#Miner'sRespite – May 3, 2016

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Yan Sun is shivering slightly as they approach the Respite along the sidewalk, her hoodie offering poor protection against the cold of the night. She looks up at the holographic sign in silence, having remained rather quiet since the confrontation at the spaceport. (Vasquez)

The Miner's Respite is quiet at this hour of the night, but there are a few patrons about. People with work in the morning has goen home, and others have moved on to establishments that are livelier at night. Aylena is tapping away at one of the terminals, looking somewhat tired. The front door is, of course, not locked. (Ilyna_T`Rea)

Jessica seems less bothered by the cold, still flying high on her recent victory. "Well this place seems dead..." she says, cocking a head up towards the sign as she moves towards the door. She opens it and steps inside, waiting for Yan Sun to catch up. "Come on, slow poke. Would be a shame to survive that planet just to freeze to death on Aite, mmm?" (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun quickens her pace to catch up, soon joining Jessica on the inside of the Respite and taking a look around. (Vasquez)

Jessica works her way up to the counter with Yan Sun in tow, paying little attention to the few patrons lingering about. She drops her crate and leans an elbow up against the counter, turning slightly to look towards Yan Sun. "We-... uhh... need a room." she says to Aylena without looking towards her. "And two shots of your strongest stuff." She goes quiet before something comes to her and she rotates to look towards (Jason_Wolfe)

the asari, "Oooh, and a pitcher of beer! Whatever's cheap!" (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun nods at the mention of a room, but shifts a little as Jessica asks for drinks, a slightly uncomfortable look crossing her face, but she turns to Aylena as well, offering a small smile to the asari. (Vasquez)

Aylena walks over to find a bottle of batarian ale. "A little late to start a party, isn't it?" she asks with a soft laugh as she returns with it. "Anyway, how long are you planning to stay? The rooms are two-hundred a day, nine-hundred for five if you pay upfront." She opens the cap and picks out two shot glasses, pouring them. "Aside from Ryncol, this is the strongest drink we have out front." (Ilyna_T`Rea)

Jessica grabs each of the shot glasses, pulling one in front of her and sliding the other over to Yan Sun. "Is never too late to start the party." she says through a grin. "Isn't that right, kitty cat?" she asks with a glance back towards Yan Sun. She doesn't bother answering the questions about the room, leaving Yan Sun to sort that all out. She's paying, after all. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun shoots the shot glass a skeptical look before looking up to Aylena again. "Uh..." she begins, glancing at Jessica before answering. "Five days sounds good. Sure. Yeah. I, uh, I don't have a chit. Do you accept digital payments?" she asks, bringing up her omni-tool. (Vasquez)

Aylena nods and taps on the terminal to send the payment request. "Of course," she says with a weak smile. "Please keep it down if you're going to have your celebration upstairs." She picks up a pitcher that's a bit over 3 pints in volume and pours some local light beer from the tap. (Ilyna_T`Rea)

Jessica pouts, giving the asari a playful frown. "Awww. You're no fun." she teases, followed by a chuckle. She leans over the counter and grasps the shot glass between her thumb and index finger before lifting it to her lips and swallowing hard. She cringes at the burn and slams the shot glass down with a look on her face as if she just swallowed something sour. Licking at the roof of her mouth, she turns towards Yan (Jason_Wolfe)

Sun and gestures towards her shot. "Mmm? Go on." (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun watches Jessica's reaction and then gives the glass another skeptical look. "Uhm... okay, I guess..." she says hesitantly, grabbing the small glass and looking at it with furrowed eyebrows. "Riiight..." she gives a small shrug and then empties the contents into her mouth. A grimace follows immediately after swallowing, and several empty spits after that. "Ptweh! Urrk, what the hell is this 熊猫尿?!" (Vasquez)

Jessica breaks into a fit of laughter at her reaction. "Your face-... You look like-..." she says between chuckles, but trails off, giving a shake of her head. "Go on, pay the woman." she finally manages once her laughter has died down. She pushes the shotglass back across the counter and leans forward, resting both forearms against the bar. "That was perfect." she says, followed by another shake of her head and a soft (Jason_Wolfe

chuckle. (Jason_Wolfe)

Aylena laughs as well at the woman's reaction to the drink. She places the beer pitcher and two glasses on the counter before watching the terminal to see if the payment goes through smoothly. (Ilyna_T`Rea)

Yan Sun blinks several times as her grimace fades away. She puts the shot glass down with a look of distaste as she glances at Jessica. "Urgh..." she mumbles before realizing she still hasn't paid as her eyes turn to Aylena. She fumbles with her omni-tool, pressing a couple of keys and transferring the payment to the asari. (Vasquez)

Jessica continues to grin as she reaches out and collects the pitcher. She begins pouring some into each of the two glasses and slides one over towards Yan Sun. "Thanks." she says, offering the asari a wink. "We've got to toughen you up, kitty cat. That was pathetic!" she teases. (Jason_Wolfe)

Aylena nods. "Thank you," she says once the payment clears. "How about another shot?" she then asks with a soft laugh. (Ilyna_T`Rea)

Jessica's head snaps back to the asari, grin widening. Her attention slowly turns back towards the woman at her side. "How about it, mmm?" she says with a waggle of her eyebrows. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun shakes her head. "Nope! That's enough!" she exclaims immediately. (Vasquez)

Jessica frowns deeply. "No fun~" she sings. She nudges the beer closer to Yan Sun and leans up against her, "We just went into uncharted space and survived being stranded in the middle of a blizzard on a world that most people don't even know exists, kitty cat! A celebration is in order, mmm?" (Jason_Wolfe)

Aylena gives a faint smile before returning her attention to the terminal in front of her. "Tell me if you need anything," she says. A moment later, the details needed to find and unlock the room is sent over to Yan Sun. (Ilyna_T`Rea)

Yan Sun shakes her head. "Not with... bleh, whatever that was..." she mutters, sipping the hopefully bland beer in the hopes of soothing her mouth, wishing to herself that they'd ordered something colorful and fruity instead. (Vasquez)

Jessica nudges Yan Sun again before taking a sip of her drink. "Lightweight." she teases. She gives a look around the room, swiveling in place until she's leaning her back against the counter and cradling her beer in both hands. "So. Five days, mmm? Sure you can handle me for five whole days without a job to keep us distracted?" (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun turns around as well, joining Jessica in looking over the Respite. She chuckles slightly and sips her beer. "Sure. It'll be fun, right?" (Vasquez)

