#Miner'sRespite – November 23, 2014

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The Respite seems to be as it usually is. Both Va'ynna and Aylena can be seen behind the couter, the former serving a patron while Aylena has a conversation with a lilac-colored asari in casual wear save for a holsterd Carnifex. Aylena's expression may give away that there's anger behind her words.

The shuttle parks just outside the Respite, the journey only having taken a few minutes. The doors slide open to allow Steve and Victoria out. (Steve_Briggs)

Steve quickly pays the driver and steps out of the shuttle. He pauses before the Respite doors and brings up his omni-tool. "Aylena says there's 4 unknown armed guests." he informs Victoria as he begins to type a response to Aylena, "She says one was trying to put something into one of the terminals. May be entirely coincidental, but with everything else going on today and Redrock's

connection to the Respite, let's be careful."

Victoria nods at Steve ''We can walk in there and pretend we are just average mercs. To scope it out, but if they know Redrock they might know us.'' She said stating her idea.

Aylena looks down on her omni-tool and starts typing a message, but the other asari takes that as an opportunity and she's sent backwards into the wall by a quickly conjured biotic throw. She tries to send off what little she had typed as she regains her senses. Aylena is fully armored with a holstered Carnifex.

The other asari makes haste to cross over to the other side of the counter, and starts typing on a console while putting a personal biotic barrier around herself.

Va'ynna takes a few steps back, unable to escape to the back of the bar as the assailant is very close to the door.

Steve gives a bit of a shrug. "Not really an option since we need to figure out what she did to-..." he pauses as the commotion catches his ear. Through the door he's able to see that something is amiss. He quickly disables his omni-tool and rushes through the front door of the Respite, drawing his SMG as he does. He attempts to get a read on the situation at hand, scanning around

the room for potential threats.

Victoria follows Steve upon hearing the commotion and draws her Avenger, getting herself ready for whatever it could be.

Gren strides down the street, head covered by his helmet. He turns his head and watches the two run inside. He grunts once and trudges towards the entrance, hanging just outside it and listening for a few moments.

There are quite a few armored guests around, though only two would remind of the people that attacked the spaceport (armor color and emblem). A turian and a salarian having a drink at a table on the middle of the right wall (looking from the entrance). They're using small weapons. The salarian is watching the counter, but so are many other guests.

[E]Asari turns towards the door, raising her weapon. "Don't get any closer!" she shouts. "Nobody move, nobody gets hurt. Simple."

Aylena tries to look around, but seems quite pained. While the springy nature of the crests kept her head safe, the same can't be said about her back slamming into a shelf on the back wall.

Steve raises his SMG and sights in on the asari. "If you're expecting this to end without anybody gettin' hurt, I suggest you reconsider what you're doin'." he says, keeping his weapon trained on her chest, "How 'bout tellin' us what you're tryin' to do, for starters." He takes a tentative step towards the bar, glancing over at the other potential threats as he does."

[E]Asari snorts and aims her weapon towards Va'ynna. "I said don't fucking move," she says. "I just want a bunch of files. Let me get them, and I'll be out of here without any more fuss."

The others don't make any move other than a glance towards Steve and Victoria.

Victoria raised her weapons towards the asari with an angry glare on her face ''You should really stand down. Or turn your sights on someone who can fight.''

Gren pulls out his Claymore, the bayonet extending from under the barrel. He steps into the Respite and growls, face hidden. He steps behind the pair and his voice rumbles as his body flares with biotic energy. "Someone like me."

Steve goes to speak when Gren chimes in. Somewhat caught off-guard, he peers over his shoulder at the krogan. While slightly confused, he's not in any rush to show his hand to the enemy or turn down free assistance, so he decides to simply go with it. "Even if you get past the tw-... three of us, we've got an entire agency willing to hunt you to the ends of the galaxy." he exaggerates,

"I doubt whatever's on that terminal is worth your life." He glances over his shoulder one more time, raising an eyebrow at Gren.

