractor named 'Farik Verax'. He was here to kill 'Janysa Aehan'. The name doesn't ring any bells for me, but he said it had to do with some sort of legal

battle. Wish I had more to tell you..."

Halisi and Phil make their way out of the building and towards the shuttle. When Phil is seated inside the doctor makes her way over towards Leah. "Are you alright?" she yells out as she walks closer.

Uvena enables her omni-tool and starts typing on it.

Steve gives another glance at the dead asari before stepping over her and heading back into the hall. "Well, Janysa..." he says sarcastically as he spots Aylena at the end of the hall, "Sniper got away. Said he was hired by someone named 'Farik Verax'." he continues, relaying Leah's information, "Somethin' about a legal battle...?"

Leah offers the doctor a smile and nods, her ponytail bouncing up and down as she does. "Only thing hurt is my pride." she announces, "I can't believe that slippery little shit got away." She lets out a sigh as a frown crosses her face, "Everyone else okay?"

Halisi nods. "Philip has a concussion, but he should be fine. I'm heading back in to make sure none of the bystanders got hurt." she says as she starts heading back into the garage, towards the kitchen.

Aylena nods. "I should be asking you," she says. "We're fine. The little one thankfully didn't see the show you made."

Leah follows behind Halisi. "I don't mean to be a bother, but do you think I could drop by sometime this week?" she asks. "Just to get a check-up? Make sure-... you know. Everything is alright?" She scrunches up her nose, feeling embarassed about being so paranoid. "If you've got the time."

Gren shrugs lightly, holstering his shotgun onto his back. "She was getting annoying," he says simply.

Halisi offers a kind smile, nodding. "Of course. I'll be in the office tomorrow morning." she says as they come back into the kitchen. She frowns as her gaze falls on the dead asari again. She looks to the militiawoman nearby. "Can your people get the bodies to the morgue?"

((*retcon Halisi))

Halisi offers a kind smile, nodding. "Of course. I'll be in the office tomorrow morning." she says as they come back into the kitchen. She frowns as her gaze falls on the dead asari again, shooting a glance to Leah before stepping over the body.

Leah winces at the sight of the asari. "Yikes.... Things went real bad, huh?" she says as she steps around the body, casting a sympathetic glance down at it one more time before continuing to follow Halisi.

Halisi shakes her head. "No... just excessive force by that krogan thug." she says with distaste before heading into the corridor.

Aylena sighs as she steps into the kitchen, seemingly ignoring the dead body on the floor. "I don't know that name, but the rest is as I feared," she says. "Did they say anything else?"

Va'ynna enters the kitchen through the previously locked door to the storage room. She looks uneasily at the dead body before Uvena ushers her to the garage.

(Garage Ext.) The turian body is being removed from where the krogan left him by the two remaining turian militiamen previously guarding the aea.

Gren looks to Halisi and Leah, flicking his head up in greeting. He looks to Aylena and remains silent, letting Steve do the talking. His foot is stained with asari blood.

Steve follows behind Aylena, giving a quick shrug. He doesn't even pay any attention to the dead body, nearly stepping right on her. "I don't know. Doesn't sound like it. Either way, kickin' their asses should buy ya a little breathin' room. Might give ya enough time to figure out what's goin' on. Prolly the sort of thing you should keep us up to date on..." he suggests. "If it's alright with you, I was thinkin' it might be

worth havin' Ren see what she can dig up on the name we got."

Leah frowns, casting a glance down the hall at Gren as they enter, assuming he must be the 'krogan thug' Halisi referenced. The blood on his boot confirms it and her frown deepens. "At least all of ours are okay..." she offers, looking for the golden lining.

Halisi nods faintly and moves past the the others, heading on into the bar. She looks towards the militiawoman. "Is anyone hurt?"

(Bar) The miltiawoman is by the entrance, watching the room. "Doesn't look like it," she says. "Our people is going to give the go-ahead for the civilians to get moving if nothing turns up in two minutes." None of the patrons seems to have been hurt, and the table beneath the damaged window has only a deserted tray of food on it and nobody hiding beneath.

(Outside) One of the militia gunships is approaching the airspace above the Miner's Respite.

Halisi nods. "Will you handle getting the bodies to the morgue?"

Mian nods. "Yes," she says. "Transport for the bodies is on the way. The turians will move in to carry her out when it gets here."

Leah waits beside Halisi, merely looking over the damaged window as she speaks with the militiawoman.

Aylena nods. "I'll consider it," she says. "The agency will hear from me if I need their help again. Ms Vasquez is already informed about my trouble with these mercenaries."

Gren grunts and looks down at Aylena.

Steve gives a nod. "Fair enough. It's your situation, handle it how ya see fit. But I'm expectin' some free drinks from this one." he says with a smirk as he turns his back to Aylena. "You just send a message my way if you decide to take me up on that offer." he says before walking away.

Halisi gives another nod and then sighs, looking over to make sure she doesn't see anyone injured before relaxing a little, remaining standing in place. She activates her comms. "So... I take it the... situation... is over?"

Aylena nods, again. "I'll keep that in mind," she says before walking out into the bar, looking around.

Gren decides to make his exit, heading out through the bar with Aylena. "See you around," he says to her before departing.

Steve nods to himself as he hears Halisi. "Looks like it." he says with a sigh. He rounds the bar and places his hands on his hips. "Well. That was more than I had in mind when I decided to grab a drink." he admits as his gaze comes to rest on the destroyed window.

Aylena steps up to the bar. "We have the situation under control," she begins, looking out around the room. "The kitchen is closed for the night, but other service will continue as normal. Any orders placed up to 20 minutes before the attack will be removed from your tabs." She moves over to a terminal, and starts typing on it.

Lema peeks into the room from the doorway to the corridor.

Steve glances over just in time to catch sight of Lema. He gives her a frown and waves her away, trying to signal for her to stay in the room.

Lema complies and hurries back into the room, looking somewhat terrified that she's acted out of line.

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