Jessica nods slowly. "Mmm. Fun." she agrees. "Speaking of 'fun'..." she begins, tilting her head towards Yan Sun, "...Your little photo collection got me thinking. I don't actually have any photos of my home. Once I get paid, maybe you could take a little trip home with me, mmm?" she asks, gaining an uncomfortable look as she asks the question, "...Is not too far. Could be there and back in the same day, mmm? Not that (Jason_Wolfe)

I actually give a fuck about this shithole..." she says defensively, "...But, you know... Might be nice to have a photo for the collection..." (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun quickly gains an enthusiastic smile. "Sure!" she exclaims. "That sounds like a great idea. Maybe we should use my omni-tool though, hm?" she says as her smile turns into a grin, recalling Jessica's previous attempt at photography. She shrugs her shoulders, causing her backpack to shift. "Maybe we could head up to the room, unload these bags...?" (Vasquez)

Jessica frowns, looking as though she's about to defend her photographs until she hears Yan Sun's suggestion. She turns to face the counter and sets her beer down. "Right... Yeah..." she agrees, crouching down to grip her crate and shrugging her travel bag onto the same shoulder. With her free hand, she awkwardly grips the pitcher by the handle as well as getting a couple of fingers through the handle of her beer. (Jason_Wolfe)

"Lead on." she says as the two glasses clank together. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun raises her eyebrow skeptically at Jessica's ability to make it to the room without something ending up on the floor. "Uh... I could... carry something...?" she suggests while grabbing her own beer and stepping away from the bar counter. (Vasquez)

Jessica thrusts the hand holding the glasses towards Yan Sun. "Pitcher. Quick. It's slipping!" she instructs, her face contorting into one of discomfort as she struggles to hang on to the glasses with just her fingertips. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun 's eyes go wide as she realizes the urgency, rushing forward to grab the pitcher using both her hands. Of course, since Jessica is holding the handle, she grabs the container by its sides, and only a moment after taking it away from her it slips out of her grip. The pitcher crashes loudly into the floor, beer splashing everywhere as it collapses into shards. Yan Sun winces, closing her eyes as she hears the sound, and feels (Vasquez

her pantlegs being soaked. (Vasquez)

Jessica remains perfectly still, as if they may not get scolded by the owner if they just don't move. But before long, a loud cacking escapes her. "You are the clumsiest person I've ever met, kitty cat!" she teases. She looks down at the mess with distaste and shakes her head, "All that beer. Wasted." she frowns, raising her gaze back to Yan Sun, "Maybe I should make you lick it up, mmm?" (Jason_Wolfe)


Aylena at the loud shatter, and her attention snaps towards them. "You two go up ahead, and I'll get that mess taken care of," she says. "If you're still thirsty, I can come up to your room with another pitcher in a couple minutes... on your tab, of course." (Renala_T`Iavay)

Yan Sun 's face has turned red as she remains frozen on the spot. "Sorry. Yeah. Okay. Thanks. Sorry." she mumbles just loud enough for Aylena to hear, apologizing and accepting her offer both at once. She slowly backpedals out of the rather large splash zone, shooting Jessica a quick glance before starting to head towards the stairs in a hurry. (Vasquez)

Jessica continues to snicker as she follows behind. "Another pitcher please!" she shouts back, "Sorry! She's an idiot!" she offers as she begins to jog to catch up to Yan Sun. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun heads up the stairs, omni-tool now active as she looks around the corridor for the indicated room. (Vasquez)

Jessica remains behind Yan Sun, holding tightly on to her beer for fear of it being destroyed as well. "Which one is ours?" she asks, glancing at the visible doors as she reaches the top. She takes a sip from her beer, leaning to one side heavily due to the weight of her crate. "This thing is heavy, hurry up~" she groans. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun stops once she reaches the right door, omni-tool fading away so that she can type in the code with her free hand. She steps inside and slips her backpack off, placing it by the foot of the bed. (Vasquez)

Jessica hobbles the last few steps in a hurry, eager to put down the heavy crate she carried all the way here. She drops it just inside the door with a thump and tosses her travel bag atop it. "Ahhh, much better." she says. She slumps down beside her bag, using the crate as a makeshift chair as she takes a large swig of her beer. "Is small." she comments while looking around, "Nowhere for you to hide from me!" she adds (Jason_Wolfe

before giving a fake, goofy sinister laugh. 'Mwahahahah.' (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun sits down on the edge of the bed, sipping her beer as she watches Jessica unload her baggage. She rolls her eyes at the comment and takes another sip, only to end up spitting out as she bursts into laughter at Jessica's villanous laugh. "The horror." she says with a grin before glancing around the room, confirming that it is, in fact, rather small. (Vasquez)

Jessica frowns and leans back slightly, propping herself upright with one hand as her other grips her beer. "And only one bed. My, my, kitty cat. How forward of you. What kind of lady do you think I am, mmm?" (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun glances at the bed and lets out a chuckle. "Yeah, I don't know waht I was thinking..." she says before taking a swig of her beer and then setting it down on the floor before crawling back into the bed and lying down on her stomach, chin on her arms as she looks at Jessica. "Tell me something about you." (Vasquez)

Jessica furrows her brow, studying Yan Sun from across the room. After a few moments she shakes her head and lets out a chuckle. "What do you want to know, mmm?" she asks with a sigh. "I'm not very interesting. No fancy cybernetic arm. No traveling across the galaxy. I'm just-... me." she says with a shrug of her shoulders, her gaze lowering slightly. She begins to swing one leg back and forth, clanging the heel of her (Jason_Wolfe

shoe against the side of the crate. "What is there to tell?" (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun shrugs slightly, as much as she can from her lying position. "I don't know..." after a moment's thought she adds. "That symbol on your armor. I looked it up when we gained extranet access. The... Adrasteia Enforcers. Is that the group you used to... 'run with'?" She asks, recalling their previous conversation. (Vasquez)

Jessica scoffs, reeling back slightly with a genuine look of offense. "The Enf-... Me!? They-.... I would rather die than join those fucks!" she spits out, "No, no, no, kitty cat..." she continues, shaking her head a bunch of times, Yan Sun's 'accusation' clearly hitting a sore spot, "They came for me like they came for everyone else. And we showed them that we weren't going to be their little pets!" She lowers her (Jason_Wolfe)

gaze once more, her leg swinging speeding up. "Was nice armor. Never had my own so-..." she shrugs her shoulders, "...Like I told you before, I take what I want, mmm? Is mine now..." (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun seems a little relieved to hear this, although why is anyone's guess. A grin spreads across her face as she starts kicking her legs idly up and down. "Mmh... should've figured. Didn't really seem like your style. Soooo... maybe you should... paint the armor?" she suggests, seeming to have a bit of trouble maintaining her focus on Jessica's face. (Vasquez)