Gren kills the biotic energy, but levels his shotgun at the asari to add emphasis to what will go down if she doesn't listen.

[E]Asari sighs. "So, here's the deal," she says, firing off two shots, aiming for the lower part of her body. "You let me finish asap, you can help her." She starts typing quickly on the terminal.

The salarian fires off an overload towards Steve, though it may spread to Victoria and Gren. The turian stands up, aiming his Locust towards the trio.

Va'ynna is hit twice shot, letting out a rather short scream before falling to the ground. She clutches where it hurts the most, groaning from the pain. She's still alive, but her conciousness is fleeting.

Gren 's barriers flare for a moment, though they still remain. He turns his gaze to the salarian and turian. "Bad idea," he grumbles, leveling the Claymore at the salarian and discharging a round at him.

Victoria sees Va`ynna get hit and her face changes from angry to the face of pure hate. She charges the asari and fires her Avenger at her ''I'm going to fucking kill you!!'' She screamed at the asari.

Steve instinctively fires off a short burst at the asari before being hit with the overload. His shields flicker and die out momentarily as he hurries towards the nearest table and flips it onto its side for some makeshift cover. "Well now ya gone and escalated things, darlin'." he shouts, hunched behind his cover as he waits for his shields to recharge, "You gotta be just about stupid

if you think I give one flyin' potato about some bartender. But you ain't gonna be leavin' here in one piece, that's for sure."

The center tables can be flipped with some effort, but the booth tables are bolted onto the ground. The claymore takes out most of the salarian's shields, and he diverges and runs off towards the bar counter. The turian fires towards the krogan with his Locust while stepping towards the exit door.

[E]Asari picks up the pistol again and aims it towards Va'ynna. "Hold your fucking fire!" she shouts out. Her barrier takes the Avenger fire quite well. She charges it up again, though.

Gren slaps in a fresh clip and turns to the asari, though he keeps his Claymore leveled at the turian. "Move and I'll take your crest and stab his eyes with it," he growls, head tilting towards the salarian.

Victoria stopped in her tracks when she raised the gun at Va`ynna, the look on hate still on her face. ''You pull that god damn trigger one more time, I am going to teach you the meaning a painful death. You fucking bitch.'' Victoria said in an angry tone.

Steve remains behind the flipped table until his shields recharge. "I'm givin' you an opportunity to step out with your life. Back-up will be arrivin' any minute now, and there'll be no negotiatin' once they get here, you understand? Leave the files behind and you and your friends get to live another day." he bargains, hoping they won't call his bluff, "Think I didn't notice the armor?

The insignia? You're with Rellis. You should probably know that the rest of your people are currently surrounded by the Freedom Falls militia. Not much chance for them, but you can still walk away."

[E]Asari keeps the pistol aimed at the bartender while slowly tapping on the terminal with her free hand. "Fine," she says with a heavy sigh, not lowering her gun. "Just give me a minute to clean it out of your system, and I'm out of here. Promise."

The turian drops off a primed grenade and bolts towards the door, taking cover just outside. The salarian gets in cover under the table on the booth nearest the bar.

Gren hears the clink of the grenade and his head snaps round to it. Wasting no time, he flares with biotic energy and aims to lift the grenade, before lobbing it towards the booth where the salarian took cover.

Steve quickly sights in on the turian with his SMG, but stops tracking him as he realizes what the turian has done. "Grenade, Vic!" he warns as he grips the edge of the overturned table and haphazardly jerks it to better face the location that Gren tossed the grenade in. He ducks down behind the table once again and presses himself against it.

"Now why do you want to clean..." she was interupted when Briggs warned her of the grenade, she rushed towards Va`ynna hoping to get to her in time and shield her if the blast made it that far.

Most guests have either taken the chance to get upstairs or hidden below tables, the three hostiles have paid them little mind as they did. The grenade goes off but not near enough the table to hit the salarian. The fragments fly quite far, and some guests taking cover under tables are hit by stray fragments. The table just before the salarian's, which was hit the worst, had a barrier dome formed around it by an asari guest to protect

the three taking cover there. The salarian is relatively unharmed. Victoria would be able to reach the counter just as the grenade goes off, leaving her somewhat exposed to the grenade.