Jessica seems to calm slightly, but merely shrugs her shoulders again. "Maybe... Costs credits, though. Which is something I've never had much of..." she admits with a sigh. "Maybe when I get paid, mmm? Maybe-... Maybe blue?" she says, giving a nod to Yan Sun as her smirk returns somewhat, "Like your hair, mmm? Is a nice color." (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun nods, brushing some hair from her face.. "It is a nice color." she agrees, grin wide. "Hope there's no issue with your pay, your boss seemed kinda... uh, pissed." she adds, taking on a more serious expression. (Vasquez)

Jessica rolls her eyes, her mood quickly souring once again. "She can drop dead for all I care. I did my job. She can't decide not to pay me after I already did the work I was hired for, mmm? Let her be pissed all she wants. I don't give a fuck. But she better pay me what she owes me. Then she never has to see me again. Everyone is happy." (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun nods again, seeming a bit bothered that she brought Jessica's mood down. "It'll work out." she says confidently. "You kicked ass out there." She gains a mischeivous look as she adds: "...and if they're stupid enough not to pay you, I wouldn't mind seeing what security standards are like out here in the Terminus. You'll get your credits, one way or another." (Vasquez)

Jessica raises an eyebrow, her smirk returning. "Mmmm? Is that so, kitty cat?" She tilts her head to the side as she studies Yan Sun, "So you can do more than break elevators and unlock vehicles..." (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun rolls over onto her back, head leaning over the edge of the bed as she studies Jessica from her new, upside-down view, her hair looking ridiculous as gravity pulls it down. "Mmmhm... I can do a lot of things... you have noooo idea..." (Vasquez)

Jessica's head tilts to the other side. "Well now you're just bragging. I'm afraid I'm going to need examples before I can decide whether or not I'm impressed..." she says, bringing one foot up on top of the crate and resting her hand on her knee. She tilts her head to the side, not quite able to meet Yan Sun's angle unless she's willing to fall off the crate so she gives up and frowns. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun continues to study Jessica, but soon rolls over again as her position becomes uncomfortable. Still hanging out over the edge of the bed she reaches down to grab her beer, taking a not entirely successful sip from her awkward position. "I can't just go and reveal all my tricks, can I? That's no fun..." (Vasquez)

Jessica pouts, climbing off her crate. "Oh no you don't!" she insists, cradling her beer in one hand as she slowly approaches the bed. "I have ways of making you talk! You don't want me to get mean!" she threatens playfully. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun places her elbows on the edge of the bed to keep her head and arms from just dangling over the edge, and she follows Jessica with her eyes as she approaches the bed. "Reeeally...? Hmmh... I'm not afraid of you!" she exclaims with a goofy, defiant stare. (Vasquez)

There is a knock on the door. (Renala_T`Iavay)

Jessica places one hand on her hip, putting on her most intimidating face as she approaches the bed. "You should be-..." she groans as she's interrupted by the knock at the door. "You're lucky. Live to fight another day because of beer." She narrows her eyes on Yan Sun and backs up to the door, tapping the interface to open it. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun 's shoulders drop as they're interrupted, and she looks towards the door, not moving from her position on the bed. (Vasquez)

Aylena the one standing outside of their doorway, and she's holding a pitcher very much like the one they shattered. "Here you go," she says. "Please handle it with care." She gives a soft chuckle as she holds it out. "The bar will close in half an hour, keep that in mind if you need another refill." (Renala_T`Iavay)

Jessica reaches out with her free hand to accept the pitcher. She makes as if she's about to drop it before chuckling and stepping back into the room. "Thanks." she says, "We'll keep that in mind." She nods before reaching over and tapping the interface once more and turning on her heels to face Yan Sun once more. "Where was I? Mmmm?" she asks, her frown returning as she glares at Yan Sun, a glass in one hand and a (Jason_Wolfe)

pitcher in the other. (Jason_Wolfe)

Aylena once she realizes it was in jest, but she was worried there for a moment. She nods as the door closes and starts walking towards the stairs. (Renala_T`Iavay)

((*is [the one above]))


Yan Sun feigns thinking back for a moment. "You 'have ways of making me talk'" she says with a smirk, making an exaggerated attempt at copying Jessica's voice. (Vasquez)

Jessica's frown deepens as she's mocked. "Now you make fun of my voice, mmm? Is funny to you?" She sets the pitcher down on her armor crate and hurriedly takes a large swig of her drink before placing it beside the pitcher before stomping over towards the end of the bed and folding her arms over her chest as she hovers over Yan Sun, glaring down at her. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun rolls over on her back again, looking up at Jessica with an upside-down grin. "Nooo... I think it's adorable." she says teasingly. (Vasquez)

Jessica scoffs, narrowing her eyes on Yan Sun once more. "Adora-... I'll show you adorable!" she sneers, hopping onto the bed and tossing a leg over Yan Sun's waist, attempting to straddle her. "You'll tell me alllllllllllll your secrets~" she sings as she begins to wrestle for control of Yan Sun's wrists, trying to pin her down. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun makes only the faintest of efforts to resist as she is pinned down against the bed, her grin widening as she continues to look up at Jessica. "That so...?" (Vasquez)

Jessica holds her wrists against the mattress, glaring down at her. "Mmhmm." she hums as she scoots up slightly until she's sitting on Yan Sun's stomach. "You see? Now I can do whateeeever I want. And you are powerless to stop me, mmm?" She leans down until her face is just inches from Yan Sun's. "So? What can you do? Mmmm?" She squeezes the woman's wrists to punctuate her question. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun 's breaths grow shorter as Jessica leans down, and she meets her gaze with fascination, looking nervous for a brief moment before a smirk tugs at the edge of her lips and she and she raises an eyebrow, eye lighting up. Rather suddenly Jessica would feel Yan Sun's left wrist starting to move in a rather unsettling way, seeming to push back against the hand grasping it, and grow wider, although what is actually happening (Vasquez)

is unseen since she's still wearing her hoodie. (Vasquez)

Jessica readjusts her grip on Yan Sun's wrist, at first attributing it to her moving. But once it becomes clear that her wrist is actually widening, she releases her grip entirely and hops back, falling off the side of Yan Sun and onto her ass. "Wha-.. You-...! No fair!" she calls out, "You can't do-.... whatever that was! I can't-..." she lifts her own hand up and slowly rotates her and at the wrist, back and (Jason_Wolfe)

forth, the frown returning to her face. "Cheater!" she exclaims as she climbs to her knees. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun snickers at Jessica's reaction, sitting up and starting to take off her hoodie as she turns towards her. "I never said I play fair..." she says, grinning. She holds out her arm to her side after the hoodie is gone, turning it over for Jessica to see. The geometric lines of light from her cybernetics run across it, and at the wrist, they illuminate a rectangle where several plastic panels covered in skin have slid up and (Vasquez)

aside to reveal a mechanical interior. (Vasquez)

Jessica furrows her brow and scoots back over to Yan Sun on her knees. She reaches out and runs a hand along her arm. "Shiiiit." she says, her fingertips sliding back and forth along the lines of lights as she inspects the panels. She sits back on her feet and tilts her head to the side as her eyes wander back to Yan Sun's. "What is it for...?" she asks, looking back to the panels once more. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun seems to be enjoying Jessica's reaction, and she moves her arms a bit, clenching and unclenching her hand. As she does, some of the mechanisms inside the open panel can be seen moving to make this happen. "Most of the arm is mechanical really, aside from the outer layers, and some of the bone. A lot of it opens up like this. For maintenance, component storage..." After a moment's hesitation she shrugs and adds. "...good for (Vasquez

hiding things you don't want anyone to find too." (Vasquez)

Jessica studies the arm with great interest. She flinches as the mechanisms begin moving, but her grin widens. "That's insane, kitty cat." she says through a chuckle. She tentatively slides her finger all the way up to the panel and pokes at it, slowly pressing her finger into it. "Does that-... hurt....?" she asks, instantly feeling stupid for asking the question. She wiggles her finger around in the panel. (Jason_Wolfe)

"Weeeeird." (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun seems amused by Jessica's fascination, and raises an eyebrow as she pokes a finger inside the cybernetics. "Uhm... no, I... can't feel anything inside the arm. But you might wanna be car-..." she doesn't have time to finish before one of the moving parts pinches Jessica's fingertip. (Vasquez)

Jessica jerks her finger back, giving a loud shout of "Fuuuuuuuck!" She grabs her own wrist and shakes her finger back and forth as she scowls at the panel. "It bit me!" she frowns. "So what are you hiding in there, anyway?" she asks, bringing her finger up to her mouth and sucking on the tip before returning to shaking it wildly in the air. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun winces slightly as Jessica shouts, but can't help but snicker quietly at her subsequent display. The blue lights of her cybernetics pulse and a moment later the arm starts to seal itself again. "Eh, you know... whatever I might need to, right?" she says without elaborating. "You okay?" she asks with a raised eyebrow, a plauful grin flashing across her lips before she pouts, adding: "Need me to get some medigel...?" (Vasquez)

Jessica frowns at Yan Sun, poking at the woman's cheek with her wounded finger. "I save your life, and this is how you repay me!? Mmmm!? I'm bleeding!" she says, lifting her finger up to show Yan Sun the small speck of blood on the tip, like a pin prick. It's not long before her frown turns into a grin once more. "Something tells me you weren't just a timid technician back on Earth... Secret compartments. Able to (Jason_Wolfe)

break into shit with a blink of your eye. What, are you some sort of-..." she begins gesturing with her hands, "...Cyber-ninja? Like those asari in that dumb movie we watched-... Facekick or whatever?" After a moment, she tilts her head to the side as she studies Yan Sun and begins to shake her head. "No, no... You're much too clumsy to be a ninja..." (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun studies the gruesome wound, still pouting, although her amusement shines through. As Jessica starts theorizing she shrugs evasively, although at the last comment she grins. "I tried to learn parkour." she admits. "Wanted to be like the hackers in the vids, you know? Climbing fire escapes, leaping from building to building to make a daring getaway and all that. It, uh, it didn't work out too well." she says with another (Vasquez)

shrug, looking a bit embarassed. "That time with the skycar wasn't the only accident." (Vasquez)

Jessica lets out a loud chuckle. "You know, they do say you need to learn to walk before you can run, kitty cat..." She looks Yan Sun up and down, and gives a disapproving shake of her head, "I've seen you try to walk. It's-... not pretty. Parkour would just end in heartache for you, I think.... And every other sort of ache." (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun frowns at Jessica, and then pokes her tongue out. "You suuuck..." she complains, giving her a shove. (Vasquez)

Jessica nearly topples backwards, but manages to maintain her balance. She climbs back to her knees and shuffles closer, a scowl on her face. "No, no, no, kitty cat. I lick!" she corrects, leaning in and dragging her tongue across Yan Sun's cheek without warning. "You see?" she says, a snicker escaping her as her mischievous grin returns. She returns the shove with one of her own. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun is quite clearly surprised as her cheek is licked, blinking as a moment's confusion flashes across her face, before being replaced by a grin that mirrors Jessica's. She proves completely unable to remain upright when shoved, landing on her back with a quiet "Whoop!". She lifts her head to look at Jessica, and gives her a light kick. (Vasquez)

Jessica brings her arms up to block the kick and grabs Yan Sun by the ankle, reeling her in across the bed. She once again attempts to climb atop the woman. "You just don't know when you're beaten, do you!?" she taunts, "Always trying to pick fights you can't win! Mmmm!?" (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun giggles as she's pulled in closer to Jessica, and once the woman straddles her she places her hands on her hips, looking up at her with a grin. "What can I say... I'm persistent." (Vasquez)

Jessica wiggles in place a bit, posturing up on Yan Sun. "Mmmhmm. What you are, is stubborn!" she corrects, reaching down with her hand to playfully pat Yan Sun's cheek a bunch of times. An attempt at antagonizing the woman. "You see? I always win." she taunts, clasping her free hand over Yan Sun's. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun seems quite content to be where she is, but when Jessica pats her cheek she blinks and grimaces. She sends a lighthearted glare her way and then raises an eyebrow. "That so? Maybe I should just resign myself to fate..." (Vasquez)

Jessica leans back, a knee planted under the crook of each of Yan Sun's arms. "Mmm. It's going to be a lonnnnng five days for you." she teases, her grin widening as she reaches back and plants a palm flat against Yan Sun's stomach, sliding it back and forth over her. (Jason_Wolfe)

Yan Sun 's grin returns, running her hands up and down Jessica's outer thighs while looking her over. She almost purrs quietly as she feels the hand on her stomach. "Yeah? Mmh... I'll try to survive." she says, sliding her hands around to cup Jessica's bottom. (Vasquez)

Jason nudges the door shut and starts towards the Respite's front door with another shrug. "Yep. Just couldn't keep her hands off me." he says, glancing towards Vasquez with a smirk.

Vasquez walks next to Jason, slipping her hand around his and squeezing it. "We... had a rough start. But it turned out well." she says, giving him a small smile as they round the corner to the entrance. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia looks to Vasquez, seeming glad to see her friend happy. "Gotta say, last time we spoke before you left Chief, I never would've guessed you'd be getting married. I'm happy for ya." she says, giving her a pat on the back with a small grin. (Tyranniac)

Jason returns the squeeze with one of his own, looking at the woman to his side with a lopsided grin. "I'm happy for ya too, 'Chief'." he teases, his grin widening.