[E]Asari growls. "Don't get closer!" she shouts. The fragments that reach her are deflected by the barrier, and she doesn't take cover, but it did signifcant damage to the barrier.

Gren charges towards the booth hiding the salarian, still flaring with biotic energy. As he reaches the booth, he holsters his shotgun and raises both his hands, clasping them together. With a grunt, he swings them down, enhancing them with biotics, hopefully to smash the table and the salarian.

Victoria was scrapped by the fragments of the grenade, her armor taking all the of damage for her. She ignored the Asari however and turned her attention to Va`ynna ''Va`ynna, I gotta get you out of here.'' Vicky quickly turned her attention to the asari ''Let all the civilians out of here, you bastard. Do you want innocent blood on your fucking hands?!'' she said half-way to yelling it out.

Steve is enveloped by a slight shimmer as he pops back up over his cover. "I think it's time that you recognize that you're no longer in control of the situation, lady! Lower the weapon and get out of here while you're still breathin'! I'm tired of fuckin' around here!"

The table doesn't stand a chance, and he succesffuly knocks the salarian unconcious. Still breathing, but unconcious.

Va'ynna groans, and her breathing is getting quite ragged. "Help," she whimpers.

[E]Asari sends a biotic throw towards Victoria before running off towards the back door, hoping to make her escape out back. The terminal is unresponsive.

The turian has not been seen since he left the building.

Gren pulls out his shotgun and turns to the entrance, charging out of it to find the turian and rip off his crest.

Aylena tries to pull the asari's feet from under her, but is too slow to react. She tries to get back to her feet, wincing quite a few times.

Steve hurdles over the overturned table and sprints towards the back door, sliding over the bar counter with reckless abandon. As he enters the door, he attempts to jerk the asari back with a biotic pull.

Victoria is thrown into the counter, she quickly recovers and draws her pistol to fire at asari ''Briggs chase that bitch down.''

[E]Asari is almost through the kitchen by the time the biotic pull gets her and she's rendered floating above the ground. Victoria would not have a clear line of sight to the asari.

Steve slows to a walk and chuckles humorlessly at the floating asari. "Oh, don't worry, Vic." he shouts, "I got her. You just get some medi-gel on our friend and call the clinic. She's probably gonna need some help soon if she's gonna pull through this." He leans against the wall in the kitchen and looks over the 'guest', "So you're gonna let go of that weapon, or I'm gonna kill you,


Aylena walks over to the counter, slowly, and pulls out a first-aid kit. She pushes it along the counter towards Victoria. "I trust you know what to do," she says. "I'll get the clinic to send a transport." She looks around the area and places canisters of medi-gel on the counter for other guests to take. "I thought you guys settled a score with Rellis a long time ago."

Victoria nodded at Aylena and grabbed a canister and started to apply it to Va`ynna ''You're going to be okay, Va`ynna. I promise.''

Va'ynna winces as the medi-gel is applied. "Ow," she says quite loud, but she seems to ease up a little as the medi-gel's painkilling effects starts to kick in. "She... she... I...," she trails off, tears starting to flow as the pain gives way.

[E]Asari drops the weapon. "There," she says. "Now let me go." As the effect of the pull lets off, she falls to the floor.

Steve aims down at the asari's legs with his SMG. "So, here's the deal." he says mockingly before firing a single shot into each of the asari's legs, "You answer all my questions and I might consider getting you down to the clinic." He steps over to the weapon and kicks it away.

Victoria finished applying the medi-gel to Va`ynna and gave her a soft hug ''Your going to be fine, Briggs is going after her.''

Some other guests, either the unlucky recipients of stray fragments or people with them, have taken the offered medi-gel to tend to their injuries.

Aylena goes over to the terminal. "Locked up," she mutters to herself before moving on to a terminal further down the bar to order the shuttle, counting the injured guests while she's at it. "Can I know what's going on out there?" she asks.

[E]Asari winces. "Yes, yes," she groans. "You might wanna get on with it before I bleed out."

Steve nods to himself a couple times as he circles around the asari. "Alright... Let's start with 'why are you here?' What was on that terminal that's so important?"

[E]Asari shakes her head. "No idea," she says. "I got orders to grab footage, records and anything else that might be useful."

Useful? Useful for what? What, exactly, are your parameters for deciding what would be 'useful'?

Va'ynna wraps her arms around Victoria at the sounds of more gunshots. "What... happened?" she murmurs. "I... I thought it was over."

Info on you guys or the people here. The network security here.... They're definitely hiding something.

Steve snickers and shakes his head. " 'They', huh? You mean 'we'? Gimme your omni-tool... There's no way in hell I'm letting you get that info back to Rellis."

Victoria continued to hold Va`ynna ''I don't know, but they will answer for this.'' Vicky said softly.

[E]Asari carefully moves her hand to remove the hardware of her omni-tool and throws it over to him. "There," she says. "Can I go now?"

Va'ynna nods slightly, but keeps quiet. She doesn't let go of her, either. Her tears doesn't seem to be letting up, and her breathing is shaky.

Steve bends over and scoops up the omni-tool before tucking it away into a compartment on his hardsuit. "Depends." he says, "What can you tell me about Rellis' operation? What do you know about his plans for Redrock?"

I don't know much. Last order I was given was to get his brother out of the hospital, but you had a guy guarding him. After that, I've waited here until they told me to get the intel.

"Do you think, I can move you with causing you too much pain, Va`ynna?" She asked while still holding her "It might be faster for the shuttle's crew."

Steve nods once again. "Appreciate the cooperation." he says, "Unfortunately for you, your boss is currently trying to kill my boss. Can't really let ya go. Would just mean havin' to shoot ya later anyway. Can't keep ya-..." he continues, snorting loudly, "I mean, we both already saw how Rellis seems to act to the whole 'hostage situation', right?" He circles around towards the asari's

upper body and aims his SMG at her head, "Don't take this personally. Ya win some, ya lose some." he says before squeezing the trigger.

[E]Asari is not even able to respond before dying, not standing a chance against SMG fire.

Va'ynna shakes her head. "Please... no... it... could be painful," she murmurs.

Steve holsters his SMG and exits the kitchen, making his way back towards the front. He lets out a loud sigh as he appears through the door behind the counter. "Well-..." he says, clapping his hands together, "Disaster averted. Got the data before she was able to hand it over to Rellis. I'd call this one a victory."

Victoria was not letting her go ''Alright, we will wait here for the shuttle. I am sorry this happened Va`ynna.''

Aylena turns towards Steve. "Maybe it's time I get to know what's going on?" she says. "Sounded like there's a war going on outside by the talk around here before hell broke loose."

Steve puts his hands on his hips and glances around the bar for any more signs of trouble. He gives Aylena a nod as he does, "Rellis ain't the type to just let things go, it seems. Decided it might be wise to wage war on the whole damn town. Redrock is down at the spaceport with the militia trying to put an end to all this. That asari said she was instructed to get the camera footage

and security information here. Sounds like they had another plan up their sleeves."

Aylena sighs. "This day just couldn't get any worse...," she walks over to the unresponsive terminal. "Are you sure you have the data?" She tries to restart it, but to no avail.

Va'ynna nods faintly. "Th-thank you," she murmurs. "I... I..." she tightens her hold on her a little, not having anything more to say.

Steve fishes into his hardsuit and removes the omni-tool. He holds it up in the palm of his hand. "As sure as I can be." he says with a sigh before returning it to the compartment in his hardsuit, "And look on the bright side... Doesn't seem like we lost anybody."

"I won't let this happen again, Va`ynna. I pomise."