Vasquez grumbles and gives Jason a light shove before they enter the Respite. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia shakes her haed to herself with a grin, and then looks around as they enter, taking in the unfamiliar establishment. (Tyranniac)

Jason steps in beside Vasquez and nods to one of the booths. "Take a seat. I'll go get us some drinks." he says, "Any idea what you two want? I'm gonna have the biggest, greasiest burger I can fit into my mouth."

Vasquez raises an eyebrow. "So much for filling up on donuts, huh?" she says, smirking slightly. "I think you know my order." she says before heading towards the booth. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia goes after Vasquez, spinning around and fingergunning Jason. "Gimme one of those varren kebabs I keep hearing about, yeah?" (Tyranniac)

Jason backs away from the two women, towards the counter. "What donuts?" he says, feigning ignorance of the great donut genocide he partook in, "No idea what you're talking about." He glances between Vasquez and Cynthia, "So two orders of kebabs? And to drink....?"

Cynthia shows no hesitation. "Whatever beer they serve out here in the Terminus!" (Tyranniac)

Vasquez shrugs lightly. "Get me a soda." she says before taking a seat in the booth. (Tyranniac)

Jason gives a goofy thumbs up as he continues to back up towards the counter. "You got it!" he says before turning on his heels and putting his back to them. He seems to spot a friendly face and veers towards a booth containing an older human male. "You still owe me a beer, you old fuck! Told ya Nos Astra would kick ass!" he says as he passes by the man's booth. A loud cackle escapes

the older man as he gives a shout back to Jason: "You just wait! Nos Astra is due for an ass kicking! This ain't their year, ya lil shit! This ain't their year!"

Cynthia slips into the booth opposite to Vasquez, shooting another look towards Jason before looking back to her with a smirk. "You guys go here a lot?" (Tyranniac)

Vasquez ' gaze falls briefly to the table before looking out across the inn. "He does. I don't really... go out much." (Tyranniac)

Jason arrives at the counter and begins placing his order, giving a brief glance back towards the booth.

Cynthia frowns, joining her in looking out at the patrons, and Jason at the bar. "Oh... the implant?" (Tyranniac)

Vasquez shrugs with a sigh. "Part of it, I guess. I just-... I prefer to work. There's always something that needs doing with the Agency anyway." (Tyranniac)

Jason spins back around as the drinks are delivered and starts back towards the booth, finger looped around the handle of the beer and a glass in each hand.

Cynthia seems skeptical. "Come on, Chief... there can't be that much work. You're telling me you spend all your time cooped up in that office of yours? You need to relax! Have some fun! Like the old days!" (Tyranniac)

Vasquez frowns. "Things are different now." she says, also turning her attention back to her friend. "These aren't the old days..." (Tyranniac)

Jason sets the drinks down, his awkward grip on his own and Cynthia's causing it to be a lot louder than intended and causing a small amount of beer to spill over the side. "Did I hear something about old days?" he asks, catching the tail end of the conversation. "Tell me all about it." he continues, sliding Cynthia her drink and nudging Vasquez' over to her, "I want all the gory

details. Was she a table dancer?" He glances over at Vasquez with a smirk, "I know she can get a little wild."

Vasquez scowls at Jason, grasping her glass and sliding further into the booth to give him room to sit. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia gives Jason a nod as he returns, grabbing her beer when it arrives and sipping it. She spits it out just as soon as a snort of laughter escapes at the suggestion given. "Have you seen the Chief dance? I'm gonna assume no, since you're still getting married and all. It's a scary sight." (Tyranniac)

Jason slides into the booth besides Vasquez. "Oh, I've seen it." he says with a shake of his head before he brings his drink to his lips and takes a quick sip. "I think it's adorable." he teases, giving a big grin in Vasquez' direction, "You know, in a 'bird trying to learn to walk' sort of way."

Cynthia sips her beer again, grinning slightly. "You're a brave man, Jace." she says simply. (Tyranniac)

Vasquez 's scowl deepens. "I am not adorable. And I don't dance." (Tyranniac)

Jason gives Vasquez a wink. "You are, and you do. I've seen it." He lowers his voice to a whisper, as if sharing a secret, "And, mark my words, you will dance again." He settles against the back of his seat with a big lopsided grin. "So, back to the old days." he says, facing Cynthia once more, "Gimme the dirt. I want all of the embarassing stories about the Chief. All of them.

Something I can really hold over her head."

Cynthia takes a swig of her beer and then chuckles, clearly amused by Vasquez' embarassment. She shoots a quick look out across the bar before turning her attention to Jason. "Hmmmh... stories, huh?" She sips her beer again as she things. "Ooh, ooh, I got one! So... this one time, during her first month on Elysium, the whole squad went out drinking, right? Turned into a long night, went bar hopping to introduce her (Tyranniac)

to the city. Was a great time. Only, at our last stop we realized she wasn't with us anymore. So we backtracked, yeah? She wasn't in that place either. We were about to call her up when we heard something across the street, and there she was, trying to challenge this poor elcor to a fistfight because 'he's being a smug, condecending ass.'. Of course, it turned out she'd just never heard an elcor translated (Tyranniac)

before, and thought he was mocking her." (Tyranniac)

Vasquez lets out an annoyed grunt. "I'm from Mars! I'd never met a damn elcor before! How was I supposed to know?!" (Tyranniac)

Jason cradles his drink in his hands as he listens to the story. His laughter begins as soon as mention of the elcor is made, and only grows from there. "You-... an elcor!?" he asks through laughter as he looks to Vasquez. "Ya know what the most surprising thing about that story is? It's that she challenged the elcor to a fistfight rather than just cold-clocking 'em. By the time

I met Linda, she was already past her 'challenging' phase, apparently. See, we had a disagreement about work, right?" he shakes his head, realizing he may be jumping the gun a bit, "Now keep in mind I had just met her. We hadn't spoken more than a couple times. She invites me up to her office and pretty much the moment I step in, she slugs me." He puts down his drink and raises

his left hand, palm open, and gives it a punch with his right hand. Due to the synthetic limbs, it doesn't quite give the slapping sound he was hoping for. "Completely out of nowhere." He gives Vasquez a sidelong glance, narrowing his eyes on her, but his lopsided smirk is still present. "So yeah, she's still got that fire. Still always looking for a fight. Just not quite as polite

about it anymore." he says with a chuckle.

Vasquez seems uncomfortable as Jason shares the story of their earliest meeting, lowering her gaze a bit and sipping her drink. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia grins. "Yeah? Honestly, I got in a lot more fights than she ever did. She was the one keeping us in line usually. Right Chief?" She nudges Vasquez with her foot. "Made it even funnier to see her so upset over this elcor. I remember this time when we were all meeting for lunch, and I'd ended up in this big brawl the night before, right after she'd lectured me to not get in any fights. So, we're waiting for her (Tyranniac

right, but she's late, and then when Janet shows up-..." She stops mid-sentance, her grin disappearing in an instant as her gaze snaps over to Vasquez. "Shit. Shit, I wasn't thinking, I-..." (Tyranniac)

Jason winces slightly at the mention of Janet. He goes silent for a moment but does his best not to make a big deal of it and reaches for his drink, nudging Vasquez with his other elbow, forcing a smile back into place. "So you were the voice of reason!?" he teases, trying to seamlessly keep the conversation going in a lighthearted manner to keep her mood from dropping.

Vasquez gains a deep frown at the mention of Janet, turning her attention to her drink, but after a moment she lets out a heavy sigh and says quietly with a glance to Cynthia. "It's fine." (Tyranniac)

Cynthia offers an apologetic look before joining Jason in trying to keep the conversation going. "Oh yeah, she was a real hardass at first, but she warmed up to us alright..." she says with a faint smirk to Vasquez. (Tyranniac)

Jason takes a large swig of his drink before setting it back down. "That's-.... yeah.... She's a big ol' softy at heart..." he says with a nod, obviously a bit concerned that the mention may have brought down Vasquez' spirits. He glances over at her briefly, afraid that her thoughts may be drifting back to painful memories once again. "Ya know she saved my life during that ExoGeni

job we met on." he says to Cynthia, although it's clear that the statement is directed more at Vasquez. "And a fuckload of times after that. I mean, we've been through some shit together." he continues with a humorless chuckle, "I've got some crazy stories... But she's been there for me through it all. And I sure as hell wouldn't have made it this far without her..."

Vasquez seems almost a little annoyed as she notices what Jason is doing, but her expression soon softens and she reaches for his cybernetic hand under the table, squeezing it. "We've been there for each other. And... I'm lucky to have him." she says as her gaze shifts from Cynthia to Jason, a faint smile forming despite her obvious discomfort at speaking in front of someone else, even a friend, about her feelings for (Tyranniac)

him. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia snickers slightly and puts up her legs on the empty seats on her side of the booth, taking another swig from her beer. "D'aww..." (Tyranniac)

Jason interlocks his fingers with Vasquez' giving her hand a slight squeeze as his other hand reaches back for his drink. "She's not wrong." he says with a nod to Cynthia as he takes a sip from his glass, "She is lucky to have me." he teases with a smile. He glances past Cynthia and quickly puts his drink down, raising his hand to acknowledge someone. "Looks like our food is done."

he says as he begins to scoot out of the booth, releasing his grip on Vasquez' hand, "Try not to brutalize any elcor while I'm gone..."

Vasquez rolls her eyes, but her spirits are indeed lifted, and she grabs her soda, taking a sip as she watches Jason leave to fetch the food. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia snickers again. "Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on her for ya." (Tyranniac)

Jason continues up to the counter and takes a few moments to conversate before beginning his juggling act with the trays. He moves the food around so he only has to carry two and slides the third tray back across the counter.

Cynthia and Vasquez both look in Jason's direction, talking among themselves as they observe his little shuffle with the trays. (Tyranniac)

Jason makes his way back to the booth and sets down the trays. He quickly slides into the booth and scoops his plate off the tray. A large, heavenly burger sits atop the plate, so stuffed with toppings that it looks as if it might not even fit into his mouth. Jason presses a hand on the top bun and pushes down, smooshing the whole thing together to make it a suitable size before

lifting it up and taking a huge bite, the donut genocide of the morning all but forgotten. Lost in his burger, he makes no attempt at distributing the rest of the food.

Vasquez smirks slightly at Jason's enthusiasm, recalling his earlier 'concern' about not being hungry. She takes the two varren kebab's, sliding one over to Cynthia and taking the other for herself, immediately starting to dig in. "Mmh... you'll love this, trust me." she says between bites. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia studies her food for a moment before trying a piece, her slight nodding seeming to say 'not bad' before she continues eating. (Tyranniac)

Jason chews loudly, holding the burger in one hand and pointing to Vasquez with the other. "I swear she could eat that every day and never get tired of it. When we were getting the agency-... uhhh.... 'remodeled'? We stayed in one of the rooms here and I think she may have actually put that theory to the test."

Cynthia chuckles, raising an eyebrow at Vasquez. "Mh... well, I mean, it's not bad, but... dunno if I'd eat it that often..." (Tyranniac)

Vasquez takes a while to response since her mouth is full of delicious kebab. Eventually she lets out a grunt and shrugs. "How could I ever get tired of something so tasty? Learning about the existance of varren kebab's is the best thing that ever came out of my stay on Omega..." she says, shooting Jason a small, teasing grin. (Tyranniac)

Jason frowns, giving Vasquez a soft kick under the table. "Ouch." he exclaims, feigning hurt as he clutches at his chest with his free hand. His smirk quickly returns and he takes another large bite from his burger. "Hey-..." he says through a mouthful of cloned meat, "...Omega wasn't all bad. We had a lot of good times. I-... I don't particularly remember them-..." he looks to

Cynthia with a shrug as he swallows his food, "...Being drunk pretty much every day tends to do that-... But I know they happened!"


Vasquez snorts. "Omega was-... well, let's just say I'm glad we're not there anymore." she says before eagerly taking another bite. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia grins, swallowing a mouthful of food before speaking with a nod. "I've gotta say, this seems like a nice planet. The sky is pretty crazy." (Tyranniac)

Jason furrows his brow. "Hey, Omega was-..." he begins, but is easily distracted by Cynthia. "Oh, yeah! I've heard some bad stories about Aite, but Freedom Falls has treated us pretty well so far. It's-... nice." he says, glancing over to Vasquez as if awaiting her opinion.