Aylena cuts the power to the terminal abruptly. "I can't be certain until I can get the logs off the terminal," she says. "Unless she managed to wipe them." She looks around the area. "The chef quit the job minutes ago after he fled out back, Va'ynna is," she glances over to the other asari, looking concerned, "understandably not going to work for a while. This is a disaster."

Va'ynna nods, still holding onto Victoria. "When... are they coming?" she mutters.

Could've been a whole lot worse, Aylena. You'll figure things out.

"Don't know, they should be here soon."

Aylena nods. "I suppose you're right," she says. "I'll have to close, though, and I don't think it's going to be easy to hire new people."

A shuttle bearing the militia's name can be seen landing outside and a couple of medical personnel and armed militiamen hurries out, some with strechers.

Steve gives a shrug. "You're just gonna have to do what you have to do." he says. He glances over at the doors as the militia arrives. "About time. We've got another in the back." he says, cocking a thumb towards the backrooms, "She's in the kitchen. You're gonna need a bodybag for that one."

The salarian merc gets up from under the table after regaining conciousness, and starts running towards the exit.

A pair of them jogs past the bar and towards the kitchen, gesturing towards Va'ynna for the next pair that puts down a strecher near her. "Get her onto the strecher," one of them, a turian woman, says.

Steve raises an eyebrow as the salarian makes a hasty retreat. "Well, shit. Tough lil fucker, ain't he? Was sure that krogan had pounded him to mush." he says, nearly chuckling, "Any idea who that krogan was, anyway?"

Victoria could hear and then see the 'medics' run into the establishment ''It is alright now, Va`ynna. They are here now.'' She said still holding the woman.

Aylena nods in greeting to the militiamen and medical personnel, then hums thoughtfully at Steve's question. "Sounded like Gren, but I can't say for sure," she says. "You remember him, right? He's a reasonable sort... most of the time. Pays for his drinks, too."

Va'ynna looks around, but doesn't move anywhere. She slowly lets go of Victoria.

Steve gives a shrug. "Either way it's a good thing he was here. A whole lot more people might've been right where Va'ynna is if he wasn't."

The turian woman approaches Va'ynna and moves her hands under the asari's knees and upper back to lift her. "You can come with us to the clinic," she offers Victoria.

Va'ynna is moved to the strecher and taken out of the Respite, and the turian woman returns shortly after to help the handful that were hit by stray fragments.

Steve makes no attempt at helping the militia. It's their job, after all.

Aylena nods. "He sure was," she says. "I'll make sure he'll be rewarded..." she glances towards the broken table, "despite the property damage. That must go hand in hand with krogan help, I suppose."

Steve chuckles. "Ain't that the truth. Put a drink on my tab for him. Va'ynna probably owes him her life. I was tryin' to end things as quickly as possible, but a krogan kickin' everyone's ass gets the message across so much faster."

Aylena smiles. "It's a good thing you all showed up," she says. "I thought you wouldn't be coming when I got no immediate response."

Well, you sort of caught me at a bad time. We were in the middle of a pretty massive shootout with Rellis' people. Militia had gunships overhead and everything. Pausing to type out a message wasn't exactly the first thing that came to mind.

Aylena sighs. "Makes sense," she says. "I got thrown into the wall typing my response."

Speaking of which... Me and Vic should probably try and get back down to the spaceport and help out Redrock. You think you'll be alright here now?

Aylena nods. "I think I'll be," she says. "I'll check on our guests and close. It's going to be a long night for me anyway, so just send a message when your people are back."

Steve gives a nod. "No problem." he says before glancing over at Victoria, "Let's go, Vicky. You can stop by the hospital and check on Va'ynna when everything settles down. For now, we're still on the clock."

Victoria looked at Briggs with a rather blank face ''Fine, lets just hope they have fucking dealt with it.'' She said while walking towards the exit.

Steve shrugs, "Whatever." he adds with a sigh as he follows Victoria out of the Respite, giving Aylena a nod as he goes.

Aylena returns the nod before making her way upstairs to check.

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