Vasquez nods in agreement, turning to Cynthia. "It's a nice town. It's a shame the rest of the planet is the way it is. It's beautiful here... and it's a good place to grow Redrock. Do things the way we want. There's room to build something here." she says, a sincere tone to her voice. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia listens in silence, eating. When Vasquez finishes she asks to both of them: "What made you guys decide to start a security company anyway? I don't really get the appeal." (Tyranniac)

Jason furrows his brow once again as he considers the question. He looks to Vasquez for a moment, then back to Cynthia. "We-... I-...." he trails off before looking to his burger for a few seconds and setting it down. "I guess-... for me-..." he begins, struggling to actually pluck the words out of his head to explain himself, "...This is kind of the only thing I'm good at? The

only thing I really know. I joined the Alliance as soon as I was old enough, and expected to spend the rest of my life with them, you know? Then when-..." his gaze lowers to the table as his smile fades away and he shrugs once again, "...You know. Life happens. Plans get sidetracked." he says, lifting his attention back to Cynthia. "When Linda got hurt-..." he continues, glancing over

to Vasquez with a tilt of his head, "...we spent a lot of time on Earth during her recovery. Got a job in construction and it-... It just wasn't for me. It's not my calling, you know? Out here? Doing this? We have an opportunity to help people. Do some real good-..." he puts a hand up, waving slightly as he gives a shake of his head, "Not that construction workers don't! It's just-...

different, right?" A slight smirk tugs at his lips as he realizes he's rambling and doing a damn poor job of explaining himself and he lets out a sigh, "Redrock was Linda's project. I'm just cursed to spend the rest of my life fighting, so two birds with one stone, right?" he settles on.

Vasquez gains a faint smile as she listens to Jason, her gaze wandering across his face as he speaks. She continues to eat her kebab, but when he seems to be done she turns to Cynthia. "He's right, it's-.. it's what we're good at. And... since my place isn't with the Alliance anymore, we're building something of our own. Something we can control. Shape the way we want it to be. And there are a lot of people that need help (Tyranniac

out here. A lot of untrustworthy PMCs too. So we offer an alternative. We're small enough to care." Her enthusiasm for Redrock is clear as she gets going, and after a while she lets out a brief chuckle and frowns. "I'm gonna shut up before I start sounding like a sales pitch." (Tyranniac)

Cynthia listens in silence as both of them share their views on Redrock. She gives a light chuckle at Vasquez' enthusiasm, taking another swig of her beer before responding. "When you put it like that, I guess I can see the appeal. It's easy to forget people out here don't have the Alliance to rely on. Still, I don't think I could ever leave. I was practically born with the uniform." (Tyranniac)

Jason gives a slow nod, offering Cynthia a smile. "There was a time that I felt that way, too." he says. His smile widens and he quickly continues, not wanting to unintentionally sound insulting towards the Alliance, "But that's good. The Alliance need good people like you." he says as he reaches for his burger once again. "I just-... I don't think I could ever go back. Not after

everything that has happened these past few years...." He sucks in a deep breath, "Hell, I doubt they'd want me back now." he adds with a chuckle, trying to keep things light, "But I'm proud of what we've built out here."

Vasquez nods in agreement. "Yes. Redrock still needs a lot of work, but things are heading in the right direction. We're figuring it out." she says, shooting Jason a small smile before returning her attention to her food. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia smirks slightly, looking between the two of them. (Tyranniac)

Jason bites into his burger once more, chewing up a large bite and swallowing. "You said you weren't active duty anymore, right? So what sort of work do you do for the Alliance?" he asks, looking across the table at Cynthia, "They're not gonna be pissed with you for taking all this time off, are they?"

Cynthia shakes her head. "Nah, I'm in the reserves right now. It's been nice to have time for some other stuff, but... I think I'll be looking into getting back into it soon. I'm been prodding to see if it would be possible to get assigned to one of the groups trying to set up outer colony defenses. The disappearing colonies has a lot of people on edge, even back home on Elysium. It's fucked up. The Alliance needs to (Tyranniac

step up and show they're doing something about it." (Tyranniac)

Vasquez frowns at the mention of the disappearing colonies, but continues to eat her kebab. (Tyranniac)

Jason nods, eyes on his burger. "It's a scary thought... That an entire place can just disappear like that overnight..." he says, his gaze only briefly moving to Vasquez, "...But I'm sure they're doing something... They probably just can't always go into detail about that stuff, you know? Politics and shit, right...?"

Cynthia nods. "Sure. Yeah. And I want to get in on it! Protecting the colonies is what I signed up for!" she says before taking a swig of beer. (Tyranniac)

Vasquez listens in silence for a while longer before speaking up, turning to Jason as she decides to change the subject. "You know I met with Kaya today?" (Tyranniac)

Jason remains silent for a while as well, but opens his mouth to respond to Cynthia just as Vasquez tries to steer the conversation in another direction. Getting the hint, he sucks in a deep breath. "Yeah? How'd that go?" he asks, shoving another large bite of burger into his mouth. "She irritate the fuck out of you, too?" he adds between chews. A small chunk of burger tumbles out of

his mouth but he swings his arm around and catches it. "Lightning reflexes!" he gloats before tossing the food back into his mouth.

Vasquez nods with a grunt. "Take a guess. She has to be one of the most obnoxious people I've ever met. I'm not sure giving her another chance is a good idea. Shouldn't have let you talk me in to that one..." (Tyranniac)

Cynthia raises an eyebrow from across the table, eating quietly since she's out of the loop. (Tyranniac)

Jason gives a chuckle. "Yeah. Obnoxious. And grating. Irritating is a good way of describing her. Aggrivating, that works, too. Annoying." he nods, "She barely listens. Not to mention she seemed more interested in sleeping with the research team than doing her job." He gives a shrug, "Yeah. Probably a bad idea to give her another chance." he agrees before popping the last bite into

his mouth, obviously much more interested in his delicious burger than in discussing work. He shuts his eyes for a few moments, enjoying the final bit of burger before continuing. "So maybe she needs us more than we need her. Is that such a bad thing? She's a little rough around the edges, but maybe Redrock would help with that. Right?"

Vasquez lets out a quiet grunt, taking another sip of her soda as she ponders the question. "I don't mind hiring people lacking in experience. But people that can't work in-..." she stops, only now fully registering Jason's words. "...more interested in what?!" she says in a frustrated tone. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia is almost done with her kebab, still deciding not to interject. (Tyranniac)

Jason gives a slight shrug as he presses a finger against his plate as he wipes at a sploch a ketchup. "Banging the research team." he repeats non-chalantly, "I mean, she brought it when it mattered. Hell, even jumped into an ice cold body of water to drag one of the researchers out. That's more than most would do." He gives a shrug, "I'm not saying we overlook the problems, just-...

She lied, right? Obviously she lied for a reason. But she was out there with us. The lie slipped by. She was home free. She could've just half-assed it, but she didn't. She was directly responsible for saving the life of at least one of those researchers. And quite possibly made a decision that saved us all. So, yeah. Maybe she's annoying. Maybe she's hard to handle. But maybe she

just needs someone to give her a little bit of purpose, right? If it doesn't work out, we can always fire her." he gives a smirk. "We'll just keep it simple to start."

Vasquez gives a loud sigh and leans back in her seat. "You know, I think I prefer it when you don't make sense." she says with a sidelong glance and then takes another bite of varren kebab. "She's going to have to learn some discipline though..." she mutters. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia finishes her beer with a long swig. "Troublesome employee, huh? You get a lot of those?" (Tyranniac)

Jason continues to poke at the ketchup before licking it off the tip of his cybernetic finger and making a weird face as he listens to Vasquez. He nods but suddenly gives a double-take. "Wait, are you saying I did make sense!?" he asks, a big grin crossing his face. "Hooooly shit. Mark this one in your calenders, true potential achieved." he brags. "Wait-... Wait-...." he frowns,

"...What did I make sense about...?" He furrows his brow before turning back to Cynthia, "Oh... Yeah, we get a few. Kind of comes with the territory. Takes a 'certain type' to get mixed up in a career that requires you to-.... you know. Get shot at. They don't come in many varieties. Either crazy, angry, stupid, or disciplined. This new recruit seems to be all of them except one."


Vasquez rolls her eyes at Jason, but says nothing as she's busy eating. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia nods with furrowed eyebrows. "I'd be worried about relying on people like that in the field. I like knowing everyone I'm fighting alongside has been through the same training I have." (Tyranniac)

Jason gives a nod of his own as he settles back into his seat. "That makes two of us, but that sort of thing isn't exactly possible in our line of work. Still, in a perfect situation you at least know what you can expect out of a person. This one just sort of-... slipped by us. Which is why-..." he glances back at Vasquez, "...I say we put her on a security detail. Something she

can't get into too much trouble over. Until we're able to get a better read on her."

Vasquez furrows her eyebrows, swallowing the last of her food and leaning back before responding. "What are you thinking? The dam? I don't know that I'd trust with the anything like the Respite, but it's hard to fuck up guarding the dam..." (Tyranniac)

Cynthia gives a small shrug at Jason's words. "Seems like a recipe for trouble to me. Guess that's another reason the business is not for me." she says with a brief chuckle. (Tyranniac)

Jason gives a nod. "Tha dam. Maybe just a couple nights a week. The Respite has too much potential for angry customers and more banging." he agrees. "And yeah, it is a recipe for trouble... But we do our best to mitigate it as best as we can. We've done pretty well so far, though. A few bad eggs here and there. But we've also put together a solid core team. People we can trust."

Vasquez 's eyebrows remain furrowed, and she adds as an afterthought: "Make sure she knows 'banging' the people we're hired to protect is not accepted. I am not prepared to deal with that shit." she says with a disturbed look and a shake of her head. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia snickers quietly to herself, rolling the empty beer glass in her hand. (Tyranniac)

Jason blinks a couple of times. "Well, since she's going to be protecting the dam I-..." he trails off. His eyes grow wide then he makes a disgusted face. "How would that even-.... Ugh-... I don't want to know...."

Vasquez ' frown deepens, her disturbed look only growing more entrenched. "I-..." she shakes her head, not even bothering to comment, and instead turns to Cynthia. "Sooo... anything specific plans while you're here?" (Tyranniac)

Cynthia shrugs. "Eh. I'm happy to just lounge around and bug you guys long as I'm allowed to. Get a few words in with some of your employees. Was wondering about the nightlife - there anything at all in a town like this?" (Tyranniac)

Jason stares distantly for a few moments. "I mean it's-..... It's a dam..." he mutters before being snapped out of his trance by Cynthia's question. "Ooooh!" His lopsided grin returns as he glances over at Vasquez briefly and slowly nods, "There's a club not too far from here. Given-... work and-... uhhh.... everything going on and-...." he frowns and gives up on dancing around it,

"Well, Linda barely ever leaving the office, I haven't had a chance to check it out. But we should get a few people together and head out there this week. And if Linda says no-..." he cocks a thumb towards Vasquez and continues to talk about her like she's not right next to him, "...Then we tie her ass up and drag her along."

Cynthia frowns at their lack of experience with the local nightlife, but gains a smirk at the suggestion and nods. "Sounds like a plan, right Chief?" (Tyranniac)

Vasquez lets out a grunt. "I think you two will be just fine going without me." she says before finishing the last of her soda. (Tyranniac)

Jason nods a few times, seeming unbothered by Vasquez' response. "So then it's settled? The three of us can go this weekend. I'll see if anyone else wants to join us, it'll be a fuckton of fun!" he says, obviously just ignoring her reaction entirely.

Cynthia snickers. "Hell yeah." she says with a nod, seeming amused by Vasquez' lack of enthusiasm. (Tyranniac)

Vasquez doesn't bother responding, just shaking her head to herself ass he looks out at the bar. (Tyranniac)

Jason takes a large swig of his drink and sets the glass back down. "I mean, it is right down the street." he says, giving a quick glance towards the door. "We could shoot right down there as soon as we're done here." he adds with a grin, clearly just trying to fuck with Vasquez at this point.

Vasquez lets out another grunt, and then elbows Jason in the side. (Tyranniac)

Cynthia raises an eyebrow, looking out the window curiously. "Yeah? What's the place called?" (Tyranniac)

Jason winces at the elbow and hops a few inches further away from Vasquez in the seat as a chuckle begins to escape him. "Club Cobalt. Sounds like a sandwich. You can hear the music sometimes if you walk by, seems like a pretty popular place. Nice big audience for Linda to show off all her moves." he says, readying to defend himself if another elbow comes his way.

Vasquez scowls at Jason. "You can keep joking all you want, you're not getting me out to that club..." (Tyranniac)

Cynthia nods absent-mindedly, still looking out the window. "Well, I'm sure as hell not leaving before giving that a look. Anything else in town I should check out while I'm here?" (Tyranniac)

Jason raises an eyebrow at Vasquez. "Sounds like a challenge..." he says before turning his attention back to Cynthia. "The market is worth at least a visit. If you're into nature and shit, there's plenty of that to go around out here, too. Few shops and places to eat here and there, but nothing big." He gives a shrug, "I dunno, take a walk around. Get to know the place."

Cynthia nods, shooting Jason a quick glance before looking out the window again. "I saw the quarians set up at the spaceport... they been here long?" (Tyranniac)

Vasquez rolls her eyes at Jason, but joins Cynthia in looking out the window, leaving Jason to answer the question. (Tyranniac)

Jason gives a shake of his head. "Not too long. I know a lot of people aren't too happy about it, but it might be good for the town. Might bring in a little bit more money and help out a few of the local businesses." he says with a shrug, "Just hoping it doesn't drum up some trouble. You know how people tend to get when it comes to quarians...."

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